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Sarvatthrm looks like gbm now requires libgbm-dev to build after http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?id=85fe9484945cb57ffd49df248b0e5057eba6af0415:47
techmikis this channel more for development, or support? or both?16:17
bjsniderSarvatt, is siretart in any channel you're in?16:24
ricotzbjsnider, #ubuntu-motu #ubuntu-devel16:39
techmiki need some help with setting up my multihead/multiseat setup..... its really an issue of the custom files in xorg.conf.d/ and the display manager's conf file.... i have different issues depending on which dm i have tried to use between kdm gdm and lightdm16:45
techmikis this the right channel?16:45
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