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ppisatimorning everyone07:59
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janimoppisati, hello08:40
janimohope you had a nice vacation :)08:40
ppisatithe kind of vacation where you need some vacation after it to recover :)08:41
ppisatiyep, it was good :)08:41
ppisatijanimo: did you go to the linaro connect meeting?09:05
janimoppisati, no09:06
ppisatijanimo: it's a pity, i would reallt liked to be there but when i booked my vacation i wasn't aware of it09:08
olivethere is no ti omap4 ppa for oneiric ?09:55
ogra_no, TI usually fills up the PPAs around release or shortly after09:55
olivehttps://launchpad.net/~tiomap-dev/+archive/release/+packages natty/maverick09:56
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ogra_infinity, i'm setting PREINSTALL_POOL_SEEDS="" for ac100 so we dont get build failures all the time (i dont feel like researching why ac100 server fails the pool installation, given the image wont be supported etc)11:59
jeshi, I'm testing youtube videos on pandaboard, ubuntu netbook 11.04 installed, firefox and gnash codec12:31
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jesthe videos don't play continuously, and stops a lot, even when the download of the data is not the problem12:31
jesdoes anyone knows any possible solution to this?12:32
ogra_fix gnash :)12:33
jesI don't know if the problem is the SD card, which one are you using?12:33
jesI'm with Sandisk class 612:34
ogra_honestly thoughm i think gnash is pretty outdated if it comes to compatibility with recent flash, you could try lightspark, which attempts to be compatible with more recent flash but will likely be vers slow due to SW rendering12:34
ndecgnash is likely far from being optimized on omap4. what does the CPU look like while doing flash/gnash?12:37
ogra_it might eat one core :)12:38
ogra_but it should theoretically work ... kind of at least12:38
ndecfrom what I read, it 'kind of work', no?12:38
ogra_it works on tegra for exactly one movie here it just doesn never close again after playing that :)12:39
ogra_so you have the plugin stuck in the bg until you kill your session12:39
ndeci never tried gnash..12:39
ogra_but hey, it works for one film ;)12:39
ogra_though that was maverick ... i havent tried since i must admit12:40
jesCPU is very busy when using gnash12:41
ogra_thats expected indeed12:41
ogra_given it does everything in software12:42
jesdo you think a better SD card or disabling swap memory could affect directly in streaming?12:43
jesor just is a SW issue? I'm using Sandisk class 612:44
ogra_i dont think a faster SD will change behavior much12:45
ogra_janimo, there are un-uploaded changes in livecd-rootfs from you, ok to upload them (or do you need additioanl ones or so)12:47
jesok, I will try lightspark codec then12:47
janimoogra_, sure, ok to upload12:47
jeshope it work12:47
ndecSD card is lilely not involved in this use case. if your CPU is too loaded and if gnash cannot keep up with the rate of the decoder you might expect some freeze (a/v sync)12:47
janimoI did not do so as they are not yet used at the moment, and so to go together with possible other changes from others12:47
ogra_well you could already test a livefs build12:48
ogra_if your packages are all in the archive at least12:48
janimoogra_, they are in NEW :)12:49
ogra_still ?12:49
janimothe mx ones yes, at least they were this morning12:49
ogra_i thought they were out already12:49
ogra_binary or source NEW ?12:49
janimoNEW queue is quite full,12:49
ogra_hrm, k12:49
janimoogra_, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text=mx12:50
janimoogra_, what is the ac100 situation, are those out of NEW?12:50
ndecso you guys make build for MX and ac100 for 11.10?12:51
ndecwill that be full images?12:51
ogra_ac100 has to be a 2 part image due to the design of the device12:51
ndecand what's the MX?12:52
ogra_its a tarball installer inside the initrd ... after that bit its like the panda image12:52
ogra_(oem-config preinstalled image etc)12:52
ogra_the mx5 will be a full SD image i think12:52
ogra_both are "community supported" :)12:53
ndeci am upgrading my 11.10 alpha3 setup, already 377 updates... 219MB to download.. you guys push too many things ;-)12:54
ogra_heh, yeah12:54
ogra_upgrade daily ;)12:54
