philipballewpleia2, is there things I can do for ubuntu-news during the week. is finding news articles needed?00:20
pleia2philipballew: yep, you just add them to the google doc00:20
philipballewis there say like a catagory I need to sign up for that is my job to look for, or is it first come, first serve00:21
pleia2first come first serve00:21
pleia2whenever you find an article, just toss it in the doc00:22
pleia2at the end of the week we'll review them, move them around and delete duplicates or ones that don't really work for the newslette00:22
philipballewsounds good. ill go to it this week00:24
pleia2thanks :)00:25
philipballewany time :) and do they have to be text articles or video articles?00:25
pleia2we've always done text00:26
philipballewalright. sounds good :)00:28
holsteinpleia2: i might be back home by then... probably not though04:19
holsteinill probably be home about now tomorrow nite04:19
pleia2holstein: hm, would the next week be better?04:21
pleia2I won't be home by this time tomorrow (after release I need to run out the door)04:21
holsteinpleia2: probably not :/04:21
holsteinthe monday nite thing is steady for me04:21
holsteini usually get in late-ish04:21
holsteini have a monday off every couple months04:22
pleia2btw everyone, we need editors: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue22804:22
pleia2not sure what my next monday looks like since I'll have company in town but I *should* be around late04:23
pleia2anyway, dinnertime :)04:23
* nlsthzn waves04:56
* NRWlion waves10:30
=== nlsthzn_ is now known as nlsthzn_work
nlsthzn_workSo what is the status... has the new issue been proof read enough times (I did scan it myself a few times and all looked well...)15:01
pleia2nhandler: another pair of eyes to proof-read would be good16:12
pleia2not sure anyone has really gone through it except me16:12
akgranerpleia2, have you gotten another proof reader?16:39
pleia2not yet16:39
pleia2oh, I meant nlsthzn_work above, not nhandler16:39
akgranerif not let me know I'll go through it once I finish my lunch...16:40
pleia2ah monday mornings :)16:40
pleia2akgraner: oh, please do!16:40
akgraner20 mins give or take...16:40
pleia2take your time :)16:40
akgranerwill do...16:40
nlsthzn_workpleia2: hehe... no prob I will also go through it once more... slowly... many eyes and things about bugs... ;)16:40
nlsthzn_workpleia2: that awesome site you used last time to test all the links already used?16:42
* nlsthzn_work forgot to bookmark it :p16:43
nlsthzn_workOK, so ubuntu stats are still outstanding right...16:46
nlsthzn_work... also top 5 questions...16:47
pleia2nlsthzn_work: yep I'm doing them soon16:48
akgranerstill using the same scrips to pull those pleia2 ?16:48
akgraneroh wait do I have those on this machine?  /me wonders aloud....16:48
pleia2akgraner: there are scripts to pull the security and updates, not most stats afaik16:48
akgraneryou're right  - I was thinking of ask Ubuntu...16:49
akgranerone sec let me look  - I'll give you a hand..:-)16:50
pleia2nlsthzn_work: it's http://validator.w3.org/checklink and I used it :)16:51
pleia2akgraner: no worries, I've got it16:51
nlsthzn_workthanks :)16:52
pleia2k, all done16:59
akgranerreading it now...17:11
akgranerpleia2, finished..:-)17:35
akgranerway to many interruptions...17:35
pleia2akgraner: will you be around in 2 hours for newsletter release? (was planning on 8PM eastern for release, but my evening time is limited)18:49
pleia2ok cool :) I'll ping you around 5 eastern then18:50
akgranersomeone else is picking up the kids at bandcamp so I'll be here...18:50
zkriesseakgraner: Hey! Nice to see you on irc :)19:37
akgranerzkriesse, thanks - it's just been a weird year...:-/19:37
zkriesseakgraner: :/ yeah tht kinda sucks19:37
zkriesseGlad things are going better for you finally though :)19:37
akgranerme too!  Thank you!19:38
pleia2akgraner: ping21:02
akgranerpleia2, pong21:02
pleia2do you actually want to do the publishing (please do!) or do you want to just learn the script?21:03
pleia2ok, so first step is grabbing all the new scripts from lp:uwn21:04
pleia2if you already have an uwn/ from bzr you can just cd into that directory and do "bzr pull" otherwise: bzr branch lp:uwn21:04
