mhall119czajkowski: something is causing harvest to do very bad things, and it's killing every other site on the box00:01
mhall119it's also making my inbox explode00:01
mhall119200+ messages :(00:02
cjohnstonits bad00:15
cjohnstoni made a rule00:16
mhall119it's bringing the box to it's knees00:32
mhall119I've seen load > 1200:32
mhall119I'm going to have unhappy words with dholbach tomorrow01:12
pleia2yuck :\01:13
mhall119I wonder if "correct horse staple battery" is the 2nd most popular password in use right now01:15
* mhall119 hates his college password policy01:16
mhall119looks like I may be taking French this semester01:44
nigelbmhall119: Don't worry, I'll catch dholbach first :D02:43
mhall119nigelb: kick him for me02:57
nigelbmhall119: Yeah, I will. With any luck, his inbox will be far worse.03:08
dpmgood morning all06:53
dholbachgood morning07:06
dpmmorning dholbach07:20
dholbachhey dpm07:22
dpmhey, how were the holidays? :)07:23
dholbachgreat :)07:24
dholbachthe first week in the North of Norway was pretty relaxed, but the second week a bit more heavy with travelling and meeting loads of people, but still fun :)07:24
dpmcool :)07:32
nigelbdholbach: heya!08:04
nigelbmorning dpm08:04
nigelbdholbach: Harvest crons are eating out the machine it's hosted. We had to kill the cron becase it wwas hitting summit and LD. When you get some time, could you talk to IS and sort it out? :)08:05
dpmmorning nigelb :)08:06
dholbachnigelb, do you have any specifics?08:07
nigelbdholbach: from the errors that we got in summit, I think its not releasing postgres connections. elmo will know better though08:08
nigelbs/summit/summit and LD/g08:08
dholbachhum, the harvest crons jobs are django management commands just like the ones in the LD/summit08:08
nigelbmaybe they're running too long and opening up too many simultaneous connections?08:09
dholbachI doubt the latter08:10
dholbachrunning too long I can test08:10
kim0Morning all08:15
kim0dholbach: dpm welcome back folks .. did you enjoy yout time off08:15
dholbachhey kim008:15
dholbachyeah, I did :)08:15
dholbachdpm, how was your time off?08:15
dpmmorning kim0 - I definitely did :)08:15
kim0Great :)08:16
dpmdholbach, it was awesome, we went to Tuscany for the week, hired a car and made short trips to visit the surroundings. The area is beautiful! We nearly met with Paolo in Siena, but it didn't work out in the end08:17
dholbachnice, that's awesome08:18
dholbachnigelb, the update cronjob takes 4m08:26
dholbachbut I found something else, let me dig out the link08:26
dholbachin a very old commit, that up until recently was no problem08:27
dholbachit might be a red herring, but it's all I have: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~harvest-dev/harvest/trunk/revision/12008:28
dholbachin updatelists.py08:28
* nigelb looks08:32
nigelbsorry, was away for lunch08:32
nigelbdholbach: cranberry was running out of memory and postgres connections for about 2 weeks ;)08:33
dholbachnigelb, the code has been in there for ~2 years :)08:33
nigelbdholbach: yeah, I know, which is strange :)08:34
dholbachbut maybe that bit is not the problem at all, I don't know08:34
nigelbdholbach: do you want to grab elmo sometime this week? He'll have mo details.08:37
nigelbBtw, mhall119 and cjohnston are looking forward to kicking you :P08:37
nigelb(just a heads up)08:38
nigelbwe had about 200 emails over night since friday08:38
nigelbmhall had twice as many08:38
nigelb(summit *and* LD)08:38
dholbachI got the LD mails as well08:47
dholbachand I agree that we should fix whatever needs fixing08:47
nigelbI'll try to get elmo08:48
nigelbSo we can know what exactly is broken08:48
dholbachlet's talk in #canonical-sysadmin08:48
nigelbI know you're probbaly busy catching up08:48
dholbachI just think it's weird that it started acting up in the last 2 weeks08:48
dholbachand Harvest hasn't changed much in the last time08:48
nigelbYeah, when it acted up, everything acted up.08:48
nigelbLike, summit, LD, sponsoring reports, etc08:48
nigelbbecause of either OOM or postgres08:49
nigelbim glad he wasnt injured11:14
nigelbAlanBell: where is the one of you drunk? :P11:15
