tdr112how did you all get on10:36
slashtomgrand, there were 5 of us yesterday10:37
ebelyo yo10:40
tdr112good stuff11:02
=== VampiricPada is now known as VampiricPadraig
infoturtlehey all, I'm moing house all this week and it's mostly in the evening I'll be doing it. If I get a link for someone could you proxy for me as I had to get onto the miLK labs here about UGJ20:33
infoturtlefor the meeting this week, sorry, didn't finish what I was talking about20:33
infoturtlehttp://groups.google.com/group/limerick-hackerspace/browse_thread/thread/5a63ceb814efbc13 I'll just leave that on record anyway20:35
infoturtlehey czajkowski21:02

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