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pittiGood morning04:40
jbichapitti: howdy04:41
TheMusoMorning pitti.04:41
RAOFMorning pitti04:44
jbichahow do you determine how much space a package takes on the CD?05:05
RAOFVoodoo.  I think the compressed .deb size is a reasonable estimate, though.05:08
pittijbicha: apt-cache show <pkgname> | grep ^Size:05:08
pittiunless the package uses bzip2 or lzma compression, it's fairly precise05:08
pittias the squashfs is gzipped05:09
lifelessxz time!05:09
jbichaare our gnome packages bzipped or still actually gzipped?05:09
RAOFTeh archive supports it!05:09
jbichawell I believe I found you an extra 1MB05:11
jbichawe don't need to ship gnome-user-guide and ubuntu-docs05:11
RAOFAh.  I see libegl has already slipped from the cds.  Sad, that'd be easily enough to take them back undersize.05:26
TheMusojbicha: The binary gnome packages are gzipped afaik.05:26
GunnarHjpitti: Good morning, Martin! Hope you feel better today.05:27
GunnarHjBelieve it or not, but I finally fixed the use of g_spawn_sync() in the accountsservice MP. :)05:28
pittihey GunnarHj05:28
pittithanks, slightly better05:28
pittiI saw, great job! so we just need to fix the glib linking then?05:29
GunnarHjpitti: Uhmm.. What do you mean by that?05:29
pittiGunnarHj: I thought I read that you need to add an -l option or so05:30
GunnarHjpitti: Aha, that's my personal problem when compiling through away scripts localy.05:31
pittiGunnarHj: for test scripts you usually build them with05:31
pittigcc `pkg-config --cflags glib-2.0` `pkg-config --libs glib-2.0` test.c05:31
GunnarHjpitti: That works in Natty, but not in Oneiric.05:32
pittiuh, do you have a reproducer for this?05:32
pittithousands of packages use glib, and use pkg-config to link against it05:33
pittiRAOF: do you have some time to triage bug 823576?05:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 823576 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "[Inspiron 1122/M102z] External video severely corruped (as is primary display) " [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82357605:34
GunnarHjpitti: No, but guess I can fix one. Let's say I provide something by tomorrow.05:34
pittiRAOF: judging by the screenshots it might also be a compiz issue, but I'm not entirely sure how to test the ATI driver with 3D without compiz -- ask them to use unity 2d and play planetpenguinracer?05:35
GunnarHjpitti: Would be great if you could push the button today for accountsservice and l-s. Then I can proceed with talking to Rodrigo and somebody accountsservice-upstream.05:39
TheMusorobert_ancell: Is there any way that I can get orca et al to be launched when lightdm comes up and accessibility is enabled?05:40
robert_ancellTheMuso, not currently05:40
RAOFpitti: Already on my bug list, after (a) not reproducing bug #824099, but (b) managing to get myself into a situation where none of my outputs would turn back on. :)05:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 824099 in compiz "[~30 systems] Plugging in external monitor to VGA port makes both displays corrupted with thick slanted lines" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82409905:40
pittiRAOF: ah, that might actually be a dupe?05:41
RAOFpitti: Yeah, I think it might be.05:41
RAOFOh, no; the screenshot is different.05:41
RAOFBut, again, my bet is compiz05:42
pittiGunnarHj: ah, perhaps your problems with g_spawn_sync() are due to the missing terminating NULL in command?05:51
pitti(adding now)05:53
pittiGunnarHj: also, I don't understand why you validate command[0], and why you don't call it with full path05:54
pittiGunnarHj: you call "set-language-helper" and use cwd==LANGTOOLSDIR, but "." isn't in $PATH05:54
RAOFNow, where are those kernel patches that might make it possible for me to turn on both my lvds and hdmi…05:54
GunnarHjpitti: Had no problem with a missing NULL when testing.05:55
pittiGunnarHj: do you just want me to fix that up, or discuss about it?05:55
pittiGunnarHj: ah, ignore the "validate command[0]", you don't do that05:55
GunnarHjpitti: I don't mind if you fix it.05:55
GunnarHjpitti: right (about command[0])05:55
GunnarHjpitti: Not full path because of the first argument.05:56
GunnarHjpitti: ...which sets the current directory05:56
pittiGunnarHj: right, I just wonder how that can work05:56
GunnarHjpitti: :) it does, believe me.05:57
pittithat sounds like a serious bug in glib..05:58
* pitti checks this out05:58
GunnarHjpitti: Feel free to change to full path and drop the first argument, if you think that's safer.05:58
pittiI will, but I'll build the current version first to see how that could work in the first plac3e05:59
GunnarHjpitti: Maybe glib constructs a full path internally by concatenating them?06:01
pittithat would be the "serious bug in glib" thing I was aiming at, yes06:01
pittiit shouldn't just assume that "." is in $PATH06:01
pittis/assume/work like/06:01
GunnarHjpitti: I'm beginning to see you point.06:02
pittihm, it doesn't actually change .profile here06:04
pittiit indeed works, though06:06
pittiI'll still call it with full path to be safe, but I'll report this against glib06:07
GunnarHjpitti: Ok.06:07
GunnarHjBut if it doesn't change .profile (it does for me) there is something strange...06:08
pittiit does, I just called SetLanguage() with "de_AT.UTF-8"06:08
pittiand it didn't change settings then06:08
pittibut when I call it with "en", it works06:09
GunnarHjpitti: Actually, it should accept a full locale name - and correct it to a language.06:09
pittiit seems to do that, yes06:10
pittibut I had de_DE.UTF-8 before, and setting de_AT.UTF-8 wouldn't actually change the language part06:10
GunnarHjpitti: Ok, but that's how it should be, since there is no Austrian translation available. :)06:11
pittiif I call it with "ru" and then with "de", I get06:11
pittiexport LANGUAGE="de:ru:en"06:11
pittithat's a little strange06:11
pittiI had expected just "de:en"06:11
pittithe LC_* bits are correct, though06:12
pittiaccountsservice uploaded (with the NULL and path fix)06:12
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GunnarHjpitti: Great! As regards the model for updating LANGUAGE, the thought (all since this comment: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/language-selector/+bug/553162/comments/27) is to change the previous list as little as possible.06:20
