Liquidsnakexhey holstein !00:31
Liquidsnakexi am in a problem please help me man !00:31
Liquidsnakexhey philipballew00:31
philipballewwhats your problem Liquidsnakex00:33
Liquidsnakexi want to put ubuntu 11.04 with win xp, and have them both functional and bootable,00:33
Liquidsnakexi don't understand what is mount point and boot loader installation00:33
philipballeware you using the graphical install?00:34
Liquidsnakexi am installing from the cd00:34
Liquidsnakexand i freed 10 giga 9 for the ubuntu and 1 for the swap area is this correct ?00:35
philipballewthe installer should do that all for you. just choose the duel boot option and select how much you want for each system00:35
Liquidsnakexwell there is a problem, the ubuntu installer takes from drive D: which is almost full and i use it and don't want it to get smaller00:36
Liquidsnakexso i cut 10 giga from C: because it's empty & i want to put ubuntu 11.04 on that empty new partition00:36
philipballewthen install it on there. http://blog.sudobits.com/2011/04/23/how-to-install-ubuntu-11-04-from-usb-or-cd/00:37
Liquidsnakexyes but what should i do choose for the Mount point and the boot loader installation ?00:37
philipballewit shiuld do that automaticly. if in doubt chose the ubuntu partition00:38
Liquidsnakexwell i am sorry but it doesn't seem to do that auto.00:39
philipballeware you using the regular installer?00:40
* philipballew has never duel booted00:40
Liquidsnakexouch ...00:41
Liquidsnakexyea i am using the normal installation method , putting cd iso, choose install ubuntu, then i get stuck at that point which i want to install ubuntu on a specific partition i freed it00:41
urlin2ucould I suggest a screen shot of gparted looking at the HD ;)00:41
Liquidsnakexurlin2u what's the gparted ? sorry not good with abbreviations00:42
* nlsthzn_work can see a photo of a screen being uploaded shortly...00:42
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, gparted is a partitioner on the live ubuntu cd.00:43
philipballewg stands for gnome00:43
Liquidsnakexthanks folks00:43
Liquidsnakexwell i will do it right away how to send it to you to check it ?00:43
philipballewsomeone will see it yes00:44
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, image bin attach it then post the http address  http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add00:44
Liquidsnakexwell wait a urlin2u please, i cannot go to the installation process and capture a screenshot at the same time00:45
philipballewgparted is not part of the install00:46
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, my suggestion is to it first to make sure what your doing is correct.00:46
Liquidsnakexi am just confused about the Moint Point and boot loader installation i need to understand them so i can install ubuntu 11.04 without any problems00:46
urlin2uexcellent advice here but some stuff is not known for example how many partitions now as in primaries00:47
philipballewi gtg. off to davis lug meeting00:47
Liquidsnakexi am searching for about 3 hours for them and there is not sufficiant data or info about them00:47
Liquidsnakexi see00:47
Liquidsnakexi had 2 partitons C & D . on C windows xp, i created a new partition E 10 giga, logical one i guess00:48
philipballewopen gparted00:48
philipballewtake screenshot00:48
Liquidsnakexthanks philipballew00:54
Liquidsnakexwhere is holstein and nlsthzn_work00:54
* nlsthzn_work lurks in the shadows00:55
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, the 10 gig partion is a ntfs is that where you wanted the Ubuntu?00:56
Liquidsnakexyes urlin2u00:57
Liquidsnakexi will of course format it to ext4 for ubuntu 11.0400:57
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, so ubuntu would be a ext4 how much ram do you have?00:58
urlin2ucool you know the ext type00:58
Liquidsnakex1 GB00:58
Liquidsnakexyea urlin2u i have been doing some reading so i don't waste time here00:58
urlin2ucool so with gparted, make a 9 gig ext4 and a swap after it, from the live cd.00:58
Liquidsnakexi am just stuck at those points of : Mouting point and boot loader installation what does it mean it's confusing me that's all00:59
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, no problem I can help you there, we wil build the partitions then custom instal and go through that. ;-)00:59
urlin2uurlin2u, you have to be on the live cd though with no keys showing which means mounted01:00
Liquidsnakexthanks urlin2u01:00
urlin2uno probem both the other helpers are awesome, but not here at the moment01:01
Liquidsnakexwell if you could just explain to me what does those mean the mount point and boot loader installatio01:01
* nlsthzn_work has faith in urlin2u ability to get this done... 01:01
Liquidsnakexi just want to make the laptop able to dual boot both xp and ubuntu 11.0401:02
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, thats easy, the grub bootoader wil pick up XP.01:02
Liquidsnakexso shall i leave it as xp because it's not the "default" by the way01:02
Nubi1Kenobi ned to make fslint see my NAS drive.....not sure how01:03
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, we wont touch XP just install ubuntu and it's bootloader will show XP for booting.01:03
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, so you under stand that we need to unmount all the partitions to change them using the live cd booted.01:04
urlin2uthe 10 gig to a 9 gig ext401:04
