[08:51] Regarding the person on the mailing list having the fit about the searching, oh never mind jbicha just said what we're all thinking. [08:52] As I was half way through typing that line. [08:52] I just saw he tried this foolishness 3 years ago [08:53] He just linked himself to the other thread, so I was about to say "so betwen when it was looked into last time and now, what have you done to assist in the problem and what has changed to make the previous reasons you were given now null and void" [11:04] kim0: howdy [11:05] jbicha: hey there [11:05] kim0: are you sure that Ubuntu Server supports ARM? [11:05] jbicha: starting 11.10 it will support ARM yes [11:06] jbicha: I got a confirmation from Robbie the server team manager [11:07] http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/oneiric/alpha-3/ doesn't have a usual installer for ARM but it does have some preinstalled [11:08] ARM image for an SD card so that's a bit weird [11:09] ok, thanks