BluesKajHey folks12:00
bregmaHowdy all13:09
dscasselMorning. :)13:09
bregmaSpent a nice week end car camping with the family.13:09
bregmaOnly rained in the wee hours of Sunday morning.13:10
bregmaNow back at the grind.13:10
bregmaSeems everybody wants _their_ bug fixed first.13:11
bregmaNow that feature freeze is in effect for 11.10 I was hoping to get new development work done for 12.04.  Make new bugs, not fix old ones.13:13
dscasselGuys, could you do me a favour?14:21
dscasselIf you see fatrixkid24 pop up, could you tell him to stick around for a bit?14:21
dscasselJust stay online or something.14:21
dscasselI know him. He's a good kid. He's trying to get into Ubuntu, but he keeps getting frustrated.14:21
dscassel(It doesn't help that he comes online for like five minutes at a time).14:22
khooveri'm loling14:29
BluesKajdscassel, yeah, instant gratification seems to be a problem with some younger ppl.  Why not advise him to visit #ubuntu , or is that too intmidating?14:50
khoover...i'm scared14:52
BluesKajkhoover, of ?14:53
khooverthe ubuntu channel. it's like walking onto the stage of a conference when you were looking for the bathroom14:54
khooverso many people.14:56
* BluesKaj used to check the restroom locations at seminars etc...never saw one near a stage though :)14:57
dscasselBluesKaj: I've tried.  Not sure if he does, because I can't keep up with #ubuntu.15:00
* dscassel feels old.15:02
BluesKajubuntu has some jerks , offtopic trolls, correction trolls , and just plain geeks showing off their linux chops without an ounce of courtesy or manners in them15:04
BluesKajbut there are few decent sorts there too15:05
BluesKajI spend more time in #kubuntu where life is slower and suits my pace15:06
dscasselBluesKaj: Yeah, I've tried to be helpful in #ubuntu a few times, but it's rarely been a fun experience.15:30
willwhBluesKaj: completely agree15:52
willwh"WHY DONT YOU FIX IT" "ABUSE" "quits: some mouth frother"15:53
willwhbut they don't read much anyway - spoon feed me now15:53
willwhseems to be the order of the day15:53
willwhback shortly15:53
BluesKajhand holding expectation goes on in all support chats15:54
=== fatrixkid23 is now known as fatrixkid24
billybigriggerhowdy all20:22
SIR_Tacohi billybigrigger20:26
billybigriggerwhats happenin20:28
SIR_TacoNot much, just plugging away at a project. What are you up to?20:29
willwhI'm sleeping under my desk20:46
billybigriggerim upgrading to 11.1020:46
kenjyheeeeeeeeeello guys =)20:47
SIR_Tacobillybigrigger: I'm on 11.10, haven't had problems20:48
SIR_Taconot saying you wont20:48
billybigriggerwith 280.13 drivers? or stock xorg?20:52
SIR_Taco280.13, is the current with 11.1020:54
BluesKajruns well on natty too , I installed before upgrading to 11.1020:55
SIR_Tacoprobably a good idea20:56
kenjyis some one here from Edmonton?20:56
BluesKajneed the launchpad ppa tho , or you could get from the nvidia page ...dunno if the ppa driver is modded tho20:56
SIR_TacoBluesKaj: no I think they're one and the same. kenjy: nope sorry, I'm in the wrong province20:59
kenjySIR_Taco: =) ok21:01
SIR_Tacokenjy: do you have a problem we can help you with though?21:01
billybigrigger_kenjy, calgary here21:02
kenjySIR_Taco: hooo I have been in this channel for a while, I think that Im the only no Canadian guy here hehehe21:04
SIR_Tacokenjy: you're not a Canadian? or  you're not a guy? lol21:04
kenjySIR_Taco: , I would like to speak with some from the Alberta University just see if he knows something about this http://mint.ece.ualberta.ca/international-masters-degree/21:05
kenjySIR_Taco: Iam not a Canadian, Im a certainly a guy xD21:06
kenjybillybigrigger: hello guy from Calgary xD I do you know some one from the Alberta University?21:06
SIR_Tacokenjy: ah well I can't help you there, I haven't gone through that program. Not sure if anyone here has gone through it, or at least been to the school21:06
kenjySIR_Taco: well maybe I should ask xD21:07
kenjyhave any of you guys studied MINT (Master of Science in Internetworking) at Alberta University? http://mint.ece.ualberta.ca/international-masters-degree/ or at least gone to Alberta University?21:08
billybigriggernope i do not21:20
* BluesKaj is too old to go to school , and I live 3000km from calgary :)21:30
kenjybillybigrigger SIR_Taco and BluesKaj okay, tnks anyway :)22:05
sunt615Is any guy her?23:26
willwhsunt615: yes23:49

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