dOxxxbefore tuesday?00:10
dOxxxjelmer: I'm building the Mac OS X installer now so it can be ready in time for tuesday's 2.4.0 release00:11
jelmerdOxxx: given it's already tuesday, not likely00:18
jelmerdOxxx, :)00:18
jelmerdOxxx, it should be a couple of days, I've been putting it off for way too long.00:18
dOxxxjelmer:  is it likely that you'll be making any changes or can I just package the current tip?00:19
jelmerdOxxx, there are probably going to be a few more changes00:32
dOxxxjelmer: ok. I guess I'll wait to package it then.00:33
pooliehi doxxx, jelmer00:35
dOxxxhey poolie00:35
statikpoolie, I'm doing my part to celebrate the 2.4 release, submitted a pull request to upgrade the version shipping in homebrew :) https://github.com/mxcl/homebrew/pull/703103:15
pooliehi statik03:15
vilahello guys06:38
pooliehello vila07:06
vilapoolie: hi there07:06
poolievila, can you help with https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr-explorer/+question/16811307:06
pooliei guess it's not on his patch or something07:06
vilapoolie: funnily enough, I already replied to that ;)07:07
vila(6 minutes ago according to lp ;-p)07:07
poolie:) good for you07:07
pooliemust be just stuck in mail07:07
vilapoolie: any progress on the HTTPError on package importer ?07:48
vilajelmer: don't forget your pp report ;)07:51
poolievila, hi, not yet :/07:58
pooliemay go back to it tonight07:58
jampoolie: are we doing standup now? mumble or voip?07:59
vilapoolie: no pressure, was just wondering07:59
jam(morning all, btw)07:59
poolielet's mumble!08:00
bignoseaaaare yoooou readyyyy toooo MUMBLLLLE08:00
jambignose: yes08:01
jamor maybe that should be mhmhmh yes mhmhmh08:01
bignoseso how is Mumble working for you folks? I'm glad you found a free-software teleconference app08:01
jambignose: noise cancelation is worse than skype08:02
jambut overall it works ok08:02
jamwe're also looking at Skype08:02
poolievila, jelmer, hi?08:02
vilagrr, can't connect to mumble anymore :-( Probably related to my recent change on lp for my preferred email...08:02
poolievila, so what are the odds you'll get it up in a few minutes?08:03
jamvila: It is SSO, I believe, so whatever your Launchpad login is, should be your mumble email08:03
pooliei've seen some bug traffic about it getting confused by some email changes08:04
pooliesome interfaces key off email address or something, which is obviously not stable08:04
* jelmer is on his way08:06
vilajelmer: \o/08:06
pooliejam, bug 81991008:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 819910 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "many packages fail to import due to HTTPError talking to Launchpad (eg ubuntu:transmission)" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81991008:08
pooliestill with me08:08
pooliealso helped fix bug 81519008:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 815190 in gnupg2 (Ubuntu) "gpg2: pkglue.c:41: mpi_from_sexp: Assertion `data' failed." [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81519008:08
pooliefrom the moderation queue08:31
poolieAnswer please the following questions:08:31
poolieDo you have a possibility to send packages to Russia?08:31
poolieWhat should be the maximum sum of money (in dollars) for buying a package in order to escape problems at custom?08:31
bignosepoolie: reminds me of <URL:http://download.ted.com/talks/ZeFrank_2004.mp4>08:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 712474 in Bazaar "ModuleAvailableFeature broken for modules with side-effects" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:37
pooliebignose, what is that?08:38
nigelbpoolie: is that moderation queue for bzr mailing list or something?08:41
bignosepoolie: Ze Frank's TED talk, which (once he's actually on stage) begins with a pretty funny rendition of — well, something that you'll find familiar :-)08:41
nigelbbignose: Speaking of Ze Frank, head of Klout? Klout marks him as expert on cupcakes. :)08:42
lifelessmgz: hi08:57
lifelessjam: thanks for analysing that bug09:10
jamlifeless: yeah, np09:10
jamIn the big subscription switchover, I lost my subscription to Loggerhead bugs. But that should be sorted out now09:11
spivjam: thanks for picking up my branch --stacked work09:20
jamspiv, np09:20
pooliehi spiv09:26
pooliejam, are you still mumbling?09:45
jampoolie: yep09:45
pooliei probably should have muted my mike09:45
pooliewas futzing with audio09:45
jamyeah, you had some buzzing feedback09:45
jamnothing terrible, thoug09:45
jelmerjam: Robin is one of the Ohloh hackers, and they call the command-line bzr utility from their ror app I think. Which is why they're calling bzr on ancient revisions.10:08
Sweetshark"bzr: ERROR: Tree transform is malformed [('duplicate', 'new-2', 'new-25', u'debian_gaupol_library_path')]" when trying to merge translate-toolkit from debian with bzr. any hints?10:13
