h00kCheesehead: Too cool, awesome job.14:04
lostsonlawn mowed15:01
CheeseheadGlobal Jam Idea: Anybody interested in helping me triage a dozen or so Brainstorm ideas? I'm one of the admins, and we have around 1500 pages of untriaged ideas - most of which just need to be closed...20:24
CheeseheadI'm thinking of doing a 3 SEP 1200-2400 UTC IRC triage-a-thon20:25
CheeseheadNo experience necessary. All training provided.20:25
CheeseheadIf interested, just say so in this channel. If I'm not around, I'll see it in the logs.20:27
h00kCheesehead: that'd be awesome to bring to the mailing list, yeah.20:39
lostsonits a saturday i cant i will be at work sorry20:54
h00klostson: what is this work crap!20:54
h00kCheesehead: if you're familiar with triaging, that'd be cool.20:55
Cheeseheadh00k: I did Bug Squad triaging for three years. I just set up Brainstorm Triage in May/June with a similar purpose.20:57
CheeseheadI spent a month triaging the last 5 months of Brainstorm Ideas.20:57
Cheesehead(What a lot of misfiled dreck.)20:58
CheeseheadThe current 6-month cycle is down to 8 pages of pretty interesting ideas.20:58
bigbashCheesehead, if it doesn't have to be done in person I will volunteer some time20:58
CheeseheadIRC is wonderful.20:59
CheeseheadOkay, I'll put it onto the mailing list and add it to the Wednesday agenda...20:59
Cheeseheadand put together a quick training.20:59
Cheesehead(training for during the event)21:00
Cheesehead(not the meeting)21:00
h00kCheesehead: that'd be perfect for a Global Jam weekend event21:00
h00ksometime, online21:00
bigbashsounds good to me, I'd need quick training and I'd be happy to help21:00
CheeseheadI also need to add it to the Brainstorm mailing list...musn't forget that21:00
h00kI wonder if we could ping ripps for packaging21:02
bigbashCheesehead, like this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage ?21:03
Cheeseheadbigbash: A bit. Brainstorm triage is slightly different, because Brainstorm isn't a bug tracker and doesn't handle bugs.21:04
bigbashohhh Brainstorm triage21:05
CheeseheadIn fact, that's one of our biggest jobs - gently shepherding bug reporters into the bug tracker and helping them file properly21:05
lostsoni work every saturday h00k21:13
h00klostson: roger roger.21:32
CheeseheadWhoa: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-us-wisconsin . Somebody deleted all our meeting announcements, and events over 30 days out!21:33
CheeseheadWe had meeting announcements for Aug 10 and Aug 17, both gone.21:35
CheeseheadWe had event announcements for the Madison and Milwaukee Ubuntu Hours in Oct, Nov, Dec, 6 events gone21:36
bigbashthat's weird I see dec 17 and dec 221:36
bigbashno dec 621:36
CheeseheadYou're right - I was on the wrong page for events. I retract that; events are good. But meetings are still gone!21:38
bigbashdoes it show who did it?21:38
bigbashwe had that with someone in the bug tracker with Diaspora, guy went through and deleted every bug21:39
h00khang on.21:41
h00kasking in #ubuntu-locoteams21:43
bigbashh00k, do you know where they are talking about for this wiki in step 2? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Mentors21:54
h00kbigbash: yes22:01
h00kbigbash: you create your own wiki page22:02
h00kbigbash: for instance, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AnthonyHook22:02
h00kCheesehead: Apparently anyone on our team has permissions to delete events.22:07
bigbashh00k so where do you go to create one?23:27

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