rwwPerfieM: hi00:26
PerfieMrww: just the kid I was looking for00:26
rwwThat doesn't bode well. What can I do you for?00:26
PerfieMwhat's my chances of getting unbanned from those 2 channels?00:27
rwwWhich two? I know of three.00:27
rwwif you mean the two core channels... #ubuntu I'd need to check the bantracker and I can't do that right now, #ubuntu-offtopic we could probably do00:28
rwwalthough I'm going afk for an hour or so and I prefer to supervise people I've just unbanned, so funkyHat or gord might be better to work on that with00:30
gordits half one, i'm not here00:31
rwwoh yeah, huh.00:31
PerfieMrww: its okay, you can keep the ban on for now00:31
funkyHatI currently don't have access to the bantracker, so I can't really help either00:32
rwwPerfieM: alrighty, drop by in an hour or so if you want me to take a look today, otherwise come back tomorrow. I'm probably going to clean up -ot's banlist tonight anyway, so...00:33
PerfieMrww: aiight dog00:34
* rww grabs soda and the OT banlist01:35
tonyyarussorww: I'm reasonably certain that any of mine in there can come off.01:38
rwwso how many decades has it been since Pici had a bot in there?01:38
tonyyarussoat least if they lack comments01:38
Picirww: if its a ban/quiet for my bot, feel free to remove it01:41
rwwalready did. curious: what did it do?01:41
tonyyarussoI don't even remember which bot this was.01:41
PiciI forget.01:41
PiciI think it was the first bantracker prototype.01:41
rwwtonyyarusso: it was named nyx, if that helps01:41
tonyyarussono idea01:42
rwwalso, for those of you who had doubts, I /do/ leave bans active sometimes. like this incog one O____O01:42
ubottuurlin2u called the ops in #ubuntu ()02:16
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
* funkyHat stomps on ubottu 02:41
rwwheh, looks like we missed one of ryaxnb's bans during his last unban. I think that might be the longest undetected case of ban-evasion I've seen yet :P02:46
Flannelit was inadvertant on our part as well, sounds like02:48
elkyCan we just enforce it anyway?02:52
rwwman, I say stuff like that and the complaints don't stop for minutes ;(02:54
elkypossibly you need to choose a better time of day to say such stuff02:55
rww#ubuntu-offtopic's banlist is a living testament to the ineffectiveness of ban evasion prevention ;(02:59
rwwwhich one is blockcold? jungli?03:00
rww!away > joshlegs-awayish03:05
bazhang<zac1256> ya y wont ubuntu start up an  a 24 core computer03:47
bazhangthat had to cost a pretty penny03:47
rwwi wonder if all the cores have ever been used at once03:47
tonyyarussoNo, b/c he can't boot :P03:48
FlannelI only use 32 bit cores; each core does one bit of processing!03:48
ubottulinuxuz3r_ called the ops in #ubuntu ()09:26
Picitis a bit crazy in there.11:55
ikoniarww: if you're doing a clean up on -ot all my -ot bans can be removed, if you're scripting it. if not I'll do it myself12:25
dasdssffahello pici why banned13:13
Picidasdssffa: Because you were just banned when you were using the webchat.13:14
PiciAnd yet you changed your IP address to return.13:14
dasdssffaokay but why13:14
dasdssffai often said that i do not want classic13:14
dasdssffabut everybody tells me classic13:14
PiciBecause you continue to ask the same questions over and over and over and over..13:14
ikoniaPici: lars knows what he's doing, just remove him from this channel, it's a pointless conversation13:14
dasdssffaPici: i do not asked something again13:15
dasdssffaPici i asked if i can use 10.1013:15
Piciyes, use 10.10 if you want. No one cares which release you use.13:15
dasdssffano it cares somebody13:15
dasdssffaoverall i ask they tell me, szupport ends for 10.10 cant help you now13:15
dasdssffait was with 9.04 this way, with 9.10 andi t will be with 10.1013:16
tsimpsoneach non-LTS release is supported for 18 months13:16
dasdssffayes so my question was does it rent to use 10.10, but all told me nooooooclassic do not ask again blabalbla13:17
dasdssffabut i guess, as always, you stick with your openion, me with mine and i will not unbanned13:19
dasdssffaso iam going tpo leave13:19
dasdssffathis channel now13:19
topylidasdssffa: please note that evading bans is against freenode policy, we can't really help you if you're removed from the entire network13:19
[THC]AcidRainman when will i be unban?13:20
[THC]AcidRainthis is some bullshit13:21
[THC]AcidRainits been like 2 weeks. hell i learned my lesson13:21
[THC]AcidRainfeels like 2 yrs rly13:21
[THC]AcidRaini will never say the word "hax" again in #ubuntu13:22
[THC]AcidRaini dont even know what the charge of my banishment was13:22
usr13I don't suppose there is any good way to find out for sure, but what is a good proceedure to use when you suspect you are trying to help someone that claims to be using Ubuntu, but you're pretty sure he's not?13:22
[THC]AcidRaini forgot its been so long13:22
ikoniausr13: depends on a lot of things13:22
ikoniausr13: give us a moment and we'll be with you13:23
usr13Yea, that's what I thought13:23
