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thafreakWhat have I missed folks?14:28
thafreakHows the ubucon/olf planning going?14:28
thafreakwhere you from jackson ?16:12
jacksonwestern PA16:12
thafreakah ok16:12
thafreakyou're ip looked similar to mine16:13
thafreakoh ok...where armstrong is based :)16:13
jacksonand u?16:13
thafreakthey don't service many areas...16:13
thafreakI'm in Medina ohio16:13
thafreakI think they only really service youngstown, medina, and western pa...16:14
jacksonok    they service above pittsburgh and below I8016:14
thafreakyou lurk the ohio loco room much? :)16:15
thafreakyou come to OLF ever?16:15
thafreakohio linux fest16:15
jacksonno just ham fests16:16
thafreakyou far from columbus?16:16
jackson5 hrs16:16
thafreakoh, ouch...that'd be a journey...16:16
thafreakwe've seen people from michigan and indianna and PA all come though16:17
jacksoni lived in Dayton 4 4 years16:17
thafreakare there any largish gatherings of linux folk in your neck of the woods?16:18
paultagthafreak: I'm going to try to put Boston on that list :)16:18
jacksonanope very few16:18
thafreakpaultag: well, if you don't, you *WILL* be replaced with a shell script16:18
paultagthafreak: and I'm fine with that :)16:18
thafreakoh, maybe I'll try out festival16:18
paultagwhile [ true ]; echo "fuck"; sleep 10; done16:18
paultagah yes16:18
paultagecho "fuck" | festival --tts16:19
thafreakmight not be kid freindly though :)16:19
paultagthafreak: who said I was kid friendly? :)16:19
thafreaknobody, but OLF probably should be :)16:19
paultagtrue :P16:19
thafreakneed to get them while they're young...make linux users for life out of them16:19
thafreakI think that'll be my second tattoo...16:20
thafreakfirst has to be for my wife...i already promised her that :)16:20
paultagI want to get the hacker's emblem, the glider on my wrist16:20
thafreaki'm thinking binary...16:20
thafreakbut not your average run of the mill ascii to binary16:20
paultagsomething gzip compressed or something16:21
thafreakif it's text, it'll probably be utf-8 :)16:21
thafreakor, I'm toying with 1bit bitmap image...16:21
paultagohh, clever16:21
thafreakb/w images with decent dithering look good enough I figured16:22
thafreakHey, did you guys hear that google bought motorola mobility division???16:23
paultagyeah! nuts!16:23
thafreaknow I got to wait till nexus++ comes out for my next phone...hopefully it won't be that long of a wait16:24
jacksonguys i got to go so see u later16:31
thafreakso jackson was a kde user it seems...16:43
Cheri703paultag: http://www.unplggd.com/unplggd/24core-linux-cluster-in-30-ikea-drawers-07933116:54
paultagCheri703: oh that is just brilliant16:55
Cheri703I thought it was a cool idea :) and you could totally get the cabinet, start with one, and add as funds became available :)16:56
dzhojust start in the top drawer and work your way down16:57
paultagCheri703: that'd be fun :)16:57
dzhothat way, you can put paperclips etc in the bottom ones without worrying about them falling into the CPU fan.16:57
paultagI'd be able to do it cheeper, I think16:57
Cheri703yeah, use it as storage til you build it up16:57
paultagthere's no reason to use HDs in the cluster16:57
thafreakdoesn't look like the hard drives are mounted very stabily though16:57
Cheri703yeah, they discussed that in the comments on his site16:58
thafreakyeah, I'd do net booting, or exteranal storage via esata16:58
Cheri703from him: "Thanks. The fit and portability are definitely awesome. We transported  this across the country in the passenger seat of a car with the seatbelt  on and the drawers taped shut."16:58
paultagso that's 300 off the bill16:58
paultagI wonder if I can do something like virtual machines that can migrate like vSphere does16:58
paultagbut with virtualbox or xen or kvm or something16:59
thafreakif you have more than one machine in a cluster like that, you really should put the storage outside...unless the cluster is specifically for providing storage itself :)16:59
paultagthafreak: truth16:59
thafreakuh, paultag, totally16:59
thafreakhave you looked at the recent kvm/libvirt stuff?16:59
