LaibschI'd like to try out oneiric on a separate partition, but I have trouble since I use an encrypted LVM: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+question/165563 Help appreciated.02:12
bazhang!info linux04:03
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)04:03
brsbnerAlpha 3 distribution upgrade is always crashing and failing. What can I do? I can't get it to update at all.04:37
jbichabrsbner: it's difficult to know what exactly is going wrong with your setup...you could try a clean install04:40
Laibschbrsbner: look for files in /var/crash and use ubuntu-bug or apport on those files to report the crashes04:43
brsbnerI just installed this...04:43
brsbnerIt -is- a clean install.04:43
brsbnerLaibsch: no relevant crash files there :/04:44
Laibschbrsbner: run "ls -l /var/crash | pastebinit" on the command line. You may need to install pastebinit first04:44
LaibschI see04:44
urlin2ubrsbner, have you tried the 2d session?04:44
brsbnerI am on it because 3D refuses to start anymore, crashes crashes and crashes at login.04:45
brsbner(and I didn't even manage to install any drivers or such yet, just rebooted once)04:45
brsbnerCan't report the bug either, packages haven't been updated yet - and I can't do that, because distribution upgrade crashes after taking half an hour to compute04:45
urlin2ubrsbner, Laibsch' options may be a good start.04:46
brsbnerThere are no relevant crash files relating to apt in there04:46
urlin2ubrsbner, did you get the daily to install with?04:46
brsbnerI installed alpha 3.04:46
brsbnerNot the daily unfortunatly. Got it off ubuntu.com/testing as the bug report told me to try.04:47
urlin2ubrsbner,I always install from the daily release you can rsync it as well.04:47
Laibschbrsbner: are there any crash files?  Does a live CD crash as well?  How did you install?04:47
brsbnerYeah, there is a compiz, jockey crash report (from when 3D session was failing right at the start), empathy-auth-client crash (from when I was trying to add an account) and a unity 2d launcher crash (just did that out of the blue)04:48
brsbnerI just installed from the live cd, didn't test04:48
brsbnerInstalled via USB which was made with the USB creator from 11.0404:48
Laibschreport the crashes against the files that are there04:49
Laibschdo you absolutely need oneiric?04:49
brsbnerNope, but an old bug report relating to an app got closed and the comment said to test if it's here as well. So I decided to give it a go04:49
Laibschbug number?04:50
Laibschthat's nonsense, any supported version should be OK04:50
Laibschsome bug triagers are all too eager04:50
Laibschlet me know the bug number and I'll have a look.04:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 576638 in gnome-utils (Ubuntu) "Default spanish setting no longer works" [Low,Incomplete]04:50
Laibschit's not closed!04:51
Laibschit says incomplete up there04:51
brsbnerWell that's closed to me heh04:51
jbichawell, the dictionary is no longer installed by default so that's partially "fixed"04:51
Laibschincomplete is asking for further information04:52
Laibschand he is not asking you to INSTALL oneiric, he is asking you to run the live CD04:52
brsbneryes after 3 years :)04:52
Laibschso what?04:52
brsbner-> nobody will ever bother to take a look at it04:52
Laibschwe are all volunteers04:52
Laibschyou can get a paid support contract with canonical or anybody else if you are not prepared to wait ;-)04:53
Laibschbrsbner: you have to agree that this bug is not relevant to 99% of the people out there04:53
brsbnerI did a service by reporting a quality problem, I can not file it next time04:53
Laibschmore important bugs linger just as long04:53
brsbnerYeah like alpha3 crashing all over and being unpgradable :)04:54
LaibschI know you did a service, but you are also on the demanding side here, demanding your report be dealt in time-frame X04:54
brsbnerI've never said that.04:54
Laibsch(12:52:41) brsbner: yes after 3 years :)04:54
brsbnerSo point out the time frame I mentioned please :) I just said it's a dead end04:54
brsbnerI said nobody looked at it for 3 years04:54
Laibschbrsbner: do you want to have a serious discussion and fix problems?04:54
brsbnerI didn't say get it fixed within 3 years!04:55
brsbnerYes sure, how can I do updates?04:55
LaibschMy suggestion, do as Pedro told you, run the live CD, reproduce the problem, report back and otherwise do not bother with oneiric (unless you want to help get those problems fixed)04:55
jbichabrsbner: at any rate, I can confirm that it still doesn't work04:55
Laibschjbicha: OK, can you please make that comment in the tracker04:56
brsbnerOK thanks jbicha04:56
jbichahowever, it is no longer installed by default04:56
jbichaLaibsch: yes, just a moment04:56
Laibschif it's no longer installed by default, then I guess it's a lower priority, but it's already set to low which I think is OK.04:56
Laibschthe problem itself is still valid even in a non-default package04:57
Laibschof course04:57
Laibschbrsbner: do you want to run oneiric and fix the crashes or rather not bother with it?04:57
Laibschfix the crashes = report them ;-)04:57
brsbnerIdeally I'd like to continue the QA testing04:58
Laibschnext step is then to run apport against the crasher files you already have04:58
LaibschBTW, I am not running oneiric, but I have a ticket that I'd like somebody to confirm or disconfirm as being present in oneiric: bug 379382. jbicha? ;-)04:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 379382 in gnome-utils "gnome-screenshot (Alt-Printscreen) black/blanks out top of windows in multi monitor xinerama" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37938204:59
brsbner"The problem cannot be reported:  This is not a genuine Ubuntu package" What do I do now, I have not installed any extra packages yet.05:00
jbichaLaibsch: I am only using 1 monitor these days...05:00
Laibschbrsbner: are you running very new or very old or otherwise unusual hardware? necessity for proprietary drivers?05:00
brsbnerI'm on a system76 machine which is 2-3 years old05:00
Laibschbrsbner: that's strange05:00
Laibschwhat is system76?05:01
jbichabrsbner: that error message is a bit misleading05:01
brsbnerSo no, nothing unusual, everthing is Ubuntu compatible.05:01
Laibschexcuse my ignorance05:01
brsbnerA Ubuntu-only computer provider?05:01
jbichaI think it also shows up if you have an old version of a package or if your local repository cache is out of date05:01
brsbnerjbicha: I see05:01
Laibschbrsbner: how are you trying to update by the way?05:01
* Laibsch suggests aptitude05:01
brsbnervia the update manager05:01
Laibschcli rules05:02
brsbnerWhat is the syntax for that>05:02
Laibsch"sudo aptitude"05:02
jbichasudo apt-get update05:02
jbichasudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:02
jbichaaptitude isn't installed by default & apt-get does ok too05:02
* Laibsch is an aptitude guy05:02
brsbnerThanks for the tip. It seems to have skipped the troublesome calculating phase.05:03
Laibschsomebody around whose main system is not oneiric and on an encrypted LVM? I want to add a partition for ubuntu+1, but fail to boot it: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+question/16556305:08
urlin2ufail to boot it?05:09
urlin2uLaibsch, have you run the bootscript to look at the whoje setup?05:11
Laibschnope. what bootscript?05:11
LaibschHave you visited the URL to see what I did?05:11
