* madnick is sad00:47
madnickwe could really position the session selection anywhere, but the problem is: it does not look good with it being a button00:47
madnickis libsession unity specific?01:01
* micahg isn't familiar with a libsession01:15
madnickmicahg: i *think* its an indicator01:17
madnickAnd if we miss that one, I guess its sort of a deal breaker to use the unity greeter :(01:17
madnickWe got libsound01:17
micahgah, yeah, indicator-session provides it01:18
madnicktbh, the best greeter would be a plain simple "username" "password" :D01:24
micahg+1 :)01:25
madnickDon't think most people agree however01:25
madnickWonderful, wrong terminal, outside of virtualbox :)01:28
madnickDroid Sans + Select Session (need to do something about that), the indicators01:49
madnickI need to think about this deeply :/01:49
micahgmadnick: nice01:52
madnickhm, cannot run -test-mode of lightdm in a VM :\12:42
madnickcould anyone help me with some packaging?12:51
GridCube:( sorry i cant13:02
madnickI made a package ~2006 :P I guess I *could* make a simple package, but I wouldnt trust it being correct enough :(13:02
knomemicahg, mr_pouit ?13:03
knome(hey madnick & GridCube)13:03
knomei still think the lightdm should be centered, if the plymouth theme is centered ;)13:05
astraljavamadnick: If I go home today at all, I can give it a go.13:05
madnickknome: indeed, im doing a new theme13:05
knomeno other reasons really, the left-aligned style doesn't look bad as it is13:05
madnickastraljava: thanks :)13:05
knomemadnick, any other changes than just centering?13:05
madnickknome: im doing "username" -> "password"13:05
madnick+ session13:05
madnickin center :)13:05
knomeare you presenting a list of the usernames13:06
knomehey astraljava 13:06
madnickIm not, but I could do that13:06
knomeokay, i think that'd be a welcome addition13:06
knomei don't need it myself but yeah.. many like it13:06
madnickknome: im just gonna do 2 masked textboxes + dropdown (for session) + login button13:06
madnickwith xubuntu-greybird.png13:06
knomeif you need any artwork, just ask13:07
knomeand sorry for not being that active, life is getting in the way :)13:07
madnickknome: i need artwork for plymouth! :P If I dont have a package next week charlie wont ship it13:07
knomeso it's still about cirlce/not circle?13:07
knomenext week = monday, or sunday?13:07
madnickIf you get ochosi to like our version (the bar) i could have the package today13:08
knomeif you haven't heard of me before friday, poke me with a fork13:08
knomeand the lightdm theme also needs to be ready before Mon? is there something you need?13:09
madnickWell, not sure, I guess anything is welcome, atm its just gonna be the standard controllers styled as much as possible :)13:09
knomeonce you have gone as far as you can (without using too much time with artwork), can you also poke me?13:10
madnickyes :)13:10
knomeit shouldn't take too long to create something in the same style13:11
madnickI suspect the greeter code will take a day or two13:11
madnickIm gonna write it in Vala, so I can easily port Roberts code for fetching users etc13:13
knomerobert who?13:13
madnickThe author of lightdm 13:13
madnickIm a bit worried about libsession.so13:14
madnickIf that is a heavy thing or not13:14
astraljavaknome: pong14:18
knomeastraljava, ping? :)14:18
knomeastraljava, just said hello before, if you were wondering14:18
astraljavaAha. :) Well, hello there! :D14:18
astraljavaHow you doin'? </Joey voice>14:19
knomebusy, but okay14:19
knomeguests coming in any minute :)14:19
astraljavaOh alright, have fun!14:20
knomewill try to ;)14:20
knomeso did you already watch QI with jussi?14:20
astraljavaNope. :)14:20
astraljavaBut I think he saw us talking about that, and I'm fairly confident he checked it out himself at some point.14:24
knomeyeah. i've been reminding him of it.14:26
madnickerr, cannot compile what I made :( I lost the makefile, got no idea how I got it working before :D14:27
knomehow is that even possible?14:28
knomedon't you make backups?14:28
madnickNope :(14:29
madnickAccording to the unity greeter, i should use 5 libs, which I am14:29
knomeyou should. :)14:29
knomeanyway, bbl ->14:30
madnickcya :)14:30
madnickNobody seems to know what is wrong with the compilation :(16:04
micahgknome: ?16:32
madnickhi micahg could you help me package the plymouth theme? :)16:33
micahgmadnick: sure, does it have to be right now?16:35
madnickmicahg: nope16:35
micahgmadnick: take a look at plymouth-theme-xubuntu-logo and plymouth-theme-xubuntu-text and xubuntu-plymouth-theme16:35
madnickokay :)16:36
astraljavawget ftp://ftp.funet.fi/dev/100Mnull17:16
astraljava2011-08-15 20:08:49 (11.1 MB/s) - `100Mnull' saved [104857600]17:16
* astraljava is happy again17:16
GridCubeyesterday i did the alternate i386 whole disk test17:29
GridCubeit went smootly :D17:31
GridCubeyep that one17:32
astraljavaDo you intend to do some today? I can do some others, then, but only i386 at this time.17:34
astraljavaI mean real hw.17:34
astraljavavbox can be used for amd6417:34
GridCubei can't do tests on the week days, uni and work wont allow me to. I can test on weekends tho17:37
astraljavaAhh... okay then.17:38
madnickmicahg: Ive looked over package structure, nothing odd, just that, Im not sure how to build a package :)23:22
madnickI found alot of guides for it, but it cannot possibly involve that many tools :\23:24
astraljavamadnick: Yeah, sorry, but I had to work 15 hours today, so no time for helping out. :(23:24
micahgmadnick: take a look at pbuilder-dist in ubuntu-dev-tools23:24
madnickastraljava: oh, okay :)23:24
madnickmicahg: will do23:24
madnickmicahg: while i have you here, what was bad about using GtkWebKit for building a GTK greeter with Webkit frontend?23:25
madnickI remember vaugly it was something bad about it23:25
madnickThat is true :P 23:35
madnickStill, it requires less than 256 MB RAM23:37

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