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oSoMoNgood morning07:02
mardyKaleo: I'd like to get a new stacktrace for bug 743662, because the code now has changed considerably and is using C++ exceptions. Should I just do that in a comment, or ar there specific keywords to set?09:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 743662 in unity-2d (Ubuntu) "unity-2d-spread crashed with SIGSEGV in WindowImageProvider::requestImage()" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74366209:40
Kaleomardy: I don't know of any specific keywords for that09:43
mardyKaleo: because I'm afraid that the bug report tool will simply detect that the bug is a duplicate, and won't upload a new trace :-/09:44
Kaleomardy: good point09:45
Kaleojibel: do you know?09:45
jibelmardy, there is no specific keyword. Just add a comment and ask for a new report.09:49
jibelmardy, the retracers are offline ATM and IDK when they will be back, the bug won't be marked as dup anyway (and won't be retraced :( )09:51
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nerochiaromardy: MR updated, hopefully it's all good this time11:37
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mardynerochiaro: I see that in some places you use "Type *variable" (which I personally prefer), while the rest of the Unity-2d code seems to use "Type* variable"11:54
nerochiaromardy: i'm pretty random in that usage, honestly11:54
nerochiaromardy: again, i think it's something that should either be left up to the coder, or enforced via CODING guidelines file11:55
mardyKaleo: do you mind ^? (I don't)11:55
nerochiaroi don't have any preference11:56
nerochiaroon that subject11:56
Kaleomardy: I believe Type* is clearer11:56
Kaleomardy: does the google c++ guidelines say something about taht?11:56
mardyKaleo: yes, both are accepted, provided that the usage is consistent within a project11:57
mardynerochiaro: I would keep the namespace11:59
nerochiaromardy: you mean add it back to all the plugins ?11:59
mardynerochiaro: but of course, either we put it in all applets, or we don't put it at all11:59
nerochiaromardy: what's the reason you prefer it ? nothing else uses it11:59
mardynerochiaro: if we don't have any requirements on ABI compatibility, we can keep it for later12:00
nerochiaromardy: you mean remove the namespace now, and perhaps add it back later if it's needed ?12:00
mardynerochiaro: if this plugin API is going to be public, better use it12:00
nerochiaromardy: ok, i'll add it back then12:01
nerochiaromardy: please say so in the MR so i don't forget12:01
mardynerochiaro: ok, great12:01
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nerochiaromardy: from your MR comment it seems you want only the interface itself to be in the Unity2d namespace, which is good. but the change you saw in my previous commit was related to the plugins being outside of the namespace, which is independent from the interface being inside of it (unless i'm missing something)12:41
zniavregood afternoon ayanta devs12:41
zniavrehow to clean all removed application from application dash please ?12:42
mardynerochiaro: ah, true12:44
mardynerochiaro: I just care about the interface and the PanelApplet class12:44
nerochiaromardy: good. i'll fix that only then12:45
bjfafter a dist upgrade on Sat. evening, when i log in i only get to nautilus, this is on oneiric, i just now did a dist-upgrade and i still have this problem12:52
bjfi happen to be in the millbank office right now if anyone wants to take a look at it12:52
andyrockgood morning all12:55
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nerochiaromardy: all changes you requested should be pushed to the branch now14:10
mardynerochiaro: cool, let me have one last look14:10
nerochiaromardy: thanks14:11
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apwi assume we are aware that the new alt-tab switcher looses its mind and selects the wrong window, often not the forground window of a set of windows14:40
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jonoDBO njpatel howdy chaps, have you guys seen https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/824890 ?15:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 824890 in unity (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Dash performance issues with 'Active Blur' enabled" [Critical,Confirmed]15:06
DBOjono, I have some help on the way for that15:07
DBOworking out the remaining kinks15:07
DBObut long story short15:07
nerochiaromardy: great that you approved the MR, but please put approved too on the "status" field at the top of the page, or it won't be merged by tarmac15:08
mardynerochiaro: ah, sorry, didn't know. I'll do that right away15:08
nerochiaromardy: np. it's a pretty nice system. ask Kaleo for more details, I think he set it up15:16
jonoDBO, cool15:26
jonoDBO, so there should be perf improvements?15:27
DBOjono yes15:29
DBObig ones15:29
jonoDBO rocking15:31
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andyrockI'm going to work with this bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/691776) but it's my "first time" with cairo animation...17:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 691776 in unity (Ubuntu) "Fade effect when showing the menubar" [Medium,Confirmed]17:50
andyrockcould someone help me? :)17:50
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jcastroandyrock: Cimi is your man!17:51
andyrockjcastro, ok thx17:52
Cimiandyrock: that looks pretty trivial to do17:52
andyrockCimi, trivial for you... not for me :)17:52
Cimiyou could save the previous surface17:52
