Arthur_DI'm having some difficulties with the task manager of Orage. I'm trying to make it start a wine application when the alarm goes, but for some reason, it doesn't. If I set it to start e.g. k3b, it does that just fine00:04
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:05
charlie-tcaThey would have more help for that in #winehq, I think00:06
Arthur_DI don't think so. I tested opening it with the same command in the terminal, and it worked just fine00:06
Arthur_Dso it doesn't seem like Wine is the problem00:07
charlie-tcaand it does start k3b, so the app is not the problem00:12
Arthur_Dwell, one way or another, something must be wrong. If the value is passed directly to the command line shell like the tooltip suggests, any command given in the terminal should work here as well00:14
Arthur_Dbut for some reason it doesn't00:14
Arthur_Dwine /path/to/program/programname.exe ought to work00:17
xKrisxI'm pretty new to linux but I was trying to attempt this: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/internet/C/ndiswrapper.html I was wondering about the inf file and which one it is suppose to be. Its a Netgear WN111v2 if that helps at all.00:29
xmrojas6996Hola, ¿Alguien por casualidad habla español?02:17
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Jason75I installed 11.04 a few days ago. Loving it so far, but for some reason I can't change my screen resolution.02:48
Jason75Only gives me one option...1024x768 and 0.0 for the refresh rate.02:48
Jason75Any ideas?02:48
Jason75It's an older Dell crt monitor and integrated Intel graphics chip.02:48
xKrisxi came in here a while ago asking my own questions. I think you'd have more luck in #ubuntu because theres tons of people in there active.02:51
Jason75Ah, ok. Thanks!02:52
xKrisxyeah no problem02:52
xKrisx#ubuntu and #kubuntu are most popular02:52
Jason75So I've heard...but, Xubuntu is gaining some attention, apparently.02:55
Jason75Yeah...no one's answering in #ubuntu, either.02:55
xKrisxyou could try kubuntu lol02:56
Jason75lol Might have to.02:56
xKrisxi had to ask a couple of times in ubuntu02:57
Jason75I have lol.02:57
xKrisxeventually someone will be on that will help you.. if you bug them enough02:57
xKrisxtheres like 1300 people in there someone has to know02:58
Jason75You would think.02:58
xKrisxlol xD\02:58
xKrisxeh, you could look for other linux channels03:01
xKrisxpossibly on a different network too03:01
Jason75True enough.03:02
xKrisxbesides that i dont know what to tell you. bad timing, maybe no one smart is on. lol03:02
xKrisxidk if this might be helpful: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-linux/125771-xubuntu-screen-resolution.html03:05
xKrisxlol i really dont know03:05
Jason75Hey, thanks. I'll definitely check it out. :-)03:05
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gigeniekshi guys09:36
gigenieksDoes anyone know how to file bug and could explain it to me? Or should I ask this in other channel?09:41
well_laid_lawn!bug | gigenieks09:47
ubottugigenieks: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:47
well_laid_lawnhope it helps09:47
gigeniekswill check that link - thank you :)09:48
well_laid_lawnnp :)09:50
pushkarikHey guys! My Firefox 5 doesn't show some parts of websites: code examples on stackoverflow, code on github etc. I ride xubuntu 11.04, x6410:14
ablomenpushkarik, you don't see them at all? you could try installing ttf-mscorefonts-installer, though i'm not sure that fixes it10:15
well_laid_lawnablomen: what fiefox extensions are you using?10:16
pushkarikablomen: i see them in Opera or Chrome, but not in Firefox10:16
pushkarikwell_laid_lawn: i thought that problem is with AdBlock, but i tried to turn off all extensions - so it didn't help me10:16
well_laid_lawnI'd check extensions/plugins first10:17
pushkarikwell_laid_lawn: how i said - i uninstalled all extensions, but it didn't help me10:18
well_laid_lawnpushkarik: did you restart the browser?10:18
pushkarikwell_laid_lawn: yes, off course10:19
well_laid_lawnk :)10:19
well_laid_lawncan you give me a link that doesn't work for you?10:19