paultagthafreak: nope16:59
thafreakdoes exactly that17:00
thafreakas long as you have storage that is accessible by all nodes17:00
thafreakso iscsi/nfs works fine17:00
Cheri703could have a raid setup in one drawer :)17:00
thafreakor gluster I think is supported too17:00
paultagthafreak: oh interesting17:00
paultagfuck, now I want to do this17:00
thafreakyes you could...as long as you have some way to stabily mount the drives17:00
Cheri703paultag: this could be your hardhack you were looking for :)17:00
paultagI bet I could cut it back to a few PSUs17:01
* Cheri703 was lurking the other day ;)17:01
paultagCheri703: :)17:01
Cheri703read the comments on the guy's site17:01
Cheri703some good suggestions there17:01
Cheri703it is linked in the article17:01
thafreakReminds me of the time in college I tried to build my own case out of plexi glass...way back when ALL computers were the same beige color....no exceptions17:01
Cheri703depending on how tall the drawers are, you could do 2.5" drives up on their sides, and could probably fit a LOT of them in there even with airflow...17:02
thafreakyou can buy enclosures to mount drives in, that you could bolt into the draw...and they mostly come with fans too...17:03
paultagshit, this would be fun17:03
Cheri703lamer use of the same cabinet: http://www.unplggd.com/unplggd/how-to/how-to-turn-ikea-drawers-into-a-cpu-house-12979917:03
dzhoalso http://wiki.eth-0.nl/index.php/List_of_IkeaRacks17:05
paultagI wonder if I can cluster a shitload of ARM machines17:06
paultagthey would be more size effective17:06
thafreakyou could fit like 200 arm machines in that17:07
thafreakif you get the equivalent of the pogo plug...the bare board17:08
paultagdude, a backpack supercluster17:08
thafreakdual core 1.x ghz arms17:08
Cheri703oh, also, I'm told that pogo plugs are 50% off today...not sure how long that goes17:08
thafreakwow, where is that at?17:08
paultagI need one17:09
thafreakI could use another17:09
paultag, and the price17:09
paultagwww.crunchgear.com/.../pogoplug-drops-the-cable-and-the-price/ - CachedAug 17, 2010 – I'm a big fan of PogoPlug devices. They're super simple to use, and they're pretty regularly updated with new features based on customer ...17:09
paultagAh fucking windows17:09
paultagFUCK this shit17:09
paultagfucking selects a website and barfs it into mintty17:09
thafreakthat's not that cheap17:10
thafreakI got my original version (pink) pogo plug for $60...17:10
thafreakthey must be pushing their newer one...17:11
paultagoh shit17:11
paultagI think I know what I can do...17:11
Cheri703ah, it is a canadian company (am talking to hypatia), though I might be able to talk her into a bulk order if necessary :)17:11
paultagarduino cluster17:11
Cheri703oh, if anyone has ideas for a SUPER SUPER beginner arduino project that doesn't require a lot of money in parts and other bits, I have an adruino sitting in my desk drawer with no idea where to start17:12
paultagCheri703: I have tons of code!17:12
Cheri703OR if anyone has some of the "other bits" they want to donate to the cause, I'd be open to that too :)17:12
paultagCheri703: all you need is a USB cable and it will play with the onboard LED17:12
paultagCheri703: https://gist.github.com/64639617:13
paultagCheri703: super simple, easy to learn, well documented17:13
Cheri703playing with arduino will go on list of things to get to...have a lot of stuff I have been putting off and am finally getting to some of it17:13
paultagCheri703: arduinos rule17:14
paultagOh fuck, nevermind17:15
paultagI can do my project I never finished!17:15
paultagthe relay CPU17:15
paultagrather, ALU17:15
paultagrather, full 8 bit adder17:15
Cheri703paultag: I've been reading more about the infosec stuff, and while I haven't actually learned to DO anything yet, I'm finding it fascinating17:15
paultagCheri703: :)17:16
Cheri703I do also want to get back to my "take things apart and put them back together differently" roots, so getting into "hardhacks" and the like is on my list as well :)17:16
paultagCheri703: truth17:16
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