ogra_weekly gets you such numbers12:54
ogra_especially around freeze times12:55
ogra_where the upload frequency doubles or triples12:55
ndecthat's what i do with my laptop, and it's broken every other day ... so i am a bit more cautious with my panda ;-)12:55
ogra_yeah, one has to set priorities12:56
ndecit's just that it takes more time to reinstall on panda than on a laptop!12:56
ogra_reinstall ? well, that should take 10-20min only from a fresh image12:56
ndecdo we have image for panda which are not preinstalled?12:56
ogra_netboot and netinstall are12:57
ndecwell, I want everything on external USB12:57
ndecok, no real live image?12:57
ogra_unless you like 2h installs :)12:58
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jesangaralso has a problem with sound through HDMI, not working at all13:06
jesangarhow to redirect music via HDMI cable?13:07
ogra_janimo, whoops, you forgot the closing ;; for your mx5 case statement13:42
* ogra_ uploads a fix13:42
janimoogra_, thanks, sorry14:27
infinityogra_: Why are you doing ac100 server at all?  Or is that just for rapid testing turnaround and then you'll switch to a desktop image?14:59
ogra_i want to have the option while working on the images14:59
ogra_and i think the server team is actually interested in a server image15:00
ogra_or at least in a desk topless image15:00
ogra_hmm, that space wasnt intentional15:00
infinity*shrug*... Kay... Just seems like a weird target for a "server" image. :)15:00
ogra_it surely is15:01
infinityI should look at WTF is going on with the pool installation sometime this week while I'm multitasking with other stuff.15:01
ogra_it requires finer grained cdimage changes to supress building it15:01
infinityI mean, it works on the only server image we "care" about, but it's effin' bizarre that it doesn't work for you.15:01
ogra_i'm not that far up the stack yet :)15:01
ogra_currently i wonder if i should make the initrd building fail for ac100-tarball-installer if the md5 sum is missing15:02
* ogra_ just noticed that the hook for installing the actual installer isnt in the package yet so i wonder if i can improve it somehow before adding it15:04
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ogra_argh !15:12
prpplagueogra_: argh to you too!15:12
ogra_df: Warning: cannot read table of mounted file systems: No such file or director15:12
ogra_stdin: Illegal seek15:12
ogra_mkinitramfs: for root  missing  /sys/block/ entry15:12
ogra_mkinitramfs: workaround is MODULES=most15:12
ogra_mkinitramfs: Error please report the bug15:12
ogra_heh, hey prpplague15:13
prpplagueogra_: what's cookin today?15:13
ogra_infinity, hmm, i supppose using MOYDULES=dep on a buildd isnt so clever15:13
* ogra_ wonders why else it could fail 15:14
infinityYeah, MODULES=dep isn't going to work on hardware that isn't your target. :/15:15
ogra_i'll go with list then15:15
ogra_that should work15:15
ogra_well, at least the automatic installing of linux-ac100 seems to work15:18
rajendra_Hi, I was trying to use OTG on panda board as HOST15:25
rajendra_I don't see volatge on the OTG... when I connect a device15:25
rajendra_IS OTG as host supported on ubuntu, Natty15:25
ogra_check the kernel config in /boot15:28
ogra_is it enabled ?15:28
rajendra_I have enabled all the options in menuconfig15:30
ogra_so you recompiled the kernel ?15:30
ogra_as package i suppose so you didnt break the distro mechanics ?15:31
rajendra_I guess not15:31
rajendra_I just enabled all the options under USB and re-built the kernel15:32
ogra_well, are you sure it is running that kernel ?15:32
ogra_(how did you tell it to use the new one=15:32
rajendra_I copy the newly built image into SD-card and I boot from SD-card15:33
ogra_anyway, if you are sure the kernel options are correct, all i can say is that i dont think we tested OTG much15:33
ogra_well, that leaves you with an out of sync initrd15:33
rajendra_one clarification... have u tested OTG as host15:34
ogra_you should just put vmlinuz in /boot, unpack a modules tarball and run update-initramfs, that will do all bits you need, including copying the kernel to the vfat15:34
rajendra_ok... I will try that15:35
ogra_i'm not sure which OTG aspects we tested at all, and unfortunately our QA guy who did that testing is on vacation this week15:35