Liquidsnakexi see01:05
Liquidsnakexconvert the 10 to ext4 you mean ?01:05
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, are you on the live cd you must be.01:05
Liquidsnakexi dont want to touch the other 2 partitions01:05
Liquidsnakexim using it now01:05
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, we wont I do this on my setup all the time I run W7.01:05
urlin2uand natty and others01:06
Liquidsnakexi see01:06
Liquidsnakexthanks alot man01:06
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, open the disk utility and unmount the extended sda2 and sda501:07
Liquidsnakexyea i am trying to look for the unmount option01:10
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, are you in disk manager, just click the sda2, maybe the sda HD first to show it then sda2 the unmount then sda5 unmount.01:11
Liquidsnakexyea it just shows unmount for the sda501:12
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, you will have to unmount sda2 first01:12
urlin2uit is the extended look close01:12
Liquidsnakexwell there is not button for it urlin2u01:13
Liquidsnakexyea i know i can screenshot it for you to check urself01:13
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, it will be above sda5 and sda6 they are inside of it in the partition picture window. you can open gparted again to see if the key is next to it=sdfa2.01:14
Liquidsnakexyes i can see it clearly urlin2u , thats not the point01:15
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, I understand, open gparted and look if there is a key on the sda2 line01:16
Liquidsnakexi cannot find unamount for the extended sda2 itself01:16
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, no problem we can just reboot and open nothing but gparted to be set.01:16
urlin2uthat is easiest. ;)01:17
Liquidsnakexyea urlin2u there is one logical partition busy, that's why i cannot find unamount01:17
Liquidsnakexso shall i unamount that busy logical partition so the whol extended partition is not busy anymore ?01:18
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, no problem just reboot the live cd and then open gparted and look for the keys not being on the sda2 and sda5 and sda6 lines01:18
Liquidsnakexwell rebooting takes a long time it's an old machine no other way :( ?01:19
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, not sure why it ios busy are you using any of those partitions?01:19
Liquidsnakexwell now the moment i am talking to you i am using the live cd feature01:19
Liquidsnakexthere must be a mistake i did ,right ?01:20
urlin2uare you using any of those partition say like playing music in sda501:20
Liquidsnakexno nothing at all01:20
Liquidsnakexjust this web browser ffirefox01:20
Liquidsnakexjust this broswer gparted and disk utility01:20
urlin2uLiquidsnakex, I only feel comfortable with a reboot that extended should not be busy, try closing everything nothing shoud be running, except gparted for confirmation and disk utility for unmounting01:22
Liquidsnakexwell sure urlin2u let me try it01:22
Liquidsnakexthanks alot01:22
urlin2ucose gparted turn off ff and open disk utiity01:22
urlin2ucose ecert=ything tehn open disk utility01:23
Liquidsnakexand close firefox too ?01:23
urlin2uclose everything is what I meant sorry01:23
Liquidsnakexalright no problems urlin2u going to try01:23
urlin2uusing chatzilla I assume01:24
Nubi1KenobiCrOnOs2000,  you around?01:26
urlin2uNubi1Kenobi, have you tried the question in #ubuntu01:27
Nubi1Kenobisame result01:27
nlsthzn_workWell... if GParted found a disc mounted that it wants to modify it would warn you and ask if you would like to unmount it...01:27
urlin2uNubi1Kenobi, takes a while sometimes if I new I woud help ;-)01:27
CrOnOs2000Nubi1Kenobi,  im here i was just setup my google+ count01:27
Nubi1Kenobiurlin2u, thanks01:28
urlin2uno problem01:28
Nubi1KenobiCrOnOs2000, i started to set mine up01:28
Nubi1KenobiCrOnOs2000, have you used FSlint for anyting?01:28
Nubi1KenobiCrOnOs2000, need some help with it01:29
CrOnOs2000sorry never tryed before01:29
razorandnotsoHi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm learning about ssh, but I'm having some problems. I'm running ubuntu 11.04 on a desktop and centos in virtualbox, and i'm trying to ssh into my mac that's on the same network01:30
razorandnotsocentos is connected to the network, i've checked my router devices01:30
razorandnotsoboth oses get the same problem: they hang at connecting to the mac01:31
urlin2uliquidsnakex, were you using chatzilla01:31
liquidsnakexi don't know but suddenly exclamation marks appeared beside sda101:31
liquidsnakexthis firefox web browser01:32
urlin2uin gparted?01:32
urlin2uscreen shot it01:32
liquidsnakexbeside the windows partition a key and exclamation mark appeared01:32
urlin2uliquidsnakex, you may need a chkdsk.01:33
liquidsnakexda** ....01:33
liquidsnakexbut the disk utility says disk is healthy01:34
nlsthzn_workliquidsnakex: I wouldn't worry to much about that partition... you won't be touching it for this...01:35
urlin2uliquidsnakex, so hard to say I'm assuming here, there is a right claick on partition in gparted then information do this with sda1, and see what it says01:35
liquidsnakexunable to find mount point unable to read the contents of this file system !01:36
liquidsnakexbecause some of these operations may be unavailable01:36
