cyberangerwhat's really unusual is wrst's absense03:00
* cyberanger guesses this is one more chance to tease him about my choice of ssh & gun screen over quassel ;-)03:01
cyberangerUnit193: ^^03:01
Unit193Heh, could be. I've been working on something for a little bit that you would have had done by now :P (Had to switch ideas once too)03:05
cyberangerUnit193: idk, I've "worked on stuff" that just gets swept away for the next project, that has something come up, gets set aside for the next project03:23
cyberangerthen I get 5 (for an example) sitting uncomplete and finally finish 4 of them, & repeat03:24
Unit193Eh, I just need to figure out how to do it :/03:25
* cyberanger wonders what 'it' is03:26
* cyberanger was more saying that above, as a way to say that no matter how awesome or dull (I admit, some were) my projects are, there was bits I had to ask, set it aside, try & try again, and on occasion, set it aside for a more pressing matter03:28
Unit193There is a worse way to do this, but I'm already thinking of doing it :P03:30
* cyberanger is thinking "it" is a rather vauge word03:32
Unit193Yep, but if I say what it is and how I'm going about doing it, you (and people that scroll up) will see how bad it is :P03:33
Unit193Now I've seen cyberspace_ , cyberspider , and cyberanger today :P04:02
=== Xpistos1 is now known as Xpistos
* cyberanger yawns14:42
cyberangerMorning Xpistos14:42
cyberangerwrst: I was wondering, why did your quassel account go off all night, did it have a bug14:51
cyberangerXpistos: how's your morning14:51
Xpistosnot bad. I went to my son's school for a welcome kindergadener's meeting today14:52
XpistosMMM! Sausage Balls!14:52
XpistosAnd Free Coffee14:52
XpistosMe good.14:52
wrstcyberanger: nope just shut my server down at home while moving still have no internet at the new place but this is on another machine14:57
cyberangerXpistos: ah, good to hear15:02
cyberangerwrst: so it wasn't quassels fault15:03
wrstnope cyberanger i just shut it down I am going to take the server home tonight and get my network going15:03
Xpistoswrst I may be going to quassel15:04
wrstcool Xpistos15:04
* cyberanger still thinks it's quassels fault, tempting one to run an xorg server for IRC15:04
wrstsetting up a core and client ?15:04
wrstcyberanger: the server does not run in X its completely cli server based ;)15:05
cyberangerXpistos: it's a good client (or so wrst tells me ;-))15:07
wrstactually cyberanger the client is just so-so but the total package is very nice15:07
cyberangerbbiab, sorry, short notice gotta run15:08
wrstlater cyberanger15:08
cyberanger(I'm a fan of having IRC be dependant on as little as it can, since it's the main help option it seems (short of a google search for somebody's blog)15:09
pace_t_zuluhey guys15:24
pace_t_zuluquick question ...15:24
pace_t_zulustrongest ssh key ...15:24
pace_t_zulursa ... dsa ... what are the maximum bits allowed15:24
wrstcyberanger: ^^^^15:26
pace_t_zuluwrst: good call ... cyberanger prides himself on these details15:26
wrstyes pace_t_zulu he should be back momentarily i think15:37
wrstand how are you doing pace_t_zulu?15:37
cyberangerhey fellas18:44
Xpistosstupid internet connection18:45
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: not sure there is a maximum, try 8192, it'll take a looong time though18:45
wrstwb cyberanger18:46
cyberangerubuntu now likes ECDSA, RSA is what was favored18:47
cyberangernobody seems to have alot of details on ECDSA18:47
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: ^^18:50
cyberangerand 2048 is default, but that's a connection key, ssh dynamically rekeys each session18:51
cyberangerevery 15 minutes I think is default, I shorten that to 5 minutes18:51
cyberangerwrst: thanks18:51
wrstcyberanger: good day?18:53
cyberangergood enough, boarded the dogs, now stepping out for lunch18:54
cyberangerthen packing18:54
cyberangerbbiab (didn't plan that bit)18:54
pace_t_zulucyberanger: ECDSA ... never seen that acronym18:55
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: it's new, maverick or natty made it the default choice, fallback (in order) to rsa & dsa as needed19:06
pace_t_zulursa is preferred standard ...19:07
