antonio_Hi everybody00:01
antonio_I'm from Brazil,,,,00:01
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antonio_I'm tryng Ubutun at frist time.00:04
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:53
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hyp_specDoes KDE have a short cut like (windows key + right/left) for window snapping?01:17
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hightower88dead IRC01:31
jschall_I need to set DisplaySize in xorg. Isn't xorg.conf deprecated now? how am I supposed to do that?03:46
Shirakawasunajschall: most users don't need a xorg.conf, but you can certainly still use one04:08
Shirakawasunajschall: you can try setting up a minimal one - add only what you need, see what /etc/xorg.conf.d has set up already (don't edit those other files)04:08
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si-monfirst time on an IRC channel just testing things out07:06
si-monhow is everyone doing tonight07:10
teleprojectHello! Can you help us with configuring Yate?07:11
si-monsorry, Im not familar with that.......07:13
well_laid_lawn!info yate07:13
ubottuyate (source: yate): Yet Another Telephony Engine (YATE). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.0-1~dfsg-1.1 (natty), package size 20 kB, installed size 124 kB07:13
Mamarokteleproject: they seem to have a rather well done documentation on their website: http://yate.null.ro/pmwiki/index.php?n=Main.Documentation07:14
teleprojectI can't find enough information on the web-site07:18
teleprojectThe task is following: We have some lines from our sip-provider and some operators that make calls. We need to use another line if one of them have been already occupied by an operator.07:20
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doudoubjr les gens08:39
doudoujsuis nouvelle08:39
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Binetteya quelqu'un ic?08:40
Quintasangood morning08:43
well_laid_lawnthis isn't hell. hell is on your left...08:53
dormancyis this ?08:53
dormancyhow install QQ in ubuntu 11.04?08:54
well_laid_lawnwhat's QQ ?408:54
well_laid_lawnwhat's QQ ?08:54
dormancythis is a im tool like gtalk08:55
DaemonFCI believe it is an instant messaging service popular in China08:55
DaemonFCKopete has a plug-in that claims to be compatible08:55
dormancyyou are right08:56
dormancybug that cann't use08:56
DaemonFCPidgin/libpurple also supports it iirc08:56
dormancythat don't work08:56
DaemonFCI'm not sure what else would, I am not familiar with their service08:57
DaemonFCif all else failed you could probably try stuffing their Windows client into Wine *shrug*08:57
dormancyin wine that not stable08:58
DaemonFCyes, Wine is hit or miss, that's why it's my last resort :)08:58
well_laid_lawnare there packages for it anywhere?08:58
well_laid_lawn a deb or .tar.bz or...08:58
DaemonFCWikipedia claims they have an official Linux binary08:59
DaemonFChave you tried looking for that on their site?08:59
DaemonFCoh, n/m09:00
dormancyyes ,but not find solution09:00
DaemonFCapparently what they mean by Linux is, there was one preview release three years ago :P09:00
DaemonFCthat sucks09:00
DaemonFCpirate Windows is disturbingly popular in China, unfortunate really09:01
well_laid_lawnthe official os of china is linux based maybe that's why09:01
DaemonFCthey could be teaching self-sufficiency instead of how to memorize menus and what to press when the machine crashes :)09:02
dormancyI konw,thanks09:02
dormancyin kubuntu ,when open screen protection  for moment ,the computer don't work why ?09:14
dormancyin kubuntu ,when open screen protection  for a moment ,the computer don't work why ?09:15
well_laid_lawnafter locking the screen?09:15
DaemonFCwhat video driver?09:16
DaemonFCit's not FGLRX is it?09:16
dormancyhow can i kown my video driver?09:17
szale.g. 'lspci -k'09:17
DaemonFChave you installed anything that said it was proprietary video drivers?09:18
dormancyVGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)09:19
DaemonFCI've noticed lately that the proprietary AMD Radeon driver likes to suspend the monitor then fail to resume it09:19
DaemonFCahh, there are no proprietary Intel drivers09:19
DaemonFCI fixed my problem passing pcie_aspm=force on the kernel boot line09:19
dormancyhow fix?09:20
well_laid_lawnif it suspends when it locks there'll be a delay coming back09:20
DaemonFCsome company that makes aspirin has done a lot of business thanks to ATI and various printer companies09:21
dormancyHow to solve this problem09:23
dormancy"if it suspends when it locks there'll be a delay coming back " but some times,it don't come back09:27
dormancylike it is crashed ,but you can press ctrl + F1 to xterm ,09:28
well_laid_lawnis that ctrl+alt+f1?09:30
well_laid_lawnas a guess it'll be a memory issue - is it an old computer?09:30
dormancynot ,2G memery09:31
dormancynot ,2G memory09:31
well_laid_lawn4 series chip for the graphics says it's oldish - was it cheap memory you bought sometimes that doesn't work out09:33
szal"2G memory" doesn't say much about how old the machine is ;)09:34
szalmy 7-yo secondary machine has 3 GiB in the meantime09:35
dormancyI know ,that said my chip is old09:35
DaemonFCI don't really like how they force you to stop using the system tray09:35
DaemonFCoops, wropng room09:36
dormancythank you very much09:37
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DuolosQuick question: when trying to install some packages (namely, restricted-extras), KPackageKit is asking for my install DVD.  How do I set it to just grab it from the repos?11:47
mfraz74Duolos: how are you with using the command line?11:48
Duolosmfraz74: Quite comfortable.  But I think I found it by just removing it from the sources :)11:49
mfraz74Duolos: that should work. The file you need to look in is /etc/apt/sources.list11:50
mfraz74Duolos: the dvd entry is normally the first one11:50
Duolosmfraz74: Yeah, I asked for help a little too soon.  Completely forgot the dvd entry is enabled by default.11:51
DuolosNow I just gotta figure out how to install all the stuff I need for development again.  It's been about a year since I've touched Linux.11:52
mfraz74Duolos: don't worry about it. The other day I was wondering why I was getting error 403 from certain repos. Turns out I'd forgotten to update the proxy!11:53
DuolosI believe that's what the kids call a "brain fart" these days :)11:54
BluesKajHowdy all12:00
DuolosHmm... could someone please tell me how to install/run the Akonadi tray?12:09
mfraz74Duolos: easiest way is Alt-F2 and then type akonadi12:11
Duolosmfraz74: Yeah, that's what I figured...  but it doesn't appear to even be installed12:13
Duolosakonadi isn't found12:14
DuolosHowever, I see the configuration tools in the K menu.12:14
mfraz74akonaditray is in the package kdepim-runtime12:18
gigituxapoi_ prova12:33
bazhang!it | gigitux12:34
ubottugigitux: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:34
g0thhi, how do I get digital audio out to a 5.1 surround system to work on kubuntu?13:32
BluesKajg0th, it depends what sounsetup you have , which player (I recommend VLC)13:39
BluesKajg0th, got pulseaudio ?13:40
BluesKajpulseaudio has DD and DTS passthru but it;s known to b buggy and unreliable13:41
g0thyes I think pulseaudio13:42
BluesKajg0th,ok so you want to use the cli with mplayer string commands to run the show , so to speak?13:44
BluesKajg0th, ?13:46
g0thbut my problem is that it seems that I can't get 5.1 surround to work13:47
g0ththe easiest would be if it could just be passed on to the amplifier13:49
