thefinn93bkerensa (reading scrollback) maybe door-to-door isn't the best of ideas, but if you give me some flyers I'll go put them up at the nerdy hangouts00:12
thefinn93free geek, backspace, brainsilo, etc00:12
thefinn93i'm sure there are more that I can think of00:12
bkerensathefinn93: It was said in humor :P00:12
thefinn93yeah i know00:12
thefinn93but posters *would* be good00:12
bkerensathefinn93: We will surely be doing some flyer distro though00:12
bkerensaI wanna setup a day next month that me and you hit up Portland00:13
bkerensaall the cool spots00:13
bkerensasmall cafes, freegeek, PSU, everywhere00:13
thefinn93we should decide where to go ahead of time00:14
thefinn93wait for it...00:14
thefinn93sign in to edit, bkerensa00:15
bkerensaOh Darn00:24
bkerensaI might have to go do a speech on the 22nd00:24
bkerensaat Nedspace00:24
bkerensaWordpress Portland asked me to come talk about Ubuntu00:24
thefinn93this could be interesting00:56
shantorn_hows the evening01:26
thefinn93tis good01:27
thefinn93i got my magstripe reader01:27
thefinn93and my barcode scanner01:27
shantorn_what are you up to?01:27
shantorn_great, what do you use them for01:27
thefinn93and now i'm watching Game of Thrones01:27
el_seanoyou should definitely hit up the CS lounge at PSU, and the Linux and Intel Labs02:58
el_seanooh whoa02:58
el_seanoresponding to scrollback02:58
el_seanomy bad :p02:58
thefinn93i do that all the time02:59
thefinn93where is that?02:59
thefinn93like, what intersection?02:59
thefinn93gtg, i'll put it in the list tho03:00
thefinn93good idea03:00
el_seanoIt's in the basement of the Engineering Building (although technically it's considered part of the Fourth Avenue Building), on 4th and Hall03:41
el_seano(I think it's Hall.  Maybe Harrison.  Across from all the food carts)03:41
EpitropeI seem to have been called out on my lurking (like 12 hours ago)... hi!05:45
EpitropeI met some of you guys at OSCON a few weeks ago05:46
EpitropeI was one of the volunteers at the Free Geek booth05:46
* el_seano throws FG gang signs.07:22
bkerensathefinn93: ping07:24
shantornhi all, so what does the bot do?15:17
el_seanothefinn93|bot: help15:42
shantorni put 11-10 in a virtual and boy its a slug with 1.5gb of ram and 2 cores16:12
shantornand for some reason i couldnt turn unity off16:13
MarkDudeUnity does not want to be turned off16:20
MarkDudeit is becoming self -aware16:20
MarkDudeIt knows better then humans it thinks16:20
el_seanoand so began the Gnome Wars.16:21
MarkDudebtw, the bot stores info- to give to our soon to be robot overlord masters16:21
MarkDudeonce Skynet becomes aware16:21
* MarkDude for one salutes our soon to be Supy-bot supervisors16:22
MarkDudePlease dont make me mine salt once humans become slaves16:22
el_seanopsh, mine salt.  They'll get all the salt they need from our precious bodily fluids.16:22
MarkDudeWell they still will need us as slaves16:27
MarkDudethey have been programmed to understand IRONY16:28
MarkDudejust for craps and giggles16:28
el_seanotrinary!  I, O, IRONY16:29
MarkDudehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukeHdiszZmE Stop Dave- Im afraid16:29
bkerensahello all :)16:49
shantornhi guys18:29
shantornhow goes the day?21:14

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