* nlsthzn waves04:56
superflynot usually at 1am05:12
Kilosinetpro, eish06:20
Kilosmorning superfly and others06:20
superflymorning Kilos06:23
inetproKilos: vir wat eish jy so?07:17
inetprogoeie more07:17
inetproand good morning everyone else07:17
Kiloslol al die meetings wat jy mis07:17
Kilosmôre my vriend07:17
inetproKilos: ek is ongelukkig maar net een mens07:18
nuvolario/ lo oom Kilos 10:21
Kiloslo nuvolari hoe gaan dit10:21
nuvolarigoed dankie en met oom?10:21
Kilosgoed dankie seun. meetings hier vanaand ne10:25
nuvolariKilos: hmm, dankie oom! dis alreeds weer by my verby :P10:26
KilosMaaz, announce Monthly meeting here tonight all of you10:28
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! Monthly meeting here tonight all of you10:28
Kiloswonder why he dont say hear ye10:31
nuvolariKilos: heh, think he's having a bad day10:32
Kiloslol. again10:32
KilosMaaz, coffee on10:54
* Maaz flips the salt-timer10:54
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!10:58
KilosMaaz, ty10:58
MaazEnjoy Kilos10:58
Kilosgroot storm. en kapok en geen krag12:10
KilosMaaz, coffee on12:11
* Maaz starts grinding coffee12:11
KilosMaaz, hot12:11
MaazCome on Kilos How many peeps do you know that make coffee with cold water twit!12:11
Symmetriamaaz its called an iced coffee moron 12:12
MaazSymmetria: What?12:12
Kiloshiya Symmetria you still here or far away12:13
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!12:15
KilosMaaz, ty12:15
Kiloshe lagging bad12:15
MaazEnjoy Kilos12:15
ghostknifeping -b #ubuntu-za12:17
ghostknifeping -f nuvolari12:17
Kilosmaybe its my connection. gmail takes long to open as well but ones in flies with the mails12:40
Kiloshi Fantastic_Dan 12:41
Kiloshave we met before12:41
Kilosdo you wear a cape12:41
Kiloshiya stevethepirate 12:42
Kilosgot you patch on12:42
Kiloslo Tonberry 12:42
inetproghostknife: why are you trying to broadcastping #ubuntu-za and floodping nuvolari?13:13
* nuvolari stabs ghostknife inna ribs13:15
Kilosi think he was trying to check the lag13:15
nuvolarilewe jy?13:15
Kilossies nuvolari 13:15
Fantastic_Danhi Kilos13:28
Fantastic_DanI don't wear a cape13:28
Kilosjust teasing13:28
superflyFantastic_Dan: then I guess you don't wear a superhero costume either? ;-)(13:30
Kiloslo nlsthzn 13:30
nlsthzn_Alo... Seems I will be able to make the meeting after all... I did my time conversion the wrong way around yesterday :p13:31
=== nlsthzn_ is now known as nlsthzn_work
Fantastic_DanI wish13:33
Fantastic_DanAm I being misleading?13:33
Fantastic_DanShould I call myself Not_Fantastic_Dan13:33
Kilosno man, we teasing you13:34
Kilosare you new here or did i just miss you before13:34
Fantastic_DanThanks, I'm new here13:35
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za13:35
Kilostell us a bit about yourself13:35
Fantastic_DanI'm moving to Pretoria in a few weeks and am trying to get a sense of the country through its IRC channels13:35
Kilosfrom where are you moving Fantastic_Dan 13:36
Fantastic_DanNew York13:36
drubinFantastic_Dan: Nice13:36
Kiloswow thats not just down the road hey13:36
drubinFantastic_Dan: although honestly you are going to get a biased view consisdewring irc is a bunch of the geeky more friendly people :)13:37
Fantastic_DanI figured13:40
Fantastic_DanWhere are you guys located in SA?13:42
superflySome from Cape Town, some from Joburg, some from Pretoria, and some from the ever active and important Stellenbosch13:43
superflyand then a few weirdos like nuvolari who are from KZN13:43
* nlsthzn_work isn't13:44
superflyoh, and then we have nlsthzn_work who belongs in a category all by himself13:44
nlsthzn_workOne of a kind :D13:45
Fantastic_DanIs this a forum where I can complain about 11.04?13:57
Kilosthis is where you get help fixing it Fantastic_Dan 13:58
nlsthzn_work+1 for Kilos 13:59
nlsthzn_workDid you heat that Maaz 13:59
nlsthzn_workLazy bot13:59
Kiloshows things nlsthzn 14:01
Kilosoh my you both here14:01
nlsthzn_workYes, I am both here14:01
nlsthzn_workWe are ok... one better than the other seeing as only one is at wotk14:02
Kiloshee hee hee14:02
