dieckhm, after I approve a merge request, can launchpad merge on-site? or do I always have to branch, merge and push?06:30
nigelbdieck: you could use tarmac06:33
nigelbA couple of projects I know use tarmac, but you'll have to run your own instance on a server somewhere.06:34
diecksounds ok. I wonder why this isn't an official launchpad feature, as the approval process is fully integrated06:36
RAOFYeah.  It'd be cool for launchpad to have a default tarmac instance.06:36
dieckseems like I'm not able to read the tarmac configuration right, getting ERROR: Branch urls must start with lp: all the time. can someone have a short look to http://pastebin.com/fJA5RSHQ?07:06
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henningedieck: I don't know tarmac at all, I am sorry. But I also don't see *any* branch mentioned here.07:12
henningedieck: oh, I see it07:13
henningethe branch, I mean07:13
tumbleweeddieck: s/Tarmac/tarmac/07:15
tumbleweedRAOF: then tehy'd have to deal with the security issue of running our test suites (which is one of the reasons I use tarmac)07:16
tumbleweedbut yes, it'd be cool :)07:16
henningedieck: reading the instructions, the first section should not be called [Tarmac] but whatever your project is called, so I guess [bremskerl-addons].07:17
RAOFtumbleweed: It's surely possible to have a tarmac instance set up that runs no tests; that would be the default.07:17
diecktumbleweed: doesn't work with lowercase. I also tried to replace [tarmac] with [bremskerl-addon], doesn't work either07:17
henningedieck: AFAIUI the [Tarmac] is just an example of how you would configure for the Tarmac project.07:18
henningeDunno why it is capatilized, though.07:18
dieckok, I thought it was default configuration part, e.g. for the log file. Still, same error07:19
dieckleaving it out and putting the log line to [lp:bremskerl-addons] doens't work either, same error07:19
tumbleweedRAOF: yes07:21
tumbleweedhenninge: aah I just noticed it wasn't capitalised in mine07:21
tumbleweedalthough I don't have any log_file entry either07:23
dieckso, the most basic logfile, without any configuration at all, would be [lp:bremskerl-addons]? same error07:24
tumbleweeddieck: how are you calling tarmac?07:25
diecktarmac merge debug07:28
tumbleweeddieck: s/debug/lp:bremskerl-addons/07:31
dieckah, damn, it's --debug07:33
dieckok, tarmac merge --debug works well. First paragraph has to be [Tarmac] to set the log_file. so http://pastebin.com/fJA5RSHQ actually IS right07:34
diecktumbleweed: does tarmac need the ssh key of the user running it to be connected with launchpad, or does it work it's magic over oauth somehow?07:43
tumbleweeddieck: ssh key, yes08:02
diecktumbleweed: ok, and I assume a bzr launchpad-login won't hurt :)08:09
tumbleweedI'd assume08:13
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DavieyHi, is the blueprint feature of launchpad likely to be changed before the next UDS?09:05
lifelessthere's nothing scheduled09:05
lifelesssomeone could contribute patches09:06
diecktumbleweed: sorry if I bother you, but seem to have tarmac up and running :) I'm trying to have something merged now. At first, it didn't create the tree dir as mentioned in the introduction.txt, then I created it manually. Now I get a NotBranchError for that tree directory -- do I have to manually branch at the first time? Why is it mentioned that the dir will be created automatically then?09:16
Davieylifeless: Okay, i just wondered - starting to think about planning work for next cycle.  I knew some work was on the cards, but wasn't sure when.09:16
tumbleweeddieck: I think I set mine up before it gained those features, I branched manually09:17
dieckwhich version do you use?09:18
tumbleweedthe version from the PPA, but I set it up a long time ago09:19
dieckhm, it does look as if it does not interact with launchpad automatically. it doesn't download (branch), it doesn't upload (push)09:26
pfalconHi! Can somebody tell me how can I log in into LP using *username* (and not email address)?09:30
tumbleweeddieck: hrm, it should download, push, etc. treedir is just a cache, and it should set it up itself09:31
diecktumbleweed: ok. I joined #tarmac and described the problem there, too. but as the topic is from 2009, I don't know if that channel is used anymore :)09:34
pfalcongosh, launchpad user registration/login is quite buggy09:45
pfalconthis time, captcha is not displayed after first unsuccessful answer to it09:46