akgranerok I've never gotten anything from LP before - people would always just send me the scripts21:04
akgranerahh ok21:04
akgranerok one sec..21:05
akgranerok so I had to install bzr - sudo apt-get install bzr21:10
akgranerthen after that I ran: bzr branch lp:uwn21:10
akgranernow I am getting the following error - You have not informed bzr of your Launchpad ID, and you must do this to21:10
akgranerwrite to Launchpad or access private data.  See "bzr help launchpad-login".21:10
pleia2but it said it branched it, right?21:11
akgranerahh yes21:11
akgranerI got - Branched 16 revision(s).21:11
pleia2you don't need to write to it and there is no private data, so you can check it out anonymously without a problem21:11
pleia2do you have an uwn/ directory now?21:12
akgranerI do...21:12
pleia2ok, cd into that directory21:12
akgranercrap not on this machine I don't21:12
akgranerone sec let me create it - can you tell me how to do that from the command line21:12
pleia2the bzr command should have created it21:12
akgraneroh ok21:12
pleia2if it didn't then the checkout failed21:12
* akgraner looks21:13
akgranerakgraner@windorf:~$ cd uwn21:13
pleia2great :)21:13
akgraneryep it did..21:13
pleia2ok, now open up fridge/publish-uwn-fridge.pl21:13
pleia2on line 15 there will be place to put your fridge login name21:14
pleia2my $o = WordPress::XMLRPC->new({21:14
pleia2        username => 'akgraner',21:14
pleia2so put in your username and password for fridge, then save the file21:14
akgranerahh ok so I need to edit the script then...21:15
akgranerone sec21:15
pleia2you don't need to do this every time you publish, this is just initial set up stuff21:16
akgranergotcha - now I opened it from the gui - how would someone open the file from the command line..21:17
pleia2nano fridge/publish-uwn-fridge.pl21:17
pleia2nano is a pretty simple text editor that comes with ubuntu21:17
pleia2but editing with gedit is fine21:17
* nlsthzn_work likes nano...21:21
akgranerpleia2, between response and content21:23
akgranerline 15 including empty lines?21:24
pleia2it's the line just under21:24
pleia2my $o = WordPress::XMLRPC->new({21:24
akgranerI don't see that - one sec...21:24
pleia2says: username => 'FRIDGE USERNAME GOES HERE',21:25
akgranerpleia2, I don't think I am looking at the right script - I think I opened the one from my old UWN dir.. one sec let me move it..21:28
akgranerok so I had to go into the Fridge folder then the right script was there21:32
akgranerok edited21:33
akgranerand saved21:33
akgranersorry for the delay21:35
pleia2ok, now are you in the new uwn/ directory?21:35
pleia2ok, type: perl publish-uwn.pl 22821:36
pleia2we might need a perl or python module somewhere21:37
akgranerCan't locate Text/Unidecode.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.1 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at publish-uwn.pl line 5.21:37
akgranerBEGIN failed--compilation aborted at publish-uwn.pl line 5.21:37
pleia2sudo apt-get install libtext-unidecode-perl21:38
pleia2ok, try to run it again21:40
akgraner501 Protocol scheme 'https' is not supported (Crypt::SSLeay or IO::Socket::SSL not installed) at publish-uwn.pl line 21.21:40
akgranerwhat does that mean in laymans terms21:41
pleia2let's see what else needs to be installed here21:41
pleia2missing another perl module21:41
pleia2sudo apt-get install libcrypt-ssleay-perl21:41
pleia2not your fault :)21:42
akgranerdone now I get21:42
akgranerCan't locate WordPress/XMLRPC.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.1 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at fridge/publish-uwn-fridge.pl line 5.21:42
akgranerBEGIN failed--compilation aborted at fridge/publish-uwn-fridge.pl line 5.21:42
pleia2ok, unfortunately this one we need to go to cpan for21:42
akgranerwhat does that mean?21:43
pleia2at the command line, type: cpan21:43
akgranerin that directory still21:43
pleia2yeah, anywhere is fine21:43
akgranerok it's doing something21:44
pleia2just let it do it's think, say "ok" or hit enter to whatever it asks21:44
pleia2cpan is like apt-get for perl modules21:44
pleia2let me know when you get to a prompt like: cpan[1]>21:45
akgranerthe curser is blinking after: cpan[1]>21:45