Kilosother one loafing14:02
nlsthzn_workHope so... he deserves it :D14:04
nlsthzn_workFantastic_Dan: What seems to be the issue with Natty?14:04
nuvolari:O I thought I'm normal and the other people are weird!14:05
nlsthzn_worknuvolari: well now you know... welcome to the club14:06
Fantastic_DanI have no real issue.  I was trying to make a bad joke about the highly negative reaction to it.14:06
Kilosyou can make your joke here or in the mailing lists14:09
nlsthzn_workFantastic_Dan: Cool... I like your sense of humour :D14:10
nlsthzn_worksuperfly: Checked your blog entry... was surprised they posted your repsonse and answered it too... +1 to them for that at least14:10
nuvolariooh, I'm slow, but did you guys hear about Google?14:17
nlsthzn_worknuvolari: nope... I have heard of Google14:22
Fantastic_DanGoogle buying Motorola Mobility?14:34
nlsthzn_workThat is all I have heard too... 14:37
Fantastic_Danone of the comments on thisismynext.com: "This is like marrying one of your girlfriends while continuing to see the other ones. Trust me, it won't work out."15:07
KilosMaaz, coffee on15:21
* Maaz washes some mugs15:21
KilosMaaz, and rusks15:22
MaazI hid them away Kilos Pm me and I'll tell you where they are15:22
KilosMaaz, with cremora15:22
MaazAh! At last someone with taste15:22
KilosMaaz, and milk15:23
MaazNow you're talking15:23
nlsthzn_workMaaz: and some tea15:23
Maaznlsthzn_work: *blink*15:23
nlsthzn_workMaaz: tea?15:23
Maaznlsthzn_work: tea is a brew made from a tea bush from ceylon15:23
nlsthzn_workMaaz: tea please15:23
MaazEverybody here drinks coffee or goes thirsty15:23
* nlsthzn_work stopms of to go make his own bloody tea15:24
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!15:25
KilosMaaz, thanks man15:26
MaazKilos It gives me great pleasure to serve a bunch of geeks :-)15:26
superflyHrm, who all has topic-changing access?15:52
drubinsuperfly: /me15:52
drubinsuperfly: now you has access :)15:52
drubinsuperfly: I would give you +mode but I don't have access to think I don't think15:53
=== superfly changed the topic of #ubuntu-za to: IRC meeting 15 August 19:30 || Ubuntu South Africa LoCoTeam || Website: http://ubuntu-za.org/ || Forum: http://za.ubuntuforums.org/ || Join: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za || Mailing list: http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-za ||Events: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-za/events || Pastebin: paste.ubuntu.com or codepad.org
=== superfly changed the topic of #ubuntu-za to: IRC meeting 15 August 19:30 UTC+2 || Ubuntu South Africa LoCoTeam || Website: http://ubuntu-za.org/ || Forum: http://za.ubuntuforums.org/ || Join: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za || Mailing list: http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-za ||Events: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-za/events || Pastebin: paste.ubuntu.com or codepad.org
tumbleweedI'm going home, I may miss the start of the meeting17:07
* superfly has some work to do, but will keep his eye on the channel17:11
superflynaandsê maiatoday17:12
maiatodayhi superfly 17:12
maiatodayhi kbmonkey 17:20
maiatodayI updated the agenda from the emails no the list for us17:20
Kiloshiya maiatoday superfly kbmonkey 17:20
maiatodayhi Kilos17:20
maiatodayare you really coming to CT, kbmonkey?17:21
kbmonkeyhi oom Kilos 17:21
kbmonkeyyes maiatoday it seems so! oh the meeting page does not exist? mm17:22
maiatodayI didn't make a wiki meeting page only one on loco.ubuntu.com17:22
* superfly is going to have to lock his doors if kbmonkey is coming to cape town!17:22
maiatodaythe wiki is weird sometimes, I think we are supposed to use loco.ubuntu.com17:23
kbmonkeythe page is gone now, he he. ghosted17:23
maiatodayI just had it up and added agenda items17:24
kbmonkeyi was looking at the page earlier maiatoday, what other items did you add? 17:24
* nlsthzn_work still doesn't like wiki's17:24
maiatodayI still have it open in one tab, kbmonkey but in the missing tab I am not logged in17:25
kbmonkeyi had too maiatoday and it refreshed to missing. maybe copy it out to pastebin? 17:26
