_stink_damn, i like both little caesars and hungry howies.00:04
rick_h_http://local.yahoo.com/info-61191578-renderoni-s-second-slice-goodrich only truly *good* pizza00:05
_stink_see, i think all pizza is good.00:05
_stink_except that cheap frozen stuff you do in your oven or microwave00:05
_stink_rick_h_: hah, that CHC place is like 1.5 miles closer for me00:05
_stink_rick_h_: 1.9 miles00:06
rick_h__stink_: oh shhh'00:07
rick_h__stink_: so cool then, I think most everyone is ok with it00:08
rick_h_we'll meet normal this week, but after that CHC is moving00:08
_stink_my attendance dilutes my vote, but yep00:08
rick_h_I'll write up a blog post and try to post the hell out of it00:08
rick_h__stink_: ah true, but I'm hoping to look at doing some deeper things there, python meetup, web dev meetup00:08
rick_h_maybe we can start to make it worth your while once in a while :P00:08
_stink_oh psh00:09
rick_h_since east side doesn't have groups for that stuff00:09
_stink_rick_h_: is there a way to have sqlalchemy tell me about all python objects i have mapped to tables?00:10
_stink_eep, classses00:10
rick_h_grep __tablename__ **/*.py00:10
_stink_well, i want a view to do something with them00:10
_stink_like give metadata00:11
_stink_i guess i could do in project.models...?00:11
rick_h_well, yea. I'd import the container modules00:11
_stink_but i wonder if i'll grab more than i want.00:11
rick_h_and then loop through their items, checking isinstance()00:11
rick_h_and for each item of the right instance type, print metadata00:11
_stink_cool, i think that's the way.00:12
rick_h_there might be some way to get the session and find all objects that are part of that session00:14
rick_h_or maybe ever get the metadata from the session and get stuff there00:14
rick_h_you can check the irc channel, but I'm don't know the magic without hacking through it myself00:14
snap-lGood God, Voyager had some really crap writing.00:44
jrwrengo watch the tuvix episode.00:45
jrwrenthe go watch the Stargate Atlantis episode "Duet" and see what good writing does to a similar scifi plot.00:47
rick_h_damn I wish I had some better functional tests of this chrome extension00:48
snap-ljrwren: I think the big problem is Voyager relied too heavily on spirit / ESP / posession / near death bullshit.00:55
snap-lAnd all I can tell from the Delta quadrant is it's the same crap in the alpha quadrant, but with different makeup00:55
snap-lSigh... waiting for a podcast to happen that isn't happening (Music Manumit)01:38
snap-lwas supposed to guest-host during August, but so far haven't recorded a lick. ;)01:38
snap-lAh, speaking of the devil01:38
rick_h_though I don't know for how long, I need to go back to bed...zzzzz11:19
snap-lGood morning12:42
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rick_h_ummm, wow12:48
snap-lThat's all over the place.12:48
rick_h_I mean holy crap that's a big one12:48
rick_h_12B, cash...I wonder what HTC is thinking this morning12:49
snap-lWelcome to the patent wars.12:49
rick_h_Xoom, droid, etc...all moto12:49
rick_h_if Google wants to start making a phone, welcome to the production facilities needed12:49
brouschHTC is pooping their pants, hoping MS buys them12:59
rick_h_psh, sorry HTC has become the company they are because of android12:59
rick_h_but I think they're still pooping their pants13:00
rick_h_I mean, there's no way moto doesn't get more say in development, early releases, etc13:00
snap-lHTC isn't pooping their pants.13:02
snap-lMoto just becomes the reference platform13:02
rick_h_well, they're saying all the right things13:03
rick_h_and the nexus details in there are interesting13:03
rick_h_it really does sound like they bought just for patents and want moto to keep running on the side like they have been13:03
