grantbowmeeting in 20 minutes?01:40
pleia2well, 10 :)01:51
jyoYay. Made it. Again.01:51
einfeldtI wonder if I can get onto this meeting from my Android Motorola Droid 3 phone01:52
bkerensaDo you guys use #ubuntu-meeting or this channel?01:52
pleia2this channel01:52
einfeldtI need to leave my office soon01:52
* bkerensa will lurk so he can learn some loco meeting best practices01:52
jdeslipeinfeldt - there a bunch of irc apps for android01:54
jdeslipbut they take a few minutes tonset up01:55
einfeldtk, thx jdeslip01:55
einfeldtsee u01:55
einfeldtI will try01:55
grantboweinfeldt I use AndChat01:56
MarkDudeAre we talking about the specifics of the cookies being brought to the Linux Picnic yet? That is my agenda item01:58
MarkDudeof utmost importance01:58
pleia2heather is bringing ubuntu cookies, I'm bringing android sugar cookies with green frosting ;)01:58
jdeslipSo, who is present for the meeting?02:00
jdeslip(please raise hand)02:00
jdeslipOkie Dokie lets get started02:02
jdeslip----------------------- Meeting Begins ---------------------02:02
iheartubuntu2made it02:02
jdeslipAs always lets start with some announcements does anyone have any?02:02
grantbowlinuxpicnic.org is coming up soon Aug 27th to be covered in the meting today.02:03
jdeslipThe globabl jam date is September 2-402:03
jdeslipWhich I believe is a long weekedn :/02:04
pleia2yeah, labor day02:04
pleia2I think phil and DarkwingDuck are planning something down in SD02:04
jdeslipI will be probably be down in Florida.  But if anyone is considering hosting an event please let the email list know02:04
grantbowSoftware Fredom Day.org is coming up02:05
pleia2and add to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/NattyGlobalJam02:05
grantbowthey don't have the date for sfd on their front page :-(02:05
jdeslipOk, any more announcements?02:05
jdeslipOk lets move on to the first agenda item.02:06
jdeslipThe Linux Picnic Planning02:06
grantbowwww.solanoavenueassn.org/strol.htm is coming up Sept 11th02:06
jdeslipgrantbow: yes, thanks for pointing that out02:07
jdeslipI'll add that to agenda for next meeting.  Hopefully can get some ubuntu volunteers.02:07
jdeslipOk, about the picnic02:07
iheartubuntu2so picnix is an ubuntu thingy or linux?02:07
pleia2we're the ubuntu table at the linux picnic02:07
jdeslippleia2 set up a page for our organization here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Picnix2002:07
iheartubuntu2is there a picnix in SoCal?02:08
jdeslipI guess we have a booth (a couple tables)02:08
aadityaHi all. I'm just dropping by, barely got back to Cali and should have an answer for everything by tomorrow. That said, I'm present.02:08
pleia2aaditya: any idea when registration will open? and when we'll know the placement of the tables?02:08
jdeslipIt would be good to have some CDs to give away.  Can anyone burn ~50?02:08
pleia2oh ok, thanks :)02:08
pleia2we have pressed ones still, so we can use at least 25 for the picnic (and the rest for solano)02:09
jdeslipFor everyone in the Bay Area, please add your name to the wiki if you are planning to attend02:09
jdeslippleia2: ok great02:09
jdeslipI have a street fair style tent I could bring if MarkDude is not bringing his02:10
MarkDudeUm not sure about any of it yet02:11
* MarkDude knows nothing02:11
jdeslipOK, well, we can figure out the tent closer to the event.02:12
jdeslipAnything else we need?02:12
pleia2I'll flesh out the list of what we need this week, probably need some ties to put the banner up on the tent02:12
jdeslipMarkDude: let me know if you are going to make it and bring the tent by email etc..02:12
grantbowwe could use some help at the registration desk at the beginning of the picnic.02:13
pleia2and I'll send the list to the mailing list so we make sure we have everything (some cheap orange tablecloths would be nice)02:13
MarkDudeOk, well it may be used by Fedora and stuff02:13
jdeslippleia2: ok, sounds good02:13
grantbowsounds good02:14
jdeslipAny other picnix related stuff to chat about?02:14
iheartubuntu2is there one in so cal?02:14
epsNot this year, not that I'm aware of.02:14
pleia2I think we're good, woo picnic in 2 weeks :)02:15
iheartubuntu2how would be go about getting one going? contacting various distro trams?02:15
grantbowiheartubuntu2: create a day in so cal to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Linux!02:15
