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jjessei saw the post about plasma active on planet and it mentioned opensuse and mego packages are you all crazy kids have something on kubuntu as well?01:24
rbelemjjesse, yup01:49
rbelemjjesse, they are on the way ;-)01:49
jjessei figured01:49
jjessesomeone might want to mention that as the opensuse parts are on planet kde and planet ubuntu01:49
ulmloggerbulldog98: pingpingpingpingpingpingpingpingping07:46
QuintasanGood morning08:36
DaemonFCis it a known issue that both muon and add-apt-repository fail to import keys leaving you to do it by hand?08:40
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rbelemQuintasan, morning10:06
rbelemQuintasan, did you take a look in the kde-runtime? could you upload if it is ok? :-)10:07
QuintasanDid we get kdelibs uploaded in the first place?10:08
rbelemQuintasan, i think it was merged in the bzr10:12
QuintasanIt was since I merged it10:12
QuintasanNow it needs FFe bug and ScottK's approval10:13
rbelemQuintasan, nice10:13
Quintasanrbelem: Can you do a FFe bug and ping Scott? I'm somehow busy now10:13
rbelemQuintasan, yup10:14
rbelemQuintasan, after that we do -runtime, right?10:14
QuintasanMost likley10:14
QuintasanThen we can think about uploading more stuff10:14
jussiulmlogger: ping. 10:33
ulmloggerjussi: syn-ack10:33
ScottKrbelem: It'd be good to include the -runtime diff in the same FFe.10:33
jussiulmlogger: 30 - 3rd Ill be in austria/italy. will you be around? 10:34
ulmloggerjussi: 30 to 2nd or so10:35
ulmloggerprobably more like 1st, I am leaving for paris sometime on friday10:36
jussiulmlogger: ok, then that works. we can come visit you :D10:36
mfraz74Trying to download oneric-desktop-amd64 torrent, but I'm getting "unable to contact a tracker"11:26
mfraz74and if I select trackers "Error: requested download is not authorised for use with this tracker11:27
rbelemScottK, i filled a bug for kde4libs https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde4libs/+bug/827286 and kde-runtime https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-runtime/+bug/82728311:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 827286 in kde4libs (Ubuntu) "kde4libs package needs to be updated" [Undecided,New]11:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 827283 in kde-runtime (Ubuntu) "kde-runtime needs to be updated" [Undecided,New]11:28
rbelemScottK, there is one for qtmobility1.2, do i need to do the merge?11:29
ScottKPlease get apachelogger to ack the libs/runtime diff and ping me again.11:30
ScottKYes. Need the Debian -> Ubuntu debdiff.11:32
rbelemScottK, i think ulmlogger already acked kde4libs11:34
rbelemScottK, i'm not sure about -runtime11:34
rbelemulmlogger, ^11:35
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* rbelem goes to work11:39
rbelemScottK, i filled this bug too https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mongodb/+bug/82729111:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 827291 in mongodb (Ubuntu) "Mongodb package needs to be merged with latest debian changes" [Undecided,New]11:49
* rbelem runs11:50
* ScottK is on quasseldroid and not doing bugs ATM.11:51
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yofelQuintasan: *where* did your gles package fail again?14:42
_Groo_hi/2 all14:51
_Groo_stupid question14:51
_Groo_as you guys know, im doing weekly builds of calligra14:51
_Groo_theres now calligraactive (mobile)14:52
_Groo_should i create a package for it? for desktop? or leave it off?14:52
yofelwe do have some plasma active packages so feel free to, the folks that got exopc's would probably like to try it ^^14:55
yofel_Groo_: btw. where's digikam?14:55
_Groo_yofel: tonight :P14:58
_Groo_yofel: i cleaned up the packaging, just need to upload it to a ppa14:58
_Groo_yofel: i also need to release TH 0.2 tonight anyway14:58
_Groo_yofel: very busy this week, but ill live up to my promise tonight :)14:58
_Groo_yofel: i added active into calligra-mobile package14:59
_Groo_yofel: anyway, they just tagged alpha4 or 3, dont remember now14:59
_Groo_yofel: but ill refrain to release anything for now15:00
_Groo_yofel: a beta might be better15:00
Quintasanyofel: Where you ask? libkwineeffects built with gles is needed as well15:06
