cprofittanyone in for a question?00:38
mhall119cprofitt: it's harvest's fault00:43
cprofittjust curious if there is a models.py in loco-directory?00:43
mhall119there's more than one00:43
cprofittI am reading some generic stuff about django, but could not find one00:43
mhall119that, coincidentally, is harvest's fault00:43
mhall119cprofitt: under loco_directory are multiple app directories, each of those will have a models.py00:44
mhall119so loco_directory/teams/models.py00:44
* cprofitt nods00:44
cprofittsee em00:44
cprofittthe first few directories I looked in didn't have them00:44
cprofittso the models.py will only be in sub-app dirs00:45
cprofittk -- see some interesting stuff in some of those files00:45
cprofittthanks mhall11900:46
mhall119let me know if you have any other questions00:47
cprofittI will -- still really basic level of knowledge, but making progress00:47
nigelbmhall119: dear god. my inbox is exploding every time I wwake up02:43
mhall119nigelb: yeah :(02:57
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nigelbMorning cjohnston13:46
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Ronniehello Doc_bmh19:50
pace_t_zuluhey guys20:33
mhall119hey pace_t_zulu20:34
pace_t_zulutrying to add an "Upcoming Meetings" RSS feed to our team's wordpress based website and i get the following error "RSS Error: A feed could not be found at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/tennessee.team/rss" ... but that URL is valid20:34
cjohnstonusing what reader?20:35
pace_t_zuluusing WordPress's RSS widget20:35
pace_t_zuluas far as i know it's a standard component20:36
mhall119pace_t_zulu: put a trailing / on the URL20:38
mhall119you're probably getting an HTTP 302 redirecting you to that, but your rss widget doesn't follow it20:38
pace_t_zulumhall119: tried that ... "RSS Error: A feed could not be found at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/tennessee.team/rss/"20:39
mhall119can you curl that URL?20:39
mhall119it works for me20:39
pace_t_zulumhall119: the url works20:39
pace_t_zulumhall119: must be a wordpress problem...20:39
mhall119yeah, or maybe there's something about our rss that it doesn't like20:40
pace_t_zulumhall119: Safari parses the RSS ok ... may be worth opening a bug on once I have a better idea of where the problem lies20:41
pace_t_zulumhall119: going to be afk for a few20:42
pace_t_zuluhey guys quick question about the pronounciation of Ubuntu20:42
pace_t_zului've always said it like:   ooo boon too20:43
pace_t_zului've heard it often said like: you bun too20:43
pace_t_zuluobviously my phonetic spelling abilities are lacking20:43
pace_t_zulubut for those who have attended a UDS ...20:44
pace_t_zulucjohnston: perfect20:45
pace_t_zulucjohnston: so i had it right...20:46
pace_t_zulucjohnston: i'm glad my south african roots are worth something :)20:46
mhall119I always say ooo bun too, even though I know it's wrong20:47
mhall119I'm too southern to say ooo boon too20:48
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