kbmonkeyhow many of us are here?17:27
kbmonkeyagree nlsthzn, we need something like multiplayer notepad17:27
maiatodaythere is one but what was it again17:28
nlsthzn_workmultplayer notepad... sounds like Google Docs17:29
maiatodayurk etherpad has gone, it was etherpad17:29
kbmonkeyi only saw the first item that was in the list17:29
cocooncrashmaiatoday: http://openetherpad.org/17:30
maiatodaycan you see the pastebin list, kbmonkey17:30
kbmonkeyi can thanks maiatoday 17:30
kbmonkeywow thanks for that cocooncrash 17:30
kbmonkeyokay we can start soon, what does everyone think?17:31
* nlsthzn_work doesn't think17:31
maiatodayyou decide which one you want to use kbmonkey17:31
maiatodayyou can start I think kbmonkey17:32
kbmonkeywow good job :)17:32
kbmonkeyokay let me consult Maaz 17:33
kbmonkeysorry i forgot how to tell Maaz to start17:35
tumbleweedright, I'm home, and supper is at the point where it can look after itself17:35
tumbleweedmaaz: help meetings17:35
Maaztumbleweed: Take minutes of an IRC Meeting. You can use it like this:17:35
Maaz  (start | end) meeting [about <title>]17:35
Maaz  I am <True Name>17:35
Maaz  topic <topic>17:35
Maaz  (agreed | idea | accepted | rejected) <statement>17:35
Maaz  minutes so far17:35
Maaz  meeting title is <title>17:35
tumbleweedkbmonkey: ^17:35
kbmonkeyMaaz start meeting about IRC Monthly meet for 15 Aug 201117:35
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:35
maiatodayMaaz I am Maia Grotepass17:36
Maazmaiatoday: Done17:36
kbmonkeythanks tumbleweed :)17:36
tumbleweedMaaz: I am Stefano Rivera17:36
Maaztumbleweed: Yessir17:36
kbmonkeyMaaz I am Wesley Werner17:36
Maazkbmonkey: Righto17:36
nlsthzn_workMaaz: I am Neil Oosthuizen17:36
Maaznlsthzn_work: Righto17:36
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe17:36
MaazKilos: Okay17:36
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:36
Maazsuperfly: Okay17:36
Kiloshighvoltage, login17:37
nuvolari:O iz I  late?17:37
kbmonkeyhi nuvolari, just in time17:37
Kilosdrubin, login17:37
Kilosaquarat_, login17:37
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:37
Maaznuvolari: Righto17:37
kbmonkey_everyone tell Maaz your name_17:37
nuvolarig'evening everyone17:38
Kiloslurkers come alive17:38
kbmonkeyokay... :)17:39
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Review previous meeting minutes17:39
MaazCurrent Topic: Review previous meeting minutes17:39
maiatodayI appologise I haven't made a job jar17:39
kbmonkeythe url is: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/140/detail/17:39
kbmonkeythat's okay maiatoday :)17:40
maiatodayalso we haven't had an ubuntu hour in a while but poor queery is writing his thesis as we speak17:41
kbmonkeydid we have any more feedback from ubuntu CD's?17:41
maiatodayI got one batch of photos and feedback that people got the CDs17:41
maiatodayI can actually post the photos I got on my blog but it is only from one person17:42
maiatodayI'll add my photos17:42
nuvolariI'm afraid I got burried under work lately :'(17:42
nuvolariwhen last did we see corrie?17:43
kbmonkeygood idea maiatoday :)17:43
nuvolariMaaz: seen corrie20617:43
Maaznuvolari: corrie206 was last seen 8 months, 11 days, 1 hour, 2 minutes and 1 second ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2010-12-07 18:41:26 SAST], and has been offline on freenode since 2011-05-17 14:55:30 SAST17:43
kbmonkeythat doesn't seem right, is it?17:43
maiatodayis there anything else on the minutes we should add/discuss?17:44
tumbleweedyeah. I haven't picked up my CDs yet :(17:44
* tumbleweed was away for a few weeks17:44
* tumbleweed promises to do something about it17:44
maiatodaythey are on top of my sister's fridge next to the cat food :)17:44
kbmonkeysend us photos when you do tumbleweed 17:44
tumbleweedmaiatoday: :)17:45
tumbleweedkbmonkey: sure17:45
kbmonkeytux like catfood? :)17:45
tumbleweedhave you seen how fat he is?17:45
kbmonkeythere the LPI discussions we want to get going17:45
kbmonkeywe'll start a topic on the study material in order of the book17:46