AlanBellI am glad the ironing boad wasn't permanently damaged!11:15
AlanBellthis one is me https://plus.google.com/109175303602657131317/posts/SjwA3kCHD1S11:17
AlanBelland aquarius11:18
nigelbAlanBell: I didn't know you could breathe fire ;)11:48
nigelbAlanBell: hahah "I'mnot doing that ***** thing"11:53
duanedesignhello nigelb  AlanBell12:01
mhall119morning dholbach , nigelb12:14
nigelbhey duanedesign12:15
nigelbMorning mhall119. IS is sprinting, so hard to grab hold of them.12:15
mhall119so what's the status this morning, harvest's crons shut off?12:16
mhall119dholbach: has harvest's data been updating at all?12:16
nigelbmhall119: harvest crons temporarily shut off.12:17
mhall119dholbach: i saw a lot of idle postgres transactions for harvest, could it be something not closing off a transaction or something?12:19
mhall119or something blocking on network IO it can't reach, but not timing out?12:19
dholbachmhall119, yep it has been updating12:20
dholbachI noticed a 2 year old commit (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~harvest-dev/harvest/trunk/revision/120) I'm unsure about, but it hasn't been a problem until 2 weeks ago12:21
dholbachbut I have no idea if it actually is causing the problems we're seeing12:21
mhall119so you haven't been pushing new code out in 2 years?12:21
dholbachwe have, but the lines in updatelists that were added weren't changed since then12:22
dholbachas I said - I don't know if it's red herring or not12:22
mhall119does updatelists call into the other code at all?12:25
mhall119or is it standalone?12:25
dholbacha standalone cronjob12:25
mhall119how often does updatelists run?12:27
dholbachI don't know exactly, I assume every 30m?12:27
mhall119and does it just make calls to the launchpad api?12:29
dholbachI just saw that updateopportunities makes use of those transaction bits too12:30
dholbachboth get stuff from LP and other places (urllib)12:30
mhall119wow, google is buying motorola12:30
dholbachI basically just had a look at where harvest differs from LD and the transaction bits looked "non-standard" to me12:31
dholbachdo you think that could be the problem?12:31
mhall119could be, like I said I saw a lot of idle transaction processes consuming ram12:31
dholbachI'll propose a merge, but talk to elmo first to find out what he noticed12:32
dholbachthanks for having a look at it12:33
duanedesignhello hello mr nigelb12:39
araakgraner, hey!13:26
akgranerara, hey!13:27
araakgraner, are you coming to the UF meeting today?13:27
akgranerI can...I was just working on an email to you all...13:27
akgranerI haven't commented much as I I felt the process is awesome, but I was also awesomely confused.  I think I've gotten that worked out as I re-read all the mailing list info and wiki pages this weekend..13:28
araakgraner, cool, because there is a topic on the ubuntu release parties and it would be great if you could be there :)13:29
akgranerara, roger that I'll be there.. in -quality right?  I need to add that to my auto-join script...13:29
araakgraner, yes, I took that channel because it is not as crowed as -meeting and it has a meeting bot13:31
akgranergreat - just making sure I had the right place..thanks!13:32
jcastrodholbach: ping14:16
jcastrohey I totally missed the calendar email14:17
jcastroyou wanted to talk nowish?14:17
dholbachjcastro, we were meant to look at "UGJ hitlist" today14:33
jcastrowe were?14:33
jcastrowhat is it?14:33
jcastrosorry I am just back from a sprint and discombobulated14:33
dholbachjcastro, at the sprint we said "let's talk about the hitlist 2 weeks before UGJ"14:34
jcastrooh ok14:34
jcastrowhich hitlist?14:34
dholbachthis is my first day after the holidays too :)14:34
dholbachI just had it in my calendar14:35
dholbachI assume a "things to do" list for UGJ14:35
jcastroOH OH.14:36
jcastroso it's not like a list of bugs or something I had to prepare14:36
jcastrogood. :)14:36
dholbachjcastro, we should talk to bug/distro/etc people about it14:38
jcastrohey how do you feel about having a quick call tommorrow14:39
jcastroI need like some time to catch up with other crap14:39
jcastro<3 you14:46