ubot2Ubuntu bug 553162 in gdm "Set $LANGUAGE if the user picks a different locale in gdm, so that language-selector and gdm stop disagreeing" [High,Fix released]06:20
GunnarHjpitti: First changing to ru and then, instantly, to de is probably not a common use case. ;-)06:21
pittiGunnarHj: posted as gnome bug 65662106:27
ubot2Gnome bug 656621 in general "g_spawn_*() calls executables in current directory without G_SPAWN_SEARCH_PATH" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65662106:27
GunnarHjpitti: Interesting, just added me to the CC list.06:30
pittianyway, now off to the l-s MP06:31
pittiGunnarHj: l-s merged/uploaded, thanks! nice cleanup06:44
GunnarHjpitti: Thanks!06:45
pittihey Sweetshark, how are you?07:17
Sweetsharkpitti: feeling better?07:17
pittislightly, thanks07:17
jasoncwarner_pitti: ubuflu?07:17
Sweetsharkpitti: Im fine ;)07:18
Sweetsharkpitti: https://launchpad.net/~bjoern-michaelsen/+archive/libreoffice-oneirictest-20110718/+packages07:18
alex3fg morning07:18
alex3fmvo, please let me know if you want me to rework the packagekit merge proposal07:18
pittiSweetshark: ooh, ready to go now?07:19
pittiSweetshark: I'm afraid this now needs a FFE07:19
jbichapitti: I've got a merge proposal for bug 81915807:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 819158 in yelp "Patch yelp for new documentation homepage" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81915807:31
mvoalex3f: good morning! I will have a look in a tiny bit07:34
pittijbicha: oh, nice!07:35
jbichapitti: and then I believe we should be able to just sync gnome-user-docs from Debian for those who want it07:40
pittijbicha: this seems to go a little back and forth then07:43
pittioriginally we kept the ubntu specific stuff in ubuntu-docs, and then that got dropped and the unity docs added to gnome-user-docs07:44
pittiso that gets switched back now?07:44
jbichapitti: yes, that's what it looks like we're doing, having a different desktop environment means we diverge a fair bit07:46
jbichaand there's some people who prefer just running Gnome Shell so they should have help for that environment if it's available07:46
pittijbicha: is the unity documentation already in ubuntu-docs, or does that need to move over before syncing?07:47
jbichait's already in ubuntu-docs, one noticable difference is that the ubuntu-docs version says 11.10 while the gnome one still has 11.04 on the main page07:47
pittijbicha: ah, indeed!07:48
pittihey rodrigo_, how are you?07:53
jbichapitti: you can get an extra MB on the CD by removing gnome-user-guide from desktop-recommends07:55
huatsmorning !07:55
rodrigo_hi pitti07:55
pittijbicha: want me to sync gnome-user-docs now?08:00
pittijbicha: if we remove it from the seeds, I wonder how people would get it when they run shell08:00
jbichapitti: yes, thank you08:00
jbichawe could make it a suggests or even a recommends08:01
pittiI don't think we have a metapackage for "upstream GNOME session"08:01
pittiapart from stracciatella08:01
jbichahowever at the moment, people will have to call the gnome help manually, but maybe we could make an extra .desktop08:01
jbichapitti: well of course, debian has a gnome metapackage but it pulls in a lot of stuff08:02
pittiso adding a recommends: sounds fine for now08:03
rodrigo_hi seb12808:25
pittibonjour seb12808:25
seb128hey pitti rodrigo_08:25
seb128how are you?08:25
pittislightly better today, thanks!08:25
seb128sorry for being late, I was already late and got some connectivity issue08:26
pittidamn conf flu08:26
seb128seems like my router dhcp stopped giving ips, took me a bit to figure it was coming from it08:26
seb128pitti, oh, you got hackfestflu?08:26
pittiapparently, yes; but the fever is gone, so better today08:26
rodrigo_pitti, oh, guadecflu?08:28
rodrigo_o hackfestflu, right :)08:28
seb128rodrigo_, did you work yesterday or was it a day off in Spain as well?08:29
jasoncwarner_man...anyone else getting quite a few compiz crashes today?08:29
rodrigo_seb128, a day off08:29
rodrigo_seb128, oh, also in France?08:30
seb128hey jasoncwarner_08:30
seb128rodrigo_, yes08:30
pittiwas a day off here as well08:30
seb128rodrigo_, I was going to ask if you started on the new GNOME08:30
pittijasoncwarner_: I already got two, yes08:30
jasoncwarner_hey, seb..pitti and rodrigo_08:30
rodrigo_for sure not for the same reason than here (Virgin of something) :)08:30
jasoncwarner_pitti: really annoying...rebooted at least 4 times today so far08:30
seb128jasoncwarner_, it tends to segfault when I open of close evolution or some other dialogs08:30
rodrigo_seb128, yes, doing g-s-d and g-c-c releases now, will start packaging those and others as soon as I finish08:30
rodrigo_hi jasoncwarner_08:30
rickspencer3well ... you guys are farther along than me this morning08:30
seb128jasoncwarner_, you should be able to switch to a vt and run unity08:30
seb128hey rickspencer308:31
rickspencer3neither my mouse or keyboard are working08:31
seb128rickspencer3, :-(08:31
rickspencer3I can say, it does have the advantage of decreased resource utilization on my desktop08:31
seb128I'm pondering switching to gnome-shell to get work done08:31
chrisccoulsoni switched to unity 2d ;)08:31
chrisccoulsonless drastic08:31
seb128the new unity doesn't show the launcher with mouse, alt-tab is too slow to be used and it keeps segfaulting08:32
jbichaseb128: I got Vinagre working again, if built with --no-as-needed08:32
seb128jbicha, oh, nice08:32
seb128hey chrisccoulson jbicha08:32
seb128how are you?08:32
chrisccoulsonhi seb128, i'm good thanks. and you?08:32
RAOFHeh.  My unity at least doesn't segfault, although the alt-tab behaviour needs a lot of edges knocked off it.08:32
seb128jbicha, I tried by dropping the --as-needed rules line before but not by using --no-as-needed08:33
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm fine thanks08:33
seb128chrisccoulson, where are on holidays btw?08:33
jbichaseb128: yeah, --as-needed is default now, so I guess that line wasn't even needed before anyway08:33
seb128pitti, rodrigo_: the gnome-menus update is going to be "fun"08:35