ogra_i can tell you on monday ... that wont help you much right now though15:36
rajendra_shall I ping you on monday on this15:36
rajendra_anyway I will try what u have suggested15:37
ogra_thats just how to do it the clean way for an ubuntu install, i doubt it will affect your problem if you are sure that kernel runs15:38
rajendra_I tested it as device (by connecting it to PC), board powers up15:38
ogra_infinity, hmm, looking at the live-build output i notice that i have two tarballs16:47
ogra_livecd.ubuntu-ac100.rootfs.tar-20110816-armel.gz and livecd.ubuntu-ac100.rootfs.tar.gz16:47
ogra_any idea where the one with the weird timestamp comes from ?16:48
ogra_(i assume its just a link or so, would be silly to have two actual tarballs)16:49
* MrCurious_ wonders about usb speed on pandaboard under ubuntu16:50
ogra_MrCurious, its slow, known bug16:52
ogra_MrCurious, if you ping the NIC it will get faster ... alternatively you can run with nosmp16:52
MrCurious_oh, i had a different one16:53
MrCurious_pinging nic didnt speed mine, it was just 1/2 as fast on 11.04 as 10.1016:53
MrCurious_of cource i used wireless, and not ether, so that could explain that bit16:54
ogra_heh, yeah, definitely16:54
ogra_it only works if you ping the wired NIC16:54
MrCurious_i would happily move back to 10.10 if only the omap addons would work with that version16:54
ogra_they do ?16:54
ogra_in fact its the only version that has all bits16:54
* MrCurious_ shakes his head not a few weeks back16:54
MrCurious_when i tried 3 to 4 weeks back, 10.10 had a dependency issue on omap addons16:55
MrCurious_i bug reported that16:55
ogra_against the TI ppa ?16:55
MrCurious_maybe it was 4 - 8 weeks (time has sped up recently)16:55
MrCurious_i installed 10.10, then tried to add the omap addons meta package, and 2 packages had unresolvable dependencies, as such the omap addons would only artially install16:56
ogra_you should only need to klick the TI icon actually16:57
ogra_though it needs universe enabled manually first16:57
ogra_iirc there was a bug in 10.1016:57
MrCurious_other than the only get 1/2 of ram memory bug?16:59
ogra_1/2 memory ?17:00
ogra_its 768M iirc17:00
MrCurious_whoops. half of half was missing i stored it in my brain poorly17:00
MrCurious_the way the day is going here, its like somebody called do-over on monday17:01
infinityogra_: The ones without timestamps are links to the ones with.  Every livefs build looks like that.17:09
infinityogra_: Curious that you've only now noticed. :)17:09
ogra_given you build the one without timestamp from livecd-rootfs17:09
ogra_is it renamed at some point ?17:10
infinity(Though I admit it comes out weird with tarballs, due to the multiple dots in the filename, and the timestamping code being a bit braindead)17:10
ogra_what is the tarball code in livecd-rootfs for then ?17:11
ogra_        (cd "binary/$INITFS/filesystem.dir/" && tar -c *) | \17:12
ogra_                gzip -9 --rsyncable > "$PREFIX.rootfs.tar.gz"17:12
ogra_        chmod 644 "$PREFIX.rootfs.tar.gz"17:12
ogra_thats in auto/build17:12
infinityThat creates the tarball..17:12
dabukalamI'm having problems with installing ubuntu on beagleboard. I followed the instructions and dded the image to the SD card, but it won't boot. After connecting a serial com link I find that the problem is with booting the kernel. Is there some sort of flag I can use to make it more verbose?17:12
infinityAnd then BuildLiveCD publishes it elsewhere.17:13
ogra_but it creates it without timestamp17:13
ogra_you said above the file is the one with timestamp17:13
infinitysudo mv ${file} ${PUBDIR}${NOW}/${base}-${NOW}-${ARCH}.${ext}17:13
ogra_and the link is the one without17:13
infinityln -sf ${base}-${NOW}-${ARCH}.${ext} ${PUBDIR}${NOW}/${base}.${ext}17:13
infinityI know what I said. :)17:14
ogra_ah, so they are shuffled around, k17:14
infinityBuildLiveCD takes the non-timestamp one from $chroot/build and publishes it to ~public_html with some mangling.17:14
ogra_where the heck do you always pull out these code snippets !17:14
infinityWhich is what leads to the timestamp being in a weird place.17:15
infinity(But the timestamp thing really doesn't matter, since they go away when published again on cdimage...)17:15
* ogra_ greps for hours and doesnt find anything17:15
infinityogra_: I pull them out of knowing the code a bit too well? :)17:15