pleia2type this: install WordPress/XMLRPC.pm21:45
pleia2answer yes to whatever it asks until you get back to a prompt21:45
akgranerum I got a bad luck21:46
akgranerand cpan[2]>21:46
pleia2bad luck?21:46
akgranerFailed to change directory.21:47
akgraner(remote-directory) Failed to change directory.21:47
akgranerFailed to change directory.21:47
akgranerFailed to change directory.21:47
akgranerFailed to open file.21:47
akgranerBad luck... Still failed!21:47
akgranerCan't access URL ftp://ftp.perl.org/pub/CPAN/authors/id/W/W//W/Wo/WordPress/XMLRPC.pm.21:47
akgranerYour urllist is empty! The urllist can be edited. E.g. with 'o conf urllist21:47
akgranerpush ftp://myurl/'21:47
akgranerCould not fetch authors/id/W/W//W/Wo/WordPress/XMLRPC.pm21:47
pleia2well that won't do21:48
akgranerhmm if my pw wrong in the script let me check something21:48
pleia2oh wait21:48
pleia2I know what's wrong21:48
pleia2you want to type: install WordPress::XMLRPC21:49
pleia2sorry, syntax fail21:49
pleia2the filesystem calls it "WordPress/XMLRPC.pm" but cpan wants the real name of "WordPress::XMLRPC"21:49
akgranerFailed during this command:21:50
akgraner LEOCHARRE/LEOCHARRE-Debug-1.03.tar.gz        : install NO21:50
akgraner ADAMK/Class-Inspector-1.25.tar.gz            : install NO21:50
akgraner ADAMK/Task-Weaken-1.04.tar.gz                : install NO21:50
akgraner MKUTTER/SOAP-Lite-0.712.tar.gz               : install NO21:50
akgraner INGY/YAML-0.73.tar.gz                        : install NO21:50
akgraner LEOCHARRE/LEOCHARRE-Dir-1.08.tar.gz          : install NO21:50
akgraner ANDK/Devel-Symdump-2.08.tar.gz               : install NO21:50
akgraner ROSCH/String-ShellQuote-1.04.tar.gz          : install NO21:50
akgraner LEOCHARRE/Getopt-Std-Strict-1.01.tar.gz      : install NO21:50
akgraner CHORNY/Smart-Comments-1.0.4.tar.gz           : install NO21:50
akgraner LEOCHARRE/LEOCHARRE-CLI2-1.16.tar.gz         : install NO21:50
akgraner LEOCHARRE/WordPress-XMLRPC-1.23.tar.gz       : install NO21:50
akgranerthat's what I am seeing now21:50
akgranerwith a prompt at cpan[3]>21:50
* nlsthzn_work sees that this is tough stuff to do...21:51
pleia2nlsthzn_work: this is just setting the environment up, we hope to have the process fine-tuned soon21:51
pleia2once we know all the things to install21:51
pleia2akgraner: can you type this again: install WordPress::XMLRPC21:52
pleia2see if you get the same error21:52
akgranerRunning install for module 'WordPress::XMLRPC'21:53
akgranerRunning make for L/LE/LEOCHARRE/WordPress-XMLRPC-1.23.tar.gz21:53
akgranerPrepending blib/arch and blib/lib of 12 build dirs to PERL5LIB; for 'get'21:53
akgraner  Has already been unwrapped into directory /home/akgraner/.cpan/build/WordPress-XMLRPC-1.23-R0jOEF21:53
akgranerPrepending blib/arch and blib/lib of 12 build dirs to PERL5LIB; for 'make'21:53
akgraner  Has already been made21:53
akgranerPrepending blib/arch and blib/lib of 12 build dirs to PERL5LIB; for 'test'21:53
akgranerRunning make test21:53
akgraner  Has already been tested successfully21:53
akgranerRunning make install21:53
akgraner  Already tried without success21:53
pleia2ok, do this:21:53
pleia2o conf prerequisites_policy follow21:54
akgranercpan[5]> o conf prerequisites_policy follow21:56
akgraner    prerequisites_policy [follow]21:56
akgranerPlease use 'o conf commit' to make the config permanent!21:56
pleia2good, now: o conf commit21:56
pleia2then, again: install WordPress::XMLRPC21:56
akgranercpan[7]> install WordPress::XMLRPC21:58
akgranerRunning install for module 'WordPress::XMLRPC'21:58
akgranerRunning make for L/LE/LEOCHARRE/WordPress-XMLRPC-1.23.tar.gz21:58
akgranerPrepending blib/arch and blib/lib of 12 build dirs to PERL5LIB; for 'get'21:58
akgraner  Has already been unwrapped into directory /home/akgraner/.cpan/build/WordPress-XMLRPC-1.23-R0jOEF21:58
akgranerPrepending blib/arch and blib/lib of 12 build dirs to PERL5LIB; for 'make'21:58
akgraner  Has already been made21:58
akgranerPrepending blib/arch and blib/lib of 12 build dirs to PERL5LIB; for 'test'21:58
akgranerRunning make test21:58
akgraner  Has already been tested successfully21:58
akgranerRunning make install21:58
akgraner  Already tried without success21:58