seb128they rewrote a good part of it to be gobject friendly08:35
pittioh, is that still so relevant for us?08:35
rodrigo_seb128, yeah08:35
seb128pitti, well updating your patch will be "fun"08:36
rodrigo_seb128, most modules in git should have patches for the update to the new API08:36
seb128since that never made it upstream08:36
rodrigo_but yes, for sure there's going to be some not up-to-date ones :(08:36
seb128rodrigo_, oh, rdepends are fine08:36
seb128the issue is the patches we have08:36
seb128especially the cache one08:36
rodrigo_ah, ok08:36
seb128not sure how much it will apply to the new code08:37
chrisccoulsonseb128, i've got 2 weeks holiday from 26th september, and we're staying in a holiday cottage on a farm in cornwall ;)08:37
rodrigo_we'll see soon, I need it for the new g-s-d/g-c-c08:37
chrisccoulsonso there will probably no wifi :/08:37
chrisccoulsonnot sure how i'll cope ;)08:37
sorenIs lightdm expected to work these days? When I try to start a session, it simply fails and restarts.08:37
seb128chrisccoulson, ok, great, enjoy ;-) no wifi> good for you08:37
seb128soren, yes, works great08:37
rodrigo_brb, need to restart08:38
chrisccoulsonseb128, not so good for whoever's going to have to maintain firefox and thunderbird builds for 2 weeks ;)08:38
sorenI can't say I'm surprised. Looking at lightdm.log, it tries to point gnome-sesion at an XAUTHORITY in /var/lib/lightdm which my user obviously can't access.08:38
seb128soren, oh, if you use ecryptfs there is a mount race, you need to log into a vt to mount your user directory before logging in08:38
seb128chrisccoulson, not me!08:38
sorenseb128: I do use ecryptfs and I was logged in on a VT.08:38
sorenseb128: .... I think.08:38
sorenseb128: Let me try again.08:38
rickspencer3pitti, seb128 any suggestions?08:39
chrisccoulsonseb128, ok, i'll add your name to the list of people who have volunteered ;)08:39
seb128chrisccoulson, ok, I was wondering, I though your holidays were not soon yet but you wrote on your fb that you were ready for holidays so I was wondering08:39
rickspencer3I'm looking at the recovery menu, but not sure what to try08:39
seb128rickspencer3, do you have usb devices? did you try to unplug, plug them again?08:39
rickspencer3seb128, ok, I;ll try that08:40
jbichachrisccoulson: well it's a good time for a vacation with Firefox 6 being complete08:40
chrisccoulsonjbicha, my vacation coincides with the firefox 7 release ;)08:40
jbichaoh, didn't read close enough, it should be fine though08:40
chrisccoulsonwhich means that the person who takes over for 2 weeks is going to have to do the next trunk -> aurora, aurora -> beta and beta -> release merges, to keep all the builds working ;)08:41
seb128chrisccoulson, did jasoncwarner_ approved your holidays yet? ;-)08:41
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, he approved them ages ago ;)08:41
seb128bah :p08:42
sorenseb128: YEah, it worked this time.08:43
seb128soren, ok08:43
sorenseb128: Do you have the bug number handy?08:43
seb128soren, bug #824594 and bug #82377508:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 824594 in lightdm "Cannot login unless ~/.Xauthority is removed" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82459408:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 823775 in lightdm "Cannot login: could not update ICEauthority file .ICEauthority" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82377508:44
seb128let me retitle on08:44
pittiI also can't login through lightdm right now08:45
pittiit focuses the wrong user by default, and seems to start a PAM session for that08:45
seb128pitti, ^ what I wrote08:45
pittibut even removing .Xauthority and .ICEauthority doesn't fix it08:45
seb128pitti, please comment on the bug08:45
pittiit could very well be a separate bug, though08:45
pittiif removing the file works for other people08:45
seb128pitti, well that was a false hint, what fixes it is to be logged into a vt so the ecrypts mount is done08:45
pittithat could also be the case, yes08:46
pitti(also using ecryptfs here)08:46
seb128pitti, it just happened that to delete the file I was logging in08:46
seb128pitti, please add your "start pam session on the wrong user" to the bug08:46
seb128not sure if that's part of what makes ecryptfs not being unlocked before the login...08:47
seb128jbicha, did you guys stop patching gnome-user-docs for the ubuntu documentation?08:48
seb128jbicha, waouh, you have been very active ;-)08:48
jbichaseb128: yes, we branched to ubuntu-docs08:48
seb128(just looked at the etherpad)08:48
jbichaseb128: :-)08:48
chrisccoulsonmaaaan, the eds API really could use some better documentation08:49
chrisccoulsonwriting a calendar app with such poor documentation is not easy ;)08:49
seb128chrisccoulson, why not starting from "dates"?08:49
seb128rather than writting a new one?08:49
pittiseb128: done; when my current stuff in my sessino is done I'll examine this more closely08:51
seb128pitti, do you still plan to do some sponsoring? if you do please note on the etherpad which ones you review, I'm going to do some as well08:52
seb128i.e vino vinagre gnome-session08:52
pittiseb128: I can do some more if needed, yes08:52
seb128pitti, not needed yet, just check the etherpad before doing some so we don't review the same things ;-)08:53
pittiseb128: wnat me to check gnome-destkop3?08:53
seb128if you want sure08:53
seb128pitti, I note you down for the pygobject update btw08:53
rickspencer3seb128, unplugging and plugging in again worked08:54
seb128rickspencer3, seems like an udev-ish issue sort of issue again08:54
seb128rickspencer3, pitti updated udev yesterday,  I wonder if that has to due with it08:55
pitti- gnome_rr_screen_set_dpms_mode@Base 3.1.4-0ubuntu108:55
pitti233+ gnome_rr_screen_set_dpms_mode@Base 3.1.4-0ubuntu1~08:55
pittijbicha: FYI, that should just be "3.1.4"08:55
* pitti will fix that while merging08:55
rickspencer3of course, no unity08:55
pittijbicha: usually new symbols come through upstream versions; we just need the debian revision in the symbols file if it really came through a revision08:56
jbichapitti: cool, I don't really understand dbgsymbols08:56
