sorensuperm1: Cool, I'll talk to Daviey. Thanks!08:02
ComradeHaz`Hi all, any reason why I shouldn't use the 64bit version of mythbuntu?12:06
superm1ComradeHaz`, if you have flash stuff you want to play12:09
superm1that's the only reason i can think of12:09
ComradeHaz`Flash not working on x64?12:16
superm1well not officially supported yet12:17
superm1there is a beta binary12:17
ComradeHaz`We talking flash web content here?12:17
ComradeHaz`Hey all, where do I define the default system sound device on mythbuntu?17:02
ComradeHaz`OK, got it. :)17:28
ComradeHaz`As an asside, is there a way of putting shortcuts to apps on the desktop env of mythtv?17:29
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Gibbywhich package now do I need to install to biuld just a backend?20:06
dekarlAre you using mythbuntu? Then just select role masterbackend and youre done.20:10
rhpot1991Gibby: build or run?20:11
rhpot1991build as in from source20:11
Gibbythought there was mythtv-monster, no this is an ubuntu server install, just adding myth to it20:13
rhpot1991Gibby: easiest way is to install mythbuntu-control-centre20:14
rhpot1991and then pick your role from there20:14
Gibbyyeah that is what i did20:14
Gibbyi can make it a sec backend then change it to primaary later right?20:15
dekarlyou should not share one database between two master backends...20:15
dekarlnot sure what you want to achieve20:15
Gibbyi am doing a hardware refresh for my master backend20:16
dekarlsounds like database backup/restore plus copying all recordings over is what you want20:18
dekarl(I just did my refresh with a fresh install after upgrading for some years, so take my hints with a grain of salt...)20:19
rhpot1991Gibby: ya you can, wont have any of the data from your master though20:20
rhpot1991so you can do some magic and pull the data over if you want20:20
dekarlsee http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Backend_migration20:20
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Backend migration - MythTV Official Wiki20:20
rhpot1991make sure they are on the same protocol, dump from one, restore to he other20:20
Gibbyyeah i already know how to do the mysql backup/restore and my data using rsync, just was worried about how myth would handle it if i can stand it up as a secondary back end then change it to a primary backend20:33

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