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rickspencer3jasoncwarner_,  back yet?05:30
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jasoncwarner_rickspencer3: yeah, finally done catching up on my email as well...*phew*06:53
rickspencer3hey jasoncwarner_, how was your trip back?06:54
jasoncwarner_rickspencer3: I think I understand the benefits of having your own plane ;) Other than that epiphany, uneventful.06:55
rickspencer3jasoncwarner_, start saving up!06:55
rickspencer3uneventful == good in air travel06:56
bschaeferopps, wrong window06:56
RAOFYou need emacs for an IRC-in-editor environment :)06:57
bschaeferhaha, Iam happy with  vim06:58
chrisccoulsonhmmm, interesting read - http://www.extremetech.com/internet/92558-how-browsers-make-money-or-why-google-needs-firefox07:09
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone07:09
SweetsharkMoin Hackers!07:10
* Sweetshark just brutally hit end-of-vacation.07:10
brycehSweetshark, welcome back07:16
jasoncwarner_hey Sweetshark ... hope the holiday was fun!07:17
jasoncwarner_bryceh: how are things? getting enough rest?07:17
pittiGood morning07:29
chrisccoulsongood morning pitti, how are you?07:33
pittihey chrisccoulson07:33
pittichrisccoulson: got a flu again, apparently :/07:34
pittitoday is a national holiday, but I need to catch up with some work07:34
pittihow are you?07:34
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, that's not good :(07:34
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm not too bad thanks07:34
pittihey RAOF07:38
RAOFpitti, Good morning!07:42
Sweetsharkjasoncwarner_: the weather was meh, but other than that it was quite good ;)07:48
brycehhi jasoncwarner_, some days are better than others...07:49
Sweetsharkpitti: hmmm, 3.3.3-1ubuntu2 seems to be still stuck in proposed. Is there a reason for that?07:50
pittihey Sweetshark, how are you?07:51
pittiSweetshark: ah, on pending-sru it appears that only 1/3 are verified, but the other two are okay07:51
Sweetsharkpitti: I would not have minded another week, but other than that fine ;). And yourself?07:51
pittiSweetshark: so, I'll do an -updates SRU round now07:52
pittiSweetshark: just getting a flu, but other than that, fine! was on holidays and then on desktop summit07:52
pittitime to get productive again07:52
pedro_hello folks07:52
pittiSweetshark: do you know what's up with libo 3.4?07:52
pittihey pedro_07:52
Sweetsharkpitti: the most recent package for 3.4 is https://launchpad.net/~bjoern-michaelsen/+archive/libreoffice-oneirictest-20110718/+sourcepub/1824411/+listing-archive-extra07:54
Sweetsharkpitti: but it is missing mono still. I have to look at git.debian.org to see _rene_s work in the meantime. He seems to have been quite active in the last week.07:56
dpmgood morning all08:35
dpmthanks pitti for helping out kelemengabor with the langpacks last week!08:35
pittihey dpm08:36
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desrtgood morning, peeps10:08
desrtquiet morning :)10:13
Sweetsharkdesrt: psst, dont disturb it, morning is having a nap and looks quite cute doing so ...10:20
desrtk.  i'll come back shortly.10:22
pittihey desrt, how are you?10:24
desrtpitti: sssshhh10:24
desrti'm good.  still a bit on eurotime, though :)10:25
desrtRAOF: are you awake?10:55
RAOFdesrt, Yo.  Luck is with you!10:55
desrtnice :)10:55
desrtcan you tell me about the external displayport connector on my t420s?10:55
RAOFI'd actually expect it to work on 11.10?10:56
desrtlet me run updates and get back to you10:56
RAOFOh, unless you've got a t420s with nvidia/intel optimus?10:56
desrtyes.  i do.10:56
desrtit was mandatory because i'm canadian.10:56
RAOFWell, then.  It's entirely possible that the displayport connector is only hooked up to the nvidia card.10:57
RAOFOr, the intel card.10:57
desrti'm on the intel right now10:57
RAOFI'm not sure which, or even if they've done that particular brand of madness.10:57
desrtfwiw, the dock has 2 dvi and 2 displayport connectors too10:57
desrtand i see neither10:57
RAOFMan, the combination of docking and optimus.  It's a match made in heaven!10:58
RAOFSarvatt might know more about the details of the t420s?10:58
desrtSarvatt: hihi? :)10:58
desrti essentially want to murder everyone who works at the ordering/shipping departments of lenovo at this point10:59
RAOFBasically, hybrid graphics are made of linux hate. :(10:59
desrti have the nvidia completely disabled in the bios10:59
desrtif i was in the US i could have ordered a core i7 laptop with intel-only10:59
desrtbecause i'm canadian, i was forced to get optimus if i wanted the i710:59
RAOF !!!10:59
* cdbs also has an optimus laptop10:59
desrtwhat's really cool is that they're all made in china....11:00
desrtand shipped from the same freaking factory11:00
RAOFLenovo are generally pretty good about wiring things up reasonably.  I'd *hope* that they've taken the effort to actually wire up both GPUs to all the outputs.11:00
cdbsdesrt: Same here, I was forced to shit around with optimus if I wanted a Sandy Bridge i711:00
cdbsRAOF: Lenovo is good at that, there is often a mux in those ones.11:00
desrtcdbs: canuck?11:00
desrtoh.  mux.11:01
cdbswhat is that?11:01