BluesKajwell then i suggest you join the #mplayer chat , they'll know more ..I use vlc without pulseaudio and have been for a few yrs .. I can guide you how to set that up if you wish , otherwise ask in #mplayer, or maybe someone else here13:49
g0thbut how do I get surround working in the kubuntu desktop?13:50
g0thlike normal sound effects etc13:50
g0thresp. in multimedia13:50
g0thI should first do this before I go to specific applications, no?13:50
g0thi.e. first check if the audio driver/phonon/pulse/alsa/whatever settings I have work ok13:50
BluesKajfirst of all , open alsamixer and make sure you choose spdif output13:51
g0th-ao pulse -channels 6 at least gives audio13:51
g0thbut it is not surround audio13:51
g0thalsamixer or pavucontrol or what?13:52
g0thin alsamixer I have not muted spdif13:52
g0thwhat do you mean by "choose spdif output"?13:52
BluesKajpulseaudio is not necessary , unless you want several different audio streams going at the same time13:52
g0thbut it is present13:55
g0thso we have to deal with it13:55
BluesKajin phonon without pulseaudio , you will have more options13:55
g0the.g. iirc alsa stuff is actually using pulseaudio13:55
g0thbut it is not possible to easily remove pulseaudio13:55
g0thI tried it once and it caused more harm than it did good13:55
g0thI hate pulseaudio13:55
BluesKajyes pulse audio rides on top of alsa as a sound server , it's not required13:55
g0thbut it seems I am better of with it than without because it is bundled so tight13:56
BluesKajno it's not13:56
g0thall right I try again13:56
g0thso what do I do?13:56
BluesKajwe had alsa working on kubuntu before pa was introduced13:56
BluesKajremove pulseaudio13:57
g0thand what do I use?13:57
g0thalsa directly?13:57
g0thsorry I tried that13:57
g0thit is not working13:57
BluesKajit's default anyway13:57
g0thI open a firfox browser go to flash video page somewhere13:57
g0thplay it13:57
g0threturn do some other stuff13:58
g0thnow audio is blocked13:58
g0thsometimes even if I kill firefox13:58
BluesKajwell . you have to set it up properly in phonon13:58
g0thwhat does this have to do with the issue I mentioned?13:58
g0thalsa directly has the tendency to be "captured" by some stupid things like "flash/java/whatever"13:58
g0thI mean kind of hijacked13:59
g0thextremely annoying13:59
g0ththat was another reason I switched back to pulse, even though I hate pulse13:59
BluesKajg0th, do you want go any further ..I have digital out going to my audio receiver and alsa/phonon/vlc passes the signal properly14:01
g0thyes I want to go further14:01
g0thso you say it only works without pulse?14:01
g0thI "killall -9 pulseaudio"14:02
g0thbut -ao alsa still gives no audio at -channels 614:02
BluesKajok , if you want to try my method , the we can go further...14:02
BluesKajjust remove pulseaudio and logout and in , then we can proceed14:03
g0thwhy can I not just kill pulseaudio?14:04
g0thI want to test it first instead of "removing it testing, seeing it doesnt work and installing everything again"14:05
BluesKajto get rid of pulseaudio, it's persistent otherwise14:05
g0thhow do I solve this flash issue?14:05
g0ththat applications hijack my audio?14:05
g0thanyway, doing it right now14:06
g0thneed to go in 10 minutes though14:06
g0thso I removed pulseaudio14:12
g0thnow my whole phonon setup is messed up14:12
James147g0th: have you tried https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio#Alternative_configurations   (for 5.1 using pulseaudio)14:13
g0thwhy do you say this after telling me to remove pulseaudio?14:13
g0thnow all old configurations are gone14:13
James147beacuse you left before I could :)14:13
James147g0th: did you purge or remove? only purging would remove the configs14:14
James147(and user configs are never auto deleted)14:14
g0thK re ve14:14
g0thI removed it14:14
g0thbut the configuration is still lost14:14
g0thit asked me when I started the phonon settings14:14
g0thso what do I do now with alsa?14:14
BluesKajg0th, the phonon is not messed up , you just need to use the right setting dev=0 or whatever the alsamixer driver uses14:15
g0thwhy does it say "PulseAudio Sound Server" ?14:15
g0theven though I have no pulseaudio?14:15
BluesKajwhat does?14:15
g0thunder device preferences14:15
g0theverything there is gone now, just pulse audio server left14:15
BluesKajthen you dodn't remove pulseaudio , you just killed it right/14:16
g0thI removed it14:16
bazhang!google | me14:17
ubottume: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.14:17
James147g0th: what exactly did you remove?14:17
g0theverthing with "pulse" in its name14:17
g0thexcept libpulse14:17
g0thhmm but audio adapter digitel stereo now works :)14:17
g0thhmm actually I am not sure if it works because there is no test button, but mplayer still plays audio after I select the digital stereo in phonon...14:18
g0thhmm ok it doesnt work14:19
g0thbut mplayer seems to work independently<14:19
g0thbasically my whole phonon settings is total garbage14:19
g0thnothing is working and a lot of strange/wrong things written14:20
BluesKajg0th, it's not , it just shows all your options14:20
g0thlike "PulseAudio Sound Server" which is not here14:20
g0thI cannot select _anything_ now under Audio Hardware test14:20
g0thit is completely blank14:20
g0thshows no options14:20
BluesKajopen alsamixer in the terminal , what's the driver listed in the top left14:21
g0thHDA Intel14:21
g0thChip: Realtek ALC88814:22
BluesKajyou probly need to reboot , to re-establish the phonon device list14:22
g0thlast thing I try14:23
BluesKajdamn pulseaudio14:23
BluesKajit should be optional14:24
* James147 finds pulseaudio works better then raw alsa :P14:25
BluesKajJames147, depends on the setup ...he needs to feed a digital stream to his audio amp ..not just a set of pc speakers14:26
g0thok now everything looks completely different14:28
g0th(in a good way)14:28
BluesKajyes , now look for the alc888 digital in the phonon device list14:29
g0thyes there are now like 5 digital devices there14:30
g0thbut there is no more device list14:30
g0thjust device preference14:30
g0thdirecat hardware with(out) software conversion14:30
g0thno comment14:31
BluesKajusually the default is device=0 , pass the cursor over each one , but do the test sound on it first14:31
g0thit works14:31
BluesKajdoes it say dev=014:31
g0thbut it seems to be dev=314:31
g0ththe digital one14:31
g0thdev=0 is analog14:31
g0thI need to go soon14:32
g0thmplayer -ao alsa -channels 6 still not working14:32
g0this spdif the usual optical out?14:33
BluesKajok , that's fine , mine is intel/nvidia , alc1200 .. well, now if you think you absolutely have to use the cli , then you should go to #mplayer to ask about the proper command string14:34
g0thhow do I setup kubnut/phonon?14:34
g0thI have now sound but I am not sure it is surround14:34
BluesKajdepends on your soundcard , is there a coax or optical out then try them14:34
g0thoptical out14:35
BluesKajis it connected your DAC on the amplifier ?14:35
g0ththe cable is connected if that is your question14:36
BluesKajdigital to analog converter14:36
g0thit is connected to optical digital in14:36
g0thbasically it looks the same on the amp as on the pc14:36
BluesKajdo you have a dolby digital light or indicator on the amp?14:37
g0thI have a menu14:37
g0ththere I can press info to see how many channels14:37
g0thI never got anything else besides 2 channels14:37
g0thon the info14:38
BluesKajmine lights up a display telling me what digital stream is 3/2/1 etc14:38