urlin2uthat is why i ask05:12
urlin2uthe lvm is grub-legacy?05:12
urlin2usorry lucid grub205:13
Laibschyes, grub2 from lucid05:13
LaibschI'm starting to wonder if the natty/oneiric partition for boot would also need to be outside the encrypted LVM container05:14
jbichaLaibsch: could be, Fedora still uses grub-legacy05:15
urlin2ugenerally it is in the mbr unless you have built a partition, of course there are grub files in the OS as well.05:15
IdleOnecan someone explain to me what the package colord is for?05:16
IdleOne-!info colord doesn't clear it up05:16
urlin2uIdleOne, http://www.freedesktop.org/software/colord/05:16
LaibschIdleOne: I suppose your real question is "why is that package installed"?05:16
Laibsch"aptitude why colord" will tell you05:17
IdleOneLaibsch: really two questions. 1- What is it for and 2- why does it want to install05:17
IdleOneurlin2u: thanks for the link, reading now05:18
urlin2uLaibsch, oneiric was your last install is this correct?05:19
Laibschurlin2u: no. My main system is lucid.  IIRC I installed it from scratch with the installer CD. I want to add one partition to the LVM holding a playground for ubuntu+1.  Currently it contains a debootstrapped natty.05:20
urlin2uahh I see.05:21
IdleOnehmm I don't imagine myself ever needing to use colord but may as well install it.05:21
Laibschurlin2u: http://paste.debian.net/126356/ is the result of the bootinfo script05:23
urlin2uLaibsch, the debootstrap is booting the ISO, or a install sorry for tthe dumb question.05:25
jbichacolord is basically mandatory with GNOME 3.2 anyway05:25
Laibschurlin2u: "mount /dev/mapper/1001P-natty64 /tmp/somewhere && cd /tmp/somewhere && debootstrap natty", something of that nature05:27
Laibscha couple of sudos and mounts randomly thrown in05:27
urlin2uLaibsch, boy I'm not sure with this I have a link for ISO's in a partition is about it.05:28
jbichaIdleOne: http://www.freedesktop.org/software/colord/05:28
IdleOnejbicha: thanks, urlin2u already gave me that link :)05:29
Laibschurlin2u: what version of grub?  And how do you boot the ISO?  AFAIK that is something only recent grub can do, plus you need hybrid ISOs which I think Ubuntu only got recently.05:29
urlin2uLaibsch, grub2 here it is it may be helpful you never know. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=189a8642fb8f02dcd9a9e4fea21ce534&t=154984705:29
Laibschurlin2u: but what version of grub2?05:30
urlin2uregualr iso05:30
Laibschyou can boot a hardy ISO with that?05:30
Laibschlet me have a look at that link05:30
urlin2uLaibsch, I know what your referring to as far as Natty grub2  1.99 setup, the thread is kept up to date the first post by the thread starter will have the updated info.05:31
Laibschurlin2u: that ISO is on an unencrypted partition, though, isn't it?05:31
Laibschwell, my grub is from lucid.05:31
urlin2uI believe so but it is running of the grub in the OS and mbr.05:32
Laibschthe complication in my case is that grub/initramfs need to unencrypt the partition05:32
urlin2uthat may be the problem, that mod the thread starter is about the best I have seen they maitain with others the grub2 wiki's the forum may help.05:33
Ubuntu1104Useri want to go to 1110 64 bit from 1104 32 bit how so07:43
Ubuntu1104Useralso i need to make space on my disc but out of ideas07:43
Ian_Cornenot possible Ubuntu1104User07:44
rwwYou can't change from 32-bit to 64-bit without reinstalling Ubuntu. If you're going from 11.04 to 11.10 anyway, easiest thing to do would be getting an 11.10 daily or milestone ISO.07:44
Ubuntu1104Userbut i dont have cd or usb07:51
Ubuntu1104Usersomeone stole my usb07:51
Ubuntu1104Userit was really cool too07:51
rwwToo bad. We're not miracle workers :)07:51
Ubuntu1104Useryea right lier07:52
jbichaUbuntu1104User: if you had an extra partition, you could install boot from an ISO stored to your hard drive07:53
jbichabut you're on your own for that endeavour07:53
rwwUbuntu1104User: As two different channels have now told you, there is no supported method for doing 32-bit to 64-bit sidegrades. I'd appreciate it if you kept comments like "lier" to yourself.07:54
philipballewwill 11.10 have notafaction applets and indecator applets?08:00
jbichaphilipballew: yes, they are part of Unity08:04
philipballewbut they are not in 11.04 that i can find08:05
* philipballew wants banshee to be there and also have cpu monitor08:05
jbichawhat do you mean they're not in 11.04?08:06
Lynourephilipballew: missed cpu monitor too.08:06
Lynourejbicha: have not found one for Kubuntu08:06
* jussi thinks philipballew should go to sleep :P08:06
Lynourejbicha: xsensors is not quite as nice as kima, for example.08:07
jussiLynoure: theres a cpu monitor plasmoid for kde last time I checked08:07
jbichaoh, cpu monitoring is different, I believe someone built an indicator for it though08:07
philipballewjbicha, well with unity all i have is my wifi sound and battery but in 10.10 i had cpu monitoe. caps lock indactor and a banshee notifaction08:07
Lynourejussi: does it do other sensors too? (I'm not on my 11.10 right now)08:07
diverse_izzueis anyone using google contacts in evolution? are they working for you in oneiric?08:08
jussiLynoure: there are 2. Bubble mon, which does a whole load of stuff, temp, battery etc, and cpumon which does only cpu08:09
philipballewguess no-body knows what i mean08:09
philipballewoh well08:10
Lynourejussi: ok, good to know. Did not find them in apt-cache searches08:14
jussiLynoure: thought theuy came by default.08:14
Lynourejussi: maybe, I mostly searched for sensors, not monitors. :)08:16
dsathethe screen brightness sliders are missing , any alternative ?08:30
IdleOneLynoure: in unity you are going to want to look for "indicators"08:31
IdleOneiirc, since jussi turned me on to KDE I <3 Kubuntu08:31
LynoureIdleOne: I'm not sure what "unity" is. Was under impression that it would be something with/for Gnome08:32
IdleOneUnity is what the default GUI is called now08:33
LynoureIdleOne: also the KDE GUI?08:33
IdleOneLynoure: no, just in Ubuntu08:33
dsathehow do i increase lcd backlight08:33
oimonanyone running oneiric try alt-tab for me please? i'm getting 2 switchers right now when i do it08:33
dsatheform command line08:33
dsatheomnion all ok here08:33
LynoureIdleOne: oh, then no wonder I was not clear on the term, I'm on Kubuntu myself. Trying not to spread myself over different desktop environments08:34
IdleOneLynoure: then you want plasma widgets I believe they are called08:34
IdleOneright click on the panel or desktop and click widgets, you may need to unlock them first08:35
LynoureIdleOne: yes, I know where they are, and jussi gave me names08:36
IdleOneah, that will teach me not to read the full scroll back08:36
LynoureIdleOne: it happens. Thank you for your helpfulness (I kind of think I remember seeing you here and on other buntu channels way back when I was more active)08:37
IdleOneyeah, I'm like old furniture you don't want but can't throw out08:37
LynoureIdleOne: maybe we can sell you to a good home eventually =)08:40
* jussi puts IdleOne in the sheep pen for the sheep to sleep on :D08:46
IdleOneI've become a blanket for animals made of blanket08:47
triunityWhat does that even mean?08:48
IdleOnesheep make wool, wool blanket08:49
triunityBut your not a sheep, so "I've become a blanket for animals" doesn't make sense... unless you are made out of wool...08:49
