KM0201is there a way (using video files as ane xample).. you can make the icon " preview".. of the video.. rather than just a general .avi icon?06:13
bioterrorwas there a size settings for creating thumbnails?06:14
bioterroror was it thunar06:14
KM0201i think that was thunar06:14
ubontoo-us3rwhat's the command line to edit grub206:51
Unit193What do you need to change?06:52
ubontoo-us3ri want to change the default o.s to load06:52
ubontoo-us3rI mean, i want a certain o.s to load so i dont have to wait when i reboot and press up or down arrow06:52
bioterrorI dont usually wait, I press enter06:53
bioterrorif I want to boot to Windows, I choose Windoze from the menu and press enter06:53
Unit193You can edit /etc/default/grub06:53
bioterrorotherwise it will boot into GNU/Linux06:53
ubontoo-us3runit193  thnx you06:55
Unit193Remember, it starts counting from zero06:55
Riku_for some reason on occasion.. my keyboard locks up & usb optical mouse stops working06:57
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MoShahHi, I'm trying to setup two monitors at the same time and one should be setup as an extended desktop. However, Everytime I restart Lubuntu 11.04 the setting doesn't save and I have to use xrandr again to reset it.16:49
MoShahAny ideas why this is happening please?16:50
Ogi0nis there a software out there that helps speed up file transfer betwee hdd ?19:16
avelldirollif the bus between the two drives is set up correctly, not really19:18
bioterrorkeep those hard drives on different cables if using PATA19:19
avelldirollif the performance is below the capacity announced by the drives, there might be a problem there, but appart from choosing a different filesystem depending on your usecase there is not much you can do19:20
Ogi0nI'm using SATA and im transfering about 150 gig, the problem is the file transfer rate is around 30 MB/s  and it takes about an hour or so to finish19:20
avelldirollsata or sata2 ?19:20
bioterror30MB/s is okay19:20
bioterror30-40MB/s is what you get from 7200RPM hdd19:21
Ogi0ni think its sata19:21
bioterrorand ofcourse the seek time and so on affects too ;)19:22
Ogi0nwait i think its sata2 since its a 3Gb/s19:22
avelldiroll7200rpm ? size of cache ?19:22
Ogi0n72000 RPM 32 Mb cache, 1 TB space19:23
Ogi0nits tihs one, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822152185   well i guess ill just go afk while it transfer, cuz my comp becomes slow when transfering files and I cant play games like cod. thnx guys19:25
kvarleyHow can I copy something as sudo but keep the permissions of the files I'm copying?19:30
kvarleyUsually when I copy things as sudo it means no user who isn't sudo can access them19:30
bioterrorchmod them19:30
kvarleybioterror: They will have different permissions though as they were created originally by samba users on a zentyal server19:31
bioterrorzentyal :G19:31
kvarleybioterror: Is there no way to preserve permissions?19:31
kvarleybioterror: What's wrong with zentyal? lol19:31
bioterrorhttp://forum.zentyal.org/index.php/topic,5259.msg21472.html :D19:33
bioterrorI'm just too demanding ;)19:34
kvarleybioterror: I accept that the way it manages network ifaces is pretty weird19:35
kvarleybioterror: But for the most part it's alright, comes with some goodies configured already for you anyway19:36
bioterrorit was rather okay, it was better than ipcop or ipfire19:36
bioterrorbut still, I decided to keep using pfSense19:36
kvarleyThis is irritating me somewhat, I can't access /home/samba/shares/InsertShareNameHere because of the permissions19:38
kvarleyBut I can't find a way to login as a user that does have the correct permissions :(19:38
bioterrorsu user19:38
kvarleyThat'll dump me in a su session though?19:38
bioterroryou can: sudo bash19:39
bioterrorand then: su user19:39
kvarleyI got it19:39
bioterrorwith root su'ing to another user, you dont need his passwords19:39
kvarleyFor some reason doing smb://serverName/share didn't work19:39
kvarleyBut I did network:/// in pcmanfm and went to the server from there and it works19:39
kvarleybioterror: So doing su user will copy files with the permissions of the user specified and not su?19:40
avelldirollkvarley: your are searching for "cp -p" p is for "preserve", (or just use "cp -a")19:43
kvarleyavelldiroll: That'll work, thank you very much! You've saved me some time =D19:44
avelldirollkvarley: another way  to do this would be to fine tune your permissions with a sgid on the directory, or using ACLs if you need them19:45
kvarleyACLs? I have seen that somewhere on the permissions page of the server backend.19:46
avelldiroll kvarley | bioterror: What's wrong with zentyal? <-- like all web control panel, the only way to secure them is to know how to do everything without them19:51
Darth_Tuxhi all, setting up l;ubuntu as an ssh server, how after it is set up do i connect from another computer?19:55
bioterrorssh user@computer19:56
Darth_Tuxbioterror, and what goes where computer is ?19:56
Darth_Tuxi guess that is more the question19:57
bioterrorssh user@hostname19:57
bioterrorssh user@ip.add.res.s19:57
bioterror!ssh | Darth_Tux19:57
ubot5Darth_Tux: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)19:57
avelldirollDarth_Tux: ip fqdn or lan name if you have a local dns19:57
bioterror!sshd | Darth_Tux19:57
ubot5Darth_Tux: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, sshd is the server (or daemon) of SSH. For setting up the SSH server, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html . Advanced SSH uses: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Advanced . For SSH client information, see !ssh . Related: !scp (Secure CoPy)19:57
bioterrorthere you go19:58
Ogi0nhey guys, i made two accounts,  Admin  and Guest,  how do I make it so that Guest cannot access Admin home folder?22:32
KM0201Ogi0n: it shouldn't be able to.22:33
KM0201guest should get a permission error if he/she tries to browse to the Admin Home folder22:33
Ogi0nit did,  i log out log onto Guest, then went to home folder, go up one level, saw Admin folder and open it., and i can view and open the files of Admin folder22:33
KM0201that shoudlnt be22:34
KM0201did you create a home partition?.. or you just using the default install? (/swap and /)22:34
Ogi0nwhat do you do to make it not accessible to other users?22:34
KM0201Ogi0n: it yeah what?.. thats a two part question22:35
Ogi0njust default with admin first and all that, now i create a new account called guest that is not admin22:35
Ogi0ni didnt careate home partition, just the default set up22:35
KM0201Ogi0n: i dunno, something screwy if the guest account can access the admin folder.22:35
KM0201unless for some reason, the permissions are being retained when you log out.22:36
Ogi0nhmm ill try that22:36
Ogi0nit didnt work when I restart my computer22:46
Ogi0nAnyone know how I can prevent non-admin user to access Admin home folder?22:48
Ogi0nya I got it now, I had to go to Home folder and right click properties  set Permission of Admin to  Others: None23:08
Ogi0nit would've been nice if it was default23:10
Ogi0ngood thing I use truecrypt, and i got my important files lock up23:10
KM0201it should have "been" that way by default... not sure why it wasn't.23:32
phillwKM0201: There is actually an opposite argument going on.... people who go 'ooh, I'll encrypt my home folder' then forget / lose the password. I, and others, do not think that is a really sensible option as there is exactly zero we can do to help them.... it's gone - tough...... these people are used to a 'hack' to bypass security, it is not there!23:45
KM0201but that wasn't the case here.... his issue didn't have anything to do w/ encryption23:46

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