maiatodaysounds good17:46
kbmonkeyI'll put the link to subscribe here for completeness17:46
kbmonkey.. when i find it17:46
kbmonkeyand then... ah ubuntu hours and meets :)17:47
nuvolariMaaz: lpi.link17:47
Maaznuvolari: lpi.link is http://groups.google.com/group/linux-studies17:47
nuvolarikbmonkey: ^^ :P17:47
nuvolarishould we change it?17:48
kbmonkeynow nuvolari we will plan one for kzn 17:48
kbmonkeyno its the same url17:48
nuvolarinot 100%17:48
nuvolarimissing /about17:48
kbmonkeythe about page just tells you the group's purpose and description17:49
nuvolariya, I need to plan it good! was supposed to be the past july eh?17:49
kbmonkeyi don't mind driving up this time17:49
kbmonkeylet's find out who else might be keen and talk logistics17:49
kbmonkeyand eat cake17:49
nuvolarioh ya, I need to find out where we'll have access to wifi and wall outlets17:50
nuvolariooh, now I'm craving cheesecake17:50
kbmonkeythat's done, next topic?17:50
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Software Freedom Day17:51
nuvolari:-/ only kzn ubuntu hour planned?17:51
MaazCurrent Topic: Software Freedom Day17:51
kbmonkeyoh sorry17:51
kbmonkeyam I moving too fast? :p17:51
nuvolaridunno :P the others held their peace17:51
nuvolariif my english doesn't make sense, please ignore17:51
maiatodaydrubin made the agenda point for sfd, he can't be here does anyone know if anything is happening for sfd?17:51
* nlsthzn_work lurks at ease with the current pace of the meeting... carry on...17:51
kbmonkeyif we have any lurkers who feel compelled to say hello don't be shy :)17:52
nuvolariwe should plan an official Goorola day17:52
kbmonkeythe link for sfd is http://softwarefreedomday.org/17:53
kbmonkey32 days left until sfd hits us17:53
kbmonkeyi'd like to try and plan something17:54
* tumbleweed has a freedom toaster that needs fixing17:54
kbmonkeya freedom toaster? I've always wanted to see one in action17:54
tumbleweedbut that's in TSL at UCT, which is probably where we'd hold a global jam, if we do one (unless anyone has any better ideas for that)17:54
tumbleweedhttp://wiki.clug.org.za/wiki/Freedom_Toaster lol it says it's working17:55
maiatodayaccording to the sfd map sulug is doing something for sfd17:55
tumbleweedah, good17:55
tumbleweedthat's the friday, it's also possible to do something on the weekend17:56
maiatodayI am just asking in their channel to see if anyone has more detail17:57
kbmonkeyokay we can get drubin to fill us in later, meanwhile that site will explain a lot17:57
tumbleweednot much there17:57
nuvolarikbmonkey: isn't there a DLUG event around the corner too?17:58
maiatodayI think we should move on.17:58
nuvolarithink I've seen something flash by17:58
kbmonkeythx nuvolari making a note of that17:58
kbmonkeymovnig on17:58
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Oneiric Jam and Release party17:58
MaazCurrent Topic: Oneiric Jam and Release party17:58
maiatodaylets have at least a release party17:59
maiatodayI haven't seen everybody in ages17:59
kbmonkeyThat is Oct 1317:59
maiatodayshall we have a release party in CT for a change for western cape area?18:00
tumbleweedI'm also keen to get a jam in18:00
maiatodayI'd love to do both but I have a huge deadline for 5 nov, so I could attend both but only organise one with assistance18:01
* tumbleweed is in about the same position18:01
kbmonkeywho else in CT would like to help organize?18:02
maiatodaywhat kind of jam did you want to do tumbleweed, packaging?18:02
tumbleweedI can certainly do some talks at a jam and help people with development18:02
tumbleweedmaiatoday: packaging, bug fixing, overview of ubuntu dveevelopment, I can do all that18:02
tumbleweedI'd love to cover other areas, but that's not me18:02
maiatodayok, there isn't anyone from stellenbosch university here so I don't know what they want to do18:03
maiatodayI'll come through to UCT if it's there18:03
kbmonkeyokay that sounds good18:03
tumbleweedwe are starting to get enough people involved in devolpment to actually do some development jamming18:04
tumbleweed(provided they can all make it)18:04