seb128rickspencer3, no unity might not be a bad thing seeing how much issues the current version has ;-)08:56
jbichaoh ok08:56
rickspencer3seb128, are they going to be fixed in the update tomorrow08:56
seb128rickspencer3, dunno, yesterday was an holiday in France and I've not talked to the dx guys today yet, but I doubt they will have anything by tomorrow08:57
jbichawe could just switch to Gnome Shell if it doesn't work out ;-)08:57
huatsseb128, I am not the one responsible for the issues rickspencer3 is facing :)09:00
jbichait would be funny though...09:00
seb128for some sort of fun ;-)09:00
rickspencer3well, 2d seems to be working well09:00
seb128lut huats, yeah, I blame you!09:00
huatsseb128, I'd rather say it before you did ;)09:00
rickspencer3poor huats, he tries to speak French with me09:02
huatsrickspencer3, don't say that : we DO speak french09:02
cdbshuats: Excusez-moi, mais ce qui est "français"?09:08
pittiseb128: gnome-desktop3 done09:10
seb128pitti, danke09:10
pittiseb128: pygobject is a little more "fun"09:10
seb128pitti, I can imagine09:10
seb128pitti, not sure how busy you are but do you think you could do gnome-menus?09:10
pittiseb128: we need a new python-gobject-gi (-or -3) source which now builds the GI bits only09:10
seb128pitti, it's going to be "fun" as well09:10
pittiand disable the GI parts of python-gobject09:10
seb128but gnome-menus is actually going to block a good part of GNOME09:11
pittithe two should be installable in parallel09:11
huatscdbs, I am not sure I understood what you mean :)09:12
pittiseb128: ok, doing g-menus first then09:12
cdbshuats: I used google translate to translate "Excuse me, but what is "French"?" into french and posted that here :)09:12
huatscdbs, hehe09:13
huatsso cdbs French is the language that is spoken in France ;)09:14
cdbsanyway, any chances of the black terminal tabs re-appearing in oneiric? We have black toolbars but the white tabs look weird in comparison09:15
seb128pitti, danke09:16
seb128pitti, I'm wondering if we should just drop the cache there09:16
pittiseb128: I suppose we still read the menus, though?09:17
pittiah, bamf has its own cache09:17
seb128pitti, well the menus are still used yes09:19
seb128not sure when though09:19
seb128pitti, I guess the application lens still use those09:19
seb128but it might just activate on first use09:19
pittiseb128: hm, this drops python-gmenu in favor of GI bindings09:26
pittithat'll need porting in alacarte (which I suppose is happening upstream) and software-center09:26
pittiand a couple of other packages, but these don't seem very interesting09:27
seb128pitti, alacarte is deprecated and not maintained09:27
pittimvo: is it realistic to port s-c from python-gmenu to gir1.2-gmenu-2.0?09:27
pitti(for oneiric)09:28
pitti23_add_inherited_gnome_session.patch also doesn't apply, and doesn't have a patch header, meh09:29
pittiand nothing useful in changelog09:29
seb128it was added by didrocks in r78 it seems09:30
seb128pitti, it was likely an UNE thing09:30
ricotzpitti, mvo, hi, i think it is better to look into getting gnome-menues 3.1.5 in first09:31
seb128pitti, no X-UBUNTU-OnlyShowIn-Derivative in my installed files09:31
seb128ricotz, what do you think pitti is doing? ;-)09:31
pitti as well09:31
pitti"right, here..."09:31
pittiseb128: so, I'll drop that one09:31
seb128pitti, ok09:32
ricotzoh, sorry, i havent read the backlog :\09:32
seb128I will make a note on the etherpad to tell didrocks when he's back from holidays09:32
mvopitti: yes, that should be relatively straightforward, I can have a look later09:34
mvo(as straightforward as any of this anyway)09:35
pittimvo: FYI, http://www.j5live.com/2011/08/15/gobjects-in-berlin-the-search-for-more-documentation/ :)09:35
pittilots of activity on building proper documentation these days09:36
Sweetsharkthe debian versio on merge-o-matic is from unstable?09:43
* Sweetshark needs translate-toolkit-1.9 for libreoffice-l10n :(09:43
ogra_ogra@horus:~$ unity-2d-launcher09:44
ogra_unity-2d-launcher: error while loading shared libraries: libEGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:44
ogra_who broke my desktop ?09:44
ogra_(started with last nights upgrade)09:44
pittiseb128: hm, new gmenus needs glib 2.29.1509:48
seb128pitti, I will do the update in a bit09:48
* ogra_ doesnt get why unity-2d is linked against mesa now, there is nothing in the changelog that indicates it (and i doubt it is usable that way at all)09:50
pittiseb128: "jhbuild run dpkg-buildpackage ..." seems to work for now :)09:50
pittiwell, not quite09:51
seb128pitti, sorry about that, will ping you back once glib is done then09:52
seb128ogra_, likely coming from some unity-3d bits it's using09:52
pittiseb128: NP, I have some other stuff to do in the meantime; will resume with new glib09:52
seb128pitti, danke09:52
seb128oh, rodrigo_ is back09:52
ogra_seb128, hmm, it shouldnt, sould it ?09:52
seb128ogra_, dunno, ask Kaleo09:52
ricotzpitti, you could use a git snapshot package of glib09:53
ogra_in any case if thats really needed, there is a dep on libegl1-mesa missing09:53
* ogra_ installs that now to see if its usable at all09:53
rodrigo_seb128, oh, you wanted me for anything?09:57
seb128rodrigo_, get some of the GNOME updates done ;-)09:57
rodrigo_yes, on it :)09:58
seb128rodrigo_, great, pitti is looking a gnome-menus but it needs new glib first which I'm going to do09:58
rodrigo_I am in g-s-d and will package any dep that is not yet available09:58
Sweetshark"bzr: ERROR: Tree transform is malformed [('duplicate', 'new-2', 'new-25', u'debian_gaupol_library_path')]" when trying to merge translate-toolkit from debian with bzr. any hints?10:11
pittiSweetshark: have never seen this :( #bzr might have a better idea10:12
seb128rodrigo_, btw it seems we don't enable the gsettings to gconf code in g-s-d10:13
rodrigo_seb128, hmm, we used to, looking10:14
rodrigo_$ dpkg -S /usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon-3.0/libgconf.so10:14
rodrigo_gnome-settings-daemon: /usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon-3.0/libgconf.so10:14
rodrigo_looking at the package10:14
rodrigo_seb128, it seems we do enable it: DEB_CONFIGURE_EXTRA_FLAGS = --enable-pulse --enable-gconf-bridge10:15
