straw_hathey, so I'm planning out a LUG meeting at FIU in Miami in the next few weeks. I want to have a little presentation introducing Ubuntu, and was hoping to have some ubuntu schwag to give out to students. Anyone know anything about getting maybe a standard presentation and where to get some stickers to hand out or whatever?15:41
ghuruhello all17:52
ghuruanyone a mail administrator?17:52
mhall119straw_hat: have you looked into http://spreadubuntu.org/18:11
straw_hatmhall119: that looks excellent, i'll give it a deep look18:17
straw_hatespecially the presentations thing. Know anything about the giveaway aspect?18:18
mhall119straw_hat: ask itnet7 if he has any leftover swag he can send your way18:32

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