BluesKaj3=front 2=back  1=subwoofer14:38
BluesKajg0th, that's why i use vlc rather than mplayer , it has configurable audi section which passes the DD and DTS to your amp properly14:39
g0thok I try vlc14:40
g0thbut that was not my question14:40
g0thmy question was about the phonon settings14:40
g0thI want all these to be done "properly"14:41
BluesKajg0th, we need to make sure that vlc is looking at the right feed from phonon14:42
g0ththat's why we want to setup the default feed properly no?14:43
BluesKajyou want the digital dev that passes from spdif to phonon then to vlc14:44
g0ththis has nothing to do with vl14:44
g0thI am asking about phonon14:44
g0thI can get mplayer/vlc etc to work with the help from their channels14:45
g0thbut more importantly I want the base settings of alsa/phonon/etc to be correct14:45
g0ththat is what I am worrying about atm14:45
BluesKajalc888 digital dev=3 , or whichever one works is the one we choose in phonon , don't worry we''ll work that out after you install vlc14:46
g0thok so I don't need to open any other program or edit alsa configuration files?14:46
soeeany idea why apps cant remember activity they are assigned to ?14:46
soeelooks like setting desktop in app properties doesnt work either :/14:47
BluesKajno , leave alsa alone ..just need to make sure alsamixer is set up right14:47
soeei mean it works but isnt save14:47
g0thstill isnt working14:48
g0thno surround14:48
BluesKajsoee I don't understand the activity option14:48
BluesKajg0th, have patience . we're not finished yet14:48
BluesKajg0th, open alsamixer , make sure digital is 90% and spdif is not muted14:50
g0ththere is no "digital" in alsamixer14:50
BluesKajg0th, f5 chooses " all " , then you 'll see it14:51
BluesKajoops sorry I mean pcm14:52
BluesKajto me pcm is digital :)14:52
g0thall up14:53
g0thto 9014:53
g0thstill no surround14:53
BluesKajopen vlc /tools/preferences/audio14:54
g0thI have to go now14:56
g0thbut it is not working14:56
BluesKajg0th,in vlc   choose alsa output , spdif when aavailable , alc888 dev=314:57
g0thI cannot set options14:58
g0thI choose alsa14:58
g0thbb in 10 hours or so14:58
DuolosHmm... trying to install a .deb but it's telling me I can't because it's 32-bit (I'm on Kubuntu 11.04 64-bit). Any way around that?14:58
bazhangDuolos, deb of what14:58
Duolosbazhang: Amazon MP3 Downloader14:59
DuolosThey don't offer a 64-bit option, apparently.14:59
anebihi, i just installed kubuntu on my pc as this is my first touch with kde. I almost configured everything but i need something that i miss yet.15:00
anebiWhen i open the terminal and select a string, it does not go to clipboard, this was default on ubuntu with gnome15:01
anebican you tell me how can i get this working? this was very useful for me with gnome15:01
Duolosanebi: Do you mean you want it copied to the clipboard as soon as it's selected without having to right-click and choose copy?15:02
DuolosI didn't know Gnome did that.15:02
anebiDuolos: Yeah, exactly. :)15:03
anebignome does it and is very useful as it helps for faster work in terminal :)15:03
James147anebi: in klipper (in the systray) settings set iut to sync the clipboar and selection  buffers15:05
James147(also, middle click pastes the selection buffer)15:06
James147general idea is if you using the mouse to select you can middle click :)15:06
anebiJames147: cool thanks, setting sync option did what i was looking for :) Yes, middle click is also very useful. paste is easier, but for copy it is difficult as we cannot use CTR + C in terminal :) Thanks again15:07
James147anebi: you can ^^ ctrl+shift+[c|v]15:08
James147(at least in konsole)15:09
anebiJames147: yes, i do this right now, but combination if 3 buttons is too much for me :) i prefer other ways for this :) in case there is no other ways, then i use this :)15:09
James147you can change it to meta+c ^^ :)15:10
anebiJames147: i didn't know about this, i just learned something new :)15:10
James147(you can change just about any keyboard shorcut in kde)15:10
James147either in the program or in system settings15:10
anebiJames147: i will check this, i suppose it will not be necessary for now :)15:12
anebican you give me any tips about better font configuration? i was playing little bit with it and get better results, but it looks like it still need some tuning. i'm with LCD display15:13
James147anebi: you played with the anti-aliasing settings?15:14
anebiJames147: yes, it is enabled right now15:14
James147anebi: have you played with its setting though?15:15
anebiJames147: yes. maybe i have to choose a better font. i'm using now ubuntu font, it was default i think15:15
anebiJames147: thanks, i will do that. i have to leave now, bye bye for now15:17
BluesKajJames147, where's the set to sync option in the cipboard for klipper ?15:23
James147BluesKaj: setting > general15:23
BluesKajheh, I have no clipboard anyway15:24
James147rather configure klipper > general :)15:24
BluesKajthere's no configure klipper here ...must be missing something15:26
James147BluesKaj: you have klipper running in the systray?15:26
BluesKajyes  James14715:26
James147:s never seen it without that option15:27
BluesKajedit contents ?15:27
BluesKajerr suddenly appeared with a whole lot of other stuff15:30
BluesKajal I had was help , edit contents and a list of lines that had been copied15:31
BluesKajJames147, on neiric , some strange things happening ..keyring pw popups out of nowhere etc15:34
James147BluesKaj: what do you expect form a pre-released version? :)15:35
DuolosI recently install Kubuntu 11.04 64-bit and my max volume is EXTREMELY low.  Any way to fix that?15:50
Duolos... kmix refuses to launch, by the way.15:50
James147Duolos: tried alsamixer?15:51
DuolosI didn't think KDE used alsa anymore...15:51
BluesKajit sure does15:52
Duoloshey!  That did it.  Thanks, James14715:52
BluesKajkmix is just a gui for alsamixer15:52
DuolosJames147, BluesKaj: However, by increasing the master volume in alsamixer, while it increased my volume no longer allows me to control my volume with my laptop's physical controls.15:53
DuolosAny idea how to get the boost from a max "Master" in alsamixer but also have control?15:54
BluesKajDuolos, then you need to find the right KB layout to make sure the ctrls will work15:55
James147Duolos: need kmix running to control the colum with shorcuts15:55
DuolosBluesKaj: the keys worked fine before I ran alsamixer, so I must have the right layout.15:56
BluesKajyeah , kmix should do it15:56
DuolosExcept that kmix refuses to run.  Even trying to run it from the konsole produces no output at all.15:56
BluesKajDuolos, do the KB vol ctrls show on the scrn when keyed?15:57
DuolosBluesKaj: Yes.  But with no effect on the actual volume.15:57
James147Duolos: is it running already? (pgrep -l kmix)15:58
DuolosJames147: Ah.  Yes, it is.15:58
James147Duolos: if its not in the systray then try killing it and rerunning it15:58
DuolosJames147: It is in the systray.  And changing the volume there has no effect either.15:59
* BluesKaj is reluctant to bring up the pulseaudio issues ..pavucontrol might help tho15:59
DuolosJames147: yeah, makes no sense to me.  It's like a completely different process has taken over my audio.16:00
BluesKajanyway bbl ...lunchtime16:00
James147Duolos: pulseaudio should grab the audio when kde starts16:01
James147(then everything goes through that)16:02
DuolosWhat is Phonon?  ... sorry, it's been a long time since I've used KDE16:03