rodrigo_seb128, why do you think we don't?10:15
rodrigo_oh, the gsettings key10:15
seb128rodrigo_, because it's not activated in gsettings for me10:15
rodrigo_yeah, right10:16
seb128can you fix in the new version upload?10:16
rodrigo_already uploaded, but will do another upload10:16
seb128well no hurry10:16
seb128can be done with the next upload10:16
seb128you can put it in the vcs10:17
mvohm, I get a memory error when trying to get a GMenu.Tree(), I check after lunch10:19
* ogra_ has it back running ... but clicking on anything in the new dash takes between 3 and 5 sec to respond 10:21
pittimvo: you need to wait for gnome-menus 3.1.5 with the porting10:24
rodrigo_hmm, is there anything needed in debian/rules for the .gsettings-override file to be applied?10:26
pedro_hey folks, i've create a new 'team' for tracking all the desktop packages we take care of10:26
pedro_its a bit different to 'desktop-bugs' since it's including things like firefox, libreoffice, etc10:26
rodrigo_seems so indeed, the defaults in g-s-d are not being applied10:26
rodrigo_hey pedro_10:26
pedro_so other teams can look there and see which packages are we maintaining and assign or not bugs to us10:27
pedro_if you i am missing something please let me know10:27
pedro_i've created that list based on the same packages we're using for the desktop reports10:27
pedro_so its a script that collects that list10:27
pedro_hola rodrigo_! had a good holidays?10:28
cyphermoxpitti: heads up; I'll likely be finishing up on travelling to Vancouver for LinuxCon during the meeting, so I won't be there10:28
pitticyphermox: ah, thanks10:28
rodrigo_pedro_, yeah, very good ones! you? in london now, right?10:28
pedro_rodrigo_, yeah, i'm here for this week, we're having a defect analysts sprint ;-)10:29
jbicharodrigo_: are you sure they aren't being applied?10:29
jbichadconf-editor lies10:29
pedro_rodrigo_, i'm still wondering where's the 'european summer' they promised me :-P10:30
rodrigo_pedro_, take care with the riots, you'll be arrested in you are in the middle of one :-)10:30
ubot2Gnome bug 654812 in editor "editor doesn't show overridden keys" [Normal,Unconfirmed]10:30
rodrigo_pedro_, oih, I'm very happy this summer, no too hot days, so it's ok, although I guess you refer to "rain" when talking from london? :)10:30
tseliotseb128: have you changed your mind on bug #725434 or is it still on your todo list?10:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 725434 in cairo "Nvidia drivers lead to extra memory usage for each process using libGL" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72543410:30
rodrigo_jbicha, oh, let me see on the command line10:31
seb128tseliot, I uploaded it during desktop summit when we talked about it*10:31
pedro_rodrigo_, rain and wind mostly, but well, it's london so its kind of expected :-P10:31
pedro_rodrigo_, it was really windy at berlin though10:31
seb128tseliot, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/cairo/1.10.2-6ubuntu310:31
rodrigo_pedro_, yeah, london has always the same rain :-)10:31
pedro_bonjour seb128, had a good long weekend?10:31
rodrigo_jbicha, indeed, dconf-editor lies miserably ??10:31
seb128pedro_, ola! quite nice, what about you?10:31
seb128pedro_, still in London? did you get a room?10:32
tseliotseb128: ok, we should close the report then (or at least an Oneiric task)10:32
pedro_seb128, pretty good, had the chance to walk around the city, long time without being here :-)10:32
seb128tseliot, sorry I didn't keep track of the bugs, just of the fact that I had to turn it off10:32
pedro_seb128, yeah, hr was really fast on getting a room for me , so i didn't sleep in the park :-P10:32
tseliotseb128: ok, I'll take care of it. Thanks10:33
seb128tseliot, thanks10:33
seb128pedro_, great ;-)10:33
pedro_seb128, when you have some time could you look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/~desktop-packages/+packagebugs ? i'm using it to track 'all' the bugs the desktop team is taking care of (including firefox, libreoffice,etc)10:33
seb128pedro_, ok10:33
rodrigo_pedro_, accountsservice is missing10:34
pedro_rodrigo_, ok! so it's probably missed at the desktop report as well, i'll include it in both10:34
rodrigo_ugh, 17677 open bugs10:34
SweetsharkRiddell around? or on vacation? he seemed to have last touched translate-toolkit and the lp:ubuntu/oneiric and lp:debian/sid branches seem to be unreleted, which is inconvienient. I wonder if there is a reason for this ...10:35
pedro_rodrigo_, 'open bugs' includes everything from Triage to New , so i would not pay much attention to that number :-P10:36
rodrigo_jbicha, well, seems some are not being applied10:37
rodrigo_jbicha, sure nothing is needed in debian/rules to install the .gsettings-override?10:37
rodrigo_that file is not included in the package, and I understand it needs to, so that the overrides are taken into account10:37
rodrigo_pedro_, ah, ok, I'll sleep again tonight then :)10:38
jbichait shoudl be automatic with dh_installgsettings10:38
jbicharodrigo_: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/oneiric/man1/dh_installgsettings.1.html10:38
rodrigo_jbicha, right, so dh_installgsettings needs to be run in debian/rules, or just adding it to build-deps?10:39
rodrigo_oh, the override file is in the package10:40
rodrigo_not sure then why both dconf-editor and gsettings show no signs of some of the defaults10:40
seb128rodrigo_, dh_installgsettings is called by cdbs10:44
seb128if you use a non cdbs package you probably need to call it by hand though10:45
seb128rodrigo_, like which one?10:45
rodrigo_no, it's all done, so seems a bug in dconf-editor/gsettings10:45
rodrigo_or some other bit10:45
rodrigo_seb128, it's g-s-d10:45
seb128talk to desrt when he's around I guess10:45
Sweetsharkpitti: hmmm, the debian changelog talks about moving to v3. Maybe: a) it was not imported before because it was not v3 b) we had out own repo still (of course unrelated to the not yet imported/existing debian-repo) c) now the debian import works10:50
Sweetsharkpitti: also "bzr diff --old 1.7.0-0.1 --new 1.7.0-0.1ubuntu1" is empty. So can we maybe simply use the vanilla debian version?10:52
Sweetsharkoh, hmmm: "0.1" is not a real debian revision isnt it?10:53