QuintasanAnd I was getting unspecified CMake Build Target errors from ABIManager OR duplicate SONAME error from ABIManager15:07
Quintasanyofel: To have the kwineffects with gles we need another package in debian/control with the same X-CMake-Target as libkwineeffects I guess15:08
Quintasanand that doesn't work ATM15:08
_Groo_another satisfied costumer: <domme> _Groo_: you are the most annoying packager ever15:19
Quintasan_Groo_: What are you trying to do?15:20
_Groo_Quintasan: im the oficial tomahawk maintainer15:20
_Groo_Quintasan: they are trying to force me to make a jreen lib based on git...15:20
QuintasanSo do it15:20
_Groo_Quintasan: and im saying i rather not polute natty if i can avoid it15:20
_Groo_Quintasan: i rather include it internally15:21
QuintasanYou can't upload anything to natty15:21
QuintasanJust provide it in a PPA15:21
_Groo_Quintasan: ppl are going to use the ppa15:21
_Groo_Quintasan: its a formula for failure15:21
_Groo_Quintasan: ill put in internally where it belongs15:21
QuintasanThen name the package accordingly?15:21
QuintasanI don't see any issue here15:22
_Groo_Quintasan: libjreen+theyhavenoideaofaversiongitheywhatdate~thisis$ucke3~natty.deb15:22
QuintasanIf upstream wants it in a separate package then why don't just do it?15:22
* Quintasan shurgs15:22
_Groo_Quintasan: they do it internally15:23
_Groo_Quintasan: for oneiric sure... for natty... i dont like the idea15:23
QuintasanThey build jreen internally, right?15:23
QuintasanThen what's the problem?15:23
QuintasanAdd another package in debian/control15:23
Quintasanmark it as experimental software15:23
Quintasanin Description15:23
_Groo_Quintasan: eventually someone witll sync with debian, it will conflict mine.. mail arriving in my inbox... not pretty15:23
QuintasanName it differently then15:23
_Groo_Quintasan: yeah im doing it internally15:24
_Groo_like i did in 0.115:24
Quintasan_Groo_: PROTIP: Nothing will most likely change in natty now15:24
_Groo_its that im just annoying ence the title :D15:24
_Groo_Quintasan: i know :) im thinking when ppl upgrade15:24
QuintasanI think PPA's are disabled when upgrading15:24
_Groo_Quintasan: exactly.. but the lib remains15:25
_Groo_Quintasan: it will conflict15:25
_Groo_Quintasan: dumb ppl err i mean users wont know what to do15:25
_Groo_Quintasan: failure, misery, attempts against my life, apachelogger with a stick15:26
_Groo_Quintasan: all avoided with a nice little package with jreen inside :)15:26
yofelQuintasan: oddly enough your bzr branch just built fine here locally15:29
Quintasanyofel: My branch doesn't contain libkwineeffects-gles15:30
yofelQuintasan: so it failed on dh_install?15:30
QuintasanIt has only kde-window-manager-gles package which installs everything and kde-workspace has depends on kde-window-manager | kde-window-manager-gles15:30
Quintasanyofel: Gah, try adding libkwineeffects-gles with Debian ABIManager yourself15:31
Quintasanyofel: You will get duplicate SONAME error somewhere at 5% of dh_auto_build15:31
yofelaaaah, now I get what you mean15:31
yofelQuintasan: why don't you just drop X-Debian-ABI for libwineffects-gles?15:33
yofelfor now at least15:33
yofeland add a fixme comment15:33
Quintasanyofel: I think dropping that also yields some error15:35
Quintasanyofel: If dropping it works then we are somehow saved :P15:39
yofelwell, I'll do a clean build (with -j1 so ask me again in 2h...)15:39
* Quintasan goes skateboarding15:41
_Groo_weekly calligra build is done, alpha4 tagged15:42
_Groo_kinda nice build btw, calligra is becoming very very good15:42
_Groo_love flow..15:42
* yofel was in the calligra session at DS15:42
yofelpretty nice indeed, although I still get font rendering issues in word15:43
_Groo_yofel: jelly15:45
_Groo_yofel: infidel!15:45
_Groo_yofel: its a alpha!15:45
yofel_Groo_: which is funny since it's less broken than kword ^^15:45
yofelQuintasan: btw. s/dh_clean/dh_auto_clean/ in your clean override target or the default build folder isn't removed on clean15:46
_Groo_yofel: yeah, they are kicking ass... they are actually sanitizing the code, like ripping kformula and putting it into a shape... good call...15:48
Quintasanyofel: I used dh_clean there? :S17:44
QuintasanSo yeah, telepathy-kde builds are ready17:55