urlin2uliquidsnakex, can you shutdown gparted open just the disk utiity and unmount sda1?01:36
liquidsnakexhey nltshzn_work01:37
liquidsnakexdone urlin2u01:37
nlsthzn_workurlin2u: AFAIK as soon as you use gparted to make changes and it first needs to unmount a partition it will prompt you... in this case I don't think it will...01:37
urlin2uliquidsnakex, now delete the sda6 make a 9 gig ext4 then a 1 ggig swap next to it with gparted after closing the disk manager01:38
urlin2unlsthzn_work, if I need your hep I wil ask commenting does not make this any easier bro.01:38
nlsthzn_workurlin2u: fair enough... lurk mode: ACTIVATED...01:39
liquidsnakexpeople please  don't fight or argue01:39
urlin2unlsthzn_work, no problem but I'm a experienced user.01:39
liquidsnakexi just need your great experience and your assistance in this that's all01:40
urlin2uliquidsnakex, no fighting just communicating. ;-)01:40
liquidsnakexdone urlin2u01:41
urlin2uliquidsnakex, give me another screenie.01:41
urlin2uliquidsnakex, in that unallocated put a swap then take another screenshot so we know we are on the same page01:43
urlin2uliquidsnakex, you have to run them to with the green check mark01:44
liquidsnakexhow do i put a swap urlin2u ?01:44
liquidsnakexyea i noticed i should execute the commands i am doing01:44
urlin2uliquidsnakex, the dropdown where you found the ext4 has a swap option just scroll01:44
urlin2uright click the unallocated add then choose swap.01:45
liquidsnakexwell yea the unallocated dropdown menu is all grey and theres no option to choose swap01:45
urlin2uthen click the green check mark to execute tis so we see partitions= sda6 and sda701:46
liquidsnakexit's like unavailable01:46
urlin2uliquidsnakex, cick the checkmark to run the delete and ext4 build first then01:46
liquidsnakexi clicked on the checkmark01:47
liquidsnakexand it succesffuly created that sda6 as ext401:47
liquidsnakexthe unallocated is still unallocated and i can't do anything in it01:48
urlin2ucool the swap option should be available now in the unallocated.01:48
liquidsnakexwell it's not available :/01:48
urlin2uliquidsnakex, do you see any keys is anything mounted01:48
liquidsnakexsorry nope01:49
urlin2uliquidsnakex, give me another screenie01:49
liquidsnakexof Gparted or Disk utility ?01:49
urlin2ugparted, that is all that should be running by the way.01:50
urlin2uif you had the disk utility open that may be blocking the swap01:50
liquidsnakexi closed it, refresh the GParted and nothing new :/01:51
urlin2uif so close the disk utility and see if swap is available now01:51
urlin2ulest se a picture01:51
liquidsnakexyour screenie01:51
urlin2uclick new then swap01:52
liquidsnakexlinux swap ?01:52
urlin2uthe the green check to run01:52
urlin2uthats the one01:52
urlin2uyou will get used to this then be helping others01:53
urlin2ugive me a screenshot when you have the swap in place01:54
liquidsnakexthanks alot man01:54
liquidsnakexwell i want to Install Ubuntu 11.04 on sda6 of course, so i should flag it bootable ?01:55
urlin2uliquidsnakex, no problem your ready to install, we want to run the install stop at the screen shot that asks where01:55
urlin2ugui partitioning screen choice of where and tyoe01:55
liquidsnakexi see01:55
urlin2uwe will choose the custom one at the bottom.01:56
liquidsnakexbut i want to Install Ubuntu 11.04 on sda6 of course, so i should flag it boot ?01:56
liquidsnakexfrom the GParted ?01:56
urlin2uliquidsnakex, no Ubuntu does not need a boot flag.01:56
urlin2udoes not01:56
liquidsnakexwell i want to put ubuntu 11.04 beside win xp ? don't forget that please01:56
urlin2uwe will install to sda6 at the partitining choice area01:57
urlin2usda6 right01:57
liquidsnakexi see, i will choose sda6 when it gives me the choices to the installation place right ?01:57
urlin2uclose everything then hit the install  button  yeah it will be easy once we get there all partitions are listed there.01:58
liquidsnakexwell yea but what about the mount point choices and the boot loader installation ?01:58
liquidsnakexi don't understand them01:58
liquidsnakexshould i configure something in them or leave them ?01:58
urlin2uliquidsnakex, I understand your concern that is done at the same partitioning are, I got your back bro.01:59
urlin2uthe partition choice for install and mount and bootis all in one place01:59
liquidsnakexyea so when i install ubuntu 11.04 on sda6 it will autom. boot or i should flag the sda6 partition as Boot ? like that Xp one ?02:00
urlin2uliquidsnakex, no boot flag we will just make sure the Ubuntu boot goes to the HD mbr.02:00
liquidsnakexso now i should start installing ?02:01
liquidsnakexbbut this browser will be closed02:01
urlin2uyep if everything is closed no keys showing in gparted you can hit install.02:01
liquidsnakexalright man02:01
urlin2ubrowser is okay02:01
liquidsnakexsee you after it02:01
liquidsnakexthanks alot for your help02:01
urlin2uliquidsnakex, hold on02:02
liquidsnakexi am here i am here02:02
urlin2uyou need to do a ci=ustom insytall it is not automatic02:02
liquidsnakexi see you mean choose the advanced way ?02:02
urlin2ustay with me the browser can stay open, tell me when you get the gui that has options for install.02:02
liquidsnakexthen choose sda6 , am i right ?02:03
urlin2uit will be the bottom choice02:03
urlin2uare you there yet02:03
liquidsnakexjust a sec02:03
urlin2uwe want our cart in front of the horse we are doing this systematically.02:04