DuolosI don't know.  I remember I stopped using linux a couple years ago because I couldn't get the sound figured out :-/16:04
DuolosIt's more of a minor issue for me now, but still annoying.16:04
James147Duolos: its a layer in kde that deals with sound :)16:08
DuolosI did get Kmix open and tried setting shortcuts, but they're already set properly.  So Kmix is no longer handling volume.16:08
BluesKajkmix should handle the master volume ..it's ied directly to it, Duolos16:17
DuolosBluesKaj: Right.  I know that.  But I'm telling you, it's not lol16:19
DuolosEven in the Kmix mixer, I can move the sliders for the volume and nothing changes16:19
DuolosDoesn't matter which device I change the sliders for (unless it's the "ALSA" device)...16:20
BluesKajDuolos, open the phonon device list and do the sound "test" by highlighting the device at the top16:20
DuolosThe ALSA plugin under Kmix controls the volume fine, but I can't set my keyboard to control that.16:21
BluesKajthen click the test button16:21
DuolosBluesKaj: I've tried that... nothing happens when I click the test buttons16:21
BluesKajDuolos, what devices are listed in phonon ?16:21
Duolos"Internal Audio" and my Radeon HD sound card.16:22
DuolosThose are the only two devices listed.16:22
DuolosThe Radeon is the RS88016:23
BluesKajDuolos, ok we need to know which soundcard is default. lspci -nn | grep -i audio16:24
Duolosp0:14.2 Audio device [0403]: ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) [1002:4383] (rev 40)16:25
Duolos01:05.1 Audio device [0403]: ATI Technologies Inc RS880 Audio Device [Radeon HD 4200] [1002:970f]16:25
BluesKajalso alsamixer will list the card that it's using16:25
BluesKajin the upper left16:26
DuolosBluesKaj: Just says ATI HDA SB as the card.16:26
DuolosThat seems more like the first one than the second (which I know is what Windows used...the Radeon HD)16:27
BluesKajyes it's the first'16:27
DuolosHowever, when trying to assign my keyboard audio keys to shortcuts, I'm only given the option to assign them to the Radeon.16:28
howlymowlyhi poeple..  short question:  I can not find the option in kmail to turn on quotations in every reply...  my reply emails are always blank..   any idea?16:28
Duolos(which I know is still  ATI, but not the same in this case)16:28
BluesKajDuolos, in the terminal run . alsmixer -V all16:29
BluesKajerr alsamixer -V all16:31
DuolosBluesKaj: It loaded the same alsamixer I've been using.  What am I looking for?16:32
BluesKajit just turna the volume up to max on all outputs16:32
DuolosBluesKaj: Right.  That DOES increase the volume.16:33
DuolosBut I can't change volume without using alsamixer anymore; that's the problem.16:33
BluesKajDuolos, sounds like kmix is linked to the other card some how16:35
BluesKajwe need to make the alksamixer card the default globally16:36
BluesKajDuolos, sudo asoundconf list then , sudo asoundconf set-default-card nameofcard ,then sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart16:38
BluesKajDuolos, innplace of sudo asoundconf list  , run sudo aplay -l16:44
Duolosasoundconfig was not found16:45
Duoloserr asoundconf16:45
DuolosAnyway, BluesKaj, I appreciate your help, but I've got to run16:45
DuolosI'll look into it a bit more later.16:46
gorgonzola_hello! can anyone help me with the network folder wizard? its just refusing to connect...16:55
BluesKajgorgonzola_, what kind of OS does the target pc run ?16:59
gorgonzola_it repliees perfectly to ssh over the ommand line16:59
gorgonzola_but it fails with solaris machines too16:59
gorgonzola_it's clearly a problem in knetattach specifically.16:59
BluesKajin add network folder are you choosing secure shell option ?17:01
gorgonzola_BluesKaj, i'm doing everything as i've always done it, and this setup used to work flawlessly until the update too 4.717:02
gorgonzola_BluesKaj i have several entries in my network folder, two solaris machines and my home computer runnning kubuntu17:03
gorgonzola_BluesKaj now they all fail in knetattach, but still work on regular ssh17:03
BluesKajok, some dispute the efficacy of /etc/hosts.allow, but I always list the IPs of networked machines there for good measure17:03
gorgonzola_mmm, i had never done that before... problem is, these machines all have dynamic ips, so i connect to them through dns names17:04
gorgonzola_they re all remote machines...17:05
BluesKajare you using dns masq as well ?17:05
gorgonzola_as dns client?17:05
gorgonzola_i guess, if it's the default17:05
BluesKajit's not default17:05
gorgonzola_but the dns client is working fine, the machines does connet through ssh.17:05
BluesKaj but not that important in your case17:06
gorgonzola_fyi, knetattach doesn't just fails, it hangs... if the entries are already created, dolphin stays saying "Opening SFTP connection to $HOST"17:07
gorgonzola_if the entry is not created before hand, the dialog itself hangs.17:07
gorgonzola_only if i cancel the onnection does it complain with the "unable to establish connection, heck settings" message17:07
BluesKajwhy are you trying the network folder appraoch , gorgonzola_ ?17:09
gorgonzola_because it's awesome? i like how kio handles the folders transparently, and i don't want to configure nfs servers and clients with mobile machines17:10
gorgonzola_this way, i can just use the ssh server that is running anyhow, and stop worrying about it. needless to say, this bug has really f*cked up my workflow :(17:11
=== gorgonzola_ is now known as gorgonzola
BluesKajso you use a dns server for the remote machine that have dynamic IPs ?17:11
gorgonzolaok, details...17:12
gorgonzolai control two machines. they are laptops, and move around. they have ddns clients and report their ips to my dns service as soon as they get online, wherever they are17:13
gorgonzolaso machine1.domain.tlc always points to my home machine17:13
gorgonzolaand machine2.domain.tlc always points to my work machine17:13
gorgonzolaon addition to that, i use two remote machines that i doon't control. a university cluster that probably uses several static ips for workload17:14
gorgonzolaand my brother's lan17:14
gorgonzolamy machines run kubuntu17:14
gorgonzolathe others solaris.17:14
gorgonzolai would reallly like to be able to do what i always did until a week ago.17:15
gorgonzolabut i have no idea how to debug knetattach, or even where to report the bug...17:15
BluesKajok gorgonzola . that's a very intersting problem, unfortunately I have no experience with "real remote" machines ..I'm, limited to lan type networking17:24
gorgonzolalet me check if it fails when connecting to localhost :P17:25
gorgonzolaif i connect to thsi machine using its fqdn, it works...17:26
gorgonzolalet me see if using the ip directly works...17:26
gorgonzolayup. it seems it's a name issue17:27
gorgonzolausing the ip works.17:28
gorgonzolaBlueKaj soooo... any changes in kde's dns client in 4.7?17:28
gorgonzolaor at least the dns client used by kneetattach?17:28
BluesKajgorgonzola, kde dns client ?..not sure what you mean17:30
gorgonzolawell, knetattach fails when using fqdn's for remote machines. fqdn's for local machines work. but everything else works fine... i.e. ssh over cli, or web browsers17:31
gorgonzolaand this same setup worked perfectly before 4.7. so they must have changed something in the way dolphin, or kde, or whatever knetattach uses for dns translation, works.17:32
BluesKajchanges ? ...I haven't changed any settings in network/interfaces , resolv.conf any other network conf files17:32
gorgonzolanono. i mean upstream17:32
gorgonzolathis worked perfectly until i updated to 4.717:32