paultagawwwwww, ♥14:47
* nigelb hugs everyone14:47
* dholbach hugs you all14:50
nigelbdholbach / mhall119: Its dying again :(15:02
nigelb(it = guanabana)15:03
kim0cool name! what's that :)15:04
nigelbkim0: server hosting a lot of community websites :)15:04
nigelbkim0: IS likes fruits. Earlier server was cranberry15:04
kim0nigelb: hehe cool :)15:04
jonokim0, about set?15:04
dholbachhey jono15:06
dholbachnigelb, dying with harvest disabled?15:06
jonohey dholbach15:06
nigelbdholbach: harvest is still up, so i don't know about disabled.15:06
mhall119yah,  I'll be sprinting at UDS15:07
mhall119dholbach: only harvest's cron job is disabled15:07
mhall119so maybe it's not updatelists causing the problems at all15:08
mhall119but rather something in the site code itself15:08
jonokim0, invite sent15:08
dholbachmhall119, feel free to disable it for a while and see if that fixes things15:09
mhall119dholbach: it's been disabled since this morning, and nigelb says the problems are still happening15:09
nigelbI'm talking to IS, so feel free to jump in, I'll report back on what's happening.15:10
AlanBelljono: https://plus.google.com/109175303602657131317/posts/SjwA3kCHD1S15:10
dholbachmhall119, the site or the cronjobs?15:10
mhall119dholbach: cronjob15:11
nigelbAlanBell: who's the brave lady? ;)15:11
AlanBellshe is Carolyn15:11
nigelbAlanBell: and what were you spitting out? beer?15:12
dholbachmhall119, feel free to disable the site for a while and see if that's the issue15:12
jonoAlanBell, nice!15:24
AlanBellnigelb: parafin15:25
jonograbbing breakfast, brb15:25
nigelbAlanBell: woah, isn't that sort of dangerous?15:25
AlanBellnigelb: oh, actually I did rinse my mouth out with beer, yes15:25
AlanBellnigelb: how do you think it works!15:26
AlanBellyou take a mouthfull of parafin and kind of spit and spray it out over a flame15:26
AlanBelland I ended up dribbling most of it down my shirt so I was a little bit worried about bursting into flames15:27
AlanBellnot worried enough to actually stop playing with fire though15:29
jonoanyone here using Thunderbird on Oneirc?16:08
jcastroI've got it16:13
jcastroI don't use it much16:13
akgranerI've got it - but I only use it for my work account...like jcastro I don't use it much...16:13
jcastrokim0: want to double up on the reports tomorrow?16:14
kim0jcastro: Yeah was just gonna say that :)16:15
hggdhjono: I was using it until I gave up on Oneiric. No problems there16:18
jonohggdh, cool16:19
jonoI am trying to see if anyone else is getting https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/82292916:19
kim0jono: I am .. what's up16:19
ubot2Ubuntu bug 822929 in compiz "Significant screen tearing when using Thunderbird" [Undecided,New]16:19
kim0ah I'm not using compiz .. gave up on that :) unity-2d ftw16:20
hggdhand I *cannot* use unity 3d on Intel, compiz dies on startup16:21
hggdh(on a netbook)16:21
jcastromine is totally boned16:24
jcastroI had to use 2d all last week16:25
jcastroalong with almost everyone at the sprint16:25
jcastro<--- lunch16:25
czajkowskipleia2: AlanBell can ye please link to your applications in the agenda https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda17:14
pleia2doh, AlanBell editing17:16
AlanBellok, all yours pleia217:17
paultagfrack, email's blowing up17:17
paultagthanks guise17:17
jcastrojono: I'm all set18:00
jonojcastro, sure, one sec18:00
jcastro\m/ >_< \m/18:00
paultag"A great collective gasp issued from tuned-in Firefox fans when Mozilla announced that it was switching to a Chrome-like release schedule for its browser. Now Mozilla wants to take things one step further and remove Firefox version numbers entirely — from the user-facing parts of the browser, anyway."18:06
paultagOh jeez, what morons :)18:06
paultagwhen's ubuntu switching to chrome as the default browser, again?18:06
popeymakes sense to me18:07
popeyI have no clue what version of chrome I am on18:07
popeyso why even show it18:07
PiciI'd like that. I'm tired of users asking for firefox $versionnumber18:07
paultagit won't help that18:08
paultagsince we'd be out of date it'd whine and try to klobber dpkg18:08