desrtthat's a word i've heard before11:01
cdbsMux -> Graphic Multiplexer11:01
desrtya.  i know that.11:01
desrti've seen some message in an error log somewhere about some mux operation failing11:01
desrti can't seem to find it right now11:02
RAOFThat'd likely be vga_switcheroo, which should be able to twiddle your mux bits (if you've got one).  But it's not going to work - and shouldn't be necessary - if you've turned off the nvidia in the bios.11:02
RAOFAnd, obviously, when I say "should" and "shouldn't" there, I'm using the lightly-tested versions.11:03
desrtthat's probably why i don't see the error anymore11:03
desrti think i only had it before i switched off the nvidia11:03
desrtand now i don't see it anymore11:03
gemaoh, more people mad at lenovo, that's good. They shipped to me a faulty T520, with the cougar point problem that intel admitted back in January :(11:03
desrtit's worth noting that the bios itself has an option to direct the primary display to the VGA port11:03
desrtbut not to the displayport11:03
RAOFI wonder if that error means you don't have a mux, and are in the unenviable position of waiting until drm gets support and then the Xserver gets rewritten to handle it.11:04
desrti'm quite happy to have the nvidia hate disabled completely from bios11:05
desrtso hopefully i don't need to twiddle any bits from linux11:05
* cdbs 's bios doesn't have any option to disable the nvidia card11:05
desrtcdbs: :(11:05
chrisccoulsonoops, seeing desrt just reminded me that i never turned on the gio extension in thunderbird ;)11:05
RAOFdesrt, Just as long as it's not like my netbook, where the HDMI port just isn't wired up to anything but the nvidia card :)11:05
desrtchrisccoulson: !!!11:05
desrtRAOF: let me do some googling11:06
chrisccoulsondesrt, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/thunderbird/thunderbird-trunk.head/revision/393 ;)11:06
desrtsomething is seriously wrong here11:07
desrtthe battery lasts me a couple of hours11:07
desrtaccording to reviews i'm reading, they get 511:07
* desrt boggles11:07
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chrisccoulsongaah, my laptop is so slow11:17
GunnarHjpitti: Hi Martin, thanks for approving the gdm and g-s-d MPs. Is there anything else that makes you hesitate as regards the accountsservice and l-s MPs, or do you just need more time to review the code?11:18
pittiGunnarHj: hey11:19
pittiGunnarHj: I haven't dug far enough through my mail backlog to see your updated MPs, so mostly time11:20
GunnarHjpitti: Ok, I see. ;-)11:20
pittiGunnarHj: this still uses popen(), though, AFAICS11:20
GunnarHjpitti: Yes, but I added a check that should take care of the security issue.11:21
pittiwhy not just use g_spawn_sync()? that's safe (by avoiding shell), and easy to use11:21
pittianyway, if you need help with this, that's fine11:22
GunnarHjpitti: I simply failed to make it work - spent several hours on it ...  Some help would be nice, indeed.11:23
desrtthis is the point at which i become extremely unhappy11:23
desrtRAOF_: so.  if i switch to "discrete only" graphics in the BIOS then i suddenly have the option to use the digital displayports as primary outputs11:24
desrtRAOF_: unfortunately, setting this option has the unfortunate sideeffect of causing both ubuntu and fedora to lock up on boot11:25
* desrt inches closer to wanting to seriously harm someone at lenovo11:25
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GunnarHjpitti: Hmm.. Safe by avoiding shell when calling a shell script that calls several other shell scripts. Is it possibly better in this case, after all, to test for odd characters in the arguments?11:31
pittithat would be good to do as well, but these two address different issue11:32
GunnarHjpitti: I see. The code for testing for odd characters is already there.11:32
desrtRAOF_: [    1.979856] [drm:intel_dsm_platform_mux_info] *ERROR* MUX INFO call failed11:49
desrtRAOF_: that's the error11:49
Sweetsharkwhich is the right command to get a multiarch path like /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/?12:08
cdbsAny idea why aptdaemon isn't sending DBus signals for transactions? I'm working on SC integration in Unity but this is a roadblock right now12:36
desrtholy crap12:40
desrtwhile everyone was speculating about microsoft buying nokia, google just bought motorola12:40
mdeslaurdesrt: yeah, weird12:42
mdeslaurdesrt: a funny move, as now all phone vendors have direct competition from google itself12:43
desrtmdeslaur: this was sort of the problem with the nexus models...12:43
desrtgoogle was attempting to circumvent its business partners, leading to difficult situations12:43
desrtwill obviously be quite a bit worse of a situation now12:44
mdeslauryeah...it's a weird move, unless they announce that they're not going to produce actual devices anymore and just bought motorola for their patent portfolio12:44
mdeslaurmaybe they had trouble finding partners for chromeos, and motorola is their only viable solution12:45
desrtcould be12:45
desrti suppose it's too much to hope that the acquisition is an attempt to shake things up in the phone market12:45
