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KitHi, newbie here trying to install edubuntu on an old Acer laptop. Anyone feel up to giving me a hand, pls?23:08
KitFreemanHi. Anyone there, pls?23:15
alkisgKitFreeman: what troubles you?23:22
KitFreeman Hi. I'm trying to install edubuntu on an old Acer 2300 Travelmate. It's not the most powerful machine, but I think it's just about ok. I'm new to linux-based computing but I'm fairly savvy in general. I've burned an install dvd with edubuntu 11.04, and set the lap to boot from the dvd drive. At first it goes fine, and the edubuntu menu comes up. But when I select install, it just hangs. The dvd whirrs a bit, then a sort of 'wo23:28
KitFreeman[cont] ... and five dots below, which cycle clear/green. It just stays like that for hours with the dots clicking on/off (about 2 hours now, on the most recent attempt). Does anyone have any suggestions, pls?23:29
alkisgKitFreeman: how much ram does that computer have?23:36
KitFreeman512KB L2 cache.23:37
alkisgNo, that's not the one, search for the one in MB23:38
alkisgE.g. "256 MB RAM"23:38
alkisgE.g. here it says 256 MB: http://support.acer.com/acerpanam/notebook/0000/Acer/TravelMate2300/TravelMate2300sp2.shtml23:38
KitFreemanIt says 256MB DDR. Is that too little?23:39
KitFreemanps sorry for ineptitude ;)23:39
alkisgYes, it's low for edubuntu. I'd suggest installing lubuntu, or even debian/lxde on it, and then adding the educational apps you're interested in from synaptic (the package manager)23:40
alkisglubuntu and debian/lxde use lxde, a desktop environment that needs less ram than gnome23:40
alkisg(edubuntu uses gnome by default)23:40
KitFreemanok - thanks I'll try that. In general would you advise loading one of these OSes rather than sticking with the original Win XP install? I want to set up the machine for my 7 year old son.23:41
alkisgIt's hard to give advice for that. I have similar machines for my kids, dual boot with linux + xp23:42
alkisgI want them to learn linux, and it's even simpler for them to operate, but e.g. flash based games are too slow to run on linux with that ancient hardware23:43
alkisg(flash is badly implemented on linux, slower than on windows)23:43
alkisgSo they mostly work on linux, but they do have windows available as well, for some games23:43
KitFreemanThanks -- that's very helpful. And this old machine should be ok with a light linux + win XP dual install?23:44
alkisgYes, with either lubuntu or debian/lxde + xp dual install it should run fine23:45
alkisgOf course if you could add more ram, it would help a lot23:45
alkisgOn both OSes23:45
KitFreemanWell, thanks for your time - you've been very helpful. All best wishes23:46
alkisgGood luck :)23:46
KitFreemanCheers! Take care.23:47

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