jonopleia2, ping?00:30
pleia2jono: pong00:33
jonopleia2, where are the documented guidelines for membership boards to follow in how they asses new members?00:36
pleia2jono: just https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership00:36
pleia2there aren't any specifics beyond that00:36
jonoright, I didn't think so00:37
jonono worries, I promised on the call with Mark to document a starting point for guidelines for the boards - just fleshing that out now00:37
pleia2that's strictly for the regional boards, IRC, Forums and DMB have other things00:37
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Membership https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Forums/Membership00:38
jonopleia2, yep, I am just writing for the membership boards00:40
jonojust as a starter00:41
* pleia2 nods00:41
duanedesignhello pleia201:55
dholbachgood morning06:59
dpmmorning all07:46
kim0Morning everyone08:10
AlanBelljcastro: your friend in the design team is getting support on the loco mailing list which is awesome10:41
AlanBellhowever it is challenging to support people who are using mac OS because we don't um, support that[M#>10:42
czajkowskior there is no way she can get a working machine with Ubuntu on it10:43
AlanBellis there any kind of internal effort to get the designers to use a supported platform?10:43
duanedesignmorning all11:18
mhall119woot! just sent out the first round of beta invitations to readfeeder.net13:22
paultagoh the rss feed reader?13:25
paultagis the planet down?13:26
paultagplanet.ubuntu.com, the planet13:27
paultagyou know with all the blogs13:27
paultagand the community13:27
mhall119oh, unrelated to my announcement13:27
paultagit's timing out to me13:27
mhall119hmmm, that's not a good sign13:27
paultagmhall119: call up the guys with the ssh keys. They'll listen to you13:28
mhall119try it again, mine just came up (but it took a while)13:28
paultaglet's see here13:29
paultagtry #3 :)13:29
paultagdamn python apps13:29
paultagtake freeking forever13:29
paultagstill timing out here13:29
mhall119planet.u.c is Wordpress as far as I know13:30
paultagmhall119: not planet13:30
paultagmhall119: planet is a python app that fetches feeds and creates HTML13:30
paultagmhall119: I was playing with the source a while back -- regardless it has nothing to do with python @ runtime13:30
mhall119oh, I see13:31
paultagit's static html, I'm just making fun of it13:31
paultagthe server must be getting hit with a lot of requests or something. DDoS perhaps? No clue13:31
paultagI'd take a look if we had some sort of access for times like this13:31
paultagbut we don't so no big deal13:31
mhall119everybody signing up for readfeeder and adding planet to their subscriptions ;)13:32
paultagmhall119: is the RSS fetching on feeder's servers?13:32
paultagserver*  I guess13:32
paultagwonder what's up13:32
mhall119it's a joke, with my refactoring even if 1000 people subscribed to planet.u.c, it'd only fetch it once13:33
paultagwell yeah, that's how these things work :)13:33
paultagit'd be stupid not to pool articles, it'll waste bandwidth and DB space13:34
mhall119yeah, that would be real stupid...13:35
* mhall119 looks the other way13:35
paultagoh no mhall11913:35
paultagmhall119: seriously?13:35
mhall119it was version 0.1!13:35
mhall119we all do crazy stupid things in our 0.1 versions13:35
paultagwell as long as it's working I *guess*13:36
mhall119well it doesn't work like that *anymore*13:36
mhall119I grew out of that phase13:36
mhall119only 3.1 minutes to load planet...13:38
paultagsounds like DDoS13:39
paultagor a DoS13:39
paultageither way13:39
mhall119I think the equipment waits for IS to be out on a sprint before it starts acting up13:41
jcastrodholbach: I am all set!14:00
jcastrokim0: then wanna do reports?14:00
mhall119paultag: IS kicked planet back to attention14:02
czajkowskimhall119: I think some of the equipment needs a good kicking :)14:04
mhall119it seems so14:08
AlanBellwas it running on a mac?14:54
dholbachjcastro, great15:23
jcastrodholbach: I've been waiting for you all day15:24
jcastro(just kidding I don't care)15:24
dholbach"all day"15:24
jcastroheya dpm15:37
jcastrocan you get a TODO of things to do on that page soonish?15:37
popeywhen is the next jam?15:38
jcastro2-4 Sept15:38
dholbachdpm, wenn Du ein bisschen Zeit hast, kannst Du mal gucken, ob https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jams/Translations auf dem neuesten Stand ist?15:39
paultagdholbach: should be fine, it has a recent change date, but ja, would be good to check in time for jams :)15:53
popeythanks jcastro16:02
jcastrokim0: good thing we're behind, we have 2 week's worth of info now16:18