triunityNot to change this amazing conversation or anything, but I have a question about 11.10... Namely, will it have a login as guest from GDM?08:51
khtaamHi! is there a way to disable utouch?09:17
jbichatriunity: from lightdm you mean?09:20
triunityjbicha:  I mean Oracle VM VirtualBox09:21
triunityOhh sorry wrong convo09:21
triunityFrom the new login manager, yes09:22
jbichatriunity: lightdm is default now instead of gdm, & I believe the guest button works but I haven't tried it09:22
triunityThe other question is this.  One of my clients is a school district, and through some tinkering, I created a "guest login" that's name is student.  So the students click the "Student" Account, and it creates a guest session.  Do you know if the "guest login" name can be changed to "Student Login"09:23
jbichatriunity: it might be hard-coded which would require recompiling, alternately you might be able to use gdm instead09:25
triunityHmm...  Nothin' i hate more than recompilin'... Call me lazy but its not really my thing...09:25
triunityI forsee that I will be using a test box for a while before i let the school district upgrade...09:26
triunityDo you have an alpha release of 11.10?09:27
triunityThe question may end up being this, if i can disable the guest login button, and then create a student account that actually creates a guest session... that might work..09:27
triunityIn Users and Groups, is there a way to remove the guest login button?09:28
jbichatriunity: sorry, I don't know details of how the guest login works09:46
triunityIts ok!09:47
triunityI have a funny feeling I am going to get very knowlable on the subject in 53 days...09:47
toasty95where may i find the 11.04 roll to 11.10 Alpha commands ?10:47
toasty95I have not rolled into unstable before.10:48
Ian_Cornedo-dist-upgrade -d10:55
janisozaurhello, my oneiric installation only offers me "unity" and "unity 2d" sessions, how can I get regular gnome?11:14
IdleOneyou can't11:15
janisozaurhmm... a friend showed me that he got gnome 3.0 on natty via ppa, but these were somewhat broken. do ppas with g3 exist for oneiric and are they usable?11:16
Ian_Corneyou can IdleOne , no?11:16
Ian_Cornethere's gnome-shell11:16
triunityJanisozaur, Ubuntu Classic should be on the list11:18
IdleOnegnome-shell is not classic gnome11:18
janisozaurtriunity, well, it isn't11:18
IdleOneand classic won't be in 11.10 afaik11:18
Ian_Cornetriunity: only when you're upgraded from 11.0411:18
triunityIan_Corne, does that mean, once 11.10 is up, we can't have a normal desktop???? only that crappy unity garbage??11:19
janisozaurIan_Corne, I did upgrade from 11.04 and I have no "classic"11:19
Ian_Cornehmm, i still have it11:20
Ian_Cornemind that because it's there doesn't mean it works11:20
Ian_CorneI think alot of dependencies break11:20
triunityMan, this sucks... I've used ubuntu for 4 years now... I think for the first time, i am going to have to switch, I hate unity sooo much.  But at least Classic allowed me to keep using it....11:22
IdleOnetriunity: there is always Kubuntu or Xubuntu or Lubuntu or.....11:24
triunityIdle, i heart me some gnome...  kde xfce aren't my taste11:25
triunityBut actually, i can install ubuntu server, then install xserver + gnome311:25
triunityIt should work, right?11:25
triunityand install gdm11:25
janisozaurtriunity, gnome3 isn't quite as nice as gnome211:28
janisozaurIf I have to choose, I might be more keen to use unity than g3, unless there is a way to restore the g2-default two panel layout11:28
triunityWell, even if i install xserver + gnome2 + gmd, it would work, ehh?11:29
janisozaurtriunity, for some time, yes. but as Ian_Corne mentioned, dependencies will break, etc.11:31
toasty95Ian_Corne.  Ok it worked great. thanks11:32
Ian_Corneah :)11:33
Ian_Cornegood to hear11:33
triunityMan, I see the end of my days with ubuntu comming...  The only problem is, I run the IT for a school district, and that means, i am going to have to change 200+ computers from ubuntu to another os, once 11.04 dies completely11:34
Ian_CorneI've got 100 computers11:34
Ian_Cornewe're just on 10.0411:34
Ian_Corneusing ppa's where needed11:34
triunityLTS does make sense, ehh?11:34
Ian_Corne12.04 will be fine to use11:35
triunitybut if they are dropping gnome now, you know that by 12.04 they will have completely removed any trace of it...11:35
IdleOnetriunity: why not save yourself the trouble and start getting used to Unity now.11:36
Ian_Corneand why is change bad?11:36
IdleOneby the time you need to upgrade you will be able to use and trouble shoot any problems.11:37
triunityI used UNR (ubuntu netbook remix) and that was unity, and i HATED it.  Not to mention, when i sit clients down, they 100% prefer the look and feel of gnome over unity11:37
ali1234i've been using unity for a few months now11:37
IdleOnegnome2 is going EOL sooner or later11:37
ali1234you never get used to it11:37
triunityAnd i have asked them, 2 computers side by side, and they all said gnome2 felt more natural11:37
ali1234it sucks11:37
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
triunityThanks for support ali123411:37
LaibschCan somebody please verify whether or not bug 379382 also occurs in oneiric?11:38
yofelwell, what you're used to always feels more natural11:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 379382 in gnome-utils "gnome-screenshot (Alt-Printscreen) black/blanks out top of windows in multi monitor xinerama" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37938211:38
IdleOnewell, I switched to kubuntu and love it11:38
ali1234and also i can't troubleshoot or test for bugs because of the gtk3 dependencies in the latest version11:38
triunityyofel, these are windows users, never used linux in there life, and gnome was more natural11:38
yofeltriunity: that I agree with, but we're not windows. Why not try Xfce?11:39
Ian_Corneor lxde11:39
IdleOnetriunity: they should feel right at home with KDE11:39
yofelKDE at least won't do any major UI rewrite in the near future11:39
triunityUsed xfce, didn't like it either... remember, i deal with windows users all day, and the less windows it feels the more i hear about it...11:39
triunityI don't like the file manager and internet browser being joined in KDE... but other than that its not horrable11:40
IdleOneyou mean like it is in windows?11:40
yofeltriunity: then use KDE and change single click opening into double click, then they should be fine11:40
yofeltriunity: and nothing stops you from using firefox in KDE11:41
IdleOneor chromium11:41
triunityYofel, i may look into that.  Or better, change there file manager out completely, replace it with Naudilus (or however you spell it), then install firefox.  Good as new ;)11:41
triunityAnd of course the one click thing ;)11:41
yofeltriunity: what's so bad about dolphin? And if you're changing it try konqueror first11:42
triunityDolphin, if i recall its file manager + internet browser, correct?  And I know for a fact that would confuse they user base ( 4000 14 - 18 year olds)11:43
triunityconfuse the user base**11:43
yofelno, konqueror was the old file manager + browser, dolphin is only a file manager11:43
triunityOhh, maybe i am confused.  Either way, i want file manager to be seperate from browser.  Question does kde have a guest session?11:45
yofelnot sure, although I think not (I don't know how that's implemented in ubuntu)11:45