rick_h_which is sad, would be cool to get a better/more reference hardware stuff out13:03
snap-lThat'll come later13:03
rick_h_would rock is every moto phone was unlocked out of the gate13:04
snap-lafter Google fends off Apple13:04
rick_h_I'd finally have an easy time picking a verizon phone13:04
snap-land every other patent troll13:04
rick_h_I think this just shut up a few people.13:04
rick_h_"psh, we don't need no nortel patents for 4B in a group of buyers...we'll just buy the first cell phone maker out there for 12B"13:04
snap-lWell, they also bought fab13:05
snap-lso if every other manufacturer deserts them, they still have the ability to make phones13:05
rick_h_yea, but too many companies making too much $$13:06
snap-lNow, buy T-Mobile, and things get REALLY intersting. ;)13:06
rick_h_name the samsung smart phone before their android devices?13:06
* snap-l thinks the AT&T T-Mo deal isn't going to go through13:06
rick_h_it has to, if it fails ATT writes a 3B check to tmo and gives them spectrum13:06
snap-lAT&T doesn't need spectrum. AT&T needs customers.13:06
rick_h_it's going to be one of those "see, we gave it tons of careful thought, this was no push through deal...but it's cool"13:06
rick_h_no no no13:07
rick_h_att needs spectrum to get their 4g up13:07
rick_h_that's the whole point of the tmo deal13:07
rick_h_get everyone onto att's current spectrum, and then use tmo's for the 4g rollout13:07
rick_h_they don't have enough to do the full rollout right now13:07
rick_h_it's more cost effective because they just go up tmo towers and replace the radios13:09
rick_h_no need to land lease more, build new towers, etc13:09
rick_h_But Ralph de la Vega, AT&T's head of wireless and consumer services, told the Associated Press shortly after the merger — and official AT&T documents on the merger reflect this — that AT&T is completely repurposing T-Mobile's 3G airwaves for LTE.13:11
rick_h_A few years down the line, T-Mobile 3G phones will no longer receive 3G data after the merger once AT&T begins repurposing those towers. According to AT&T documents, the carrier will deploy “multi-mode devices” for these T-Mobile customers and migrate them over to AT&T's 3G network.13:11
rick_h_it's in the docs submitted to the fcc as the plan13:11
snap-lI doubt they "need" t-mo to go through with that.13:12
rick_h_well, they're using all of their spectrum right now, and it' can't do both 3g/4g at the same time13:12
rick_h_so they'd have to reduce 3g capacity in order to deploy 3g, and att can't do that, they've already got a reputation sorrier than such13:13
snap-lI love how this deal has pretty much taken over all of my social media streams13:38
snap-lbetween that and Warren Buffet saying he's OK with being taxed, I'm not seeing much else.13:38
snap-lOh, and Michelle Bachmann opened her corndog-hole, and words came out.13:39
rick_h_heh, I don't know. I've got a good mix going13:39
Wolfgerand until now, I've been ignorant of all of that. Thanks, snap-l13:39
ColonelPanic001someone needs to tell them to stop letting words come out13:39
rick_h_all in your follows13:39
Wolfgernext time she opens her corndog hole, stick a corndog in it?13:40
ColonelPanic001¯\ (シ) /¯13:40
rick_h_ok, I'm not sure what that is, but it's scary13:40
Wolfgerthat is an awesome ascii art13:40
Wolfgerwell... unicode art, I'm sure13:41
snap-lIs that the trollface?13:42
ColonelPanic001The best part of unicode was the possibilities presented for emoticons and other single-line character art.13:43
snap-land libreoffice got an update, and dhcp has a security bug13:43
snap-lthat's all for the morning's news.13:43
snap-lOh, and Bookie 0.3 nears release13:43
ColonelPanic001snap-l should do a daily 10 minute podcast13:43
ColonelPanic001I'd listen to it13:43
snap-lColonelPanic001: Hell no13:44
ColonelPanic001DO IT13:44
ColonelPanic001I NEED MY NEWS13:44