iheartubuntu2i'll have to think about this! could be fun02:16
jyoWhat's up with the picnic RSVP?02:16
pleia2jyo: aaditya said he'd have info tomorrow02:16
pleia2so hopefully soon :)02:16
grantbowyeah, says "Expect the RSVP database open in late Spring or early Summer." now02:16
epsDidn't say which year02:17
jdeslipOK, moving on to topic number 2 - Game night.02:17
iheartubuntu2ok -02:17
iheartubuntu2An Ubuntu game night can be a great way to spend time together as an entire California team.02:18
iheartubuntu2This is something that could expand nationwide or even worldwide eventuall02:18
iheartubuntu2Coming up with the right game or rotating games will be the challenge.02:18
iheartubuntu2Ive done a little research on games.02:18
jdeslipiheartubuntu: you mean like online games right?02:18
grantbowfun idea - open source lan party kind of thing?02:18
iheartubuntu2First person shooters seem to be the most common multi player games02:18
iheartubuntu2online games where we can all join in02:19
jdeslipTo be honest there are a lot of nice games for Ubuntu02:19
iheartubuntu2i dont think minecraft is free, but it might be an idea02:19
jdeslipthat I have been meaning to try but had no reason02:19
jdeslipNexuiz etc..02:19
aadityaThe site is slightly out of date. Expect updates tomorrow.02:19
iheartubuntu2frozen bubble handles multiplayer, but i dont know how many02:19
iheartubuntu2freeciv, pokerth, and even london law all do multiplayer to some extent02:20
jdeslipiheartubuntu2: Why don't you try to organize something, send invitations out to the mailing list (and wherever else appropriate) and see who shows up for the first night02:20
iheartubuntu2there may be chrome games like WTG Golf that can handle all of us at once02:20
pleia2maybe create https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/GameNights to list some of the games02:21
iheartubuntu2right now i was hoping for game ideas02:21
grantbowrunning under wine is cheating I guess :-)02:21
jdeslipthe Linux Action Show just had a show about Linux games :)02:21
iheartubuntu2regnum online (now called realms online in USA) is another game than can handle the entire СA team02:22
jdeslipThere were a couple civilization type games shown off (can't remember names though)02:22
jdesliphttp://www.playdeb.net/ has a lot of nice games listed02:22
grantbowactually running games under wine for this event might help increase participation and provide teachable moments for Ubuntu02:22
iheartubuntu2would anyone have any multiplayer game ideas?02:23
iheartubuntu2good idea grantbow02:23
iheartubuntu2should this be a california thing or expand bigger?02:23
jdeslipI don't have any specific ones except Nexuiz, OpenArena, FreeCiv and Wesnoth02:23
pleia2maybe start with california?02:24
pleia2see how it goes02:24
iheartubuntu2pleia2 thats what i was thinking02:24
grantbowI would do a strong showing locally before expanding to prove that it's worth it02:24
jdeslipThe new supertux kart looks pretty flashy02:24
iheartubuntu2which direction should i take this? focus on more questions? more game choices?02:25
iheartubuntu2some games can handle 4 players, some can handle 50002:25
jdeslipiheartubuntu2: I'd just take charge of it if I were you.  Make whatever choices you would like and see how it goes. It is easy to get feedback after a first trial02:25
iheartubuntu2so set it up and run it02:26
jdeslipIn my opinion, the hard part is just getting started :)02:26
iheartubuntu2i was also thinking a game night right after our team meetings here since we have a number of people already together02:26
jdeslipnot a bad idea02:27
iheartubuntu2ok, thats it for me unless someone has something to add02:27
MarkDudeSuper Nerd Night SF has a great live way they do this02:27
iheartubuntu2i'll move this forward02:27
iheartubuntu2how so markdude02:27
jdeslipiheartubuntu2: great! thanks for this02:27
MarkDudethey have all sorts of options for people02:28
jdeslipBrowsing playdeb led me to this RISK type game: http://www.playdeb.net/software/TripleA - I like me some RISK02:29
pleia2MarkDude: that's easy to do for an in-person event with a lot of people, this proposal is virtual so we'd need some coordination and possibly servers running to play games, which means we can't offer a ton of options (plus I don't think we'll have a ton of people :))02:29