BluesKajodd . i did notice the network folder problem alright , but I run nfs server on this machine for the others on the network and they are ok, so i din't bother trying to track it down17:34
gorgonzolabut nfs doesn't use kio, right?17:35
BluesKajgorgonzola, don't know17:36
gorgonzolaBluesKaj ok. well, i guess i'll translate names manually until i find someone in #kde willing to lietn to my story... thanks for your time.17:37
BluesKajetc/fstab on client and server seems to mount the dirs , and I'm not familiar with what kio does17:38
gorgonzolaBluesKaj, yes, fstab is lower level than kde or kio. frome the point of view of kde, nfs filesystems are just like local harddrives. kio, on the other hand, takes some arbitrary service and presents it as a filesystem through kde, to apps that use kde's virtual filesystem. different beasts. this is a problem in kio, ie, internal to kde.17:44
gorgonzolabut i really don't want to configure or use nfs :)17:44
BluesKajright gorgonzola thanks for the explanation ..nfs can be a pita to setup , even just on a lan17:45
BluesKajit's not real secure for one thing17:46
BluesKajnatively that is ..I guess one could use encryption17:47
BluesKajgorgonzola, one question are you X forwarding with ssh to the remotes ?17:48
Hootchhey all, i installed k-11.04 :) should i also install the nvidia driver for 3d support?17:52
gorgonzolaBluesKaj nope. but on the cli it works with it too17:52
Hootchthe difference to ubuntu was the dialog to install nvidia after the ubuntu setup. whats happen with kubuntu?17:53
BluesKajHootch, kmenu>apps.>system>additional drivers17:54
=== sayakb_away is now known as sayakb
HootchBluesKaj: thx a lot :)17:55
BluesKajHootch, np :)17:56
freerabithas it occurd to any1,tat while restartin a hibernatd kubuntu11.04, my kmail/dimap  files are all lost..??18:05
PiotrNfreerabit: to be honest never had a problem with kmail after a hibernation wakeup fails18:07
PiotrNand.. well that happens quite a lot have to say18:08
freerabitPiotrN: hmm..im downloadin my mails again.. :-) everythng is lost..share/kmail/dimap is empty..18:08
freerabitPiotrN: ok18:08
PiotrNfreerabit: you use pop3 or imap account ?18:10
freerabitdisconnectd imap..18:10
PiotrNsame here...18:10
freerabitPiotrN: whn did this happn to u??18:10
Quintasanfreerabit: By any chance, are you using the 4.7 PIM?18:11
PiotrNlast time my laptop failed to wakeup from hibernation ? saturday for sure18:11
PiotrNlost nothing, kmail was running when comp went into hibernation18:12
PiotrNkmail 4.4* here18:12
QuintasanIf he is using 4.7 PIM stack then I'd suggest filing a bug upstream18:12
PiotrNseems like something kde folks would have think about anyways...18:13
freerabitQuintasan: its 4.6.218:13
QuintasanNo idea, really, hibernation shouldn't eat your emails18:14
PiotrNat least not by design :)18:14
freerabitPiotrN, Quintasan: hmm..lets see..will check again and will let you guys know..18:19
PiotrNin the mean time... i'll backup my files...18:20
PiotrNhow knows what next update will bring !18:21
QuintasanNew features!18:23
freerabitPiotrN: good one.. :-)18:24
PiotrN:-)  new featrures are cool, but I like the old ones working :)18:24
freerabitPiotrN: kubuntu initiative is very good.but it would have been even better if the release cycle was made atleast 1 yr.so tat developers+testers can atleast sit and have time to fix/analyze bugs and make it more prefect..18:28
PiotrNkubuntu is so small (in terms of numer of devs), i hardly expext them to introduce/fix errors others then packaging and configuration18:30
tsimpsonKDE SC developers are the ones that are supposed to fix bugs, not Kubuntu developers ;)18:30
PiotrNwell, if they had the time, they could send patches upstream... but as said before, i'm happy kubuntu is as good as it is18:34
* PiotrN is waiting patiently untill new PIM is ready for prime time18:35
freerabittsimpson: i might be wrong,but isn't it kubuntu devels packagin and maintaining the packages??& alpha/beta team can be given some more time to analyze..18:35
PiotrNfreerabit: much of the system is based on ubuntu, so kubuntu kinda has to follow their release cycle18:36
freerabitPiotrN: oh..18:37
PiotrNkde is just the window manager...18:37
rwwKDE is a desktop environment, not a window manager.18:37
freerabitPiotrN: so ubuntu is more stable compared to *ubuntu??18:37
rwwfreerabit: no, not noticibly18:38
tsimpsonUbuntu is a project, which includes the projects "Ubuntu" (for Ubuntu + Gnome/Unity) and "Kubuntu" (Ubuntu + KDE SC), and others18:38
tsimpsonthe only differences are the GUI18:38
freerabitPiotrN: i was thnkin the major/default packages in both gnome and kde are differnet and have differnt progrmmin env (Qt and GTK??)18:38
PiotrNfreerabit: well.. nothign is simple, some pople love gnome, others prefer kde18:39
PiotrNgnome is bigger in terms of numer of developers18:40
PiotrNand it uses different philosophy18:40
PiotrNkde is a bit like windows, common theme, common base library18:40
PiotrNqt is everywhere18:40
tsimpsonGTK+ is also cross-platform18:41
PiotrNnot meaning the platforms, but how much does the qt bring with itself18:41
PiotrNyou now get webkit in qt...18:42
tsimpsonand with GTK18:42
PiotrNthere is ?18:42
tsimpsonWebKit is not a Qt product, it's just included in Qt (as with GTK)18:43
rwwPiotrN: you haven't heard of Epiphany, I take it :P18:43
PiotrNok, does it show i dont use gnome ? :)18:43
tsimpsonI don't use Gnome either, or GTK+, I just like to hate it for the proper reasons rather than FUD ;p18:44
PiotrNi dont hate gnome, i just like kde better18:45
tsimpsonI do hate GTK+, writing code in it that is18:45
PiotrNhad a problem with it not being based on open library for a time, but since now qt is free, i like kde even more18:45
tsimpsonQt was always free18:46
PiotrNfor opensource18:46
tsimpsonit was GPL, now it's LGPL18:46
tsimpsondepending on who you ask, LGPL is less "free" than GPL18:46
rwwor more Free, again depending on who you ask :)18:47
PiotrNit was not free (as beer) for non-free projects18:47
rwwanyways, Qt was originally under some FreeQt license that, predictably, wasn't Free.18:47
tsimpsonthe only reason it wasn't always LGPL (or similar), is that Trolltech needed to make money to pay developers18:48
PiotrNin any case, long time ago, kde 3 was better the the gnome, and so i stick with kde till now18:48
rwwQt2 switched to QPL, which was Free but not GPL-compatible, then 2.2 was GPL218:48
PiotrNwell.. the whole reason for creation of gnome, was the fact that at the time, qt was not free...18:50
PiotrNat least not enough...18:50
PiotrNthat's at least how i remember it18:50
tobagoi'm on vim Vi IMproved 7.3 (natty narwhal), but when i yank some lines, close the file, open another file and try to paste the lines, the "register '' is empty". what's going wrong?18:53
tobagowith vim  Vi IMproved 7.1 (ubuntu hardy heron) it works perfectly...18:55
James147tobago: might want to ask #vim  :)18:55
tobagoJames147: i did so... thought maybe it's more a default setting of vim, which differs between the versions, and somebody here might know.18:57
noaXesskilled my network plasma widget.. cause reinstalled plasma-widget-networkmanagement... now i can't configure over networkmanagement... before i had wicd and it worked perfect.. i just wanted to test something in networkmanager..19:03
noaXessis have done this: sudo apt-get install plasma-widget-networkmanagement19:04
noaXessand remove wicd...19:04
noaXesscable networking is working now... but can't see anything on the widget.19:04