QuintasanIn case anyone is interested17:55
claydohQuintasan: thank you! been waiting for daily builds, i quite like telepathy-kde, it has already replaced kopete18:03
Quintasanclaydoh: on one-eye-rick kde-text-ui is borked18:03
Quintasanmissing build-depend on qtwebkit and I don't have access to branches so I can't fix it right now18:03
claydohI am on natty atm :) 18:04
QuintasanSo it should work18:05
Riddelltazz: yo, what's your name and affiliation?18:06
tazzName = Gaurav Chaturvedi18:07
tazzAffiliation = ??18:07
Riddellbulldog98: likewise18:08
RiddellSput: name and affiliation?18:18
SputRiddell: for what?18:19
Riddellfor the DS group photo18:19
SputName = Manuel Nickschas18:19
SputAffiliation = Quassel IRC (or do you need my employer?)18:20
Riddellfree software affiliation is what I care about18:20
Sputthere you have it then :)18:20
Sputare you going to include the nicknames as well?18:20
Riddellyofel: yo18:29
yofelName = Philip Muškovac18:31
yofelAffiliation = Kubuntu Dev18:31
yofelwould be as what I went there18:31
Riddellsteveire: name and affiliation?18:42
Riddellright, go wild and find people! http://people.canonical.com/~jriddell/desktop-summit-akademy-guadec-group-photo-2011.html18:47
Riddelltype in xxx for unnamed people (most of them)18:47
Riddelland edit at http://notes.kde.org/desktop-summit-akademy-guadec-group-photo-201118:47
Riddellagateau: where are you in the photo?  we've only found 2 canonicalers19:27
yofelQuintasan: can you try to build workspace again? simply adding a libkwineffects1abi2-gles package that installs the lib from debian/tmp-kwin-gles/ works for me20:21
QuintasanWith no ABIManager?20:40
yofelwell, the abi manager matches control and cmake, so it already uses the abi from the first libkwineffects in the control file20:41
DarkwingDuckYay, thats over with.20:41
yofelthat's why it tries to add the abi twice if you have the lib twice in control20:41
Quintasanyofel: Then libkwineffects1abi2-gles shouldn't work :P20:43
QuintasanOr I'm doing somethign wrong20:43
yofelQuintasan: It will work, as long as you don't have X-Debian-ABI in *both*20:43
QuintasanNow libkwineffects1abi2-gles has to Breaks libkwineffects1abi220:45
Quintasanmore like Breaks and Conflicts20:46
Quintasanshould I use {binary:Version} or {source:Version}?20:47
Quintasanyofel: ^20:49
yofelfirst I think20:49
QuintasanI also think kde-window-manager-gles should depend on  libkwineffects1abi2-gles20:51
yofelhm... usually dh_shlibdeps should take care of that...20:51
QuintasanLet's see if it works20:51
Quintasanyofel: Can you copypasta your install file for libkwineffects-gles?20:52
QuintasanHah, it won't work like this :D20:53
QuintasanFor KWin20:54
QuintasanI had to do it like20:54
Quintasandebian/tmp-kwin-gles/usr/bin/kwin usr/bin/20:54
QuintasanOr it would install it into tmp-kwin-gles instead of usr/bin :P20:54
QuintasanOnce we get this shit working, we are almost home20:55
yofeloh true, didn't check, sry ^^20:56
QuintasanNo worries, I just remembered that because I was going apeshit where did the kwin binary go20:57
Quintasanand I extracted the deb20:57
Quintasanand did :O face20:57
* Quintasan wants a tablet20:57
Quintasanor working gles on iMX20:58
Quintasankde-workspace on -j121:00
yofelif I need to build this again I'll probably install ccache21:00
ulyssestimeout error21:03
ulyssesLaunchpad, i 'love' you21:03
yofel_what are you trying to do? ^^21:04
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ulyssesnothing special21:06
* Quintasan waits for 10% and goes to bed21:06
Quintasanyay, access to vasks21:06
yofelis there anything special on vasks? I simply ssh'd to git.debian.org21:07
QuintasanThat's the same host :P21:08
yofelheh, k21:08
QuintasanWell then, kde-notworkingspace is building21:08
Quintasanand I'm going to bed21:08
yofelhehe, gn21:08
QuintasanGood night.21:08
ulmloggerhangout google plus, like now22:09
ulmloggereveryone do the join22:09
markeyjoin us, Harald Sitter from Kubuntu/KDE/Phonon and Mark Kretschmann from Amarok/KDE/Nokia hanging out22:11
markeyin fact Harald is sitting next to me22:11
claydohlol markey and ulmlogger where?22:56
* claydoh doesn't see the notification22:57
* claydoh has to head out anyway :(22:57

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