ogra_grr, so why does my update-initramfs fail now17:16
ogra_so i'm using something like: copy_exec /foo / || echo "foo"17:17
ogra_in my initramfs hook17:17
ogra_apparently that makes live-build think the hook exited -117:17
* ogra_ doesnt get it 17:18
infinityWhy would you want to ignore copy_exec failing anyway?17:19
infinityJust out of curiosity...17:19
ogra_because i need something that installs the md5 file if its there17:19
ogra_something that doesnt fail if its not there, so i can install the package but dont fail until live-build put it in place17:20
infinityAnd are you sure you don't want copy_exec /foo /bar ?17:20
ogra_it doesnt fail here locally17:20
ogra_i want the md5 in /17:20
infinity$2 is a target name, not directory17:20
ogra_its usuallsy /sbin or /bin17:21
infinityOh, you're right, the docs are out-of-date compared to the code being changed to allow people to use it like copy. :P17:21
ogra_yep, since a while17:22
ogra_anyway, i see no reason why it would exit non zero17:22
ogra_the actual code is: copy_exec /installer.md5 / || echo "Warning: no tarball md5sum file found !"17:23
infinityThe ! is your problem.17:24
ogra_huh ?17:24
infinityRunning that on a local terminal will show you. :P17:24
ogra_its inside quotes17:24
infinitydconrad@cthulhu:~$ copy_exec /installer.md5 / || echo "Warning: no tarball md5sum file found !"17:24
infinitybash: !": event not found17:24
* ogra_ shakes head17:24
infinityDouble quotes get interpreted still.  You want single-quotes if you want an unparsed string.17:24
ogra_i'm really wasting version numvbers today17:25
ogra_funny though it also works locally with an exclamation mark added17:27
* ogra_ forhead -> wood x 1017:28
ogra_k, it isnt that line failing at all17:28
* ogra_ uploads a fix and goes into hibernate until the next publisher is through17:35
dabukalamI'm having problems with installing ubuntu on beagleboard. I followed the instructions and dded the image to the SD card, but it won't boot. After connecting a serial com link I find that the problem is with booting the kernel. Is there some sort of flag I can use to make it more verbose?18:01
janimodabukalam, removing the quiet and spash options from the boot cmdline shoudl make it more verbose18:08
dabukalamhow do I do that? beagle sutoboots, if i cut it, where do i go to remove those options?18:09
dabukalamit's not grub :/18:09
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dabukalamjanimo, ping18:14
janimodabukalam, right, you need to modify the SDcard image18:14
janimoin your computer18:14
janimomount the VFAT partition and alter boot.scr using mkimage18:15
janimothere should be resources for editing/updateing boot.scr on omap, I have no link handy though18:15
janimodabukalam, what do you mean by 'sutoboots'?18:16
janimoah, autoboots18:16
dabukalamautoboots ;)18:16
dabukalamyeah, wait18:16
dabukalamso you want me to modify the .img file that I dded to the card? or mount the sd card and modify the files in it?18:16
janimoindeed, I would first try a new SDcard/ new image writing18:16
dabukalamtried it 4 times so far18:17
janimothose were tested and kernel should not panic on boot unless the hw is broken in some way18:17
janimotry a final natty ?18:17
dabukalamalways get the same Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel.18:17
dabukalamand then nothing18:17
janimodabukalam, that may be because it takes long (minutes) on first boot18:17
dabukalamit's not a hw problem because I'm doing a reinstall, it was maverick before18:17
janimoas it resized the card18:17
janimothe partition I mean18:17
dabukalamah shit18:17
dabukalamso after rebooting 8 times, should I just turn it on now and give it time or flash the image again?18:18
janimoshould be documented I guess more prominently as it is indeed confusing18:18
janimoyes, give it time18:18
dabukalamk i'll brb :D18:18
janimoalthough it can be annoying not knowing exactly how much to wait18:18
janimodepends on SD card speed to18:18
dabukalamjanimo: I'm at 10 mins so far, really tempted to pull the plug18:30
janimodabukalam, hmm18:31
janimothen try editing the boot.cmd on the SD card18:31
janimoand boot without quiet18:31
janimolook for how to do it by googling mkimage boot.cmd18:31
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arcaicoHello, I need the usbserial.ko and option.ko modules from ARM19:37