liquidsnakexit's an old laptop, 2004/2005 can hear the dvdrom laser fighting ....02:04
liquidsnakexscreenie http://imagebin.org/16803402:05
urlin2uliquidsnakex, correct something else yo9u will do several things there first click on sda6 when you get there.02:06
urlin2uscreen shots are great thanks02:06
liquidsnakexyou are welcome man, i should be thanking you02:07
liquidsnakexgotta work my a$$ here to learn02:07
urlin2uhey this is what we do02:07
urlin2ulet me know when you click sda6 another window will open02:07
liquidsnakexwell something i am stuck in urlin2u02:08
urlin2uliquidsnakex, what02:08
liquidsnakexwhat should i do about the "Device for boot loader installation" ?02:08
liquidsnakexleave the 1st choice, 2nd choice, or what please ?02:08
urlin2uchoose dev/sda  this is the boot part you were asking about sda=the HD mbr02:09
liquidsnakexi see02:09
urlin2umaster boot record is the mbr02:09
urlin2unever put grub in windows02:09
liquidsnakexso this won't destroy win xp right ?02:09
liquidsnakexit wil leave the win xp boot as it is right ?02:09
urlin2uleave XP alobe and choose sda02:10
liquidsnakexso later i can choose between xp and ubuntu ?02:10
urlin2uyes we need to do more in that window as well02:10
liquidsnakexi am just making sure man, this is my 1st ubuntu os to be honest ...02:10
urlin2uno problem02:10
urlin2uafter choosing the dev/sda top line click on sda602:11
urlin2ulooks good02:11
urlin2uclick sda602:11
liquidsnakexso i choose s dev/sda6 for installation & ATA IC ... ? right ?02:12
liquidsnakexokay i am ready02:12
liquidsnakexhit install man02:12
urlin2uthen a widow will open more work there02:12
liquidsnakexi am afraid the laptop won't take it and die lol02:12
liquidsnakexshall i hit install now ?02:12
urlin2uwhen you clicked sda6 did a window open?02:12
liquidsnakexi see02:12
liquidsnakexdouble clicked on sda602:13
liquidsnakexEdit Partiton window popped up02:13
urlin2uscreenie so I can explain02:13
liquidsnakexscreenie sir02:14
urlin2uwe will edit correctly this is the format confo=irm and mount area.02:14
liquidsnakexyea man i am dying at this point really02:14
urlin2ufirst click use as and choose ext4 then click format keep it open.02:14
urlin2uon the mount choose /02:15
liquidsnakexMount point /boot  or " / " only ?02:15
urlin2uliquidsnakex, /02:15
liquidsnakexdone doe02:16
urlin2uscreenie would be good now02:16
urlin2uI have done this systematically to make sure you understand and we are on the same page. ;-)02:17
liquidsnakexthanks alot man02:17
liquidsnakexappreciate your assistance VERY MUCH02:17
urlin2uhit okay the screen will close and quickly reformat that sda6 partition no danger to XP then hit the go ahed install whatever the next is02:18
liquidsnakexalright man02:18
liquidsnakexi hope and pray it won't kill the laptop02:18
urlin2uliquidsnakex, you have got it you will be asked for a name a password at some point02:18
liquidsnakexit's old enough, feelin ubuntu 11.04 is a hot chick ridin an old guy (my laptop) rofl02:18
liquidsnakexsure urlin2u no problems02:19
urlin2uthe other stayed with us till now nlsthzn_work02:19
liquidsnakexnlsthzn_work i think he is busy or away02:20
urlin2uliquidsnakex, so once your installed reboot to Ubuntu first.02:20
urlin2uI will be here the install will probably take about 20 min02:20
liquidsnakexi am in the keyboard layout02:22
liquidsnakexthe laptop is pretty busy responding in a diffuclt manner02:22
urlin2uprobably the cd reader02:22
liquidsnakexyea man, i bought it second hand :/02:23
urlin2udo you have a xp cd you will want one in the future02:23
urlin2ufor safety if needed for repairs02:23
liquidsnakexyea i have one02:23
liquidsnakexsure man that's a positive02:23
urlin2ualways have the right tools is what I mean. ;-)02:24
liquidsnakexsure i totally get you02:24
liquidsnakexim currently in the who are you ? installation page02:24
Beav3rHello all. I'm a total new ubuntu user. I am having a problem with getting a ndiswapper-installed pci wireless adapter to work. In nm-list it's showing up correctly after installing ndiswapper now but in the windicator the wifi isn't showing up. It's a linksys WDM300n. Anyone have any ideas?02:24
liquidsnakexanother poor fella ...02:25
urlin2uonce this is all done and booted to ubuntu to run a grub-update and all you may want to run a chkldsk on XP as well.02:25
liquidsnakexwell urlin2u i just want to see ubuntu 11.04 successffully installed and bootable as well as that option of choosing winxp or ubuntu is working too02:26
liquidsnakexand yea i have read what you are telling me in some forums02:26
liquidsnakexto check the integrity of both systems and thanks alot man for mentioning it02:27
urlin2uliquidsnakex, the no file seen in XP may be a anomaly we will see if you can open it from ubuntu when you reboot.02:27
liquidsnakexwhat's the no file seen ?02:27
liquidsnakexyou mean that i cannot see anything when ubuntu is installed because of xp ?02:27
urlin2uliquidsnakex, you should be running a chkdsk on occasion anyway, depending on how much you use xp02:27
urlin2uliquidsnakex, gparted and the red dot said it couldn't read XP, no big deal this happens could be a anomaly02:28
liquidsnakexi am a bit worried now ...02:28
urlin2uyou have done nothing wrong don't worry02:29
liquidsnakexperhaps because xp is an a$$h*le :D ?02:29
liquidsnakexi see02:29
liquidsnakexlol ...02:29