tumbleweeddieck: I've got tarmac help here before. Wait for one of the developers to turn up. (Or just read the source code, that tends to be how I debug it)09:46
henningepfalcon: you may want to file a bug (or check for an existing one) here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-identity-provider09:49
pfalconhenninge: yeah, I want. any hint regarding possibility to login using username, not email?09:50
henningepfalcon: not that I am aware of. lifeless might know more.09:52
lifelesspfalcon: no, we only support openid, and at the moment only from login.ubuntu.com (which has a branded site for us, login.launchpad.net)09:55
lifelesspfalcon: we will eventually support other openid providers (or the new successor standards)09:57
lifelesspfalcon: once we support a different provider, you could use a provider which uses a username for authenticaiton09:57
pfalconlifeless: it has many bugs unfortunately ;-(. another one I hit today is that if I register user using secondary email of another user at LP, then login.lp process finishes ok (I'm sent confirmation code, etc), but trying to login, I always end up as the first user which already existed.09:57
lifelesspfalcon: we'd still need an email address in LP for contacting the user (openid doesn't provide a 'contact the person' facility :( )09:57
pfalconand for my main account I have two OpenId identities and have issues to login to most of sites...09:57
pfalconwell, it would be very nice to have old good "login by username" functionality. all these novelties like openid are quite buggy whenever you try to use them slightly differently than they were designed (which is dumb one account per user per universe)10:00
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adeuringhenninge-lunch: ^^^12:37
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ahasenackhi guys, does anyone know if recipes for private projects will be available soon?13:25
wgrantahasenack: There are no plans to support recipes for private branches.13:28
ahasenackwgrant: ok13:28
wgrantahasenack: There have been a few ideas on how it could work, but no concrete plans or suggestion that it may be scheduled.13:28
mpoirierbigjools: ping13:40
beatpanichi, I'm trying to integrate launchpad with our FLOSS project, I have already reached the point to extract a bug object from launchpad.bugs, how could I retrieve the assignee from the bug object? thanks14:10
beatpanicI'm using python-launchpadlib for the record14:11
mpoirieradeuring: good day14:39
adeuringhi mpoirier14:39
mpoirieradeuring: I need a little help here...14:39
mpoirieryesterday, bac and bigjools help me with files stalling 1K before the end of the transfer.14:40
mpoirierthe solution was to use sftp.14:40
mpoirierbigjools gave me a config file to use: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/666584/14:41
mpoirierI did the necessary adjustment and the transfer completed - which was good.14:41
mpoirierbut I still can't see my package uploaded on https://launchpad.net/~linaro-landing-team-ste/+archive/st-ericsson-u8500-public14:41
mpoirierbigjools: I did not get an email14:43
bigjoolsread the faq14:43
beatpanicany ideas on who retrieve from launchpadlib the "Assigned to" field in launchpad? sorry to repeat :)14:45
adeuringbeatpanic: there is no single assignee for a bug. bug _tasks_ can have an assignee14:45
adeuring(sorry, did not notice your question earlier)14:46
beatpanicadeuring, yes, but I see an assignee_link, not an assignee (nickname)14:46
beatpanicadeuring, np and thanks for your help :)14:46
adeuringright, thisjust means that the attribute "assignee" is not directly loaded when you load a bug task: it is only a link. But when you access bug.bug_tasks[0].assignee, the object is loaded14:47
beatpanicadeuring, ok good to know! and sorry, but I'm just starting with launchpadlib, I'll try14:47
adeuringbeatpanic: well, I must admit that this "_link" suffix is a bit confusing ;)14:48
adeuringbeatpanic: BTW, your should also "mentally ignore" the suffix "_collection_link"14:49
adeuringfor example, https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/1.0.html#bug shows the attribute bug_tasks_collection_link. Just access bug.bugtasks[0], for example14:49
beatpanicadeuring, eheh, ok14:49
beatpanicadeuring, still I have with bug.bug_tasks[0].assignee a link in this format: https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/~myusername -- if it's possible with the API I would extract only the myusername part14:51