pushkarikhttp://hyperpolyglot.org/scripting  - i don't see table contents or examples of code on all page10:21
ablomenpushkarik, as a last resort you could try renaming your ~/.mozilla directory to see if it's something in your profile, and go from there10:21
well_laid_lawnwith noscript I get the table and code examples10:22
pushkarikablomen: i just tried it - doesn't work anyway :(10:23
pushkarikwell_laid_lawn: i also see it with firebug10:23
ablomendid you try installing the ms fonts?10:23
pushkarikablomen: no10:24
ablomentry that, it might not be able to find the fonts (Courier etc) and also not finding a fallback font10:24
ablomen(just a theory, but hey, you need the ms fonts for webdeveloping anyway)10:25
knometheoretically not finding a fallback font shouldn't ever happen, that'd mean you didn't have any fonts on your system installed..10:25
pushkarikablomen: oh, sorry, i have already msttcorefonts package10:27
ablomenok, then i have no idea10:27
pushkarikGuys, i already tried all usual things: turning on/off extensions, changing mozilla profile, updating firefox etc - it still doesn't work :( That's why i came for help - i have no ideas what to do next10:29
knomepushkarik, have you purged and reinstalled firefox?10:31
pushkarikknome: no, not purged10:31
knomei don't if that can help, but i'd try that next.10:32
pushkarikknome: hahaha, i just did "blabla purge firefox" and i see "what will be deleted: firefox, what will be installed: chromium"10:33
Sysisomething depending about webbrowser10:34
pushkarikhere is screenshot how my problem looks like:10:37
gigenieks_did I file correctly bug --->10:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 826675 in xfburn (Ubuntu) "xfburn new data composition doesn't work" [Undecided,New]10:40
ablomenpushkarik, it's the firefox version from the ubuntu repositories btw? your not using a ppa or something like that?10:54
pushkarikGuys, i overcame the problem! I just deleted installed font 'Monaco' from usr/share/fonts folder. Maybe it was installed  not correctly10:54
Charlez-Xubque tal15:53
ChristopherNGCan someone tell me what avahi-daemon is?16:33
zenroxsomething you need16:37
jbrouhardCould ther ebe any particular reason why my hard drive says 60% used (80GB out of 150GB) in Xubuntu ?16:38
jbrouhardor is df reading this wrong cause i have several drives mapped nto my home directory, including a dropbox instalation ?16:38
zenroxdf could be reading it wrong16:40
zenroxbut i ant really shure16:40
zenroxit shouldent tho16:40
zenroxdf should see each mount separltaly16:41
jbrouhardthis is a near fresh install16:42
jbrouhardi have.. MAYBE..16:43
jbrouhard20 GB extra in my /home directory16:43
jbrouhardbut not more than that16:43
jbrouhardDropBox simply is a folder that is sync'd with an offsite location, much like Ubuntu One.16:44
SaaMmY1hey guys19:03
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SaaMmYwhy if I get a javascript that detects my OS in firefox I get UNIX detecting x11 and in chromium I get simply Linux?19:04
well_laid_lawnUNIX detecting x11 ??19:05
orngjce223Do you know which page it is? I'd like to take a look.19:09
SaaMmYI mean it detects x11 and then says you are on UNIX OS19:23
SaaMmYthen if it detects simply Linux it says you are on Linux OS19:24
SaaMmYit is an app I have copied on a site19:24
SaaMmYthe fact is that it says I am on unix if I am on ff I am on Linux if I am on chromium19:25
Sysiit's made to ansver like that, according to what it detects19:28
Sysinot really related to xubuntu anyway19:28
SaaMmYhowever I am on xubuntu so I thought19:30
SaaMmYif anyone knows about javascript... some hope19:30
SaaMmYnevermind if not19:30
xrdodrxSaaMmY, this has to do with your useragent most likely19:30
xrdodrxfor instance mine is "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux) AppleWebKit/534.26+ Midori/0.4"19:31
xrdodrxit's the data your browser sends a server to identify itself19:31
SaaMmYoh yeah me too same as you19:32
SaaMmYthank you very much19:33
xrdodrxSaaMmY, what's more, it's easy to spoof :P19:33
SaaMmYI would prefer to make a javascript for detect which OS it has to serve... in order to make different output file to write into different system paths19:35