Sweetsharkbut the same for "1.5.3-1" vs. "1.5.3-1ubuntu1" -> empty diff10:55
mvopitti: aha, thanks. and you/someone is working on the packaging of this currently?11:02
seb128mvo, yes11:05
seb128mvo, pitti started on it and got blocked because it needs a new glib, which I'm working on now11:05
mvook, thanks seb12811:06
seb128pitti, mvo: new glib uploaded to the ubuntu-desktop ppa for testing btw11:07
seb128lunch here while it builds11:07
mvoseb128: thanks! I now just need to figure out what replaces gmenu_tree_lookup in the C code that used to be there in 3.0 but is not there anymore in 3.1 (without any mention of this in the ChangeLog file). or am I missing something?11:25
* mvo looks at GMenuSimpleEditor and figures it out this way11:26
=== zyga is now known as zyga-doctor
seb128mvo, not sure, I didn't look at the update, maybe vuntz|IS knows11:28
Sweetsharksoooo, who can I contact about removing a lp:/ubuntu/oneiric repo?11:29
seb128try #launchpad?11:30
ogra_are there plans to make the battery not show up permanently ? it used to only be there on charge/discharge in the past iirc11:43
ogra_(doesnt seem like the icon policy config option still exists though)11:43
seb128ogra_, seems not from what I've read11:46
tjaaltongrr, new alt-tab behaviour drives me nuts11:46
seb128the spec says it should always be displayed I think11:46
seb128it should change the icon though11:46
ogra_such a waste of space11:46
seb128why? do you lack space on the unity-panel?11:46
ogra_well, i like to only have the info thats appropriate in there (i'm so german, i know)11:46
seb128talk to jjardon or open a bug11:47
ogra_while the battery is full i dont really need to know about it ...11:47
* ogra_ would prefer to waster that space on having the date back on in the clock rather ... but thats indeed total personal preference :)11:48
seb128ogra_, you can add the date in the clock preferences11:51
seb128ogra_, in fact https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Power suggests there should be an option to display or not the power icon11:52
ogra_its a feature i often heard non linux user be really happy about when they tried ubuntu first ... you dont have to klick to see the date11:52
ogra_(unlike windows)11:52
seb128bug #81176911:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 811769 in gnome-settings-daemon "Power Menu should respect icon-policy hide setting" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81176911:52
ogra_i didnt see it in dconf editor or in the settings capplet11:53
seb128ogra_, no, it's not, see comments on the bug11:54
* ogra_ was still reading the wiki :P11:54
jjardonogra_ , seb128 seems that the current aproach is follow what upstream does, ie, show always the icon11:55
jjardonseb128: btw, a new tarball of gnome-contacts was released11:55
jjardonalex was fighting with a dying disk, and the plan is to ship it in GNOME 3.211:56
seb128jjardon, but the spec says there should be a setting for showing the icon or not?11:59
seb128ok for gnome-contacts, rodrigo has been working on packaging it11:59
ogra_seb128, the spec says it but we're past FF :)12:00
seb128well only for this cycle12:01
seb128we can get features again next cycle ;-)12:01
* rodrigo_ lunch12:14
desrtRAOF: hey12:29
* desrt has learned a lot in the past day12:29
desrti've learnt, for example, how intensely strange input is12:30
desrtwe sort of take for granted that switching between virtual terminals takes the keyboard, monitor and mouse with you12:32
desrtbut the story gets quite a bit more complicated when you're running an X server on a graphics card that is not the graphics card that your virtual terminals are on12:33
mclasendesrt: just say no to vts...12:39
desrtmclasen: i'm suddenly extremely interested in these usb devices that some redhat employees were carrying around at guadec12:41
desrtwith the ability to tag input devices as being owned by a particular 'seat'12:42
mclasendesrt: if you had mentioned that earlier... I had two to give away...12:42
desrtmclasen: it's not the device that i'm interested in so much as the software that makes it function properly...12:43
desrtie: udev tagging, etc12:43
desrtwould be nice to say "reserve this keyboard and mouse for this other X server i'll be starting up later"12:43
mclasenfor the software, you want to go to http://cgit.freedesktop.org/systemd/12:43
desrtudev changes needed too, i think12:44
desrti also just found myself a usecase for wanting the same user logged in twice....12:45
desrtsomehow i doubt lennart will consider this usecase to be compelling :)12:45
cdbsAnyone knows where glatzor or tremolux have been?12:46
Sweetsharkseb128, pitti: who will head the meeting today?12:55
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=== chaotic is now known as Guest14971
loolHmm compiz is a CPU hog since an upgrade from last couple of days13:06
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
loolit's sitting at 25% CPU13:07
pittiseb128: oh, is the new glib breaking something?13:07
seb128pitti, should not why?13:07
pittiseb128: because you uploaded to the PPA instead of oneiric13:07
seb128pitti, I just had time to do a build without the testsuit to update the symbols file before lunch13:08
seb128pitti, so I figured I would put it in the ppa so you can use already while I do my usually round of testing and a proper build13:09
pittiah, I see13:09
pittimvo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/667283/ -> known, or want a bug report?13:13
mvopitti: I think I know whats going on, I have a look13:15
cdbsmvo: just an FYI, the aptdeamon issue I told you about, is a non-issue. Somehow I was using the older one13:17
cdbsfixed now13:17
mvocdbs: great, thanks13:19
tjaaltonis it a thunderbird or a compiz bug that when composing a new email the window decorations are misaligned13:20
pittiseb128: libgnome-menu2 has quite a few rdepends, I hope the API isn't too difficult to port over13:23
seb128pitti, if it's an issue we can reupload the old source to provide the old lib13:29
davmor2guy is anyone using xchat in oneiric?  I noticed that it nolonger opens urls in a browser now13:31
huatsseb128,just for the record (I have already written that in the pad) I'm doing the gtksourceview3 update13:33