maiatodayok I'll try to get the organising going for the release party18:05
kbmonkeydev jamming sounds fun18:05
kbmonkeyand I'll see about meets and a release party here :)18:05
kbmonkeyany other regions who might like to party?18:06
tumbleweedan option for software freedom day is a "bring your broken install" but we tend to do that at jams and install parties too18:06
maiatodayMaaz agreed maiatoday will start western province release party planning18:07
MaazAgreed: maiatoday will start western province release party planning18:07
tumbleweedMaaz: agreed tumbleweed will organise a cape town global jam18:07
MaazAgreed: tumbleweed will organise a cape town global jam18:07
kbmonkeyMaaz agreed kbmonkey will start kwa-zulu release party planning18:07
MaazAgreed: kbmonkey will start kwa-zulu release party planning18:07
nlsthzn_workThats a lot of partying :)18:08
kbmonkeysure, we can't be all work he he18:08
kbmonkeyI think we covered the last topic in the minutes review18:09
kbmonkeyto refresh: I'll start some LPI discussion on the list, I'm unsure where everybody else is in the material so we'll go from the start18:09
* nlsthzn_work likes the start... it is always at the beginning18:10
kbmonkeythe hardware theory it starts out with can be intimidating to some18:10
kbmonkeyso we can start and focus on that, make it easy to learn :)18:10
Kilosthe hardware part is the only understandable part18:11
kbmonkeythat link again18:11
kbmonkeyMaaz link.lpi18:11
Maazkbmonkey: What?18:11
kbmonkeyMaaz lpi.link18:12
Maazkbmonkey: lpi.link is http://groups.google.com/group/linux-studies18:12
nlsthzn_workThe mailing list has been a bit... well... inactive...18:12
kbmonkeydyslexic keybaord18:12
Kilosthe ghost didnt even login18:12
kbmonkeywell nlsthzn i guess that's a sign that everyone's machines are working :D18:13
Kiloswe only 7 or so. that suucks18:13
maiatodayeverything has been a bit inactive :(18:13
nlsthzn_workI was reffering about LPI :p18:13
kbmonkeybut maybe some light talks on semi-related stuff18:13
nlsthzn_workThe study group isn't doing much (yet)18:13
maiatodaywe can wrap up kbmonkey?18:14
nlsthzn_workWould it be able to have workshops online18:14
kbmonkeynlsthzn we can surely try that!18:14
nlsthzn_workwith slides etc. using lernid?18:14
nlsthzn_workand some excercises and setting up remote systems to use to test theory and check understanding?18:14
kbmonkeyalso if you want to help me to start with hosting discussions on the list18:14
maiatodayif you want to use lernid you'll have to speak to the ubuntu-classroom people18:14
* nlsthzn_work is just thinking out loud :p18:15
kbmonkeythis can go for the ubuntu-za list too18:15
kbmonkeymy inbox has suffered some attention lately, but we'll get it done :)18:16
maiatodaynlsthzn_work: I think lernid works well and it would be good to have classes there but we will need to organise18:16
kbmonkeyanything else to add maiatoday ?18:16
kbmonkeyyes we could use the mailing list for now until we need lernid18:17
nlsthzn_workmaiatoday: I am sure they will be forth coming... if the class is empty :p18:17
nlsthzn_workkbmonkey: I think everyone is waiting got something to happen about the study group... someone to take charge :)18:17
kbmonkeyokay then i'll wrap it up18:17
Kilosthnks guys and gal18:18
kbmonkeywell self study is about just that, so if you want to setup learning schedules would that help?18:18
kbmonkeyah okay we will throw some idea around nlsthzn 18:19
kbmonkeyMaaz end meeting18:19
MaazMeeting Ended18:19
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-08-15-17-35-56.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-08-15-17-35-56.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-08-15-17-35-56.html18:19
nlsthzn_workI don't know... But motivation can often be a problem :)18:19
nlsthzn_workThanks all... Good meeting :)18:20
maiatodaythanks kbmonkey!18:20
maiatodaythanks * for attending18:20
Kilosty kbmonkey 18:20
kbmonkeythanks for attending all!18:20
nuvolarithanks kbmonkey, maiatoday everyone helping :D18:20
kbmonkeyyw Kilos Maaz and nlsthzn_work nuvolari 18:20