triunityguest session is in ubuntu, and required.  The students login to a highly modifed guest session in all the computer labs.  (as so they can't break anything(11:48
BluesKajHowdy all12:00
ali1234one of the big problems with KDE (besides the way it looks) is the way it handles file types. since all KDE apps use the same widget collections you never know where a file is going to end up.12:00
ali1234it used to be really bad with konqueror where you could click on just about any file and conqueror would always open it in a tab, embedding a text editor or an image viewer (and therefore having different menus and keyboard shortcuts)12:00
Lynourewidget collections?12:01
ali1234eg a default install of KDEhas about 3 different text editors12:01
ali1234but they all use the same text edit widget12:01
ali1234they all have an identical UI layout12:01
ali1234they all use the same KDE widgets, and they all share the same bugs12:02
BluesKajI like the way kde looks ...it isn't cartooney like gnome ,,,and what text edit bugs ?12:03
ali1234the way it handles temp files for one12:05
ali1234example: you are editing some code, and you need to refer to some source file on the web12:06
ali1234so you click on it in konq - and the plain text file was opened ina new tab in konq, as a temp file12:06
BluesKajI keep getting a keyring dialog asking for my pw once the desktop loads , I'm supposed have pw-less logins. guess I'll have to include it i sudoers12:06
ali1234but you could still edit it12:06
ali1234and it didn't warn you or anything12:06
BluesKajcode ? what's that :)12:07
ali1234and then you switch back to the code editor... and then you can't find the other text file again, because konq has a zillion tabs because it opens everything in a tab12:07
ali1234and the same problem with images12:07
ali1234and pretty much any file you might find online12:08
ali1234since everything is a widget in KDE, konq can open anything12:08
ali1234but it just ends up confusing and you can't find anything if you have a few different windows open since the task bar ends up as [konq] [konq] [konq] etc12:09
yofelwell, s/widget/kpart/ - as long as there's a kpart that can do something konq can embed it12:09
ali1234i assume this is why they started over with dolphin12:09
yofelin this case the kate kpart12:09
ali1234yofel: yes, kparts... whatever you call them... they are just widgets12:09
yofelso? Like that every KDE application that needs a text editor (kate, kdevelop, kile, ...) have the same editor settings12:10
ali1234yes, to the point where you can't have different settings in different apps12:10
ali1234because the config is done for the widget, and then everything uses it12:11
ali1234so you can't have syntax highlighting and line numbers on in one editor and of in other12:11
ali1234at least you couldn't in KDE 3.x12:11
ali1234and if you don't like how the editor works in kedit... don't even bother looking at the others, because they are all the same12:12
yofelhm, not sure if you can now, konsole has profiles for that, but I'm not sure about kate12:12
ali1234i actually thought KDE 4 was a huge improvement12:13
ali1234but i didn't use it for long enough to see if these things have been fixed12:13
ali1234because they still haven't fixed the font rendering12:13
ali1234and that is the first thing you notice12:13
ali1234the ease of reusing kparts also means that every single program ends up looking like this, until you configure it: http://al.robotfuzz.com/~al/random/kdefail2.png12:14
ali1234but this is a place where there is no global config... you have to turn all the panels and toolbars off in every individual app12:15
triunityHeyy just for an FYI, you can use ubuntu classic in 11.10, you just have to install it, its called somethin' like ubuntu-gnome-fallback12:15
ali1234triunity: yes, and i doubt that will be removed from the archive any time soon12:16
ali1234it just isn't on the CD any more12:16
dsathehow do i emulate a keypress event on ubuntu12:16
triunitydsathe: xdotool12:17
triunitythen run a command like: xdotool key -clearmodifiers alt+F112:18
triunityor whatever...12:18
triunityali, i don't need it on the cd, i just need it somewhere.  As long as i can install it, as part of my setup script, its ok ;)12:18
triunitydsathe, just as an fyi, that would be more of an #ubuntu question, not #ubuntu+1 question12:20
dsathetriunity: need to emulate XF86KbdBrightnessUp12:21
triunitylol wut?12:22
dsatheis that allowed12:22
dsathebrightness press12:22
triunityIs that an fn key?12:22
triunityOhh ok12:22
dsatheliquid damaged my key :D12:22
triunityekk sorry to hear12:22
triunityYes is is possable, but i'd have to find the key...12:22
triunitymind sticking around for a minute, while i poke around my system12:23
dsathei am ol most day :P12:25
triunityHey i accidently did a screen clear, what key did you need?12:25
triunityYOu know, the other option would be just change the key set.  System --> Preferences --> Keyboard shortcuts, change screen brightness to ALT- (whatever)12:26
dsatheproblem is gnome 312:28
dsathesliders disappeared12:28
triunityFor your problem you could try: http://www.ubuntuka.com/ubuntu-command-line-tricks-set-1/12:29
LynoureJockey died at me upon offering some non-free drivers, what's the right way to restart it (clicking on the restart button did seemingly nothing)?12:29
triunityecho 100 > /proc/acpi/video/VGA/LCD/brightness12:29
Lynoure(in kde, if it matters)12:29
dsathecat: /proc/acpi/video/VGA/LCD/brightness: No such file or directory12:30
dsatheif i dont have it12:30
dsathewill it still do the tirck ?12:30
dsathewhat happend to gnome 3 brightness control sliders ???12:32
triunityI can't say about the brightness sliders, as i use a desktop12:32
BluesKajLynoure, you could drop to a tty and do jockey-text -a12:33
triunityOk, i got one for you:12:34
triunityand go to apps/gnome-power-manager/backlight12:34
triunitybrightness_ac and brightness_dim_battery12:34
triunity*crosses fingers*12:38
dsathegconf not have power12:38
dsathelemme try dconf12:38
triunityare you on ubuntu or kubuntu?12:39
dsatheubuntu 11.1012:40
triunityIm running ubuntu 11.04 and gconf-editor has it, maybe 11.10 hasn't implemented it yet...12:41
dsatheno gnome 3 migrated to dconf12:41
dsathei had it all well timm now12:41
dsathenow is the trouble12:41
dsathelike 3-4 days ago it came in12:42
triunityHrm... tricky stuff12:44
triunityObviously this is why alpha releases are not used for production...12:44
dsathehaha yeah12:44
triunityYou may need to do some research on xdotool, i am quite sure what you need can be done, i just am to tired to find it12:46
zniavregoood afternoon12:46
* Ian_Corne is trying ubuntu 11.10 on his dual screen setup12:47
Ian_Corneit's not good...12:47
zniavrei want to remove from application dash all removed applications (they are still displayed)12:47
triunityzniavre, what do you want?12:49
zniavretriunity,  in the unity dash application i can see removed application that is a bit useless no ?12:50
Ian_Corneunity 2D works better12:50
Ian_Cornefor dual screen support12:50
triunityGood to know Ian_Corne ;)12:50
BluesKajless demand on the gpu, gives more headroom for other apps12:51
dupondjeEmpathy broken ?12:51
dupondjecan't connect anymore to msn12:51
triunityBluesKaj, don't get me started on unity...12:51
triunityUnity makes windows 3.11 look good12:52