liquidsnakexwhen i tell my friends about ubuntu 11.04 they make fun of me and start sayin freeky geeky :S:S:S02:30
liquidsnakexi dunno , is it much fun paying $$ for unstable os such as vista, then win7 ...02:30
urlin2uthe screen shots of gparted with everything unmounted showed X Pto be there02:31
liquidsnakexyea i understand02:31
urlin2uI got W7 for cheap as a college student02:31
urlin2umuch safer as well02:31
liquidsnakexwell here man it costs some what much ...02:31
liquidsnakex.... egypt ....02:32
urlin2uliquidsnakex, you heading for college soon, or been there?02:32
liquidsnakexyea man im in college now02:32
liquidsnakex2nd year business administration02:32
urlin2uliquidsnakex, you can get windows for free maybe or like 25$ us like me02:33
liquidsnakexwell yea i understand you i tried to look for student version, but guess what, they just make copy out of an original disc ! wtf you know !02:33
urlin2uW7 server for free02:33
urlin2ustudent version is regular purchase I have w7 pro02:34
liquidsnakexi am in egypt my friend not usa ...02:34
urlin2umdsnn or something like that02:34
liquidsnakexyea the supported stuff for college people to fight piracy and so ...02:34
urlin2uyou just need the key for the version you want, you can get the ISO, and dvd's with the msdnn purchase02:35
urlin2uare things getting more stable there?02:35
liquidsnakexyea but didn't work, those mtfkers steal everything , everything even USAID stuff we should receive ...02:35
liquidsnakexyea it's currently retrieving stuff i think updating of course, the router LED is blinking02:36
liquidsnakex9 of 3002:36
liquidsnakexu live in usa urlin2u ?02:36
urlin2upacific NW Oregon02:37
liquidsnakexi am egypt, cairo02:37
liquidsnakexand honestly i don't own a camel or a tent :D lol02:37
urlin2ubeautiful area hours from the ocean to the mountains for skiing.  Don't worry no false cultural images here. ;-)02:38
liquidsnakexyea man of course fun is 100% guaranteed there unlike here02:39
liquidsnakexprotests and demonstrations, curfew , army inspections army road blocks02:39
urlin2uas long as your part of the dominant white culture basically.02:39
liquidsnakexlol yea man02:40
liquidsnakexactually i am an armenian too02:40
liquidsnakexbut ended up in egypt :'(02:40
urlin2upart native american and who knows what else here.02:40
liquidsnakexit's like living among 80 million bin laden rofl02:41
liquidsnakexyea man02:41
urlin2uhis diatribe was not all wrong but the actions were.02:41
liquidsnakexdiatribe ? im sorry don't understand this word02:42
urlin2ukilling anybody even your own is wrong02:42
liquidsnakexyea got it02:42
liquidsnakexthanks man i am just exhausted it's like 4:20 am here haven't slept all day02:42
Nubi1Kenobihey, in terminal mode.......need to find the path of a network drive02:43
Nubi1Kenobiany help?02:43
urlin2uthe world is not a pretty place nobody has all if it correct, you will sleep after this.02:43
liquidsnakexyea man absolutely right02:43
urlin2uNubi1Kenobi, have you tried the #ubuntu channel?02:43
bazhanggetting offtopic here..02:43
Nubi1Kenobiwell, i am still a beginner02:43
urlin2uI would help if I could02:43
Nubi1Kenobii do not think that is off topic....02:43
urlin2unop problem it is for evceryone02:44
urlin2uNubi1Kenobi, your using ubuntu it is okay02:44
Nubi1KenobiI disagree02:45
urlin2uwith what?02:45
urlin2ubazhang, sorry about that02:46
liquidsnakexurlin2u it says downloading languages packs and a timer like 88:2902:49
liquidsnakexi will die like that02:49
liquidsnakexclicking skip is bad ?02:50
urlin2uliquidsnakex, probably will speed up the main thing is on the reboot go to ubuntu, and run a update, and a in the terminal sudo update-grub02:50
urlin2uI wouldn't click skip took alot of work to get here.02:50
liquidsnakexno no that's for "the language packs" man02:51
liquidsnakexare you focusing or you are tired02:51
urlin2uyour choice I wouldn't02:51
liquidsnakexskipping language packs is bad :/ ?02:51
liquidsnakexconcentrate here man leave the reefer for the party :D02:52
urlin2uliquidsnakex, hard to say but, all I can say is I wouldn't02:52
liquidsnakexouch man02:54
liquidsnakex1 hour for downloading packages02:54
liquidsnakexseems i will sleep and let it work :/02:54
urlin2uliquidsnakex, yu could do that it will hold when done with a reboot prompt02:55
liquidsnakexi am sorry but what i can do it ?02:55
liquidsnakextake a nap ?02:55
urlin2udo what you want02:56
liquidsnakex113:13 remaning :(02:56
liquidsnakexthis timer is ...02:56
liquidsnakexwell i will sleep and let it on02:56
liquidsnakexwhat else will happen man after the installation ? reboot then ?02:56
urlin2uyes reboot to ubuntu run the update then in the terminal run sudo update-grub02:57
liquidsnakexwell thanks i will write that down02:57
urlin2uthe terminal will ask for a password you wont see it when typing02:57
liquidsnakexwell what pw ? my pw ?02:58
urlin2ulook at the power manager and make sur it is not set for any shutdowns.02:58
urlin2uyou put a password with your user name?02:59
urlin2uthat is the password for everything when asked for one03:01
urlin2ucan be changed if needed.03:01
liquidsnakexno problems03:01
liquidsnakexi will crash now man very tired03:01
liquidsnakexthanks alot for your assistance appreciate it and appreciate all your effort03:01
urlin2uyou set then, check that your computer will not shutdown in the power manager if you haven't already.03:02
liquidsnakexgonna leave the webpage open03:02