popeythere'd just be firefox $latest, and firefox $notupdated18:08
PiciWhen they in-fact don't even know what changed between releases, they just want the bigger number.18:08
popeydepends how it's delivered18:08
paultagfirefox'd check it's own servers for uptodateness18:08
paultagnot the apt repo18:08
popeythat.. depends how its delivered18:08
PiciI think that chrom(e|ium)'s channels are a rather sane way of delivering different levels of stability to the end-user/tester/developer18:09
popeywe used to disable that in firefox18:09
paultagpopey: they won't implement it for every package management system, I'm sure of it18:09
popeythey might not, we might18:09
paultagbig ugly patches :(18:09
jcastrowe're not out of date18:10
jcastrothe PPAs and updates are all ready to go18:10
jcastrojono: you have to restart the hangout I think18:13
duanedesigni am sure you have seen this, but just in case :) we are hoping for a good turnout since it is the first one and will probably decide if their are more, http://voices.canonical.com/ubuntuone/?p=105318:20
Pendulumjono: just as an FYI, I'm not sure if your survery is take-able by anyone who uses a screen reader18:26
Pendulum(I can't check it while I take it and survey monkey radio buttons have been things where I know accessibility audits in the past done by 3rd parties have fallen down)18:27
AlanBellwhat survey?18:29
mhall119AlanBell: check your email18:33
mhall119jono sent it to all ubuntu members18:33
AlanBelloh, email, I remember that18:33
czajkowskihe did18:34
czajkowskiI've no email :/18:34
pleia2maybe we're too old18:36
pleia2(I didn't receive one either)18:37
czajkowskipleia2: maybe we're not special :(18:37
PiciI haven't gotten that many emails today anyway, weird.18:37
jonoPendulum, yeah, unfortunately we don't have a decent alternative18:38
jonoPendulum, I would be more than happy to manually add data from those who email it to me though18:38
AlanBelljono: I did set up a limesurvey instance last time this happened18:38
jonoczajkowski, pleia2 it is sent to all applicants from the last two years18:38
jonoAlanBell, gotcha18:39
paultagah, sweet. that's why I did not get it either :)18:39
nigelbI got one, and finished too.18:39
paultagcute :)18:39
nigelbBut I think I might not be your ideal survey material ;)18:39
nigelbI mean, I was on a team with paultag. That pretty much skews normal sample :P18:40
paultagnigelb: always, my man. What was it about? How often you get yelled at?18:40
nigelbpaultag: lol, other way around.18:40
nigelbHow was your membership process, how smooth it was, etc.18:41
paultagoh jeez18:41
nigelbWell, I had *lots* of help with the wiki page and I talked to a lot of people.18:41
nigelbWhich meant lots of testimonials, so the membership process was smooth.18:41
Pendulumjono: have you blogged about the survey at all? just not sure how to let anyone who might qualify to know about it (because I know there are screen reader users out there who I certainly don't know about and some of them very well may be members who applied within the last 2 years, but there's nothing in that e-mail saying 'contact jono for alternate format'18:41
czajkowskiCoding DOjos in ireland need Ubuntu USB live sticks :D http://codrcamp.com/2011/08/dublin-coderdojo-coming-soon/18:41
jonoPendulum, I haven't blogged it18:42
czajkowskijono: ahh ok, I'm 2 years and 3 months18:42
jonoczajkowski, :-)18:42
PiciAh, that would do it.18:42
Pendulumtbh, I'm still too drugged to be able to remember where it is that survey monkey does and doesn't falldown with screen readers, but I don't know any screen reader users who bother to even click survey monkey links due to the access issues18:42
jonoPendulum, I will blog it and offer for people to send me data if they can't use the surveymonkey interface18:42
Pendulumjono: awesome, thanks18:43
* AlanBell will do the survey eyes free18:43
jonoPendulum, http://help.surveymonkey.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2/~/our-surveys-are-508-compliant-and-accessible-by-users-with-disabilities.18:43
nigelbAlanBell: probably easier to try it on w3m?18:43
AlanBellwhat is w3m?18:43
Pici!info w3m18:44