arcaicosomeone can help me?19:37
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RoAkSoAxrsalveti: is there any particular preseed file you guys use to install when PXE'ing?21:24
rsalvetiRoAkSoAx: GrueMaster or mahmoh should know better21:43
rsalvetiRoAkSoAx: but were you able to install ubuntu using the netboot files?21:44
RoAkSoAxrsalveti: not really, at least not yet :) I'm trying to test different params for the kernel and see what results are shown cause most of the stuff is added automatically and might be needed to be dropped in cobbler21:45
DavieyRoAkSoAx: next week, we need to review the shipped cobbler seed21:46
RoAkSoAxDaviey: puufff we ship an ubuntu-server NQA seed21:46
RoAkSoAxpluys the sample seed21:46
RoAkSoAxDaviey: additionally, in orchestra we ship and ensemble seed21:46
rsalvetiRoAkSoAx: ok, makes sense21:46
RoAkSoAxrsalveti: i just cant get it to display anything on my monitor while it's supposed to be installing the system21:50
rsalvetiRoAkSoAx: hm, what is the issue you're seeing?21:51
rsalvetiguess I poke me about it, but I'm using another pc atm, so can't check the logs21:51
rsalveticould be a kernel issue21:51
RoAkSoAxrsalveti: there's no signal in the monitors. It appears that the monitor obtains signal and then  looses it21:53
RoAkSoAxrsalveti: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/667705/21:53
RoAkSoAxrsalveti: pxer file: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/667706/21:53
rsalvetiRoAkSoAx: are you using the dvi or hdmi output at your panda?21:54
RoAkSoAxrsalveti: hdmi to dvi21:55
rsalvetihm, you're missing the vram cmd line settings21:55
rsalveti[    0.000000] Kernel command line: locale=en_US text  auto url= host221:55
rsalvetiactually, you're missing all the specific kernel cmd line arguments for panda21:55
rsalvetihm, but it seems your pxe config file is right21:56
rsalveticould be that the kernel is not getting all the arguments or your boot log is not showing the entire line21:56
RoAkSoAxrsalveti: maybe, I';m trying with less arguments21:56
rsalvetijcrigby: do you know if is there any cmdline size limitation when using pxe at u-boot?21:58
rsalveticheck RoAkSoAx's logs21:58
RoAkSoAxrsalveti: btw.. i don't know if this is a bug or not21:59
DavieyRoAkSoAx: Do you have serial console?21:59
RoAkSoAxrsalveti: but when PXE booting, u-boot does not look for ethernet address in the way of 01-<MAC separated by ->21:59
RoAkSoAxrsalveti: it directly searchs for a <MAC>22:00
rsalvetihm, would be good to check the pxe spec to see what is expected22:01
jcrigbyrsalveti, yes it is actually the number of tokens in the line22:01
rsalvetilool should know it22:01
rsalvetijcrigby: because it seems his kernel didn't get the whole cmd line from u-boot22:01
jcrigbyit is the same line length issue we have had in other times22:01
jcrigbynext u-boot doubles from 16 to 3222:01
jcrigbyyou can get around it by spliting into two env vars and combining22:02
jcrigbythere is a comment in one of mahmoh 's bugs22:02
jcrigbylet me look22:02
RoAkSoAxrsalveti: AFAIK "Ethernet (ARP type 1) with address 88:99:AA:BB:CC:DD it would search for the filename 01-88-99-aa-bb-cc-dd." whicle u-boot is search for 88-99-AA-BB-CC-DD (ALL in uppercase22:03
RoAkSoAxDaviey: yeah that's where I got the log22:03
DavieyRoAkSoAx: are you tailing the tftpd log to see all the requests it is making?22:04
Davieyit's unusual if it is only making 1 request22:05
Davieyit should make about 10.22:05
DavieyI wonder if it is trying it's mac first, then 01- ?22:05
RoAkSoAxDaviey: i already checked and it is not :)22:06
RoAkSoAxDaviey: it never loks for 01-22:06
DavieyRoAkSoAx: naturally. :)22:07
RoAkSoAxDaviey: it looks for <MAC in uppercase> thenm for IP as in C0ABCETC22:07
RoAkSoAxDaviey: and then it dies :)22:07
DavieyRoAkSoAx: Just out of interest, can you pastebin the requests it is making?22:07
RoAkSoAxDaviey: sure22:07
RoAkSoAxDaviey: give me a sec22:07
DavieyI should just reproduce it here.. but i am lazy.22:08
jcrigbyrsalveti, see comments #3 and #5 here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/u-boot-linaro/+bug/82011622:09
ubot2Ubuntu bug 820116 in u-boot-linaro "usb start in uEnv.txt fails with test - minimal test >>> like /bin/sh" [Medium,Confirmed]22:09