snap-lread a paper13:44
ColonelPanic001You expect me to read dead trees? How primitive.13:44
snap-lyes, yes I do13:45
* ColonelPanic001 goes off to read the news like a barbarian.13:46
ColonelPanic001maybe for lunch I'll club a deer with a stick.13:46
snap-lDO IT13:46
snap-lI NEED MY VENISON13:46
ColonelPanic001there are no deer in Detroit. Plenty of shooting though, so there's a chance.13:46
snap-lActually, could you club a sheep instead?13:46
snap-lI NEED MY EWES13:47
ColonelPanic001You won't want the sheep when I'm done with it.13:47
snap-lI have noticed there's now a handful of OSS folks posting on identi.ca13:48
snap-lmost, if not all of the folks that I follow on identi.ca are on twitter.13:48
snap-land active on Twitter.13:48
ColonelPanic001chromatic comes to mind, he's been on identica for as long as I was, at least. He's also on twitter too13:49
snap-lI stopped following him on Twitter.13:49
snap-lsince he crossposts13:49
snap-l(not that I don't do that either)13:50
ColonelPanic001I haven't been keeping up woth identica at all.13:50
ColonelPanic001I am a bad FOSS user13:50
ColonelPanic001they need someone like google or something to do an installation, so the protocol will pick up13:50
snap-lI think the problem is all of the mobile clients suck13:50
snap-lThe statusnet client for iPhone is pretty poor13:51
snap-lProblem is, I don't think there's a way to do things like push notifications, etc for identica like sites13:51
snap-lsince statusnet is supposed to be distributed.13:51
ColonelPanic001ah, hadn't thought of that13:52
ColonelPanic001think I just heard _stink_ come in13:53
brouschyou don't hear _stink_ come in, you smell him13:56
_stink_you did13:56
ColonelPanic001I have no argument against that13:56
Wolfgerbest use of QR Code, ever: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/1108/did-you-see-that-0811/content.16.html13:57
ColonelPanic001I defied danger and just went anyway. Amusing13:58
WolfgerSports Illustrated is almost always SFW... I mean, it is available on every newstand, no ID required.13:59
ColonelPanic001true enough13:59
snap-lDownloading oneiric via torrent14:33
snap-lgoing to give it a thorough once-over and file plenty of bugs14:33
brouschsnap-l: It being Monday isn't enough pain for you?14:52
snap-lbrousch: Har har15:09
snap-lWe're on hour 3 of the amazing news that Google has bought Morotola15:36
snap-lApparently the west coast just woke up, and is now shitting themselves silly.15:37
ColonelPanic001that's always how I wake up15:37
jcastrosnap-l: it makes RSS, twitter, and g+ useless15:41
jcastroit's like, thanks for resharing that dude, I DIDN'T KNOW.15:41
snap-lYeah, no shit15:41
* greg-g waves from Minneapolis15:41
snap-lWhat's awesome are all of the people on one side saying that Android's Ecosystem will change15:42
snap-lhey greg-g !15:42
snap-land the other side saying that Google did this for patent protection.15:42
snap-lAnd like a reeses peanut butter cup, it's likely both.15:42
jcastroeasier to buy them than be stuck in court for 10 years with patents15:42
snap-lbut not as drastic as anyone would like to make it15:43
greg-gmmmmm, peanut butter cups15:43
jcastroand then you tell all the other android people you'll use them to protect all android partners15:43
snap-lgreg-g: You need to track down Iron Thrones and say Hi. ;)15:43
jcastrowhich is why all their quotes are the same, lol15:43
jcastro"thank you google for protecting android"15:43
greg-gsnap-l: hah :)15:43
snap-l"Thank you Google for protecting your vested interests."15:43
greg-gamazing, a business protecting its interests? NO WAY!15:44
jcastroI'd rather they spend that money on improving android tbh15:44
snap-lThat's OK. I heard that This American Life did a segment on software patents, so they'll be doing away soon15:45