nigelbAlanBell: terminal browser18:44
AlanBellfirefox + orca + monitor off button18:44
nigelbthat's pro.18:44
AlanBellusefuly realistic imho18:45
jonoit sounds like SM actually meets a11y needs18:45
jono"Surveys are available to anyone using screen reader software, limited to keyboards to enter responses, and anyone with vision impairments that require high-contrast themes."18:46
Pendulumjono: that's new within the last year18:47
PiciPendulum: It says they were ...certified us as Section 508 compliant on June 5, 2008.18:47
jonoPendulum, it was confirmed in 200818:48
PendulumPici: we tested and researched a year ago and found current things at the time saying it wasn't accessible18:48
jonoPendulum, I assume you didn't see the notice about this18:48
PiciPendulum: /me shrugs18:48
jonoas such, I am not going to blog it - it seems the survey should be accessible as is18:48
jonomy survey meets the guidelines18:48
jonobrb, grabbing some lunch18:48
* Pendulum shrugs18:49
PendulumI'm positive that wasn't on the website a year ago so dunno what's changed18:49
Pendulumbut if it works, great.18:50
nigelbpaultag: I'm sure you've already seen this, but if not, http://www.islinuxaboutchoice.com/19:01
nigelbYou'll love it19:02
paultagGNU/Linux is about choice, that's some RMS bullshit :)19:03
paultagnigelb: I giggled, but I'm so sick of that argument these days :)19:03
nigelbpaultag: lol, yeah.19:04
AlanBellPendulum: we used a wordpress based survey tool because we knew it was simple HTML and presented alternate ways to provide the information, I don't recall considering surveymonkey for long at that time19:04
nigelbpaultag: similar thing on firefox channel today - "How do I get it to work on GNU/Linux?" "Knock off the GNU/"19:04
AlanBellthe other case was more recently in loco-contacts where the objection to survey monkey was around it not being free software19:04
paultagnigelb: yeah :)19:04
AlanBellwhich is why I put up a limesurvey instance which has yet to be used19:05
nigelbAlanBell: translation too.19:05
pleia2that site seems to have two very different points19:05
AlanBellthat too19:05
AlanBellI am finding the radio buttons in surveymonkey very confusing with orca, I will try a limesurvey with radio buttons, it could just be me failing to use orca correctly19:06
jcastrolimesurvey totally flunked the security team's tests.19:33
nigelbjcastro: ping19:33
nigelbjcastro: got time for a few mins of PM? :)19:34
AlanBelljcastro: hope they filed bugs19:34
AlanBellbut yeah, not massively surprised at a PHP app with security problems19:34
m4n1shjono: ping19:41
jonohey m4n1sh19:41
m4n1shthe survey has Asia and Oceania as separate and EMEA is missing19:41
m4n1shjono: I applied via EMEA, but it is not in the list19:41
nigelbm4n1sh: what's on the list?19:42
nigelb(I momentarily forget)19:42
m4n1shAmericas, Asia and Oceania19:42
jonom4n1sh, oops19:42
m4n1shand an Another textbox19:42
jonolet me see if I can add it19:42
rrnwexechelp: the loco director ate 6 global jam events, including Vancouver's. thoughts?19:43
m4n1shnigelb: hey. long time :)19:43
jonom4n1sh, added19:43
nigelbm4n1sh: hello19:43
m4n1shnigelb: anything special these days?19:44
m4n1shdoing something kickass? Apart from summit?19:44
nigelbm4n1sh: doing a bit of stuff on mozilla webdev19:45
m4n1shyou keep dabbling around with various things19:45
m4n1shnigelb: so mostly web work?19:45
nigelbyeah, web. django.19:45
m4n1shah cool19:46
nigelbI'm just doing a *lot* of webdev lately - summit, launchpad, mozilla webdev projects19:46
m4n1shdjango is the only python web framework I know19:46
m4n1shI love launchpad19:46
m4n1shesp I know the API pretty well19:46
m4n1shI mean the raw REST API19:46
nigelbwell, once you start writing Zope code, you may not love launchpad any more ;)19:48
* popey wonders what the content of the survey in question is20:02
popeyjono: what's in the survey?20:06
* AlanBell completes the process, but not with orca. I couldn't figure out what radio button values I was on, and change them - even with the screen on it didn't make much more sense20:23

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