BluesKajtriunity, that's why I run kde despite what others think about it12:52
triunityOhh kde, that's not exactly a good solution, thats a bandade to a gunshot...12:52
dsathegnome shell is good12:53
triunitygnome shell, is ubuntu classic, correct?12:53
BluesKajI've always run kde ..gnome has bever appealed to me ...old windows guy so kde has amore familiar look12:53
dsathegnome shell12:53
BluesKajmy KB has a cold12:54
triunityBluesKaj, thats weird, because im an old windows guy (i mean, i referenced windows 3.11...) and kde seems so odd... gnome feels more like windows12:54
triunityand by gnome, i mean, ubuntu 10.04 gnome...12:55
BluesKajthe only reason I'm here is  there's no kubuntu+112:55
ali1234KDE *is* a lot closer to windows12:55
ali1234you only have to open their control panel to see that12:55
ali1234or the start menu12:56
BluesKajtriunity, that's a differnt pov , for sure12:56
triunityInteresting... wonder why i had such a distaste for it...12:56
ali1234because windows sucks?12:56
IdleOneBluesKaj: there is a #kubuntu+1 but it forwards here12:56
BluesKajtriunity, referenced windows 3.11 ,? what does that mean12:57
triunityActually my primary complaint was/is konkorer... which i hear has been removed12:57
triunityBlues, all i ment by that was, I am an old windows guy.  I've been using windows since Windows 3.11, all the way to xp12:58
BluesKajI just used 3.1.1, 95 and 98  on the job and some instrument unix based apps previous to that12:58
triunityVery cool.12:59
BluesKajkonkueror is still available , but not by default13:00
triunityI may need to revisit KDE... expecially since ubuntu dev team is smokin' them some crazy drugs...13:01
BluesKajbut i din't buy a pc for home til 1998 , shortly before I retired ...dialup was the only thing available in this little town at the time ..but we thought it was pretty cool at the time ...for about 1 month :)13:03
BluesKajtriunity, KDE seems to have some direction and vector going for it ..gnome on the other habd seems lost in politics13:04
zniavreim still wondering why with gnome3.1 (gtk+3) it is not possible to make rounded menus but rounded tooltips are available13:04
ali1234rounded menus?13:05
yofelhm, what do I have to install on kubuntu to get gnome-shell running besides gnome-shell?13:05
zniavrehttp://i.imgur.com/WE9tV.png fake rounded menus in unity gnome313:07
triunityWell, after doing some reading, if classic isn't a real option, before i try kde, i may just use Linux Mint (which is really just ubuntu + gnome2)13:10
BluesKajyofel, check your package manager after typing in gnome-shell , mark it for installation , then scroll down the list ...about 7-8 other apps come with it13:10
yofelwell, let's see13:10
triunityAnyway, its been a pleasure!  Talk at you all later13:11
yofelbah, forgot to install a gtk3 theme13:17
yofeland something's off with the font rendering in gnome o.O13:17
ali1234lol no13:18
ali1234you are just used to the brokenness of KDE13:19
yofelwell, it's like the antialiasing setting is turned to MAX, which looks totally ugly on my thinkpad13:19
yofeland is hard to read13:19
ali1234turn it off then13:19
ali1234appearence settings13:19
LynoureBluesKaj: (delay) thanks, I'll try that when back home13:20
yofelali1234: can't find them13:20
yofelhm, alt+f2 is totally useless somehow, I type 'gnome-tweak-tool' and get command not found @_@13:22
ali1234what is gnome-tweakt-tool13:22
Ian_Cornea tool to tweak gnome!13:22
yofelgnome 3's config center13:22
ali1234that is called gnome-control-center13:23
ali1234unless they renamed it13:23
Ian_Corneyofel: works for me in unity 2D13:23
yofelIan_Corne: I'm in gnome-shell13:23
coz_ali1234,   http://live.gnome.org/GnomeTweakTool13:24
Ian_Corneaha yofel13:24
yofelah yeah, well, gnome-control-center has no appearance settings13:24
ali1234they must have deleted it13:25
yofelali1234: isn't there13:26
ali1234well, what can i say? gnome3 sucks13:26
ali1234linux no longer has a usable and maintained desktop environment13:27
coz_ali1234,  other distributions are still using gnome2  ie   linuxmint13:28
yofelwell, I'll try to spend a while to get gnome-shell to look like what the gnome folks had at desktop summit13:28
yofelcurrently I'm rather far off...13:28
ali1234coz_: nobody is maintaining gnome213:28
ali1234not in a serious and workable way13:28
coz_ali1234,  there are several forks ,, not sure how well they are doing   bluebubble for fedora as an example13:29
yofelgnome2 will stay around for a while longer. I mean.. you can still get kde3 distros these days13:29
coz_yofel,  is there a screenshot of what they had at desktop summit?13:29
yofelcoz_: not sure, on some blog sure, I don't have one13:29
coz_yofel,  ok no biggie,, I would like to see it so I will search around :)13:30
jo-erlendhas there been any discussion about adding the possibility to enable "People nearby" for the first user on install? If that's a feature that Apples users think is awesome, then it would make sense to make it more visible in Ubuntu too, right?13:35
yofelwhat the hell is that?13:36
jo-erlendyofel, so that you can chat with or send files to people on the same network without any configuration.13:37
jo-erlendApple calls it AirDrop.13:37
yofelah, I'm not an apple user so never heard of it13:37
yofelwell, could be interesting I guess13:38
jo-erlendin Ubuntu, it's called People Nearby. It's been available as an account type in Empathy for a long time, but people haven't been aware of it. But if Apple makes a large point of it, then we might as well add a checkbox in the installer just to show that we're just as cool, right? :)13:39
yofelok, with hinting setting fixed this is readable now13:39
jo-erlendhehe, readable, but not comprehensible. :)13:40
ali1234is there some way to make apport just automatically report bugs without any input from me?13:45
ali1234because it is now just popping up alerts saying "system problem. do you want to report?"13:45
ali1234there was no visible problem so there is nothing i can usefully add to the bug report13:46
yofelali1234: that's usually a kernel problem so the logs will have something useful, but no, there's no automated way to report bugs yet13:47
ali1234it isn't13:48
ali1234it was a crash in fontconfig-voodoo13:48
ali1234already reported13:48
ali1234but i had to click through several dialogs to find that out13:48
ali1234why waste my time?13:48
ali1234apport could have checked that without asking me13:48
yofelwell, not implemented yet I guess and I don't know if it would require changing something in launchpad13:49
ali1234what do you call that new resizing handle in the bottom right corner?14:01
ali1234what's a good app for when i just need to quickly edit a screenshot to eg, circle the bug in red?14:06
ali1234gimp seems like overkill and doesn't work too well with unity on a netbook14:06
ali1234seems like by default we don't get an image editor at all14:06
zniavreactivate blur in dash make translucide panel wrong no?14:12
drussellapart from the release notes for alpha3, is there another good place to look for current "yes don't worry we know X, Y and Z are broken, we're working on it"14:30
=== jacob_ is now known as jacob
bjsniderdrussell, launchpad, look up all of the oneiric bugs and their status15:28
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/15:29
Piciall of them!?15:29