snap-lnobody messes with Ira Glass.15:45
snap-ls/doing away soon/doing away with them soon/15:45
_stink_hah, heard some of that15:45
snap-lIt was a good piece.15:46
snap-lBut yeah, that went all over the place with the FLOSS community.15:46
ColonelPanic001today's XKCD nearly made me lol (in the literal sense)15:48
snap-lIt's true, though15:49
rick_h_bah, you know it's a crappy monday when you get in IM "do you remember your PHP?"15:52
snap-lwoo hoo15:52
rick_h_haven't touched the language in 18+mo15:53
rick_h_but I supposed it might come back to me...ugh why?15:53
jrwrenhehehe... php.15:53
jrwrenIM from whom?15:53
rick_h_oh it gets better. Originally written by a german with comments in german and there's a line referencing magic quotes16:11
rick_h_i win!16:11
Wolfgerrick_h_: full of win16:16
Blazeixwait until you find the section where he praises register_globals.16:27
rick_h_Blazeix: you're not helping :P16:29
snap-lrick_h_: That's awesome.16:32
rick_h_gah this is horrible, looks too much like JS, the todo list is in english, but the html is all german, bah16:41
rick_h_what did I do this weekend that pissed someone off lol16:41
WolfgerOh wow... news flash on Slashdot... ISP's don't reach their advertised speeds.16:42
WolfgerI'm stunned16:42
snap-lAlso, have been downloading like a mad fool from Magnatune16:44
snap-lthey've got a lot of awesome classical.16:44
snap-lDefinitely worth it if you like Baroque stuff16:44
snap-land romantic stuff16:45
snap-lWolfger: Gee, there's a surprise16:45
snap-lIf anyone wants some samples. let me know16:45
snap-l<3 Magnatune16:45
snap-lWould love to see them record some bigger orchestral works.16:49
snap-lWould love a Mahler cycle or two. ;)16:50
snap-lhttp://magnatune.com/artists/lara_st_john <- The vivaldi album is awesome16:54
snap-lunfortunately, it's only the Vivaldi Four Seasons. There's also a Piazzolla Four Seasons recorded on the SACD.16:55
snap-lhttp://larastjohn.com/ <- Also uses Drupal16:56
rick_h_phew, php mission complete17:12
rick_h_that was scary, I miss my list comprehensions17:12
snap-lWow, taking a look at the new Status.net software.17:31
snap-l1.0 is going to rock.17:31
rick_h_bah, appengine and it's stupid py2.517:33
brouschpy2.5 is all you need17:43
brouschthat's the least of appengine's annoyances ;)17:43
rick_h_the CHC website is a joke, ugh17:44
brouschstraight GAE, or something shoehorned in?17:48
rick_h_http://coffeehousecode.appspot.com/locations/detroit.html is that17:56
snap-lYou're shitting me17:56
rick_h_I was worried updating would be hard lol17:57
rick_h_http://www.eclipse.org/orion/ along the lines of the firefox announcement today18:18
rick_h_waldo323_: snap-l _stink_ Blazeix widox ^^18:51
rick_h_pass the word around to those I'm not thinking of18:51
rick_h_and aaron if you run across him18:51
brouschtrying to break into my racket?18:51
rick_h_heh, your racket?18:52
rick_h_bow to the original :P18:52
rick_h_well, I guess AA was the original, but they meet every blue moon so don't count18:52
snap-lIt's not dead.18:55
rick_h_at the old location it will be18:56
rick_h_I'll change the title if it makes a wrong impression18:56
snap-lYeah, I think it does18:57
snap-lI mean, nothing died, we're just looking to expand18:58
brouschshouldn't that be chc_detroit is moving?19:00
rick_h_probably, but I typed this, detroit is in the new page title19:01
rick_h_consider it shock and awe to get you to read the post :P19:01
snap-lAlso, we're just rying this out to see if it'll work, right? :)19:01
rick_h_well, everyone that are regulars says it won't prevent them from going19:02
rick_h_so I'm not sure how it won't work out19:02
rick_h_I'd rather just commit, this is the change. I guess if something comes up we can backtrack, but not planning to backtrack off the start19:02
brouschit's still a 2.5 hour drive for me :(19:02