iheartubuntu2video cards can limit the amount of players too02:30
jdeslipOK - does anyone have anything to add before we end the meeting?02:31
epstotals 1502:33
jdeslip-------------------- Meeting Ends -----------------------02:33
grantbowThanks for hosting jdeslip02:33
grantboweps: cute02:33
epsIt's all in the timing02:34
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jyoThat reapproval meeting is Tuesday, right?02:36
pleia2oh yeah02:36
grantbowoh yeah?02:36
pleia2grantbow: I sent an email to the list with details02:36
* grantbow is still catching up on email02:36
einfeldtchristiaok, back w my phone02:37
jdeslipeinfeldchristia: just concluded the meeting :)02:38
jdeslipHow is the droid 3 by the way?  Much better than droid 1?02:38
einfeldtchristiadroid 3 is faster and keyboard is better02:39
grantbowendfledtchristia: short meeting but log should be online soon. In the mean time see http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/08/15/%23ubuntu-us-ca.html02:40
pleia2grantbow: can you fill out the doodle poll I sent out?02:40
einfeldtchristiascreen is also bigger on droid302:40
einfeldtchristiathx grant02:40
grantbowI guess it's updated hourly02:41
grantbowpleia2: sure02:41
einfeldtchristiaat lea now i knw how to get here02:43
bkerensaSo you guys dont use mootbot?02:44
pleia2not at the moment02:46
pleia2maybe some day, but it's not a huge deal02:47
pleia2MarkDude: oh, we set for tomorrow evening?02:53
MarkDudeYep- I will have to get the ticket there02:54
pleia2ok, marking it as will call?02:54
MarkDudeI may be able to print before- we can meet at season ticket holder thing02:54
pleia2oh :)02:54
pleia2what time is good?02:54
MarkDudeGame is at 702:55
pleia2grantbow: you still around? do you know how to use these drupal blocks?03:05
pleia2oh, I see03:10
MarkDudeDangerous G just left03:22
MarkDudeHad to go check in with his posse03:22
* MarkDude wants to edit him in Admiral outfit on the boat03:22
MarkDudeand PLAY the Im on a boat song03:22
MarkDudeG had not seen it before03:22
pleia2I wish I hadn't03:22
pleia2one friend always sends it to me when I tweet about being on a boat, I don't know why he's a friend03:23
MarkDudeWell- you know funny people03:25
MarkDudeThey corrupt you03:25
MarkDudeG had not seen the Timberlake03:25
MarkDudeD in a box video either03:25
MarkDudeSome of Nixie's friends were floating down American river- and made video- while youtubing the boat video03:26
MarkDudeOh that reminds me- now that you are engaged- I cant tell people your nick is because playa was already taken03:32
MarkDudeand make no mention of Star Wars03:33
philipballewwould anyone wanna recommend a good router?03:39
rwwversion 1.103:40
philipballewthose are g, cisco is good.03:40
philipballewi own one of those haha rww bought for 3 dollars at a thrift store03:40
rwwthere you go then :P03:40
philipballewflashed with ddwrt03:40
philipballewi think i need to get an N. but i've always used cisco and was unsure if others have had more success03:41
* rww shrugs, uses ethernet if he wants speeds faster than G03:42
* philipballew is to lazy to wire his house03:42
philipballewpleia2, do you know who runs ubuntuforms.com I need to talk to him or her?05:07
* philipballew has a great awesome form idea05:08
philipballew^ anyone else is welcome to answer too :)05:10
iheartubuntupleia2 thanks for making the games night page!16:12
pleia2sure :)16:13
=== seidos is now known as maintenance-man
philipballewhey pleia2 do you know who is in charge of ubuntuforms.com?20:24
rwwphilipballew: do you mean forms or forums?20:26
pleia2the forums are run by the forums council20:26
philipballewstupid public education!20:27
rww#ubuntuforums also exists, but I think it might be a social channel20:27
philipballewyeah pleia2 I was just made head of the ubuntu youth forms and wanted to talk to someone there to see if we can heve the form website we use moved to the main site.20:27
rwws/forms/forums/g :P20:28
rwwbut yeah, forums council should be able to do that20:28
rwwforum council? fora council? iono.20:29
maintenance-mancool, i'm dumb too.  i'll blame public education.20:59
maintenance-manit definitely wasn't laziness.  definitely not.21:00

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