adeuringbeatpanic: if you "print" a LPlib object, you generally get the URL. Just access for example bug.bug_tasks[0].assignee.displayname14:52
beatpanicadeuring, ok stupid me, I should have guessed :)14:53
beatpanicadeuring, sorry end of the day here ;)14:53
beatpanicworking day at least eheh14:53
adeuringwelcome :)14:54
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deryckadeuring, sorry, I should have take IRC before now.15:49
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adeuringderyck: no problem :)15:49
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hazmatin the lp api are tasks == bugs ... or are there other things that can be tasks?17:19
deryckhazmat, hi.  tasks and bugs are not the same.  tasks are the link between a bug and a project, so.....17:27
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hazmatderyck, ic, thanks17:27
deryckhazmat, when you look at a bug page in lp.  the bug is the page itself.  and the affected items table are the bugtasks.17:27
deryckhazmat, and certain pieces of data are hung off the task and some off the bug itself.  e.g. comments are linked to the bug.  status/importance to the task.17:28
issyl0Hi all.17:46
issyl0Is anyone else getting the problem of there being an extra colon at the end of the sign in details on the "sign in to Launchpad" page?17:47
issyl0There are colons in the normal places, after "Full name" and "Email address", but then there is an extra one after where it states the full name and email address.17:48
issyl0It's only minor, but it niggles me.  :-)17:49
deryckissyl0, I haven't signed in for awhile to know.  I can, though, and check.  Is this causing issues or just formatting is weird?17:49
issyl0deryck: No issues, it just looks weird to my eyes.  :-)17:50
issyl0deryck: Thanks.17:51
deryckabentley, pitching to you sir!19:17
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abentleyderyck: ack.19:17
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philsfhi, I'm considering using a bugtracker to organize the development of my scientific project, and since I use Ubuntu, I think LP would be a natural way to do this. Is there a for-dummies tutorial on how to migrate my local bzr branch to LP and start to assign bugs to it?19:32
dieckphilsf: actually, I just created a project. You don't need a for-dummies-tutorial, it works out of the box. start the project, import your repository, activate bug tracking, there you go.19:34
dieckthey did a very nice job on that software :)19:35
philsfdieck, can I make it private for a while, before publication? I'm reading on free for free-software, and commercial for non-free. Mine will be free, when I release, but I'd like to keep it private until then19:36
dieckuh, that's a hard question, spontaneous I'd say, I found no setting for that, so no, it will be free from the go19:36
beatpanicphilsf, you could use only the bug tracking feature without importing your source, for example we (our floss project) have the source somewhereelse, though it is public :) -- but it could be hidden19:37
dieckphilsf: is your scientific project an academic study? maybe you can apply for a kind of free commercial-type subscription, allowing private code branches. I don't know if there is such a thing, but asking won't hurt (much) :)19:45
philsfdieck, yes, it's an academic project, which will be an opensource software when published. Maybe I'll do what beatpanic suggested for now. Google code doesn't support bazaar, and I don't have the time to learn svn or git :P19:47
sidneihi there, anyone knows if this failing import is a known-issue? https://code.launchpad.net/~barry/python-unittest2/upstream20:20
abentleysidnei: It looks like bug #60767320:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 607673 in Bazaar Hg Plugin "import fails - possibly due to rename" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60767320:25
sidneiabentley, uhm. different traceback, not sure it's related.20:27
abentleysidnei: You're right.  I must have clicked on the wrong tab.20:27
abentleysidnei: So no, then, it's not a known issue.20:29
sidneiabentley, ok, i'll file a bug20:30
abentleysidnei: Thanks.20:30
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jonrafkindis there a way to remove old packages (source and binary) from launchpad?21:14

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