pleia2hrm, that's annoying21:58
pleia2ok, we need to skip the wordpress part then21:58
pleia2type: quit21:58
pleia2to leave cpan21:58
pleia2we can ask nhandler later21:58
akgranercpan[8]> quit21:59
akgranerTerminal does not support GetHistory.21:59
akgranerLockfile removed.21:59
pleia2alright, now in uwn/ open up publish-uwn.pl22:00
pleia2the last line of the file should be: system("fridge/publish-uwn-fridge.pl $issue");22:00
pleia2put a # before that, so it looks like:22:00
pleia2#system("fridge/publish-uwn-fridge.pl $issue");22:00
pleia2that will comment out running of that script, which is not working for us right now22:01
pleia2once that's done, run the publish script again: perl publish-uwn-fridge.pl 22822:04
akgranerok have a prompt now22:04
pleia2ok, that will have created uwn/issues/22822:05
pleia2so cd into issues/228/22:05
pleia2cd issues/228/22:05
pleia2in that directory you'll find all the files you need for publishing :)22:05
akgranerahh ok22:06
* akgraner looks22:06
akgranerSo now it's just copy and paste then?22:07
pleia2the one thing we haven't fixed yet is forum.post22:07
pleia2so open forum.post in gedit22:08
pleia2then go to Search > Replace22:08
pleia2search for \n\n22:08
pleia2replace with \n22:08
akgranerbut everything else is cut and paste...22:08
pleia2then replace all22:08
pleia2and might want to eyeball them all to make sure everything looks ok22:10
akgranerpleia2, I'm not seeing /n/n22:13
akgranerok also is this when you remove work in progress?22:15
pleia2oh, doh :(22:15
pleia2we should have done that first22:15
akgranerok I'll fix the copies22:15
pleia2but it's ok, we can run the scripts again22:15
akgranerso you would remove it from the wiki and just run the scripts again22:15
akgranerjust getting that detail noted :-)22:16
pleia2oh, and add your name as a volunteer22:17
akgranernah..no worries :-)22:20
pleia2akgraner: did you want to do that and remove comments?22:20
pleia2I can do it if not22:20
akgranerI can remove the comments22:21
akgranerone sec22:21
akgraneris that the only manual part?22:21
akgranerremoving the work in progress and comments22:21
pleia2and making sure the publisher is added to credits ;)22:22
akgranerhehe - ok22:24
akgranerok done...publishing now - in what order are you publishing them now22:26
akgranermailing list, Fridge, Forums, other mailing lists?22:26
pleia2just a general comment - it's fine to run the publish-uwn.pl script a bunch of times with the fridge section commented out, but if the fridge part isn't commented out only run it once22:27
pleia2all the rest of the scripts just dump things in issues/228, but the fridge script actually logs into the fridge and creates a draft, if you run it a bunch of times it'll make a bunch of drafts, no good :)22:27
pleia2akgraner: we're following your old release format22:28
pleia2so yeah22:28
pleia2whatever order you always did :)22:28
pleia2the only change is that we don't announce it in a bunch of channels anymore, just here22:28
akgranergot from here then lets see if I forget anything22:28
pleia2yay, thanks!22:28
akgranerpleia2, yw22:28
pleia2oh! the fridge part22:28
akgranerthanks for letting me help22:28
pleia2I ran the fridge script22:29
akgraneroh ok..cool22:29
pleia2so just log into the fridge and review the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 228 - Draft22:29
pleia2if it's ok just hit publish22:29
akgranergotcha even :-)22:29
pleia2oh wow, I just realized my ubuntu-news post for issue 227 never actually went out to the ubuntu-news list :(22:33
pleia2well, it'll hit everyone's mailboxes late22:34
akgranerThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue22822:42
akgranerok it's all published22:45
akgranerThanks for letting me help :-)  Did you grab the logs pleia2?22:45
pleia2yep :)22:46
pleia2which version of ubuntu are you using?22:46
pleia2I'll need to try and replicate the cpan problem22:46
akgraneron this machine natty22:49
pleia2ok thanks22:50
akgraneron my netbook oneric22:50
akgraneror however the heck you spell it22:50
pleia2one i ric :)22:50
pleia2one eye rick!22:51
* nlsthzn_work thinks people should refer to it as Ocelot... they are way cool22:52

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