drussellbjsnider / ubottu : sure I'm very familiar, I just wondered if ubuntu had something similar to... http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Common_F15_bugs15:32
drussells/familiar/familiar with launchpad/15:32
=== jmknsd is now known as jakemp
BluesKajkeyring pw popups out of nowhere ...any ideas , thinking it might be ubuntuone ?15:39
bjsniderPici, it sounded to me like he had one particular bug in mind, although you can order the list by severity and track the ones of greatest concern15:50
Picibjsnider: I know :)15:50
bjsniderdrussell, i think there should be a site like that for ubuntu, and i think you should add it to the brainstorm site for consideration15:57
drussellbjsnider: submitted ;o) Idea #2841516:28
WelshDragonDo you still need to leave 1mb free at the beginning of the disk to workaround the btrfs/grub bug when just have one / btrfs partition? Or did that bug get fixed a while ago?17:49
topylishould we have include information in the /topic here about what is known to be broken? like #debian-next does on OFTC17:51
topylieasier to know not to apply updates that day :17:52
Picitopyli: We usually do.17:57
topyliPici: ah ok. i haven't run ubuntu+1 for a few years now so i'm out of touce17:58
topyliand thouch17:58
Piciand touch17:58
topylimaybe even that!17:58
escottdoes anyone know if there is any documentation for the accountsservice program18:00
trismescott: I haven't been able to find much documentation, but there is a dbus api reference to the service if you build the source with: XMLTO_FLAGS='--skip-validation' ./autogen.sh --enable-docbook-docs; make; which is in doc/dbus/AccountsService.html (don't seem to be built with the packages since it fails validation and kills the build)18:53
bullgard4_How can I delete all games in GNOME 3 permanently?19:30
urlin2ubullgard4, in synaptic is where I go19:31
bullgard4_urlin2u: That's what I have done in the past too. --  Done. --  Thank you.19:38
urlin2ubullgard4, cool. ;-)19:38
bullgard4_GNOME 3 offers a new program "Backup". There is no Help implemented. What program package is it from?19:44
trismbullgard4_: I believe it is deja-dup : http://live.gnome.org/DejaDup19:47
bullgard4_trism: Snoooping around, I just came to the same conclusion. --  Thank you.19:48
jbichabullgard4_: Deja Dup is not officially part of Gnome 3 but Fedora ships it too, but it is new for it to be included by default in Oneiric19:50
bullgard4_jbicha: Thank you for your information. --  It seems to be targetting to newcomers.19:53
jbichabullgard4_: I believe it's supposed to have Ubuntu One integration too but that didn't seem to work for me yet19:53
dr_willisHmm. after all the updates i just installed.. unity seems a lot flakier. :()19:54
dr_willisUbuntu One needs to be leveraged more. :) its a really handy service19:54
=== Amaranthus is now known as Amaranth
bullgard4_dr_willis: Do you mean 'flaky [coll.] - unreliable'?20:07
dr_willistaking 4 min to startup, top left button thang not showing,    unity --reset  just crashed...  back to gnome-shell for now.20:07
bullgard4_I see. (I am trying to dodge Unity.)20:08
dr_willisyea. I just dont see it improveing much...20:09
dr_willisit has potential.. but theres just other stuff out that will blow right past it.20:10
kyubutsuthat's kinda what i said months ago already!  :o20:10
dr_willismonths ago was premature.. :P20:11
* kyubutsu watches nervously as muon dutyfully finishes its first system update/upgrade20:11
dr_willisat least give them the benifit of some time to get somt stuff going.. but.. well.. so far its not panned out. :()    not seeing the neat features leveraged (yet) and the annoynaces are not getting ironed out.. (yet)  but who knows.. there maybe some Major updates befor release..20:12
bullgard4_kyubutsu: I trust it will survive. My Oneric is surprisingly stable.20:12
ali1234unity won't take off until they ditch global menu20:13
ali1234and gnome3 won't take off until they ditch the everything20:13
kyubutsusystemwise, oneiric is rock solid on my kde. and now i just officially got my 3.0.0 kernel , need reboot20:14
dr_willisI still see all this 'research' papers and so forth on gui design that havce some very good idea and make sence.. that totally get ignored.. :)20:14
kyubutsuunity's problem isnt in the global menu20:14
dr_willisLike in gnome-shell, top left corner shows all apps.. handy makes sence.. but then i have to move back down over the appliucations 'button' to show apps..  why cant the bottom left corner do that..  and save me more time..20:15
kyubutsui got used to it rather quickly.. works , as long as you keep track of apps properly20:15
dr_willisglobal menu is neat in ways and annoying in ways. :) trend seems like in chrome to get away from a huge menu panel listing anyway.. so the gain from global menu may be minimal in the future.20:16
traskersI'm wondering if someone could help me get my sound working again?20:16
bullgard4_!sound | traskers20:17
ubottutraskers: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.20:17
kyubutsuwell.. first question is what system you using20:17
traskers+1, running Openbox as my WM.20:18
traskersHm, somehow it got muted beyond my normal control.. Had to load gnome-sound-applet and un-mute it from within that. Normally muting/un-muting didn't work :\20:18
kyubutsunow the differences between kde and unity [or gnome] as even more apparent. entirely different ways to tackle issues20:19
traskersThat's embarrassing..20:19
kyubutsui use kde. so cannot assist you really..   :(20:19
traskersGonna re-load my session quick to make sure it doesn't mute itself on login.. Be right back. And thaks for the help :)20:20
traskersAnd it's fixed. That was weird.. Heh. Thanks though :)20:21
kyubutsuto be honest, i expected unity to be more intuitive. and THAt, is a gui fail against it20:21
topylikyubutsu: sound is sound, kde or no kde :)20:21
traskersNow if only I could figure out why PCManFM won't load..20:21
kyubutsutopyli: am not as gnomish as you20:22
dr_willisi spend so much time on my android phone.. i get where i expect the pc to work in a similer way.. :)20:23
kyubutsuthis whole 'one interface for all' deal is responsible for unity20:24
kyubutsui blame dr_willis20:24
dr_willisI blame Society!20:25
dr_willisIts a Social Disease.. :)20:25
dr_willisI really dont see why unity is going to be so great on tablets, or other 'things'   but who can tell...20:26
kjeldahlAnybody else running latest oneiric alpha having two task/windows selectors (alt-tab) active?20:27
kyubutsucheck this: qt vs python for mobile devices, i think qt is winning that battle for good reason20:28
Picikjeldahl: someone mentioned it the other day.20:28
kjeldahlPossibly me. :-)20:28
kyubutsuyknow what, i see it too20:29
kjeldahlVery annyoing.20:29
kyubutsuits a 'feature'20:29
kyubutsui find it odd more than annoying   /shrugs20:30
kjeldahlIt's annoying, because you newer quite know which one wins (the one beneath has a desktop window as well, so they do not sync up).20:30
kyubutsui could bet it'll be fixed before final , right topyli?  o.0    /stares20:31
topylii sure hope so! :)20:31
dr_willisIm impressed at how well the modal-dialog box tweaks are working...    anyone seen any issues with it in any apps?20:32
kyubutsuotherwise this bug does not cost me any productivity, the function still works as intended20:33
kyubutsukjeldahl: go with the 'front' one.. thats the one that matters20:33