maiatodaykbmonkey: do you wan't to try to sort out the meeting page or shall I, I think it gets confused if two of us try to do it at once18:21
maiatodaylast meeting we had a duplicate we couldn't get rid of and this time the meeting disappears :)18:21
kbmonkeylet me do it maiatoday, i know are a busy bee :)18:21
kbmonkeyyes i remember that! grrr18:21
* maiatoday gives kbmonkey a meeting-hero badge18:22
kbmonkeyimprovement from my noddy badge XD18:22
nlsthzn_workYou should wear both with pride18:23
* maiatoday transmutes kbmonkey's collection of noddy badges into one large shining badge that looks a bit like a sherif badge18:23
Kiloskbmonkey, hiya sherrif18:24
Kilosor one r too18:24
* maiatoday sends a small laser from her little finger and etches meeting chair on kbmonkey's shiney badge18:25
kbmonkeywow that's shiny! do I get to ride a horse? 18:25
kbmonkeysorry got dc there18:25
kbmonkeyhe he thanks maiatoday. I feel like the meeting sherif now :)18:26
* maiatoday clones her virtual horse and gives one to kbmonkey and then rides off into the sunset on the other one18:27
maiatodayon that note, bye all18:27
kbmonkeyha ha. bye!18:28
Kilosnight maiatoday ty 18:28
kbmonkeykeep warm all. winter is almost over :D18:28
Kiloswa you nuts18:28
kbmonkeyhey this horse is gpg signed. awesome.18:28
kbmonkeyshh Kilos 18:29
Kilosok sorry18:29
maiatodayall my horses are :D, I really have to go, hehehe18:29
nlsthzn_worktalking of pgp... I exported my key before distro-hopping etc... now how do I use it again?!18:30
kbmonkeyi think everyone here wants a warm coffee18:31
kbmonkeyMaaz coffee on18:31
* Maaz starts grinding coffee18:31
tumbleweednlsthzn_work: you import it18:31
kbmonkeynlsthzn you import it with the gpg command18:31
KilosMaaz, coffee please18:31
MaazKilos: Righto18:31
* tumbleweed waits for a question that I can give a useful answer to18:31
kbmonkeygpg --help will show you the --import action18:32
nlsthzn_workI used the import in the gui that comees with Ubuntu... but it then goes to other keys and not my key?!18:32
tumbleweedgpg --import backup.gpg18:32
tumbleweedI hope you backed up your secret key18:32
kbmonkeythey not yours? 18:33
nlsthzn_workSecret key?18:33
nlsthzn_workI just said export on the key and there is now a file :p18:33
* nlsthzn_work does not get this PGP thing it seems18:33
kbmonkeyopen it with gedit18:33
kbmonkeyand you will se the key block, it will be titles 'private' or 'public', or perhaps even both18:34
tumbleweednlsthzn_work: that probably didn't exportyour secret key then18:34
kbmonkeyoh dear18:34
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey and Kilos!18:35
KilosMaaz, ty18:35
MaazEnjoy Kilos18:35
tumbleweednlsthzn_work: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_Key_Cryptography :)18:35
kbmonkeycheck if the private block is there18:35
tumbleweedgpg --import will say if it imported private key material18:36
tumbleweedals gopg --list-secret-keys will show you if it has any secret keys in the keyring18:36
kbmonkeynlsthzn wana try some gpg use cases some time, see how it works?18:37
nuvolariMaaz: last tweet by rands18:38
Maaznuvolari: "We live in a time in which introverts can regularly mask their introversion if they so desire: http://t.co/NP9ZDHI (@melissa)" 7 minutes and 31 seconds ago, http://twitter.com/rands/statuses/10317172428728729618:38
nlsthzn_workkbmonkey: sure... will let you know one day when I am not @ work... thanks for the assistance tumbleweed ... once home I will look into this issue again :)18:38
kbmonkeynp nlsthzn 18:39
Kilosnight all. sleep warm. see ya morrow18:56
kbmonkeycatch you all tom, gn18:58
=== jpm is now known as kerbero
kerberoMaaz: hi19:13
* Maaz waves to kerbero19:13
marcogMaaz: tell maiatoday reviewing meeting logs (i was afk), oneiric release is 13 oct and ACM regionals are on 15 oct (~60 people at UCT). maybe there's an opportunity to do something joint after the contest? we usually go out for lunch at ~14:30 (sponsored)20:16
Maazmarcog: Sure, I'll tell maiatoday on freenode20:16
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