Cimiand the newer one17:53
Cimiand paint one with alpha = progress17:53
Cimithe other 1 - progress17:53
Cimiuntil it ends your timeout17:53
andyrockCimi, I thought something like this... but i'm asking17:54
Cimilet's assume you have the previous pattern17:54
Cimiwith all the text etc etc17:54
Cimisave it17:54
Cimiget the new pattern17:54
Cimiwhat you'll need now is to fade between them17:55
andyrockCimi, i've to fade both menu text and title text?17:55
Cimiwhile the first one gots alpha reduced (so, from 1 to 0)17:55
Cimithe other one increases17:55
Cimi(0 to 1)17:55
andyrockso for example, the menu fade out and the title fade in the same moment?17:56
CimiI think that's the fade animation we want, isn't it?17:56
andyrocki think so... but i've to create a base class to do this17:57
andyrockmaybe FaderWidget17:57
andyrocksince menu and title ara handled in differents ways in unity... you know17:57
CimiI don't know :)17:58
Cimiso, basically you just need to store the previous pattern17:58
andyrockwell title is a simple "cairo pango text", menu are indicators :)17:58
Cimiand keep it in mem until animation ends17:58
Cimiassuming you use gtk_render_layout for the title17:59
Cimicairo_push_group ()18:00
Cimicairo_pattern_t *pat = cairo_pop_group ()18:00
Ciminow, pat contains the previous title18:01
Cimithe fade should have18:01
Cimicairo_set_source (cr, pat)18:01
Cimicairo_paint_with_alpha (cr, 1 - progress);18:01
Cimi// new text, set source...18:01
Cimicairo_paint_with_alpha (cr, progress)18:02
Cimiassuming progress is double from 0.0f to 1.0f18:02
andyrocki have to apply the fading to the single menuitem, or i can apply it to the entire menubar?18:03
andyrockCimi, thx btw18:03
Cimiandyrock: what you want18:04
Cimiandyrock: I suggest you to write a test app18:05
Cimishould be difficult18:05
c10udCimi, can you do nicely-rounded window borders? kthxbi18:06
Cimic10ud: you mean those? :) https://plus.google.com/107658363031614745288/posts/267k79USyni18:06
c10udexactly, thanks for reading my mind18:06
c10udno gtk2 support i guess18:07
Cimic10ud: it's in the window deco18:07
Cimic10ud: does not depend on toolkit18:07
c10uddoes that mean you're going to backport it? :p18:07
Cimic10ud: to what?18:08
Cimioh no18:08
Cimithat requires new compiz is in oneiric18:08
c10udbackport moar (?)18:09
c10udi have some theme from your ppa, but it's gone now18:09
Cimidon't have time for anything18:10
c10udwe (as organization) fixed your file transfer bug, you owe us something!18:12
c10ud(just kidding..maybe?)18:12
jcastrocdbs: hey you're working on the unity bug triage with om26er right?18:21
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ephanjcastro, why is Firefox a security update?19:57
jcastroit's just the way it ended up19:57
jcastroI guess if you think about it, it's a security update19:58
jcastrothat just happens to have a bunch of features along with it19:58
jcastroplus "updates" are optional, security not so much.19:58
ephanWell yes, new browser versions usually include better security features19:58
ephanYes I'm starting to get it, thanks19:58
Prettohey, i have a problem with lenses, when I click any shortcut from dash it only closes and don't launch20:02
Prettohow can I see if it is logging errors like that to report a bug?20:03
ephanPretto, one way is to run unity in a terminal and see if there's any error output20:03
Prettoephan: i will try that20:05
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PrettoWARN  2011-08-16 17:06:02 unity.dash.view DashView.cpp:406 Unable to find Lens /com/canonical/unity/applicationsplace/applications20:06
Prettogot that error20:06
ephanI think that has been reported already, let me check20:07
ephanbug 82484220:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 824842 in unity (Ubuntu) "Click on 'More Apps' et al closes the dash" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82484220:08
ephanThere it is Pretto, check that it has happened to you20:08
Prettoephan, it is the same I am having here20:09
ephanYes, as I said, press "This happens to me"20:09
ephanThus, it'll get more attention and we'll try to fix it faster20:10
Prettoephan: other problem I am having is that I can't navigato in the dash using direction keys20:10
ephanI see Pretto20:11
ephanRight now I can't, so go to Launchpad and check if it has been reported20:11
ephanI think something like that has been reported20:11
Prettook, thak you ephan20:11
om26erPretto, that is also reported :)20:14
Prettoom26er: do you have the url for it?20:14
om26erbug 82496620:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 824966 in unity (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Unity 4.8 Dash is no longer keyboard accessible" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82496620:15
ephanI knew I had read about it20:16
jjohansenwhy does unity ignore ccsm when there are conflicts and you do resolve conflicts and tell it not to set the value?20:20
om26erjjohansen, i would love to know that as well, but i am afraid those who could answer this are already asleep or offline (or on vacation) :)20:35
jjohansenom26er: well then I will just have to pester them in 12 hours :)20:36
ephanom26er, are you referring to Treviño?20:36
om26erephan, no, didrocks20:37
om26erjjohansen, ;)20:37
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cdbsjcastro: ping20:55
cdbsjcastro: No, not any more20:55
cdbsOr I should say, not for now20:55
cdbsfocusing more on the papercuts project and unity contrubitions other than triage20:55
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