liquidsnakexi did i did03:02
liquidsnakexof course03:02
liquidsnakexnothing will shutdown03:02
urlin2uno problem, come back as needed.;-)03:02
liquidsnakexthanks alot man03:02
liquidsnakexhope this works03:02
liquidsnakexor i will shift myself really03:02
urlin2uyou will see XP in the boot menu just go there after booting ti Ubuntu and running the update and update-grub03:03
liquidsnakexisnt there any xzibit guy to pimp computers ...03:04
liquidsnakexi see03:04
sluckxzis there a way to apt-get purge everything back to the core install?03:29
urlin2usluckxz,  don't think so; what is the problem?03:35
sluckxzjust want to go back and try again.03:38
sluckxzis there a way to run tasksel standard and remove everything else?03:39
urlin2unot familiar with debian commands personally.03:40
urlin2uproblem with the purge idea is that you haven't named what you have done, or answerd what the problem is.03:41
sluckxzi loaded a few desktops i want removed xfce and lxde03:42
sluckxzjust want to start over at a core system like the old ubuntu server version and try again03:42
sluckxzno big problem.  im unhappy with performance03:43
urlin2uthat is fixable look on the web for removing the desktops you can get a list off all there packages. Or just reinstall.03:46
bazhangsluckxz, try the !puregnome !purekde !purelxde links, just dont install the ubuntu-desktop or whatever at the end03:46
sluckxzthanks bazhang03:46
ubot2If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »03:47
bazhangall the links are there ^03:47
urlin2upsychocats is the place for sure03:47
sluckxzcool ill start with the cats.  thanks03:48
GeodudeEr, I did something bad :( I kept getting an error in wine that had something to do with winmm.dll, so I went into winecfg and disabled it. Now when I try to open winecfg I get err:module:import_dll Library winmm.dll (which is needed by L"C:\\windows\\system32\\winecfg.exe") not found04:06
Geodudeand winecfg won't open. So, how do I enable winmm.dll if I can't open winecfg?04:07
bazhangGeodude, #winehq for that04:07
GeodudeThey won't answer my question in newb form, though. And then they'll yell at me for not understanding them.04:07
holsteini dont use wine much like that anymore, but i remember throwing .wine away a lot and starting over04:08
GeodudeI hadn't thought of that.04:08
GeodudeHow do I do the thing where I make a new/clean .wine folder/registry/winecfg?04:10
holsteinGeodude: i remember just trashing it, and generating a new one when winecfg started04:22
holsteinsomething tricky i was using... slingplayer? something odd like that... i dont do it anymore04:22
GeodudeGot it. Thanks a ton holstein :)04:40
Beav3rMy 11.04 system is hanging at a purple screen after re-installation. Can anyone help me out?05:06
Beav3rThe HDD light is off and hitting esc brings me to a black screen with a cursor. The virtual console runs fine though05:11
holsteinBeever: i would look at the graphics driver... i would try running the CD live using the 'nomodeset' option05:39
urlin2uholstein, how is it going.05:41
holsteinurlin2u: not bad05:42
urlin2uholstein, good deal just saying hi. ;-)05:42
holsteinits late, and i cant sleep, but i think im going to try again :)05:43
urlin2uI hate when that happens. ;(05:43
GeodudeIs there some easy way launch winecfg for separate prefixes? Like, an icon. Instead of having to type WINEPREFIX=/home/geo/.wine-games winecfg in a terminal every time?06:02
holsteinGeodude: you might be able to make an icon on the desktop... a lanucher with 'app in terminal' as an option06:03
holsteini havent tried with wine commands like that though06:03
GeodudeTried that, it fails to launch. big red thing on my terminal.06:03
holsteinGeodude: what thing?06:03
GeodudeFAILSAUCE D:06:03
GeodudeOkay it didn't say failsauce.06:03
bioterrorholstein, how about alias06:03
GeodudeThere was an error creating the child process for this terminal06:03
holsteinbioterror: i like it :)06:03
GeodudeFailed to execute child process "WINEPREFIX=/home/geo/.wine" (No such file or directory)06:03
holsteinGeodude: try what bioterror is suggesting06:04
ubot2Factoid 'alias' not found06:04
bioterrormake two aliases06:04
* Geodude googles.06:04
bioterrorwinegame and winenormal06:04
bioterroror something06:04
bioterrorwhen you want to play games, you way winegame and it will change the prefix06:05
Geodude:/ Alias (TV series 2001-2006) - IMDb06:05
bioterroralias ls='ls --color=always'06:05
bioterrorfor example06:05
bioterrorwhen I say ls, it will perform command ls --color=always06:06
bioterroradd that to /etc/bash.bashrc06:06
* Geodude stares into space.06:06
GeodudeYou're saying words at me and I appreciate that, really. But I have no idea what you are saying. lol.06:06
Geodudelet me google for a minute and see if I can figure out what an alias is.06:06
Geodudeor that, thanks :]06:07
GeodudeYeah this is not in engish.06:08
GeodudeEnglish, either.06:08
bioterrorGeodude, what's the command you say in terminal06:08
bioterrorI assumed you used terminal06:08
GeodudeI did it! :D I'm a linux guru!!!06:13
holsteinGeodude: :)06:13
Geodudegeo@Geo-Ubuntu:~$ alias winecfgDDO='WINEPREFIX=/home/geo/.wine-DDO winecfg'06:13
bioterrornow add that alias..... line to your /etc/bash.bashrc06:16
Geodudemy what now?06:16
ubot2An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier06:17
GeodudeI don't have a bash.bashrc in my /etc folder06:17
bioterrorhow that's possible :o06:18