loolRoAkSoAx: There are various non-compliant behaviors of the pxe implementation in u-boot; the path of least resistance if you want to do network boot today is to dump what requests it sends (with tshark or just look at the serial console output) and configure your tftp layout accordingly22:09
RoAkSoAxDaviey: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/667715/22:10
loolthe whole pxelinux.cfg thing is entirely pxelinux specific for instance, and that doesn't relate to pxe at all22:10
Davieylool: path of least reistence = suck.22:10
RoAkSoAxlool: yes that's what I noticed and ended up writing up a file manually22:11
Davieyspecialcasing cobbler for ARM on this issue just feels rather wrong.22:12
loolDaviey: Yes, I'm not saying we shouldn't fix it, but I can also sympathize with people who want something to work with right now  :-)22:12
loolDaviey: Well I've been poking at cobbler exactly to fix this kind of things22:12
loolDaviey: but I don't think it should special case pxelinux.cfg22:12
Davieylool: i noticed your recent vital upload :)22:12
RoAkSoAxDaviey: the whole thing: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/667717/22:12
loolDaviey: :-)22:13
loolDaviey: I did discover some scary things though22:13
Davieylool: oh?22:13
loolDaviey: such as if arch == s309, elif arch == powerpc elif ... kind of things22:13
loolDaviey: would you happen to know why it doesn't simply use dnsmasq for everything?  recent versions provide all of DNS, DHCP and TFTP servers22:14
RoAkSoAxlool: I have the cobbler integration almost done though22:14
Davieywell that can be handled if we switch to using the tftpd.py rather than hpa-tftpd which is what we are currently doing22:14
loolI couldn't figure the urge for having their own python tftp server in it22:14
DavieyI have been thinking for a while on the fly TFTP file generation makes more sense22:14
loolDaviey: I would like if we would reuse dnsmasq because it's a popular implementation and is already used by libvirt IIRC22:15
Davieylool: it does make losts of sense to have a cgi style generation, rather than flat files IMO.22:15
loolDaviey: Well, I see where you're going to, it's kind of seducing, but it feels a bit gadget-ish given practical needs?22:15
Davieytwo concerns for me with tftpd.py are security and does it scale?22:16
loolthe main limitation I would see is if your ruleset becomes really large and you don't want to write a large file and restart daemons22:16
Davieysecurity i haven't sniffed at22:16
Davieybut does it scale? well providing it's multi-threaded it *should* imo.. it's not a heavy task what it is doing22:16
Davieywell hpa-tftpd or dnsmasq shouldn't require restarts22:17
Davieybut if fixing uboot is going to be a real pain in the butt, then suggesting use of a patched tftpd.py might make sense22:18
loolDaviey: yup; if usign isc-dhcpd it would though  :-/22:18
DavieyRoAkSoAx: thoughts?22:18
loolDaviey: patching u-boot is trivial, but implementing something sane isn't  :-/22:18
Davieylool: Hah, i didn't know isc-dhcpd supported tftp :)22:18
loolthe current implementation is essentially a partial copy of what pxelinux would be doing with a crucial difference: the behavior is hardcoded in your u-boot binary rather than in the first pxelinux bits you load from the network22:19
Davieylool: Well s/01-// seems kinda wrong.. so prepending that string might make sense?22:19
RoAkSoAxDaviey: i already though on writing a file for tftp such as <MAC upper case> rather than 01-<MAC lowercase> for arm cobbler systems22:20
loolSure, this is trivial; the question is what is this u-boot implementation actually complying to22:20
DavieyI actually hoped we could use uboot PXE to chainload ipxe.. but ipxe seems to be amd64/i386 specific at this time.22:20
Daviey(although i did see some work to resolve this)22:20
loolDaviey: haha, I was looking at ipxe/gpxe 10 days ago over Connect22:20
Davieylool: success?22:20
loolzero ARM support, and the design will require major code updates to support it22:20
loolDaviey: But I have good idea on approaching this, in fact you folks just touched what I've been giving thoughts in the last weeks, would you like to get on the phone about it?22:21
loolor mumble22:21
DavieyRoAkSoAx: well, what is an arm cobbler system? :)22:21
Davieylool: are you still on euro time?22:22