kim0jcastro: heh yeah that's good :)16:18
czajkowskihttp://lococouncil.ubuntu.com/2011/08/16/ubuntu-global-jam-coming-soon/  I love our new home :)16:18
czajkowskijono: could you tweet and add it to the facebook page please http://lococouncil.ubuntu.com/2011/08/16/ubuntu-global-jam-coming-soon/16:20
jonoczajkowski, will do in a sec16:32
czajkowskijono: Thank you16:48
jonoczajkowski, :-)16:49
jonoczajkowski, do you use FB?16:49
czajkowskijono: I do16:51
jonoczajkowski, I will add you as a poster on the ubuntulocoteams page16:51
czajkowskijono: ahh cheer that would be handy I can stop harassing you then16:52
paultagjono: mind hooking a brother up too?16:52
paultagthat way we can get rid of tz issues :)16:52
jonopaultag, sure16:52
jonoif you can post plenty of content there that would be great16:52
czajkowski3 hrs to council meetin16:52
jonothanks, folks16:53
czajkowskimay even use that to remind folks about meeting and stuff16:55
dholbachok my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow17:13
czajkowskihave changed the UGJ tag to UGJ on the LD instead of globaljams17:16
mhall119jono: I filed an RT to get whatever backups for LD they have17:25
mhall119hopefully we'll be able to recover some of the lost data17:25
popeyoh, what happened?17:27
jonothanks mhall11917:29
mhall119popey: we lost data during the server moves17:32
paultagoh jeez17:32
paultagthis'll be fun17:33
paultagmhall119: might want to email contacts and let them know of data loss17:33
mhall119paultag: probably a good idea, yea17:34
mhall119paultag: sent17:39
czajkowskimhall119: thanks for following up on this18:00
czajkowskitis a bit of a shite thing to happen :/18:00
duanedesignpaultag: you know some german?18:46
paultagduanedesign: Yeah, I took it for 6 years in school, and went to Munich and Salzburg for a while18:47
doctormojcastro: You wanted me to try something? Sorry I've been irc-offline for a few days18:47
duanedesignpaultag: can you look at something real quick?18:47
duanedesignpaultag: the google translate is not making sense to me18:48
paultagduanedesign: sure18:48
duanedesignpaultag: http://pastebin.com/eCpYw6GA18:48
paultagduanedesign: it's not very clear, perhaps a native would read it better, but I think it's saying it's rejecting his password18:50
paultagwhen it asks for the email / password, it demands the password, or something similar18:50
paultagit'ps not clear to me18:50
paultagit's *18:50
paultagduanedesign: the second line looks to confirm that, saying that he can't get it to accept the password18:51
paultagbut again, it's very unclear18:51
doctormoWe've just rolled out Ubuntu+Community Lab to another site. That's 2 now. :-D18:51
paultagor just a bit of German i've not seen18:51
paultagduanedesign: :)18:51
jcastrohey can some of you all send me a test message, jorge@ubuntu.com18:51
jcastroI think something wonky is going on with my mail18:51
doctormojcastro: Email sent with attachment18:52
duanedesignpaultag: cool thank you sir18:53
paultagduanedesign: sure thing18:54
duanedesignpaultag: how have you been? Done ith school yet?19:01
duanedesigni thought you were getting close to being done with Uni19:02
AlanBellduanedesign: when was aq's U1 thing?19:08
AlanBellin fact, whenever it is, it looks to be gone. Would that be the type of data loss that may have occurred?19:09
duanedesignAlanBell: sept. 119:19
czajkowskiAlanBell: shouldnt be it's after the loss and I took the screen capture only on friday19:31
AlanBellhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-uk/events missing in action19:33
cjohnstonhow many events should you have19:37
AlanBellwell we "should" have loads, but we "did" have one19:38
cjohnstonthen it prolly has the same issue as everyone else19:38
cjohnstonjust recreate it19:38
AlanBellyeah, that is fine, just wanted to know if that was the type of stuff lost19:38
czajkowskithen its not an issue since last week19:39
AlanBellpresumably we are now looking at the result of a restore from a position of several weeks ago19:40
cjohnstonmhall119: i dont have time.. maybe someone can try to figure out the newest old event and then the oldest new event?19:40
czajkowskiAlanBell: re added Aqs event for him19:51
mhall119cjohnston: it's hard to tell, since we don't store create timestamps on any of those records20:01
cjohnstonmhall119: the event #s will give you a relative idea20:35
popeyaweomse work pleia220:41
pleia2thanks :)20:41
=== daker is now known as daker_
mhall119cjohnston: yeah, I'll dig those up tonight20:43
mhall119I already know for meetings it's ids 164-17620:43
jonojcastro, ping?23:55

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