noaXessany idea what package i need also to install?19:05
skierpageI'm running Kubuntu 11.04 on an HP desktop with two CD-ROM drives. Everything works fine, except that nothing happens when I insert a CD.19:06
James147noaXess: is networkmanager installed?19:07
skierpageThere's no device action notification, no popup offering to open in Dolphin or play with a music player. I have the usual rules for this in System Settings > Device Actions, but they don't fire.19:07
noaXessJames147: letme check19:07
noaXessJames147: yep19:07
noaXessbut network-manager-kde not...19:08
noaXessdo i need that?19:08
James147noaXess: dont think you need that... if i remember correctly is holds the old knetworkmanager19:08
PiotrNskierpage: how about system settings -> removable devices19:08
James147noaXess: is networkmanager running?19:08
skierpageI think 'The devices property for Device Type: Optical Disc" for "Available Content: Audio" doesn't match', but I'm not sure how to debug.19:08
noaXessJames147: so.. in background networking is running.. even i can't be her ;) LOL..19:09
noaXessJames147: let me check..19:09
noaXessJames147: start: Job is already running: network-manager19:09
skierpagePiotrN, aha, enable automatic mounting of removable media is grayed out.19:09
PiotrNskierpage: has it work before ?19:10
PiotrNmight be some issue with permissions19:10
noaXessJames147: strange thing. in the network-manager widget i see data statistic..19:11
skierpagePiotrN, I got a notification and options for CDs on my previous PC, but 11.04 is the first distro I've installed on this PC.19:11
James147noaXess: remove and readd the widget19:12
PiotrNskierpage: it's only for CDs ? how about usb flash drives ?19:12
PiotrNdo those work normally ?19:12
noaXess1James147: in the widget i see cable unplugged.. but i see statistic??19:13
skierpagePiotrN, yes, they give me an option to mount.  Let me try some things, brb19:14
PiotrNskierpage: if you can, make sure the cd's are readable19:14
noaXess1any idea how can i bring back my network manager.. also the widget?19:18
James147noaXess1: you could try rebooting ^^ :)19:21
noaXess1James147: ahh.. done that already.. but test now another way.. be back sooooon19:22
skierpagePiotr, CD shows up fine in dolphin, device action "kioclient exec audiocd:/" works fine, vlc can File > Open Disk >  /dev/cdrom1" fine...19:24
skierpageIt's the Device Actions that doesn't trigger.  Is there a way to run this piece of code in debug mode?19:25
noaXesscomeon guys.. some tips.. need control my network...19:26
BluesKajwifi or ethernet?19:27
noaXesshey BluesKaj... both.. eth0 is working in background.. but i can't controll it over the widget... cable unplugged.. and wifi i can't see any wifi network...19:27
noaXessand i can't enable the wlan checkbox in the widget19:28
noaXessbefore i worked with wicd.. and all was fine.. i just wanted to test something in network-manager..19:29
Peace-noaXess: there is wicd-qt19:29
James147noaXess: you could try deleteing /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state and restarting networkmanager but I am not sure it will help19:30
Peace-noaXess: have you supend to ram ?19:30
noaXessPeace-: and what to do with that?19:30
noaXessPeace-: no..19:30
BluesKajnetwork manager has me stymied on kde and not using any wifi , so I use static ip in /etc/network/interfaces without network manager installed19:30
Peace-noaXess: you can replace network manager with wicd-qt19:31
BluesKajPeace-, does wicd-qt work on wifi ?19:31
Peace-BluesKaj: of course then19:31
Peace-it should be on the repository19:31
Peace-i did one time the package19:31
BluesKajwicd hasn't worked for me on wifi since 9,1019:32
noaXessPeace-: i know.. but in wicd there is a problem with wlan's that share the same ESSID.. they willb e listed both and i need to manually swtich to the better wlan connection.. maybe in the network manager widget i just see one essid.. so it uses autmatically the best connection19:32
Peace-BluesKaj:  noaXess don't install my package is old try to read this http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/kubuntu-wicd-client-kde-install-it/19:32
James147BluesKaj: have you been tring it every release?19:32
BluesKajJames147, yes19:33
noaXessi haven't any problem with wicd.. i now tha network-manager needed to be uninstalled to get wicd work perfect19:33
Peace-noaXess: have you tried the qt version i mean...19:33
James147noaXess: think that might be handeled by lower level tools then networkmanager/wicd19:34
BluesKajwicd isn't rt 2870 (ralink) friendly, James14719:34
Peace-BluesKaj: mm really ?19:34
Peace-it should19:34
noaXessPeace-: will try19:34
James147BluesKaj:  :)19:34
BluesKajI tried the rt2800 blacklist method etc , no luck19:35
James147BluesKaj: I think i might have that card... last I checked with networkmanager it worked (except for ah-hoc networking)19:36
BluesKajusb belkin /ralink , James14719:37
James147BluesKaj: Network controller: Ralink corp. RT2800 802.11n PCI    ^^ is mine :p19:39
BluesKajok going to the other pc to try wicd-qt19:39
skierpageHey IRC channel operators, this forum's topic points to https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ, but that winds up redirecting to a generic not-very-helpful Ubuntu FAQ19:39
cherWhen I try to watch videos on Youtube, I get a message that I need to download flash first. I've checked with KPackageKit that adobe flash is installed, even re-installed it. The problem appears in Firefox as well as in Chrome. Is this a known problem? And what is the workaround?19:40
James147cher: http://www.youtube.com/html5    :)  is one way19:41
cherThe version requested by Youtube is 10, and KPackageKit says I've installed version 10.3.18319:41
cherThe problem does not onl appear on youtube, but other sites as well.19:41
skierpagecher, which browser?19:41
cherskierpage: Firefox and Chrome. Didn't try rekonq / konqueror yet.19:41
skierpageSorry, firefox.  What does about:plugins say?19:41
PiotrNcher: go to firefox, addons manager -> extensions and see if you have the flash player extension there19:42
cherAlso tried konqueror, rekonq and Opera now, same problem.19:43
skierpageMine lists Shockwave Flash, File: libflashplayer.so.  PiotrN, it appears under Plugins, not Extensions19:43
PiotrNyea, plugins...19:44
PiotrNthe point being, there was a problem with the flash update about a week ago19:45
skierpagecher, PackageKit should have done the right thing but you can look at /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins in Dolphin or a terminal and there should be a libflashplayer.so in there.19:45
cherIt doesn't list flash in plugins. And when I try "install missing plugins", it says "no matching plugin found".19:45
PiotrNcher, try issueing: sudo apt-get remove flashplayer-installer, then sudo apt-get clean, and then sudo apt-get install flashplayer-installer19:46
cherOkay, in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins there is no libflashplayer.so, only libjavaplugin.so and skypebuttons.so19:46
cherAre you sure that the name flashplayer-installer is the correct package name?19:47
PiotrNsorry, flashplugin19:48
PiotrNmy bad19:48
BluesKaj-Denwicd-qt must be wicd-kde in the repos ..right ?19:48
PiotrNthere was a problem with the package, it tried to download not existing file from cannonical partners ftp, kpackagekit showed it as installed, but libflashplugin was not there...19:50