Sweetshark(that is not on the merge itself, which just spawns bazillion of conflicts, but on the attempted resolve of conflicts)10:14
jelmerSweetshark, hi10:24
jelmerSweetshark, it sounds like you're trying to merge two unrelated branches, which is usually a bad idea10:24
jelmerSweetshark, though of course we shouldn't error out like that during conflict resolution10:25
jelmervila: ^10:25
Sweetsharkwell, Im trying to merge lp:/ubuntu/oneiric/translate-toolkit and lp:/debian/sid/translate-toolkit10:27
SweetsharkI had hopes that those where related ;)10:27
jelmerhmm, they should be10:32
pooliehm, i also get the traceback of http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/exult.html#2011-08-04 14:38:28.971355 on some packages locally10:35
ccxCZis there easy way to perform some actions on server after I push changes to it?10:47
ccxCZlike generating ikiwiki/sphinx doc/whatever and publishing that10:48
poolieyou can write a post-tip-change hook that runs on the server10:49
Sweetsharkjelmer: hmmm, the debian changelog talks about moving to v3. Maybe: a) it was not imported before because it was not v3 b) we had out own repo still (of course unrelated to the not yet imported/existing debian-repo) c) now the debian import works10:49
ccxCZpoolie: I think I tried that before but it failed on bzr sandboxing code it runs10:51
ccxCZwell, gonna try again then10:51
ccxCZany obvious errors in this? http://paste.pocoo.org/show/459275/10:53
poolielooks good10:58
pooliethere's also a bzr push-and-update plugin that can be installed on all clients, and it then doesn't need server support10:59
ccxCZyeah, but that need double login (I don't mind in this case, but sometimes it is problematic)10:59
vilaSweetshark: which bzr version are you using ?11:03
vilaSweetshark: 'Tree transform is malformed' is unambiguously a bug, but there is no bugs currently known. So either upgrading will fix your issue or you should file a bug with a reproducing recipe11:05
Sweetsharkvila: bzr 2.4.011:10
Sweetsharkbut it is likely just 12:24 < jelmer> Sweetshark, it sounds like you're trying to merge two unrelated branches, which is usually a bad idea11:11
vilaSweetshark: oh, yeah, I agree, quite a bad idea ;) Still we shouldn't crash, so bug welcome ;)11:21
vilaSweetshark: by the way, what command did you use ?11:22
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pooliejam, i'm going to stop for tonight11:54
pooliei think i cracked one of the errors but not the top one11:54
jampoolie: ok, have a good evening11:54
pooliebloody yaks11:54
jamHTTP stuff?11:54
poolieyeah https://bugs.launchpad.net/udd/+bug/827263 is fixed11:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 827263 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "KeyError: 'debian' in get_debian_versions (dup-of: 626960)" [High,Confirmed]11:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 626960 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "Collection dictionary access incorrectly folds all HTTP errors to KeyError" [High,In progress]11:54
jamyou know, when they start bleeding, you've probably shaved too much :)11:54
pooliewhich i ran in to on the way to fixing the main wrong-url thing11:54
pooliewill try to get back to it first thing tomorrow11:55
jelmerpoolie, *bloody* yaks? What are you doing to them ? :P12:06
jelmerargh, GMTA, John already said that..12:06
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ccxCZhmm, branch I get in hook has .base in form of "filtered-363286476:///home/ccx/bzr/wobsite/", should I just de-urlize it to get unix path, or is there simpler way?13:19
ccxCZalso O_o filtered13:19
jelmerccxCZ, hi13:29
ccxCZhello jelmer13:29
jelmerccxCZ, you'd presumably have to ask the transport for the proper path13:29
jelmerccxCZ, where are you getting that URL?13:30
ccxCZpost_change_branch_tip hook13:31
ccxCZwhen I push to the server via ssh13:32
vilamaxb: 2.4.0 is now in sid and oneiric, what's your plan for the ppas ?13:42
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sidneijelmer or jam around?20:16
sidneibug #827631 fyi20:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 827631 in Bazaar Hg Plugin "Got list instead of iterator, causes import failure" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82763120:35
jelmersidnei, hey20:44
sidneihi jelmer20:44
sidneijelmer, seems like a simple fix? ^^20:45
jelmersidnei: I saw that problem earlier, but I had problems reproducing it locally20:47
jelmersidnei: bzr-hg needs some more work in general, unfortunately. hopefully I'll have some time to look into it soon.20:49
sidneijelmer, awesome, thanks!20:49
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