seb128huats, thanks13:33
pittiseb128: so for that I better name it libgnome-menus-3-dev instead of libgnome-menus-dev13:34
seb128pitti, let me know if you install the glib update13:34
pittiI did13:34
seb128pitti, seems a good idea13:35
seb128pitti, ok, works for you as well?13:35
pittino problems with it yet, but i didn't restart my session with it13:35
seb128I restarted the 10v works fine13:35
pittibut I can open new programs just fine13:35
seb128let's say it's enough testing13:35
seb128let's upload ;-)13:35
* pitti ^5s seb12813:35
pittiseb128: the only binary which is still the same is gnome-menus, everything else changed13:36
pittiI was pondering renaming the source and binary to gnome-menus3, but I think we shuold strive to port stuff over13:37
seb128pitti, is gnome-menus a binary?13:37
seb128oh you mean binary package13:38
seb128pitti, agreed, I think we should go for porting, vuntz ported the GNOME stack already13:38
seb128if we have issues with the remaining items we can still bring back the old lib later on13:38
pittiseb128: gnome-menus ready in bzr13:46
=== chaotic is now known as Guest80524
seb128pitti, you rock13:48
seb128pitti, glib uploaded13:48
pittiseb128: I disabled the cache; needs re-doing, and python-gmenu is gone13:48
seb128pitti, do you want to test,review,build or anything gnome-menus?13:48
pittiseb128: I installed the debs and ensured that they install fine alongside the existing gnome-menus ones13:48
seb128pitti, we will need to catch back next cycle on all the stuff we dropped on the way and on login time13:49
pittibut of course I didn't really test the library yet13:49
mvopitti: nice! that means I can play with it when building it from bzr?13:49
seb128pitti, well if it doesn't break existing clients that will be good enough ;-)13:49
seb128pitti, what about dputing the ubuntu-desktop ppa as well?13:49
pittiseb128: if you want, sure13:49
seb128pitti, so mvo can get it from there and I can test on my 10v13:49
pittiwould that help you?13:49
seb128pitti, well it means we can get testing and do updates without having to wait for glib build, publishing and gnome-menus build publishing cycles13:50
seb128i.e makes win some hours for those needing the new version13:50
seb128rodrigo needs it for gnome-control-center as well13:50
pittiright, that'll be in depwait in oneiric13:50
pittiseb128: up'ed to u-d PPA and oneiric13:51
seb128pitti, danke13:51
pittiso I suppose I'll start packaging python-gobject-313:53
seb128pitti, good luck ;-)13:54
seb128pitti, btw did you notice that the amd64 iso is back to fit on a CD13:56
pittiseb128: yes, I saw!13:56
pittiwhat did you do?13:57
pittiseb128: the next -meta rebuild will drop gnome-user-docs13:57
huatsI have a weird thing (for me who hasn't played with that for some time)13:57
pittiand the next full -base refresh of langpacks should drop another MB or two13:57
huatswhen I try to do bzr bd-do to do my update13:57
seb128pitti, could be thanks to mvo and synaptic drop13:57
huatschris@gaube:~/Bureau/ubuntu/gtksourceview3$ bzr bd-do13:57
huatsbzr: ERROR: This command only works for merge mode packages. See /usr/share/doc/bzr-builddeb/user_manual/merge.html for more information.13:57
seb128oh also building cairo without gl13:57
pittihuats: is that an UDD branch or a debian/ only ubuntu-desktop branch?}13:57
pittiseb128: that would help indeed13:58
seb128brb session restart13:58
pittiegl took quite some space13:58
pittihuats: UDD branches don't work with bd-do (i. e. merge mode)13:58
huatspitti, oh I see14:02
huatsso what is the good approach in that case ?14:02
huatspitti, I'll have a look14:03
huatslet me see...14:03
pittihuats: if you want to inspect the build result etc, just do debuild14:03
seb128hum, language selector stopped installing input methods14:06
seb128like there the checkboxes are not active when selecting chinese14:06
seb128whose bug would that been?14:06
huatspitti, in my case I was looking to update a package, and thus to do the various change to the packaging before using the debcommits...14:06
pittiseb128: no i18n maintainer :(14:07
seb128pitti, indeed :-(14:07
pittihuats: just do them locally without committing, and run debuild?14:07
pittihuats: or "bzr bd -b", if you want to avoid cluttering your tree14:07
pittihuats: you only need bd-do if you want to hack in the package after a failed binary build14:08
huatspitti, yeah doing stuffs locally is an option :)14:08
huatsbzr bd -b ?14:08
huatsit tells me that -b is not an option14:09
pittihuats: sorry, bzr bd -- -b14:09
huatspitti, thanks14:21
huatsI'll try to find the perfect way using all that14:21
mvopitti: the add-apt-repositroy bug you mentioned earlier is fixed now14:23
pittimvo: you rock, thanks!14:24
pittimvo: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa/+packages now has gnome-menus 3.1.5 packages including the now working gir1.2-gmenu-3.014:24
seb128rodrigo_, ^14:25
mvopitti: awsome, I give it a go now that I can actually add the repo again ;)14:25
seb128can be useful for you as well14:25
rodrigo_pitti, cool, thanks!14:26
seb128hey kenvandine, cyphermox14:35
kenvandinehey seb12814:35
seb128kenvandine, I wrote you down on the etherpad for the empathy update14:35
seb128cyphermox, you for the evolution ones ;-)14:35
seb128new GNOME this week!14:35
seb128kenvandine, how are you?14:35
kenvandineand you?14:35
seb128I'm great thanks14:36
seb128kenvandine, want to have a look at updating glib-networking as well?14:36
seb128we are still on the 2.28 serie14:36
kenvandineseb128, i can14:36
seb128mterry, hey, if you feel like helping with some of the updates or sponsoring listed on the etherpad please feel free ;-)14:37
mterryseb128, ah yes, 3.1.5 came out, eh?14:37
seb128mterry, it's on its way indeed ;-)14:38
dobeyrodrigo_: your welcome btw. :)14:42
rodrigo_dobey, welcome for what? :)14:42
dobeyrodrigo_: i fixed your FTBFSes for couchdb-glib and evolution-couchdb yesterday14:44
rodrigo_hmm, were they failing?14:44
rodrigo_thanks anyway :)14:44
rodrigo_oh, they were indeed14:44
rodrigo_I'm just too behind my mail box it seems :)14:45
dobeyyep, new/changed deps14:46
dobeyand i got the nightly builds working again, mostly14:46