cherOkay that worked. Somehow when I tried this with KPackageKit, it did not work. I guess the apt-get clean step was important, and KPackageKit seems not to trigger that.19:50
noaXess-- back with wicd...19:50
noaXessand all is working fine..19:50
BluesKaj-Denok reboot19:51
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cherFor konqueror and Opera, a restart of the app was required. Firefox, Chrome and rekonq found the plugin without restart.19:54
BluesKaj-Denwell , wicd-kde , so far so good , James147 :)19:58
James147:) never much liked wicd and dont really ahve a problem with the current networkmanager :19:59
BluesKaj-Denbelkin usb wifi rt2870 actully works19:59
James147BluesKaj: does it work with networkmanager?20:00
=== virtuaserver is now known as Sundaboy
BluesKaj-Dendunno , , haven't tried since May20:01
=== virtuaserver is now known as dragunner
James147dragunner: please use words ^^20:02
BluesKaj-DenJames147:  wicd-kde worked from the get-go , just ran the wpa2 passphrase and it connected in about 20 secs20:02
skierpageRe my not-happening CD Device Actions, `solid-hardware list details` lists "udi = '/org/freedesktop/UDisks/devices/sr0:media'" and knows "  OpticalDisc.availableContent = 'Audio|Data'  (0x3)  (flag)" , so you'd think the Device Actions would work!20:03
FirefisheI just upgraded to maverick from lucid, and I want to continue the upgrade to 11.04, but my networking system, wireless and ethernet, are completely down.20:05
James147Firefishe: you tried connecting via command line?20:05
FirefisheJames147: How might I do that?20:07
James147Firefishe: "sudo services network-manager stop",  "sudo ifconfig eth0 down" "sudo ifconfig eth0 up" and finially "sudo dhclient"     (for wired at least)20:08
FirefisheJames147: I'll give it a try, thanks.20:09
skierpageare you the same "Firefishe" who patiently helped me partition for Kubuntu 9.04?  Good times ;-) !  http://userbase.kde.org/User:Skierpage#Partitioning20:13
skierpageRe my not happening CD Device Actions, I think from disorganized bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/+bug/709868 the problem is my drives have " StorageVolume.ignored = true" in Solid.20:17
ubottuUbuntu bug 709868 in Kubuntu PPA "kde 4.6 device actions broken" [Undecided,New]20:17
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KomiaPoi1adoes kubuntu have read-write capability with ntfs-3g package installed?20:25
=== james is now known as Guest79800
James147KomiaPoi1a: yes20:26
James147KomiaPoi1a: or at least its in the repos20:27
* James147 cant remember anymore...20:27
James147try installing kubuntu-restricted-extras20:27
KomiaPoi1ai will20:27
KomiaPoi1awhat version of kubuntu should i pick if i like cutting edge but still require some usabililty20:29
KomiaPoi1aKubuntu Oneiric Alpha 3 Released20:29
James147KomiaPoi1a: latest stable is best bet unless you like your system breaking everynow and then :)20:29
KomiaPoi1ai like not20:29
James147(normally best to have at least one stable install somewhere)20:30
KomiaPoi1ai got an old laptop pc for free, how do i find out if i need kubuntu 32bit or 64bit20:31
KomiaPoi1aits a 3 years old asus20:31
James147what does it have on it atm?20:32
KomiaPoi1aJames147: it has ati radeon xpress 110020:33
* James147 ment os20:33
KomiaPoi1aintel pentium dualcore20:33
KomiaPoi1ait has no os on it atm since it has no hard disk20:33
KomiaPoi1abut it had windows vista on it before20:33
skierpageKomiaPoi1a, Kubuntu 64-bit will probably work, you can try booting the live CD or live USB to verify.20:33
James147KomiaPoi1a: then if you know the cpu look it up online :)#20:33
skierpagehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentium_Dual-Core says there were both 32- and 64-bit versions20:34
KomiaPoi1ai just found out from the stickers20:34
James147KomiaPoi1a: 32bit will just work... 64bit probally will work... if you have the banwidth then you could try the 64bit iso and if it failes to boot then dl the 32bit one20:34
James147(or look up the cpu online first to make sure)20:34
James147KomiaPoi1a: yeah... need a model number to find out exactly :)20:35
skierpageKomiaPoi1a , BTW lots of laptops still come with 32-bit Windows even though they have 64-bit CPUs.20:35
skierpageI want to file a bug about my CD woes with Device Actions/Solid, but "KDE Base Runtime does not use Launchpad for bug tracking." ?20:38
James147skierpage: bugs.kde.org if i remember correctly :)20:38
skierpageJames147, right, clicking around gave a different notice "Bugs are tracked in KDE Bug Tracking System."  So I can use Help > Report Bug20:41
hazamonzoHey folks. Is it possible to use a ssh key with fish:// in dolphin?20:42
hazamonzoAs if i were using the ssh / scp -i argument20:42
James147hazamonzo: why not use sftp://  ??20:42
hazamonzoJames147: Hmm. never used it. i will have a look20:43
hazamonzoJames147: Cheers20:43
DaskreechJames147: I don't think that answers the question :)20:43
James147Daskreech: no... :)20:43
DaskreechIf the server has no password then it still won't login20:44
hazamonzoJames147: umm. you couldn't tell me the syntax for a sftp connection with a key file passed along?20:44
hazamonzoDaskreech: Yeah there is no password. Its an EC2 server20:44
James147hazamonzo: your not using the default key?20:44
hazamonzoSo i have a private key here20:44
James147fish seems to use the default key here :)20:45
James147like sftp20:45
James147(though I am useing ssh-agent)20:45
Daskreechssh-agent! that might work20:46
hazamonzoJames147: Sorry for sounding like an idiot but what do you mean by default key?20:46
DaskreechNever thought of that20:46
hazamonzoIm used to just using something like scp -i mykeyfile user@host20:46
hazamonzoI kinda wanted to create a shortcut in my dolphin that will allow me to easily open up the connection to the server to move files20:46
hazamonzoi have one already that i use my that server uses a password20:47
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* hazamonzo google ssh-agent20:47
James147hazamonzo: ssh-agent is a way of loading keys in memry so you dont need to keep typeing their passwords for every connection..20:47
hazamonzocoaboa|afk: Interesting!20:47
James147(you can instead do ssh-add once and load the keys)20:48
hazamonzoI meant James14720:48
U236WillyI'm at 84% of a major package update inside KPackageKit and it hasn't budged off of 84% for probably 10 mins now. (it's at 'Installed -- KDM ...'  Should I be concerned?20:50
Daskreechhazamonzo: Those two get mixed up allllll the time20:51
James147U236Willy: mildly20:51
hazamonzoDaskreech: Hehehe :)20:52
g0thBluesKaj: hi, are you here?20:59
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systemclientis there a way to get the output of some command (tail -f) printed onto the desktop?21:36
systemclientsomething like the file watcher plasmoid21:36
littlegirlHey there, I'm running Kubuntu 8.04 and am not able to record sound. Would I ask for help in here or in another channel?21:41
systemclientlittlegirl: sounds good for this channel21:41
systemclientdo you have selected the right audio channel and is the volumed turned up?21:42
littlegirlCool, thanks. It's internal audio I'm having trouble recording. The details are here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/667692/21:42
littlegirlAnd my current mixer settings are here, although I fiddled with them a bit to try to get it working: http://imagebin.org/16815121:42
littlegirlApparently arecord is installed by default, but I can't record with anything else I've tried either, if that helps any. (:21:43