kjeldahlkyubutsu: I really do not care which one "wins", just select one! ;-)20:34
dr_willisanyone else using gnome-shell right now? want to double check, if you  go to the top left, then applications,  type 'x' and see if xchat shows up? its not showing here...20:36
topylidr_willis: nor here, but that's might be because i don't have xchat :)20:37
dr_willisi notices similer thing in unity. but cant check there right now..20:37
dr_williswondering if  its a xchat .desktop file issue. or somthing deeper.20:37
topylieither that, or some more general menu problem20:38
trismdr_willis: I was having the same issue with virtualbox and d-feet yesterday, the .desktop files seem to be fine though because they started showing up when I copied them to ~/.local/share/applications/ (just installed xchat it was the same thing, but I see it now after copying it)20:40
bullgard4_dr_willis: "[22:36]<dr_willis>anyone else using gnome-shell right now? want to double check, if you go to the top left, then applications, type 'x' and see if xchat shows up? its not showing here..." <-- With me not, eiter.20:42
dr_willisyea. its getting where all these apps need special support files for the desktop launchers to see them. I can see a lot slipping through the cracks..20:43
dr_willisbullgard4,  also notice its 'odd' if i lauch xchat from the ternmal and pin it to the gnomeshell left side panel/favortes.. it dosent seem to stick/launch properly20:43
bullgard4_hm. Seems to be a xchat peculiarity. --  (But I am not using XChat.)20:44
dr_willisI think i noticed it with some other app the other day.. but cant ermber what one.20:44
=== kyubutsu is now known as kyubutsu_kde
topylidid anyone test epiphany yet? does flash work?20:52
kyubutsu_kdeconverserly, rekonq is showing tons of improvement for me.20:57
kyubutsu_kdei usually just go ahead and install chromium .. but this vanilla test has been exciting so far21:00
kyubutsu_kdenow, not all flash works equally under rekonq, but if one is to measure flash by how well youtube works, i think its pretty solid21:03
kyubutsu_kdethe 'install third party software and updates while installing' option worked each of the 3 times i did it21:04
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
kyubutsu_kdeand i mean, system install21:06
kyubutsu_kdesometimes i wonder if folk know they can get a connection from livecd before installing21:07
ali1234kyubutsu_kde: since it no longer boots directly to a desktop, that option is slightly harder to find21:08
kyubutsu_kdejust boot into a session [try before install option] , once in it, you can connect to a wifi network as usual21:10
kyubutsu_kdethen run the installer and it will keep the connection alive thru the install process21:11
kyubutsu_kdethats how i roll, cause moving this behemoth around isnt quite practical21:12
topylirekonq seemed nice when i played with kde for a while, but i couldn't figure out how to use bookmarklets21:12
topylimuch like epiphany really, nice browser21:14
kyubutsu_kdechromium shows you 'most visited' in new tab, rekonq uses the same format except 'most visited' turns into your actual bookmark manager. while you can leave less important bookmarks to the side in the bookmarks toolbar21:16
* kyubutsu_kde bookmarks xkcd in front page21:23
Hegomirehi, I have a problem in ubuntu 11.10, is this the right place to ask for help?21:25
HegomireI can not connect to internet.21:26
dr_willisbasic info like.. how you are connecting, chipset, and so forth.. would be handy. :)21:26
Hegomireoh... um21:27
Hegomirewired connection,21:27
HegomireI dont know how to check hardware info in windows21:27
kyubutsu_kdeHegomire: desktop environment?21:28
HegomireGnome 3 - Unity21:28
Hegomireit's a fresh install21:28
Hegomiredaily build21:28
Hegomiredownloaded 2 hours ago21:28
HegomireI'm currently in Win7 as I cannot conect with Oneiric21:29
kyubutsu_kdeyou have access to it or this is dual boot?21:29
Hegomiredual boot21:29
HegomireI'm trully sorry for not making things easier. :/21:31
HegomireOh, im using a laptop. Toshiba L670.21:32
kyubutsu_kdethats odd. could you connect via wifi ?21:33
HegomireI don't know, there are no wireless networks around.21:33
kyubutsu_kdemost routers are wifi enabled these days21:34
HegomireThe card is Broadacom 802.11n21:34
kyubutsu_kdeyou get a network applet at all?21:35
kyubutsu_kdedoes it look 'disabled' or normal?21:35
Hegomirewhen I plug in the ethernet cable ubuntu tries to connect, also the menu looks normal21:36
kyubutsu_kdeso , there is an error message. what does it say21:36
Hegomiredisconnected from wired 1 or somethink like that, looks just like if you would unplug the ethernet cable21:37
kyubutsu_kdelooks dead. i see21:38
kyubutsu_kdeyou might need to reinstall your network manager21:38
kyubutsu_kdehave you attempted to reconfigure it ?21:39
Hegomireno, but I tried installing alpha 3, but there was no change21:39
Hegomire*tried to install = live cd boot21:39
kyubutsu_kdeyou had this same issue on a different system version?21:40
Hegomiredo you have any terminal commands for me that would help you to better understand my problem. I can save the output in txt file and copy it to windows...21:40
Hegomire11.04 worked fine21:41
HegomireI would file a bug, but my connection is down. :)21:42
kyubutsu_kde!network | Hegomire21:42
ubottuHegomire: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:42
kyubutsu_kdestart with that21:42
kyubutsu_kdethat wasnt quite the link i wanted to put out21:45
kyubutsu_kdethis has better info pertaining the wired network troubleshoot21:45
kyubutsu_kdei think his driver needs proper config21:47
kyubutsu_kdebut why21:47
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:52
Hegomireaction not found21:52
Hegomireproblem is not with my wireless21:53
kyubutsu_kdei spotted that.. try this:21:53
* kyubutsu_kde facepalm21:54
dr_willisso its a basic wired network card connecting to what exactly?21:54
Hegomireto my internet modem-router thingy21:54
dr_willisjust a wire from theback of the nic. to the cable-modem then? not a DSL/ADSL modem?21:55
Hegomireplug it in -> instant connection, no password or thing21:55
Hegomirenot a modem21:56
dr_willisdid it work in the earlier ubuntu releases?21:56
dr_willismakes me wonder if its a module/issue for the nic. or a network config issue..21:56
dr_willisyou could boot a live cd, check what module the nic is using,   then boot the installed system. make sure the same module is loaded.21:57
HegomireI have a desktop PC with 11.10 and it has no problems21:57
kyubutsu_kdebut there is no real error message.. then sounds like a misconfigured driver21:57
dr_willisits all about the chipset of the nic.. or config..  id think...  with the new kernel it could be  a driver/moduile issue for the nic.21:57
dr_willistime to figure out what NIC is in that thang.21:58
Hegomireok, tell me how21:58
dr_willisbut if you havce 2 pc's are they both going into a ROUTER? then to the modem?21:58
kyubutsu_kdelshw -C network will output some relevant info21:59
HegomireIt's some combination of both, or whathave you. I use it to access internet directly, but I also can use it acces my home network of devices attached to it21:59
dr_willislsmod will show what modules are loaded also.21:59
Hegomireso lsmod and lshw -C then?22:00
dr_willisyea. you may want to pastebin both those..22:01
dr_willisand jot down the url.22:01
kyubutsu_kdelshw -C network22:01
