niemeyerhazmat: Yo!00:17
hazmatniemeyer, pong01:08
_mup_Bug #826498 was filed: virtualbox machine provider for osx local dev <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/826498 >01:24
hazmati guess i'm on point13:46
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niemeyerHello everyone!14:37
jimbakerniemeyer, hi14:49
niemeyerjimbaker: Hey man14:49
* kim0 pushing an ensemble mongodb cluster screencast in an hour14:55
niemeyerkim0: Where?14:57
kim0I'm still uploading :)14:57
kim0will hit the usual places 14:57
kim0figuring out if replication was actually working, was way much harder than deploying with ensemble hehe :)14:58
niemeyerkim0: Ah, cool15:10
niemeyerrobbiew: ping15:26
robbiewniemeyer: pong15:28
niemeyerrobbiew: Hey there15:28
niemeyerrobbiew: Had a good trip back home? ;-)15:29
niemeyerrobbiew: Quick pvt question15:29
hazmatniemeyer, it looks like the kanban is stale again18:41
hazmatniemeyer, also i've been brainstorming on our workflow and tooling, i think we might be able to use a bzr plugin to some good effect to solve some of our workflow issues18:41
niemeyerhazmat: Use http://people.canonical.com/~niemeyer/dublin.html, I didn't stop it given the number of recent issues we've had18:43
niemeyerWe should really put Eureka in place, though18:43
fwereadehey all18:43
hazmatniemeyer, sounds good re eureka18:43
niemeyerfwereade: Made it home safely?18:44
fwereadeniemeyer: yeah, all good :)18:44
niemeyerGreat to hear18:44
fwereadeniemeyer: great to be ;)18:44
hazmatfwereade, great.. that travel sounded hard18:44
fwereadehazmat: well, worse things happen at sea ;)18:44
fwereadeniemeyer: while travelling I got lp:~fwereade/ensemble/hide-instances basically reverted18:46
fwereadeI need to do some live verification now I have a connection again18:46
fwereadebut if it works -- and the UI is no worse than before -- will that be ok to merge?18:47
niemeyerfwereade: Ok.. please take a careful time with this branch and reevaluate whether the issues there are all fixed18:47
niemeyerfwereade: As Kapil pointed out, the UI is worse than before18:47
niemeyerfwereade: "Machine not found" after a bootstrap is senseless to a user18:47
fwereadeniemeyer: I think that's been dealt with, but I'll reverify everything18:49
niemeyerfwereade: Sounds good18:49
fwereadeniemeyer: and mark it "needs review" again when I'm done18:49
niemeyerfwereade: Please try it in a few real interactions18:50
niemeyerfwereade: Try e.g. ensemble status several times right after ensemble bootstrap18:50
fwereadeniemeyer: I have been, it was a surprising real interaction that led me to back stuff out18:50
niemeyerfwereade: That's cool then.. I'm all for less code as you know :)18:51
fwereade2011-08-15 20:51:29,795 ERROR Ensemble environment is not accessible: machine i-d1e8bdb0 has no address assigned yet18:51
fwereadehuman-readable intro, machine specification for those who need to know18:52
fwereade(that's the only change; I'm pretty sure we can do better, but that'll come in another branch when I generalise it to cobbler)18:53
niemeyerfwereade: That's beautiful IMO19:04
fwereadeniemeyer: cool -- I'll check everything else, but that was the specfic really bad bit (it certainly beats "NoneType has no attribute 'groups'") ;)19:05
niemeyerfwereade: LOL.. I can agree with that19:06
fwereade niemeyer: ok, it's back on "needs review", but I can't seems to ask for another from you... it thinks you've already approved it19:36
niemeyerfwereade: Sounds great, thanks!19:36
fwereadeniemeyer: a pleasure :)19:36
fwereaderight, that's definitely it for me today19:44
fwereadenn all :)19:44
niemeyerjimbaker: ping20:01
niemeyerjimbaker: ping?20:35
SpamapSadam_g: reading your openstack deploy stuff with glee.. looks pretty cool20:48
niemeyerSpamapS: So, I've heard we are getting ftests automated?  Do you know something about that? :-)20:55
adam_gSpamapS: cool, thanks20:58
adam_gniemeyer: if by ftests you mean formula tests, james came up with a cool way of testing and aggregating results back to jenkins via a "tester" formula.21:01
niemeyeradam_g: It was actually about "functional tests"21:05
niemeyeradam_g: We have some interesting logic in the tree already that runs a real deployment against EC2 and performs checks against it21:05
niemeyeradam_g: It's pretty ineffective at the moment, though, because we don't really run the tests21:05
niemeyeradam_g: It'd be awesome to have these tests being run on every commit to trunk, to ensure ensemble works for real at all times21:06
niemeyeradam_g: and then enhance those tests21:06
adam_gniemeyer: ah, gotcha. 21:06
niemeyerAlso makes a lot of sense in that final runway towards 11.1021:06
jimbakerniemeyer, hi21:24
niemeyerjimbaker: Hi.. we have to talk about tasks for the next couple of months, but I can't do that right now unfortunately.  Let's talk tomorrow.21:25
jimbakerniemeyer, sounds good21:25
niemeyerI'll step out for now..21:27
_mup_ensemble/pythonpath-fix-bug-816264 r305 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com22:56
_mup_update injection of ENSEMBLE_PYTHON_PATH per review22:56
_mup_ensemble/trunk r312 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com23:01
_mup_merge python-path-fix-bug-816264 [r=niemeyer,jimbaker][f=816264]23:01
_mup_Avoid setting PYTHONPATH when executing hooks, as it can have23:01
_mup_side-effects on hook execution. Per the bug report mod-wsgi pkg23:01
_mup_install was a reproducable error on natty). 23:01
_mup_Instead utilize ENSEMBLE_PYTHONPATH environment variable and some shim23:01
_mup_code in each hook CLI-API to support development scenarios where the23:01
_mup_PYTHONPATH is needed for the CLI-API.23:01
hazmatthat's odd using --fixes=lp:bug_num when committing a branch merge adds a link to the bug against trunk23:15
hazmati thought it was supposed to just close the bug..23:16
hazmathmm. ic, i was using it incorrectly.. it has to be used on the branch to be merged, and then it creates the bug-branch link23:18

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