SaaMmYthen... useragent code It must be greatly useful19:35
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CorvusAnyone around able to help me out with a resolution issue?20:06
SaaMmYme not20:08
CorvusYou not?20:08
CorvusFair enough.20:08
n2diyI upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10, and i lost some of my system sounds. Thunderbird doesn't beep, or play a .wav when I receive e-mail, xchat-gnome doesn't beep when someone uses my nick, but korganizer's calendar alarm beep works, and I can play .wav files when I double click them, ideas?20:13
CorvusGood luck getting an answer.20:14
n2diyCorvus, what is your resolution issue?20:15
CorvusCan't choose anything other than 1024x768.20:15
CorvusRunning on a box with integrated Intel graphics chip.20:16
CorvusDriver is installed, but it won't let me change the rez or refresh rate.20:16
n2diyCorvus, what is the make of your graphics card?20:16
CorvusIntel 915.20:16
n2diyCorvus, hmmm, did you google that and Xubuntu?20:17
CorvusYeah...didn't come up with much.20:17
n2diyCorvus, well, if it was an ATI or Nvidia card you could try those channels, maybe the folks in xorg would help you?20:18
CorvusI'll give it a shot. Thanks.20:19
n2diyCorvus, gl, I'm off to Ubuntu land.20:19
CorvusYeah...tried there, too. lol20:19
SaaMmYxrdodrx however if it detects x11 which differences there are?20:27
xrdodrxSaaMmY, ?20:27
SaaMmYbetween linux and x1120:27
SaaMmYwhich is the difference?20:27
xrdodrxx11 is the display server20:28
xrdodrxlinux is the kernel20:28
xrdodrxevery distribution of xubuntu comes with x11 and linux20:28
SaaMmYthat's all20:28
xrdodrxas do most linux distributions20:28
xrdodrxthat's all20:28
SaaMmYso I should no worry about it20:28
xrdodrxi wouldn't, no20:28
SaaMmYI write Linux in the code20:28
SaaMmYfor UNIX linux20:28
SaaMmYwhich difference?20:29
xrdodrxUnix Linux?20:29
xrdodrxI'm not sure what your question is :(20:29
SaaMmYbetween unix and linux20:29
SaaMmYlinux is the kernel20:29
SaaMmYbut unix too20:29
SaaMmYor not?20:29
xrdodrxSaaMmY, Linux is based on Unix20:30
xrdodrxbut Unix is an entire operating system, meanwhile Linux is just the kernel20:30
SaaMmYthen if the output detection says unix or linux which is the problem?20:31
SaaMmYno problem20:31
SaaMmYor not?20:31
xrdodrxno Unix code is actually included in Linux, Unix is a proprietary OS that distributions of GNU/Linux seeked to emulate20:31
xrdodrxSaaMmY, it's very unlikely any of your users will be using unix20:31
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SaaMmYI need this detection just to know to whom to make download or a bin or an exe or a dmg20:32
SaaMmYxrdodrx this is all... so if for bin there is no difference between unix and linux20:33
SaaMmYI can use this simple script20:33
xrdodrxSaaMmY, unless you've specifically compiled it for UNIX systems like HP-UX and Solaris, it likely won't even run20:33
SaaMmYI have compiled for xubuntu kubuntu and ubuntu20:34
xrdodrxUNIX is in a league all by itself, but Linux is *mostly compatible* with it20:34
xrdodrxbut not binary compatible20:34
xrdodrxSaaMmY, you're losing sight of the bigger picture, if you figure desktop Linux has around 1-5% market share I can't even imagine how low all the other unices are :P20:35
SaaMmYthen no problem20:36
SaaMmYok ok20:36
SaaMmYI am too thinker20:36
xrdodrxyeah :)20:36
n2diyI upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10, and i lost some of my system sounds. Thunderbird doesn't beep, or play a .wav when I receive e-mail, xchat-gnome doesn't beep when someone uses my nick, but korganizer's calendar alarm beep works, and I can play .wav files when I double click them, ideas?20:37
ChristopherNGim getting really annoyed and frustrated22:17
* Sysi pats ChristopherNG 22:20
Sysitake a moments break and cool off22:21
Sysibetter chances of solution then22:21
ubuntuxubuntu install formatted my home partition... what can I do?23:57
ubuntuI didn't check the "format" checkbox in gparted23:57
ubuntuunmounted the partition as soon as I noticed it23:58
ubuntuit is empty23:58

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