pace_t_zuluECDSA is stronger ... but support isn't guaranteed on older systems19:07
cyberangerhowever ubuntu (and perhaps debian) actually starts with ECDSA unless you tell it rsa19:08
cyberangerI go with rsa still, it's proven19:08
cyberangerand ssh dynamic rekeying sorta shifts the game with key strength19:09
cyberangerprotect the login keys and the rekeying makes getting a useful picture of anything hard too19:09
cyberangertake the size of an rsa key higher than 8192 if you want, it's the highest I've gone19:11
cyberanger4096 on the netbook19:11
cyberangerwrst: just trip preperations kinda a headache19:15
pace_t_zuluwrst: you see the new oneiric login screen?19:20
wrstpace_t_zulu: I have upgraded but I still have GDM19:21
pace_t_zuluwrst: looks way better than GDM19:21
wrstwhat I hear19:21
pace_t_zuluwrst: interested in a screenshot?19:21
wrstpace_t_zulu:  I'm always interested in a screenshot ;)19:22
pace_t_zuluwrst: un momentito19:23
wrstthank you sir19:23
pace_t_zuluwrst: http://i55.tinypic.com/333z91j.png19:26
wrstthat is pretty nice19:28
wrstcyberanger: I did somethign you wouldn't expect, I actually installed grub 2 intentionally19:30
pace_t_zulucyberanger: i want to create some keys that are cross platform19:35
pace_t_zului'm thinking RSA @ 4096 ... if 8192 is possible i'll go with that19:36
cyberanger4096 is for sure, 8192 should be, but that large a size is a resource hog (always a tradeoff)19:38
cyberangerwrst: I can believe it19:59
cyberangerwhile I had few (if any) issues of my own, what was the support issue here & in #ubuntu for a month or more19:59
cyberangerwrst: any foul ball?20:12
wrstcyberanger: it worked great20:13
wrstmy problem I think was with ubuntu's package not so much grub 220:13
cyberangerWoot Home Run20:13
cyberangerGo Pirates20:13
* cyberanger ducks20:13
cyberangerbaseball humour aside, that's sweet wrst20:14
wrstyeah somewhere in some of ubntu's automagicness I beleive is the issue20:14
wrstfolllowed the arch directions on grub 2 and it worked absolutely perfectly20:14
cyberangeridk if ubuntu's package was even it (so many distros went down the "Nobody Dual Boots two distros" road in grub2, hard to knwo)20:14
wrstcyberanger: I'm quadruple booting distros along with win 720:15
cyberangerglad arch had another good document20:15
cyberangersorry ubuntu didn't20:15
wrstcyberanger: that would be a great job for us distros like you and pace_t_zulu have talekd about20:16
* cyberanger suddenly recalls forgetting something20:16
cyberangergotta add an item to the meeting adgenda ;-)20:17
pace_t_zulucyberanger: feel free to add it ;_20:17
pace_t_zulucyberanger: add it here http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/tennessee.team/156/detail/20:17
cyberangeralready there & working toward that20:18
pace_t_zulucyberanger: good man20:18
cyberangeryeah, trying to kill a habit20:20
cyberangerI just make sure (on the offchance I don't) we have a meeting reminder with that link on the ML (ideally two days before, at the latest)20:21
cyberangerwhoops, that's what I get for having 30 thoughts running crazy atm20:22
cyberangerI just need to make sure that link gets in the ML reminder, or someone else, on the offchance I cannot, two days before the meeting, at the latest20:23
cyberangerWell, Gotta head out again, I'll be at the Jack in the Box on charolette pike in nashville, about 4 hours21:13
cyberangeryearly family trip21:13
wrstcyberanger:  have fun21:13
cyberangerI'll be online (Running at hotspot out of a netbook & celluar card ;-))21:14
cyberangerthanks wrst, be back when I'm in range of some cell towers (kinda hit & miss till city limits)21:14
wrstenjoy the absence of such things cyberanger!21:15
cyberangerI sure will, just not tonight ;-)21:15
cyberanger(family rented a van, I'm not on the list, so I need something too offset that (last year I drove out there solo, so this is sorta like telling a nascar driver he can't drive anything other than a bycycle)21:17
cyberangerso yeah, internet tonight ;-))21:17
cyberangerah the joys of internet at 55 mph22:26
cyberangerif I can't drive 55, at least I can surf22:29
wrsthow are you connected cyberanger?23:26

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