TinfoilHaving trouble getting Qsynth to work on 11.04... Says realtime is not enabled for JACK... I'm new so spare me -.-'06:54
orngjce223Okay, do you have qjackctl or cadence or something like that installed?06:55
orngjce223Open it, and see the settings, uncheck the "realtime" box, and see if it works.06:55
Tinfoili have qjackctl.... un momento...06:55
orngjce223That's the painless method. Rather more painful involves installing a realtime kernel and adding yourself to the Audio group, but not by much.06:55
Tinfoilrealtime is checked...06:56
orngjce223Uncheck it.06:56
orngjce223Try it to see if it works.06:56
orngjce223You may have to restart jack to make sure the changes go through06:57
orngjce223No big06:57
TinfoilQsynth1: Failed to create the audio driver (jack).06:57
TinfoilCannot contunue without it.06:57
orngjce223Have you restarted jack?06:57
Tinfoilrestarting jack, I don't recall 'starting jack'06:57
orngjce223It probably started w/ qsynth or qsynth wouldn't've complained about it. Some programs do that sometimes, it's all right.06:58
TinfoilOh, nvm06:58
orngjce223Does it work now/06:58
TinfoilYes :)06:58
TinfoilI've been fighting with this for 3 days...06:58
TinfoilThank you!06:59
orngjce223If you want more complex questions answered and I'm not around you can try the guys over at #opensourcemusicians06:59
orngjce223I dunno why the realtime setting is checked by default actually 'cause most people don't have a use for it06:59
Tinfoilhere on freenode?06:59
orngjce223If you want to use it in performance I can walk you through the long way around that makes it more reliable06:59
TinfoilYeah, I remember reading that studio doesn't have a realtime kernel...07:00
TinfoilSo I saw that and got quite confused. 0.o07:00
orngjce223It's fine.07:01
TinfoilYeah, still struggling to get audio...07:16
orngjce223I usually get my realtime from PPAs anyway, but I've been told a lot of the scheduling patches are getting accepted into the vanilla kernel anyway07:16
orngjce223So eh07:16
orngjce223...I'm not particularly good with that tbh - you ask the osm people and they might know more07:17
TinfoilAll working fine now :)07:42
TinfoilThanks for the help. JACK is a nightmare... I'll be afk for now, retrieving more inspiration--in-a-can.07:46

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