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, its been around 3 days13:23
[THC]AcidRainbazhang, man those 3 days have been eternity13:23
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, you seem to be not ontopic during your time in #ubuntu13:23
[THC]AcidRainlike you think im joking, i sit and look at the #ubuntu channel wishing i could talk. i was tryign to give you the silent treatment to see if you lovedme but its not working13:23
usr13Ok, well, it's not all that important I guess.13:23
[THC]AcidRaini want to be on topic now :(13:24
bazhangusr13, sure its augh13:24
[THC]AcidRainill even raise my hand before i speak13:24
[THC]AcidRainlesson learned: if "ubuntu" is not in my statement or question, dont type it13:24
[THC]AcidRaini got you man. unban me =(13:25
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, its not a ban, just a +q13:25
[THC]AcidRainis there not a high counsil or something around here who will determine my official fait13:25
[THC]AcidRainwell -q :(:(:(:(13:25
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, I asked you to join here 2 days ago13:25
[THC]AcidRaini was being a jerk then lol cmon man13:26
[THC]AcidRainshow some love. ubuntu love13:26
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, please read the guidelines and the code of conduct before we proceed13:26
tsimpson[THC]AcidRain: I suggest you take this a bit more seriously if you want to deal with the quiet13:26
bazhang!guidelines | [THC]AcidRain13:26
ubottu[THC]AcidRain: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines13:26
[THC]AcidRainomg. you are seriously going to make me read that?13:26
bazhang!coc | [THC]AcidRain13:26
ubottu[THC]AcidRain: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct13:27
[THC]AcidRainman i rly hate reading and you have given me to school type documents to read? :/13:27
[THC]AcidRainif you gonna make me i will13:27
[THC]AcidRainbut i thought me sayin i learned my lesson was enough13:27
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, if its too much trouble, there's really no way to move forward13:27
[THC]AcidRainok im reading guidelines now >_>13:28
CarlFK[THC]AcidRain: ou seemed focused on your technical problem.  think about the social problem: channel with many people chatting,  a few ops, people that cause problems, people that don't respect the ops13:28
topyli[THC]AcidRain: if you don't mind my interfering a little, you're here to resolve your issue in #ubuntu. frankly, this attitude is not beneficial for that. laughing at operators who try to help you here is not very encouraging13:29
[THC]AcidRaintopyli, well when i said "lol" it more meant "damn i know i messed up. laugh is on me"13:30
[THC]AcidRaini have read the guidelines. i see my faults13:31
[THC]AcidRaini guess my issue fell under "Dont be annoying"13:31
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, and the other link, the code of conduct, please13:34
[THC]AcidRainbazhang, it must just be me. but i swear i cant beat the captcha13:34
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, there is none there13:35
[THC]AcidRaindid you not want me to sign the CoC?13:35
Pici[THC]AcidRain: You don't need to sign it, just read it.13:35
bazhangnope, just read the link13:35
Pici(The signing requires a gpg key and is outside the scope of this conversation) :)13:36
[THC]AcidRainPici, oh i see now. i hadnt read that far down yet13:36
[THC]AcidRainbazhang, ok. i have read that as well13:37
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, and you agree to abide by both? next time won't be just a +q13:37
[THC]AcidRainwith a chance of possible defense in my statement regarding its association with #ubuntu. i agree13:38
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, not sure what that means13:38
[THC]AcidRainin the future, it may appear that i sore offtopic, but in a few short single line statements, its for a bigger meaning aimed toward helping someone13:39
[THC]AcidRainim like a zombie that feeds off knowledge. i NEED #ubuntu to live13:39
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, thats not what #ubuntu is about. #ubuntu-offtopic is for chit chat13:39
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, there is not going to be the editorial offtopic commentary then?13:40
[THC]AcidRaini was going to post something like "BOOM IM BACK!" but after reading the CoC and guidelines, i see that would not be appropriate13:41
[THC]AcidRainbecause of 600+ people did the same thing with a public away message, it would be flood13:41
[THC]AcidRainand annoying13:41
[THC]AcidRainand very unhelpful. rly it would just violate all terms of agreement13:42
[THC]AcidRaini will strive for perfection. and one day hope to me an admin or op like yourself13:42
[THC]AcidRaincmon man. tell me some good news13:43
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, the +q is removed.13:43
[THC]AcidRain! <313:44
h00ksorry for the disconnects14:06
h00kmy vps provider is looking into something14:06
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:16