jbichamy first guess was it's for the patents, but maybe Google would like to try some hardware distribution too12:45
jbichaif they can ever figure out how to succeed at hardware, that could help them diversify from 97% search revenue12:46
mdeslaurjbicha: oh, the only reason they would want hardware is to _maintain_ their 97% search revenue12:47
mdeslaurthat's why they created android in the first place12:47
* Sweetshark grumbles f***ing multiarch.12:56
desrti love multiarch12:56
desrtbut it seems quite unfortunate that they elected not to use debian archnames12:57
cdbsmdeslaur, desrt: It had also become obvious lately that Google hates it when its partners modify Android and slap custom skins13:05
cdbsmdeslaur, desrt: Having a hardware manufacturer in hand will send the message across to all partners: "Keep pace with Motorola, its a role model for you all"13:06
mdeslaurcdbs: you assume there won't be a mass exodus of partners :P13:07
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kostas_hello i have a problem startup manager cannot open?13:34
BigWhaleReboot is still not back in the system menu?? is this permanent now?13:40
kenvandineBigWhale, it is in the shutdown dialog13:41
kenvandinenot sure if it is permanent or not13:41
BigWhaleok then I guess13:41
BigWhaleI was just afraid that it is gone for good... like... you can't restart.. just shutdown. :)13:42
BigWhalekenvandine, btw, I'm back from my vacation... and I noticed that my python code for EDS now works13:42
kenvandineyes it does :)13:43
BigWhalethat was the first thing I did when I got home at 2am apt-get dist-upgrade and ./python-eds-1.py :>13:43
kenvandinehehe :)13:43
cyphermoxpitti: poke. can you confirm you got an email from me just now?14:19
cyphermox(evo said Timed out, and is acting up)14:19
pitticyphermox: confirmed, "Enablement of 3G devices,..."14:24
dobeyhey pitti14:27
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pittihey dobey14:29
dobeyhow's it going?14:29
pittivery slow today, flu/bit of fever :( but I did quite some post-holiday/conference catch-up14:31
pittihow about yourself?14:31
dobeypretty good. hope you feel better quickly :)14:33
* pitti AFK, back to bed14:42
rickspencer3pitti, hey, sorry to hear your not feeling well, up to answering a bit of an odd question for me?15:29
rickspencer3is it possible for me to stuff gwibber and desktopcouch into a cgroup so they can't hog my CPU?15:29
* rickspencer3 pets little netbook15:29
madnickIm sorry for asking this here, but I have been working on this for 2 hours, the unity greeter compiles fine using the ./configure .. make .. make install, however parts of it using valac does not work, "Does not exist in the context of X", I am passing all --pkg arguments that is used by the make system. Especially X.CreatePixmap seems to be the problem.15:31
rickspencer3hi madnick15:32
rickspencer3if no one here can help, #ayatana is ready for questions exactly like this15:32
madnickthanks, can i cross post? :)15:33
rickspencer3madnick, of course15:33
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jjardonrickspencer3: maybe this helps: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=63511915:58
ubot2Gnome bug 635119 in VteTerminal "[PATCH] automatically create a subcgroup in the cpu hierarchy for each widget" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:58
* rickspencer3 looks15:58
rickspencer3thanks jjardon15:58
rickspencer3I'm getting my ass kicked trying to figure out how to configure cgroups myself15:58
BigWhaleI am too much into this Linux thing... I just asked people in the office, 'How is MONO for Windows called, I have to install it...'16:18
dobeyBigWhale: pretty sure mono on windows is still called mono, but you can use the official MS .Net stuff too if you want. :)17:07
chrisccoulsondesrt, so, that gio extension doesn't even build (http://goo.gl/jrWLw) :(18:37
* chrisccoulson adds to list of things to fix18:38
desrtchrisccoulson: all in good time20:05
chrisccoulsondesrt, i'll get it working anyway ;)20:13
desrtfree beer is on the line!20:13
chrisccoulsonah, fantastic. jo has gone to work and my daughter has hidden the other house key :/20:22
chrisccoulsonso i can't lock my front door20:22
chrisccoulsonthat's not good20:22
desrtchrisccoulson: stay home forever!20:25
chrisccoulsondesrt, oh, i was planning to stay at home. i would like to be able to lock the door so i can sleep at some point though :)20:26
desrtdo you really live in such a bad neighbourhood?20:27
desrt. o O ( hmm... if he is forced to stay awake, maybe he'll work on the thunderbird+gio thing... )20:28
desrtchrisccoulson: good point.  with all that's going on in the UK lately, you can't be too careful!20:28
chrisccoulsonheh :)20:28
chrisccoulsondesrt, my neighbourhood isn't that bad, but i wouldn't be able to sleep with the door unlocked and my daughter upstairs20:29
desrtchrisccoulson: so i guess you'll have to find something to do to keep yourself awake ;)20:31
chrisccoulsonthat shouldn't be too difficult20:31
chrisccoulsonand if all else fails, i can just make some coffee20:31
desrtdelicious and nutritious!20:31
Laneyjust like chicken?20:34
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