snailsunshine in kelburn, but big black clouds to the south00:11
chiltsit's a pretty random day, cold, snow, sun, snow, sun etc :)00:13
snaili'm seeing network issues accessing the rest of the internet. i'm thinking that people are clearing the snow of their rooves01:02
snailand it's snowing again01:06
ibeardsleethere are signs of much network boo-boo about atm01:07
ajmitchibeardslee: so it's not just dunedin? :)01:12
* ajmitch lost connectivity at home from about 12:30, modem is stuck on trying to reauthenticate01:13
ajmitchlocal shop didn't have eftpos working01:13
chrismsnzanybody have a hosting company they recommend for hosting a small asp.net site?01:17
ibeardsleeI recommend Rimuhosting .. I would assume the can do asp.net stuff01:44
chrismsnzI've been here before - i was looking at their vps offering01:45
chrismsnza little while ago01:46
chrismsnzcan't see anything to do with asp but i'll send them an email01:46
ojwbmy ADSL was out for a while01:46
ojwb(hutt valley)01:47
ajmitchseems that it was a telecom fault01:51
chrismsnzsnowing in the auckland cbd lol02:27
chrismsnzhttp://tsai.net.nz/fun06/P8150040.jpg mt albert02:28
hadsAnyone need a USB DVB-T tuner that half works? https://nicegear.co.nz/dvb-cards/technotrend-t1900-usb/02:49
ibeardsleewould be interested if I knew it worked with linux, and knew that my netbook cpu & ram could handle it02:52
ibeardsleeI've tried a couple of them .. not sure if it is ..02:56
ibeardslee1/ don't deal with linux very well02:56
ibeardslee2/ don't deal with my CPU, RAM video very well02:56
ibeardslee3/ Shite reception02:57
ajmitchhads: how does it half work?03:17
ojwbsounds like SD but not HD03:18
ojwbwhich might be OK for a second tuner, but would irritate if it's the only one your have03:19
ajmitchdepends on how much you care about tv03:22
ojwbwell, if you care enough to buy a tuner...03:26
hadsibeardslee: Everything we sell is tested with Linux03:53
hadsajmitch: Yeah, what ojwb said. It won't record HD so you can't record TV1, 2 & 3. Good for someone who wants to test, rip EPG etc.03:54
hadsNot good for real use.03:54
ojwb3+1 appears to be all SD though, at least currently03:59
hadsYeah, even though the individual programs are marked SD/HD, they broadcast the entire channel in either HD or SD and upscale/downscale to suit.04:13
ajmitchso it wouldn't be useful for the usual channels?04:17
ojwbajmitch: you couldn't get TV1 or TV2 at all with it04:26
ajmitchnot so tempting a buy then :)04:28
ojwbi'd guess all the mainstream channels will be HD eventually (perhaps once analog gets switched off, if that spectrum hasn't just been flogged to mobile phone companies)04:28
* ajmitch wonders if tv will be broadcast over the fibre network to homes in coming years04:30
ajmitchsome ISPs already do some bundles with iSky04:35
hadsajmitch: Not super useful no, but cheap :)04:35
HoggsAll the major TV studios all transmit their live feeds to each other over fibre04:38
Hoggsthe super clean HD feeds04:38
chiltsI have my coat on in work again21:29
mwhudsonit's actually fairly warm here21:29
chiltshow's bizdojo, warm enough?21:29
mwhudsonchilts: yes21:29
mwhudsonchilts: had they had the heatpumps put in when you came around?21:29
chiltsthat lady never did send me back info about a day a week thing21:29
mwhudsoni'll poke her then21:29
chiltsI'll ping her sometime21:29
chiltsnah, no worries21:29
chiltsI'll send her an email .. prolly won't want something for a month or so anyway and then it might change again :)21:30
mwhudsonheh yes, don'21:30
mwhudsonheh yes, don't want to over-plan i guess21:30
chiltsyeah, was certainly curious at the time though :)21:30
chiltsin other news, has anyone used Go(Lang) much?21:31
chiltsI've been hacking some stuff together over the past wee while and am really enjoying it :)21:31
mwhudsonthere are a couple of people at canonical who are pretty keen on it21:31
chrismsnzI had a little romp with it21:31
chiltsyeah, been chatting to Gustavo - to add some more AWS services to his goamz library21:31
mwhudsonit does seem pretty interesting from afar21:31
chiltsI gave him a small patch yesterday21:31
mwhudsonchilts: ah, yes, i mostly meant him :-)21:31
chrismsnzI'm mostly a pythonista (although PHP by trade), but I like go :)21:32
chiltsit's certainly interesting - between that and NodeJS I'm having a right ball playing with concurrency/event driven stuff21:32
chiltsanyone interested in a Go User Group in Wgtn?21:32
* chilts is thinking of starting one21:32
mwhudsoninterested in principle, i guess :)21:33
chiltsok, 1 maybe then ... I'll be asking other people too and will probably post to the various other user groups when I know I have something :)21:34
chiltsam just thinking about general numbers, not specifics, so I won't hold you to it21:34
chiltshey guys, any other language specific user groups in Wellington I should tap-up for interest in a Go User Group - I have Wgtn.pm and NZPUG for now23:01
chiltsI think there is a PHP one somewhere23:01
chiltsmaybe WellyLUG too23:02
timClickscan some .deb util do this? https://github.com/jordansissel/fpm/wiki/ConvertingPython23:03
ajmitchtimClicks: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/stdeb has some good info about using it23:08
timClicksajmitch: jolly good, ta23:08
ojwbchilts: there's the functional programming group too23:15
chiltsah yeah, I was trying to remember that but forgot it's name - for some reason I was thinking they called themselves the 'strange languages' group or something :)23:16
ojwbit used to be something like "erlounge"23:16
ojwbbut an erlang group was too narrow I guess23:16
chiltsright, yeah23:18
* ojwb is interested in go, but then I'm interested in most things23:18
chiltsyeah, same23:19
chiltsthough I think this one will stick (along with NodeJS) :)23:19
ojwbI think the approach to concurrency is very interesting23:19
chiltsojwb: for Go or Node?23:22
chiltsI certainly like how the chans work, with all the message passing23:23
ojwbyes, it seems to neatly address some of the problematic issues with threads23:28
chiltsI've read a few other libraries too (like the memcache one) and it's so small that you can learn a little something each time :)23:31
chiltsI find it very enjoyable23:31
chiltsand it kinda suits my way of thinking - but then so does node and they're very different, but both really cool23:31
chiltsI refactored my queue thing in Node last week ... with more features to come: https://github.com/appsattic/sensi23:32
chilts(just a learning thing)23:32

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