physically_fithey, unban me from #ubuntu i need to enter there. thank you very much.14:16
ikoniaphysically_fit: you where banned because you persistantly ignored instructions to not ask questions on how to get past country specific content14:17
physically_fiti wont do that again. unban me.14:17
ikoniasorry - I dont' believe you at this time14:17
ikoniayou ignored multiple warnings, got banned14:18
physically_fiti just posted 2 or 3 lines14:18
ikoniathen tried to do it in other channels, despite being told not to14:18
ikoniaso I'm not going to unban you at this time.14:18
ikoniaphysically_fit: each time I asked you not to - you waited 15 minutes and did it again14:18
physically_fitwhen are you going to unban me14:18
ikoniaI then banned you, you moved to #ubuntu-offtopic and started to do it14:18
ikoniayou moved to #ubuntu-fi to do it, despite me telling you not to14:18
physically_fiti need a date14:18
ikoniaphysically_fit: you won't get a date as I'm not convinced by your intentions14:19
physically_fitthis is the first time that im banned in here14:19
ikoniayes, but the reasons you got banned is what's the problem14:19
ikoniait's not that you didn't know what you where doing14:19
ikoniayou made multiple decisions to ignore instructions not to do something14:19
physically_fiti forgot about what happened yesterday. i want to enter ubuntu for other reasons14:19
ikoniayou forgot - I didn't14:20
ikoniaI have no confidence you can follow instructions/behave in the channel at this time.14:20
ikoniacome back in a few days14:20
h00kin the meantime, please read the guidelines, and code of conduct14:20
ikonia2 days if you want to be specific14:20
ikoniathat's 48 hours from now14:20
h00kubottu: guidelines > physically_fit14:20
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:20
ubottuphysically_fit, please see my private message14:20
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct14:20
knomeh00k, awwwh :)14:21
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops physically_fit review ban in 48 hours from this time stamp - not before14:21
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:21
Picibazhang: ftr, lightdm replaces gdm in oneiric.14:26
bazhangPici, he wanted arch help however, was crossdistrochannelposting14:27
Picibazhang: Right, just wanted to make sure that we don't assume that all lightdm questions are arch related in the future :)14:27
bazhangPici, heh, yeah I know about lightdm being in oneiric14:27
rwwikonia: I already cleaned up yesterday (by hand, not scripted). The only bans you have set in there right now are galamar, fujisan, phix, LarsTorben, and I think the other ones I'm seeing in BT are already removed.14:41
rwwikonia: the first one I'm not sure what's up with them, the last three I think are rather keepable14:42
ikoniacool, thank you14:42
mneptokanyone here going to LinuxCon/NA?15:04
usr13topyli Hello15:33
ikoniahello usr1315:36
ikoniasorry we didn't get time to answer your question earlier15:36
usr13That's ok. There may not be any real answer.  And well, not all that important I guess.  There's not really any way to force or trick someone into letting us know what OS they REALLY are running, so I suppose it is a moot point15:40
ikoniausr13: can see certain things, such as the output of lsb-release, the output of apt-get update, the running kernel with uname etc, they can all give clues15:41
usr13but they can lie about output of lsb_release -a15:42
ikoniathat is true, which is why I gave you other commands15:42
usr13Ok, yea, good info.  uname could give a clue.  But what about  apt-get update   What about that?  What would you look for there?15:43
ikoniathe repos they are using15:43
usr13So... "What is the third to last line in output of apt-get update?"15:45
usr13Or... something like that?15:46
ikoniano, just pastebin the output of it and have look if it looks sane15:53
oCeanHi usr13, is there anything this channel can help you with currently?16:25
oCeanusr13: if there's nothing we can do for you, please part the channel16:31
larstkwhy banned18:51
oCeanlarstk: I think you know18:53
oCeanwe've had many, many conversations and discussions about this18:53
larstkno i want to do a restart18:53
larstkcompletely from beginning18:53
oCeansorry, not at this time18:53
oCeanyou got many, many changes for a "restart"18:54
Jordan_UoCean: ?18:58
oCeanJordan_U: sorry, crossposting :)18:58
h00kOh, a new bot to get used to.20:49
ikoniawhere ?20:51
rwwikonia: h00k means eir20:52
h00kikonia: eir20:52
rww -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- You are not authorized to perform this operation.20:52
bazhang<[THC]AcidRain> Richiie, unity is indeed the worse thing to come from the human race23:05
bazhangthat didn't last long23:05
bazhang* [KittyGirl] (boohoo@unaffiliated/cmi-dos): troll face23:18
bazhangseems familiar23:18
bazhang[thc]acidrain is PM'ing me to say that since he helped someone, he gets to go offtopic23:54

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