waldo323_its "on my way home"19:27
waldo323_i just need to take a different way home19:28
rick_h_waldo323_: awesome, good to hear19:28
waldo323_with work in troy and home in livonia there are many ways to get home so it won't be much of a change for me19:29
rick_h_cool, we'll be at the old location this week19:29
rick_h_so will have a chance to remind everyone in person19:29
Blazeix"whining about what that co-worker did to your code while you weren’t looking." nice.19:32
ColonelPanic001rick_h_: saw your "chc is moving" thing, but it doesn't say what the "new location" is19:33
rick_h_?? the blog post?19:34
rick_h_has an embedded google map, the address, etc19:34
ColonelPanic001last one I was at was a Caribou Coffee... did you guys move away from there for a while?19:34
brouschit's way down at the bottom, where i would expect an ad19:34
rick_h_no, we're moving to a new caribou coffee19:34
ColonelPanic001oh, nevermind then.19:34
rick_h_well, figured once people got the map they'd not read further down19:35
rick_h_and want to be clear the dates/etc19:35
brouschyeah, i'm just pickin on you19:35
snap-lColonelPanic001: BTW: if you ever decide to sign up for FICS, my nick is snapl19:57
ColonelPanic001ah. Not familiar with it19:58
ColonelPanic001I'll poke at it later tonight if I remember19:58
snap-lGoes for anyone else, if you're interested19:59
snap-leboard is a very good Linux interface.20:00
ColonelPanic001as long as you promise to keep your comments about how much I suck at chess to a reasonable minimum20:01
snap-lI'm horrible as well.20:01
snap-lso never you mind. ;)20:01
ColonelPanic001oh, yeah, everyone says that. Then I teach them what "horrible" means.20:03
jrwrensnap-l: status.net ?20:09
brouschthat's a great idea. chess over identi'ca20:10
brouscheveryone could watch your game20:11
snap-lbrousch: You'd likely need a special client for it20:13
snap-lbrousch: But it would be do-able.20:13
snap-ljrwren: Status.net is the software running identi.ca20:13
ColonelPanic001that'd be interesting20:15
_stink_damn AT&T20:21
_stink_i made a perverted joke and i don't think it got through20:22
brouschand this is ATT's fault?20:22
_stink_it dropped my broadband connection20:22
_stink_must be their decency filters20:22
brouschfilters are good for some people20:23
rick_h_oh crap https://github.com/blog/905-edit-like-an-ace20:42
snap-lrick_h_: DOOOOOOOOD20:43
snap-lTHAT IS AWESOME!20:43
snap-lI wonder if that's bespin behind the covers?20:44
brouschgetting close to being able to use the chromebook for everything20:44
snap-lNope, cloud920:44
snap-lwhich is the same thing, Google and Kevin Dangoor's blog tells me.20:45
rick_h_bespin == skywriter == ace20:45
rick_h_yep, was just asking kevin why that wasn't in this new scratchpad thing in FF20:46
brouschdamn, i need to try some of this out20:47
rick_h_hah, awesome20:48
rick_h_editing .rst docs on bookie from github20:48
brouschhow do you commit? is that built into github?20:51
brouschso you can brach, and edit, and merge all through their webui?20:54
rick_h_droidwell fork it commit and then pull request20:54
rick_h_droidand then merging the pull request is one button in the web ui20:55
brouschso i won't have to learn after all. i can do it all in my web browser O:-)20:56
rick_h_droidwill be cool for those small doc updates.. I don't have to git clone it locally to make the changes20:57
rick_h_droidsnapl podcast tomorrow?20:59
brouschnow it's easier to code from your phone, too20:59
snap-lrick_h_droid: Possibly?20:59
snap-lrick_h_droid: I should be free tomorrow to podcast.21:09
rick_h_droidcool, and will get notes together21:09
snap-lrick_h_droid: What time, roughly?21:15
snap-lAnyone know who to escalate issues with Launchpad to?21:36

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