Daskreechsystemclient: you want some random command to show on the desktop?21:43
systemclientDaskreech: pretty much21:44
systemclientDaskreech: it is tail -f ~/log/*21:44
Daskreechsystemclient: I remember there was some konsole plasmoid for that. Did you check kde-look.org ?21:44
systemclientDaskreech: I saw a konsole plasmoid, but I fear that I have to enter that command on every single system start21:44
systemclientlittlegirl: it says input source CD, that does not really sound right?21:46
systemclientlittlegirl: and btw … why do you have a purple theme?21:46
littlegirlMy choices are Front mic, Line, Mic, CD, and Mix, and I tried each of them one by one.21:46
littlegirlsystemclient: I love the colors. (:21:47
littlegirlI forgot to mention that my result is that I get no sound at all, although a wav file is created.21:47
systemclientlittlegirl: try using alsamixer in the terminal … I sometimes have cases where there is a hidden volume control21:47
James147littlegirl: ^^ you might want to upgrade 8.04 has passed its end of life21:47
littlegirlJames147: Whoops, it's 10.04 - sorry about that!21:48
littlegirlAlso, the iec968 Playback source choices are: PCM, ADC1, ADC2, ADC3.21:49
U236WillyWell all of a sudden it finished and updated... so huzzah.21:50
James147systemclient: I remember there being a filewatch widget ^^21:50
systemclientJames147: true, but I want to watch multiple files :-/21:51
James147multiple widgets? or modify the current one :)21:51
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DaskreechU236Willy: Huzzah!21:52
systemclientJames147: there are countless files21:52
James147systemclient: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/tail?content=1180621:54
James147^^ :)21:55
James147http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/tail?content=118067    :)21:55
James147may or may not work21:55
James147with multiple files that is21:55
James147actually no... it says it cannot21:56
systemclientI think I just created a nice situation |21:56
TinmanHi eveyone21:56
systemclientbut isn't that a geeky thing to do?21:56
* Tinman is back.21:56
* Daskreech watches an amusing battle between virtuoso-t and choqok21:57
systemclientI mean terminal output is linux … kinda … you know what I mean?21:57
Daskreechone is taking 108% of my CPU the other is taking 116%21:57
systemclientDaskreech: what are those?21:57
James147Daskreech: haha21:57
systemclientDaskreech: quadcore?21:57
systemclienthexa :)21:57
James147Daskreech: virtuoso-t here is useing 2% and been about that for the past few hours21:57
James147(indexing a few hundered gigs from a clean index that is)21:58
James147though its memory usage has more then doubled :S21:58
systemclientI got rsync hogging some 30% and the then some lukscrypt takes some 50%21:58
Daskreechsystemclient: depends on if you are greek or roman I guess :)21:59
systemclientDaskreech: definitly greek in that sense21:59
systemclientDaskreech: ever looked at roman numerals? I can't stand them21:59
systemclientDaskreech: greek letters are fine with me though21:59
Daskreechwhy compare letters with numbers?21:59
hunger__hey, if anyone's around, any idea if k3b can burn a cue sheet with an MP3 file?, googled around a bit seems to be a common problem, on another note i thought i had done this before also (using ubuntu latest version with libk3b6-extracodecs installed) TIA22:00
systemclientDaskreech: If I say I do not like the romans for their numbers, somebody will say "but you use their letters every day -- ever looked at greek letter?"22:00
James147Daskreech: have you seen modern math?22:00
systemclientJames147: I think multiplication with arabic is easier than addition with roman …22:00
systemclientJames147: and what is modern math? Calc? Algebra?22:01
U236Willyhunger__: are you asking can you point k3b to a cue sheet and have it burn the mp3 files? or are you looking for a tool that would create cuesheets and split an mp3 by a cue sheet22:06
U236Willyfor the former... I'm not so sure... for the latter... I say check out the package 'cuetools'22:08
hunger__u236 the former, i thought i had done it before with k3b but i'm beginning to think i didn't lol...22:09
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skierpageWhen I insert CDs into either of my CD-ROMs, Solid sets StorageVolume.ignored = true , so I don't get any Device Actions for them. Any ideas how to change this?22:32
skierpageI have inserted my hard drive into a new PC, so maybe I have to tell Solid to rescan hardware or forget some settings or even recreate some /dev entry ... ?22:33
skierpageNo matter what link I follow on solid.kde.org, I see the home page.  E.g. http://solid.kde.org/cms/107222:41
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asdqqHi, when will Firefox 6 be available in the repo?22:58
Daskreechasdqq: for the main repos in 11.04 it probably won't be available23:12
asdqqDaskreech: I thought that canonical would keep updating Firefox and Chrome in the stable release.23:14
Daskreechasdqq: No they are stable23:15
asdqqDaskreech: They are not stable?  Right now there is only Firefox 6 in the PPA for older version of Ubuntu. https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable23:16
Daskreechif they keep changing then they are not stable :)23:16
DaskreechThat's a PPA. That can do whatever it wants23:16
asdqqDaskreech: I mean in the current stabe Ubuntu version.23:16
asdqqand the latest stable Firefox version23:16
DaskreechSure there will be a PPA for it23:17
asdqqDaskreech: I think my english is to bad hehe. Take a look to the current 11.04 version, It came with Firefox 4, but now it is in version 5 in the main repo.23:19
Daskreechasdqq: I think that's because it came out within a time period soon enough for them to make an exception.23:20
DaskreechThere are certain applications that if a new version is shipping say within a month after Ubuntu ships they will make an exception before Ubuntu releases that the application will be updated23:21
DaskreechI don't know what the policy is with all applications but for example Chromium releases about every 3-6 weeks and it's kept in a PPA for people who want to be up todate23:21
DaskreechThey may make a permanent exception for Firefox since it's considered a main application for Ubuntu but for the most part a stable repo is to be stable23:22
asdqqDaskreech: that is maybe the reason... nah, I only want FF 6, but with KDE integration, that is why I'm waiting for the package.23:22
Daskreechasdqq: there will probably be a ppa for it. As for the KDE integration you could ask in #kubuntu-devel but I fear that may be pretty low on the list of things they care about right now23:23
asdqqDaskreech: I think they will put the integration, the versions for 10.04 and 10.10 had it.23:24
Daskreechif they have the packages then they will probably do it23:24
asdqqDaskreech:  Ah, it is in the Ubuntu Mozilla Security PPA since 4 days... ( https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ppa ), I was searching in the Mozilla Team PPA ( https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable )23:29
U236Willytoo bad Hungry__ didn't idle... It seems that the latest k3b does allow you to click on a .cue file and it loads the splits into an AudioCD project.23:48
U236Willyi'll burn the disk and see how it turns out.23:49
DaskreechU236Willy: K3b is constantly amazing23:54
Daskreech I think it was the first burning software to support bluray burning23:54

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