Hegomireso is that 'lshw -C network' or 'lshw -C'22:01
Hegomireoh, ok22:01
Hegomirewhat url?22:02
kyubutsu_kdeotherwise it will display way more than needed22:02
kyubutsu_kdewe only want network related stuf22:02
kyubutsu_kdehe means , pipe the output of those commands to pastebin22:02
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:03
Hegomireoh, ok cool22:03
=== STiK is now known as Guest1
kyubutsu_kdelshw means list hardware..22:06
kyubutsu_kdels hw22:06
utusanany gnome-shell gurus here?  where is the data coming from for the applications window?  It'22:13
utusanI created one in /usr/bin and it's not showing22:13
utusanI also have created an app.desktop in /usr/share/applications22:14
dr_willisvrious .desktop files i think  utusan22:14
kyubutsu_kdealso, resetting the hardware [known as cold boot] is an acceptable troubleshoot action but, you already can connect on a different system .   :-/22:14
dr_willismay need som,e way to rescan them. I notivced xchat is missing.. but its installed22:14
Hegomirehere is the output of lshw -c network: http://paste.ubuntu.com/667718/22:14
utusanfunny thing is I renamed one to something else and the old one still showing but not the new one22:15
dr_willis<trism> dr_willis: I was having the same issue with virtualbox and d-feet yesterday, the .desktop files seem to be fine though because they started showing up when I copied them to ~/.local/share/applications/ (just installed xchat it was the same thing, but I see it now after copying it)22:15
dr_williswe had a chat about it earlier utusan22:15
Hegomireand lsmod: http://paste.ubuntu.com/667720/22:15
utusanI know and that's how I got the old one to show.  But since renaming it to something else it's broken22:16
utusandr_willis, how do I force GS to re-scan?22:17
dr_willisutusan,  no idea.. logout/back in perhaps.. :)22:17
utusandr_willis, I used gnome-desktop-edit and it showed but it's not showing after reboot22:18
Hegomireso, any idea what might be wrong?22:19
kyubutsu_kdeHegomire: your hardware seems fine really . dr_willis, you spot anything wierd in that lsmod?22:19
dr_williskyubutsu_kde,  i cant even tell which one is his network card. :) but if its not working.. it may not be loaded...22:20
dr_willisnow as a test.. boot an older live cd., check the nic make sure its working.. check lsmod output to the nonworking list..22:20
Hegomirewhat is nic?22:21
dr_willisNetwork InterFace Card.22:22
kyubutsu_kdeactually , r8169 [your driver] shows an odd output at the end [in lsmod]22:23
utusanHegomire, on a terminal do sudo rmmod r8169 && sudo modprobe r816922:23
dr_willisso its a realtek 8169 - thats a good clue. :)22:23
kyubutsu_kdelike no module is using it22:23
kyubutsu_kdeits a kernel bug22:24
utusanI have r8169 and this happens everytime.  just rmmod and then modprobe again22:25
kyubutsu_kdedo as utusan sais22:25
Hegomireok, ill try that, thanks utusan22:25
utusanHegomire, np..I think there is still problems on upstart? or whatever is loading the modules22:26
kyubutsu_kdedr_willis: your test is good , but i think Hegomire is itching to get online more than running an investigation report22:27
dr_willissounds like a kernel bug to me. so not sure what else to day other then hope it gets fixed soon. :)22:28
=== Guest1 is now known as STiK
Hegomireok, so that did not work22:34
Hegomirefirst i got disconnected22:35
Hegomirethen it started connecting again, but without success22:35
Hegomireso, it's a kernel bug22:37
dr_willissounds like it22:37
Hegomiredoes that mean I'll have to wait for .9 ?22:37
dr_willisno idea22:38
dr_willistry older kernels - see if the issue is in them as well.. check the bug reports see if theres any info on that NIC issue22:38
Hegomireok, thanks guys, i'll check it out22:39
Hegomirehsvr s nice one22:39
Hegomire*have a nice one22:39
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.22:42
dr_willisdf -h --->23:29
dr_willisdf: `/var/lib/lightdm/.gvfs': Permission denied23:29
dr_willisis it a little odd that the login manager is running gvfs?23:29
gotohi, I think about to use Alpha3 on my Laptop. Is Alpha3 more or less stable like Debian testing? Or are Kernel-Panic common?23:31
dr_willisive not seen any kernel panics in any of the alphas ive tested.23:32
dr_willisoccasional bug/issue - but never anythin gthat severe23:32
gotodr_willis: do you use alpha3 on a productive machine?23:33
dr_willisgoto,  I have no machines at all that i would call productive.. :)23:33
dr_willisUnless you count my 'boxee box' :)23:33
dr_willisjust a home user.  so it dose3nt matter a lot to me.23:33
gotodr_willis: gnome3 is in the repo for alpha3?23:34
dr_willisusing gnome3 right now.23:34
gotoand if the rc1, rc2 and "stable" come, i can update just with dist-upgrade?23:34
dr_willisgnome-shell is nifty. but lacking in ways.23:34
gotowhat is lacking for example? :)23:34
dr_willisof course you can upgrade/update.23:34
dr_willisI cant even figure out how to change the basic theme in g-s. lots of settings are just not there.. theres also 'design' flaws.. :)23:35
gotoyeah, but thats lack of gnome3 not of the alpha3, or?23:35
gotobtw. do you know if Gnome3.2 will be in Ubuntu 11.10?23:36
* yofel runs +1 on his production notebook, but has backups and a fallback natty install23:36
dr_willisgoto,  theres a feature freeze right now.. not sure if that means versions are frozen also.. check the release schedule.23:36
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases23:36
ubottuA schedule of Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule23:36
yofelas long as you can live with the system suddenly being totally unusable you can use +123:37
dr_willishttp://live.gnome.org/GnomeShell/FAQ gotta love a faq that uses sooo many buzzword type terms..23:37
yofelas that can pretty much happen at any time23:37
gotoyofel: how often do you got an unusable sys?23:37
dr_williswe just hit 'featurefreeze' it seems --> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeatureFreeze23:38
yofelmaybe twice during the devel cycle. At least for oneiric we had broken keyboard and mouse input in X quite a while ago, and the nvidia driver didn't work right for a while23:39
yofelother than that it works resonably fine here23:39
yofelafter alpha3 things don't break that much usually, but with people getting very new stuff in with feature freeze exceptions there's still a risk for the system breaking until beta23:40
yofelgoto: let's say if you at least know how to use a terminal and know how to check log files from a TTY when X fails to start you should be fine. Then you know enough of the basics so we here can help you23:42
gotothank you yofel && dr_willis :)23:44
gotoI will install alpha3 tomorrow23:44
Ian_Corneubuntu+1 heroes!23:44
yofeland another alpha tester aquired :P23:44
Ian_Corneone of us, one of us!23:45
Ian_Corneanyone here with a dual monitor setup (of different resolution) on 11.10?23:46
gotoIan_Corne: at tomorrow yes. ;)23:47
Ian_Corneok, nvidia or ati?23:47
goto1680x1050 and 1024x76823:47
gotoIan_Corne: intel or ati23:47
gotoIan_Corne: any problems?23:47
Ian_Cornemy last non 11.10 system is ATI23:47
Ian_Cornecan't get dual screen to work on 11.0423:48
Ian_Corneso might as well try 11.10 :)23:48
gotoon debian testing i have no problems23:48
Ian_Cornewell, i doubt it has anything to do with unity tho23:48

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