loolI am22:22
Davieylool / RoAkSoAx: Good for a call tomorrow?22:22
RoAkSoAxDaviey: a cobbler system based of a "arm" import22:22
RoAkSoAxDaviey: sure22:22
DavieyRoAkSoAx: i see!22:22
loolRoAkSoAx: yep, ultimately we might want to import images, perhaps with a different import backend though22:23
loolbut there are so many ARM issues22:23
loolfor instance pandaboards currently don't get a good MAC address on boot from an eeprom22:24
loolthere's a piece of logic in linux to generate a local address from the dieid (cpuid), but I don't think it's in u-boot yet22:24
looland even that would be a bit screwy22:24
Davieywell pandaboards are not /really/ that importiant, it's really to demostrate proof of concept for a real ARM server.22:24
DavieySo hopefully that gets resolved.22:24
RoAkSoAxlool: Cobbler already "imports" images22:28
RoAkSoAxlool: basically, if everything on http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/oneiric/main/installer-armel/current/images/omap4/netboot/ is under a path, you can simply import them into cobbler22:28
RoAkSoAxlool: the mpatch is done, hasn't yet been released though22:29
RoAkSoAxlool: something like:" sudo cobbler import --name=oneiric-arm --path=/path/to/netboot/images/files --breed=ubuntu --arch=arm --os-version=oneiric22:29
loolRoAkSoAx: wow, it seriously imports Ubuntu ARM images, well done then22:29
RoAkSoAxlool: yeah, this will land in the archives tomorrow22:30
rsalvetilool: current u-boot is already calculating the mac address same way as the kernel22:44
rsalvetiso you should have a "unique" mac per panda22:44
rsalvetijcrigby: but is this bug going to also affect the way pxe is passing the kernel cmd arguments?22:46
rsalvetias the issue seems to be with the append line at the pxe config file22:47
rsalvetiRoAkSoAx: cool, that's awesome22:47
loolrsalveti: cool23:18
loolRoAkSoAx, Daviey: the MAC address thing seems to be a trivial change to format_mac_pxecfg() in common/cmd_pxecfg.c; would you file a bug on it though?23:26
Davieylool: ack23:27
Davieylool: package or u-boot project?23:27
looleither is ifne23:28
loolproject is u-boot-linaro23:28
loolpackage is also u-boot-linaro23:28
Davieylool: what is the difference between u-boot and u-boot-linaro?23:28
jcrigbyrsalveti, I don't know perhaps there is another bug23:28
loolu-boot is the upstream project23:28
loolu-boot-linaro is our branch23:28
loolwith patches staged for mainline mostly23:29
loolthings coming from landing teams or for instance the pxecfg commands23:29
* Daviey wonders who is tracking https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/u-boot23:29
loolI am in Debian, that's a packaging of the u-boot tarball releases23:29
loolit's not used in Ubuntu except for the host tools though (mkimage etc.)23:29
lool(Well Clint is mostly looking after it in Debian, but I worked on it too and am poking it from time to time)23:30
DavieyClint Adams?23:30
rsalvetijcrigby: I expect it to be similar, but could be a new bug23:31
rsalvetiseems easy to test if you have a pxe environemt set up already23:31
loolDaviey: yes23:31
loolDaviey: clint@debian.org (used to be schizo)23:31
loolDaviey: he picks up new RCs and releases in a matter of hours  :-)23:31
XofratsHi, is this the best place to try to track down a bug with the crosscompiler?23:41
Davieylool: bug #82770523:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 827705 in u-boot-linaro "PXE boot requests non-standard config filename" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82770523:45
rsalvetiXofrats: sure, what kind of issues?23:46
XofratsBasically, I'm cross-compiling using arm-linux-gnueabi-4.5.2-8u323:50
XofratsKernel for the msm series23:50
XofratsThe kernel booted up fine, but I found that the touchscreen was way off, and the only thing that I did different was to compile the kernel under ubuntu x86-6423:51
XofratsI think that gcc is somehow optimizing out something that is causing it23:51
Xofratss/that is/which is/23:52
XofratsProblem is the tssc (touchscreen) code is compiled into the kernel itself, so it's not like I can compare modules23:52
XofratsSo before I nuke badkernel out of the water and try to find a different crosscompiler, anything I can do to track down the issue?23:59

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