bioterroris it /etc/profile then06:18
Geodudeprofile is not a directory06:18
Geodudeprofile.d has a bash_completion.sh in it?06:20
bioterrorthat's for completion06:24
GeodudeThere's really no way to have something just type a command in a terminal?06:27
GeodudeI'm trying to get gnomeDO to do it but it refuses to bring up the terminal option. D:06:29
philipballewhow would i add another irc sevrer besides freenode?06:35
bioterrorcheck your irc clients documentation06:36
GeodudeIt depends which client you're using.06:36
bioterrorfor example irssi has guide06:36
philipballewi use xchat currently. probably easy06:36
philipballewalright, gonna add irc.gamesurge.net06:38
philipballewshould be easy for me06:38
urlin2uphilipballew, got the dude installed you were helping earlier. ;)06:55
philipballewurlin2u, nice! what was his problem? it seemed he didnt really have one06:56
philipballewi remember i had to go to drive an hour, when i got there i open my laptop and your still talkin06:56
urlin2uphilipballew, just a little scared opf damaging XP we just did a systematic install with screenshots.06:56
philipballewand he did not damage i assume06:57
urlin2utook awhile but thats okay I wanted them to understand the mount and boot questions06:57
urlin2uI doubt it they crashed the language pack was a real slow download, every thing was correct.06:58
philipballewi was unsure all he was askin. seemed like he was over-complacating it06:58
urlin2uyeah it happens with beginners.06:58
philipballewwatch as he now just whipes xp06:59
philipballewi would if i was him06:59
urlin2uIt will happen probably once using a open source for awhile, I started with OS so windows is like playing pong for me .07:00
urlin2urelatively that is07:00
urlin2uyou and holstein did a lot of help so it was nice to see it done.07:01
philipballewi think he was on a few days ago07:01
=== Geodude is now known as Geo|AFK
urlin2uyeah I lurk mostly with great helpers I don't really chime in generally07:02
philipballewholstein, is easily the best helper on here07:03
urlin2uthat is for sure. ;-)07:03
urlin2usainthood compared to me07:04
philipballewexperance maybe07:04
urlin2upatience is a virtue, and exsperience.07:04
philipballewhow long you been usin ubuntu07:05
urlin2uphilipballew, about since dapper 4-5 years07:08
urlin2uI have tried all the big ones as well07:08
philipballewnice, i started with 7.1007:08
philipballewi use debian to07:08
philipballewran open suse for a while07:09
urlin2ui like ubuntu for general ease of travel, I checked out the live opensuse looks nice thinking of installing.07:09
urlin2up[inguyos is not bad as well.07:10
urlin2ueasy install with all the codecs need, which I'm so used to installing doesn't matter but not a bad OS.07:11
philipballewsudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras or something07:12
urlin2ua little trickier in fedora and arch but arch has the best wiki's07:12
philipballewnever tried arch. worth it?07:14
urlin2uarch is not bad the beginners install page is perfectly setuo.07:17
philipballewthey really want you to read it07:18
urlin2uhttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Official_Arch_Linux_Install_Guide   it will get you installed perfectly, when I tried it the first time I had not relized that basically linux ix linux.07:19
philipballewhow so07:19
urlin2umost of the linux releases are really running most of the same basic underlying setups with small differences.07:20
philipballewit is very true, file systems are all the same07:21
urlin2ukind of a generalization but not far off07:21
urlin2umine that is07:21
urlin2ubrand loyalty always makes me rofl07:21
philipballewubuntu rocks!!!07:23
urlin2uI'm a pseudo power user really, I have a interests in open source but many others not in computers07:24
urlin2uI like ubuntu though I'm most used to it.07:24
philipballewits easy07:24
urlin2ueven easier now, people will stop complaining after awhile.07:25
urlin2uunity big deal I had the cug-be spinning befor release.07:25
philipballewcan I but the cube on unity?07:26
urlin2uyeah, it losses the widow button line at times but another user turned me onto another app which does all that the fusion plugin did and more.07:27
urlin2uused this link the key is have a re-starter for compiz when your setting it up, as it looks bad.07:29
philipballewdo you like unity?07:30
urlin2uyou can install the fusion icon and make a launcher in the desky=top clicking it restarts compiz, then install the app I mentioned it will sit in the top panel I will get you a link hold on07:30
urlin2uI like it, but use synapse and docky with it07:31
urlin2uhere is the better than fusion icon app I just made a launcher on the desktop, then dragged it to the panel, and it appeared in the top panel, still there even after removing the launcher, it autostarts    http://en.sourceforge.jp/projects/sfnet_displex/releases/07:33
philipballew11.10 looks nice07:34
philipballewwhat does this do?07:35
urlin2uhttp://imagebin.org/168060   I have it installed yeah, here is natty, I had the cube in Oneiric until today I haven't tweaked it back yet07:35
urlin2uthe app I posted gives all the fusion icon stuff here is a image of the controls top right  http://imagebin.org/16806107:38
urlin2ukill switch I love07:38
philipballewso this gives me indactor applets in unity?07:39
urlin2ujust that one the others are a cpu switch, I think from a OMGubuntu page.07:40
urlin2uclipit as well in system, the weather is a dd on from the OMG07:40
philipballewi've been looking to get indactor applets on unity. how did you?07:40
urlin2usome work some don't I forget which all are ppa's  believe  http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/tag/indicatorapplets/07:41
urlin2uI just searched with panel applets panel unity and tweaked from various web pages.07:43
urlin2upanel applets unity and variations07:43
urlin2uor natty07:43
urlin2udisplex was the best score though a user on #ubuntu turned me onto it.07:45
philipballewhum. so all those indactor applets area sepereate install?07:46
urlin2usome worked for me some didn't I forget which ones, and I used other web pages as well, did it awhile ago, so I can't remember exactly.07:47
urlin2uI have ubuntu tweak which will purge ppa's so wont doesn't work can be removed easily.07:48
urlin2useparate ppa's as I remember07:48
urlin2uI have to much free time. ;-)07:49
philipballewurlin2u, as do I!!!07:51
=== Guest43980 is now known as MichealH
urlin2uI'm rather addicted to this computer stuff, I have learned all this while attending college, as a middle aged return to academia, been a whole lot of fun didn't use computers till needing one to write papers.07:55
urlin2ujust happened to come across a recycler that relesed the computer with open source I was trying to save money I had no clue how helpful it would turn out to be.07:56
philipballewbut now your here and loving it!08:01
urlin2uyeah a good community, if you can keep your personal cool.08:02
philipballewive seen it get heated in here several times08:08
urlin2uIt gets hilarious as far as peoples ego's, present company myself included.08:13
urlin2uat #ubuntu that is08:17
N00b1Ehi all.. i've just installed vmware player on ubuntu 11.04.. i get the followin msg: "kernel headers for 2.6.38-8-generic we not found ..."11:26
N00b1Ehi all.. i've just installed vmware player on ubuntu 11.04.. i get the followin msg: "kernel headers for 2.6.38-8-generic we not found ..."11:27
bioterrorN00b1E, install kernel headers11:28
N00b1Ebioterror, how do i do so11:28
bioterrorwas it: sudo apt-get install kernel-headers11:30
N00b1Ei think it's this : http://ubuntuguide.net/ubuntu-11-04-upgrade-linux-kernel-to-2-6-39-011:32
bioterrorI dont have ubuntu machine near me atm. so I cant apt-cache search ;)11:33
bioterrornor I cant ssh to one ;)11:33
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geirhaYou can "apt-cache search" at http://packages.ubuntu.com11:45
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E3D3Hi all. I made Conkeror my default browser (Menu>Settings>etc) but every documents opens in a new window. How can I change it that it open new doc's in the same window?14:18
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kristian_bushi all15:32
KathrinHello everyone!19:19
nlsthzn_workHi again Kathrin :)19:19
philipballewsound still workin Kathrin ?19:20
* nlsthzn_work waves @ philipballew ... the saviour of the sound19:20
KathrinYes its working great :-) I'm currently listening to music! :D19:21
philipballewoh nice. what music!19:21
KathrinSounds so much better than with speakers19:21
* philipballew tells nathan i only know because I have had to many sound issues myself19:22
philipballewnlsthzn, you did alot to!19:22
* philipballew is super tired19:23
KathrinWhy are you tired?19:23
philipballewKathrin, quite dance able music I see. i onl got like 4 hours sleep last night. was at a burger joint all night19:24
philipballewcalled in in out19:24
Kathrinwhats a burger joint?19:25
KathrinMy dictionary says something about joint but I don't think that's what you mean19:27
nlsthzn_workKathrin: like McDonalds19:27
nlsthzn_worka place to get food19:27
nlsthzn_workIn this case Burgers :)19:27
Kathrin_Got kicked. Yes I know McDonald's :-) The "?" was for the "Oops" :D19:29
Kathrin_Oh I#m twice in here.19:29
nlsthzn_workDouble dose of Kathrin_ :p19:30
nlsthzn_workyour old self will go away soon and then you can change your name back to just Kathrin19:30
Kathrin_Even one is too much :-)19:30
Kathrin_Oh ok.19:30
nlsthzn_workhave to wait for that name to "time out"19:31
nlsthzn_workthe system doesn't know your not here anymore :p19:31
Kathrin_Stupid system.19:31
nlsthzn_workSo Ubuntu treating you OK or do you have a problem?19:31
nlsthzn_worksee, there you go :p19:32
Kathrin_No everything fine :-)19:32
Kathrin_How can I change my name?19:32
nlsthzn_workCool... what I could suggest if you just want to chat and hang out is to join #ubuntu-begginers -team... when this channel gets busy they may frown on just "socializing"19:33
nlsthzn_workWhat client are you using?19:33
Kathrin_Oh I see. But you're in that too, aren't you?19:34
Kathrin_I just clicked a link to come here.19:34
nlsthzn_workKathrin_: are you using your browser to be here?19:36
nlsthzn_workwell for Linux you can install dedicated software for IRC, so you can be in many rooms etc...19:37
nlsthzn_workbut webchat can too...19:37
nlsthzn_worktype /join #ubuntu-beginners-team and press enter ;)19:38
Kathrin_Oh ok19:38
=== nlsthzn_work is now known as qazxswedc
=== qazxswedc is now known as nlsthzn_work
nlsthzn_workalso, you can type /nick Katherine to change your name :)19:38
=== Kathrin_ is now known as Kathrin
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel

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