dobeysome issues on older ubuntu versions :(14:46
=== chaotic is now known as Guest52192
rodrigo_dobey, cool, now we just need desktopcouch to work on oneiric :)14:54
rodrigo_dobey, does it work for you?14:54
dobeyi don't know14:54
dobeyi don't store any contacts or anything in it14:54
dobeyso afaik, it works :)14:55
dobeydoes oneiric have new couchdb that broke it or something?14:55
rodrigo_ok, you don't use it then :)14:55
rodrigo_dobey, not that I know, the problem is the oauth tokens here14:55
rodrigo_the ones stored in the keyring are invalid, so you always get an unauthorized error14:56
dobeywhy are they invalid? they should be valid :)14:56
rodrigo_I guess because dc writes the wrong ones14:57
rodrigo_and yes, they should, but seems they are not14:57
dobeybug thisfred and/or chad (cardinalfang) about it14:58
rodrigo_seb128, hmm, where does this come from -> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gvfs/1.9.2-0ubuntu2 <- it's not on lp:ubuntu/gvfs14:59
seb128rodrigo_, seems like the autoimport is broken14:59
kenvandineoh, this is nice15:00
kenvandinePackaging branch status: CURRENT15:00
kenvandinewhen checking out a source package15:00
seb128kenvandine, how? where?15:01
kenvandinebzr branch lp:ubuntu/natty/empathy15:02
kenvandineit now prints the latest version in natty and the status of the branch15:02
seb128rodrigo_, http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/15:04
seb128rodrigo_, short story, open a bug against udd and do the update the "old" way, i.e apt-get source etc15:05
rodrigo_dobey, the bug seems to happen to other people -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/desktopcouch/+bug/78097215:10
ubot2Ubuntu bug 780972 in desktopcouch "desktopcouch-service crashed with Unauthorized in request(): ('unauthorized', 'Authentication required.')" [High,Confirmed]15:10
dobeyrodrigo_: yeah i've seen a few come in, but haven't had time to actually look at them. please bug thisfred/chad to look at :)15:11
seb128pitti, meeting in 5minutes?15:26
pittijasoncwarner, Sweetshark, bryceh, chrisccoulson, didrocks, tremolux, Riddell, kenvandine, cyphermox, mterry, rodrigo_, seb128, tkamppeter, pedro_: meeting reminder in 4 mins15:26
seb128pitti, wb ;-)15:27
* pedro_ waves15:30
pittijasoncwarner, Sweetshark, bryceh, chrisccoulson, didrocks, tremolux, Riddell, kenvandine, cyphermox, mterry, rodrigo_, seb128, tkamppeter, pedro_: meeting15:31
pittihello everyone15:31
pittino team reports yet, so let's do that via IRC again15:32
pittikenvandine: want to start with partner update?15:32
tkamppeterpitti, colord still not passed through security check ...15:32
pittitkamppeter: failed, or just didn't get to it yet?15:32
pittioh, and there it appears on the wiki page :)15:33
tkamppeterpitti, kees had some questions and upstream Richard Hughes has answered, but nothing new from kees or mterry then.15:33
pittikenvandine: btw, do you know about the "Bug:12345" wiki syntax?15:33
* kenvandine waves15:34
mterryI'm waiting on kees to respond re: security15:34
seb128kenvandine, you are late!15:35
seb128pitti, mterry: gnome-settings-daemon is depwaiting for 3 uploads, maybe we should pre-promote or ping kees to get that sorted?15:36
pittipinging is better, I think; otherwise we'd have to rollback a feature, which might be harder15:36
pittikenvandine: I responded to the ubuntone-installer FFE bug; but I have to admit this is still very vague to me15:37
pittikenvandine: is there a current plan how to handle U1 packages from now on?15:37
pittiseb128: kees was on a conference last week according to his trip report, so perhaps he'll respond this week?15:37
seb128pitti, right15:38
=== kklimonda is now known as Guest54756
* kenvandine waves... is this thing on?15:39
rodrigo_kenvandine, we can read you :)15:39
pittikenvandine: I see you15:39
seb128hey kenvandine15:39
pittiis anyone else reading me?15:41
seb128pitti, yes15:41
rodrigo_pitti, I am15:41
pittior is it just ken who fell off the planet?15:41
seb128seems only ken is having issues15:41
seb128it's only ken15:42
kenvandinei changed servers :)15:42
desrtpitti: you're coming through a bit choppy.  repeat?15:42
pittikenvandine: wb15:42
seb128hey kenvandine15:42
pittidesrt: *bzzzt* plasma leak *bzzzrlcrackle*15:42
* desrt runs15:42
pittikenvandine: I responded to the ubuntone-installer FFE bug; but I have to admit this is still very vague to me15:42
pittikenvandine: is there a current plan how to handle U1 packages from now on?15:43
kenvandinepitti, i think they think there is a plan15:43
kenvandinebut it all still seems vague to me too15:43
kenvandinepitti, sorry i don't have more info :/15:43
kenvandinejosh is going to try to get something more concrete15:44
kenvandinebut i hear that every week :/15:44
pittiwrt. rhythmbox, I thought gtk 3 porting was out of scope for oneiric?15:46
kenvandineit is15:46
kenvandineso they need to have the plugin for rb removed15:46
kenvandinebut i haven't heard a definative answer that they didn't want to support rb15:47
pittii. e. rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store needs to become an empty transitional package15:47
pittias for unity, didrocks is on vacation15:49
pittiseb128: shall we just skip this, or do you have something to discuss there?15:49
seb128I can do a short summary15:49
seb128new unity with all features for this cycle landed on the ff line15:50
seb128lot of bugs15:50
pittiis the bright transparent pink dash background a bug or a feature?15:50
* pitti is afraid "feature"15:50
pittilet's hope it'll stabilize in the next two weeks then15:51
pedro_are they planning to fix the window switcher (alt+tab) or its going to stay the same way its right now?15:51
seb128sorry got sidetracked15:52
seb128pitti, so yeah15:52
seb128lot of bugs15:52
seb128they plan a bug fix version on thursday15:52
seb128they are on bug fix mode from now on15:52
seb128weekly tarballs again15:52
seb128compiz is still not sorted15:52
seb128they have a new candidate version out that needs testing and approval15:53
seb128other option is to roll back to the natty compiz15:53
seb128pitti, there is a bug about picking wrong colors15:53
seb128but the blur is wanted15:53
seb128they will likely tweak it I guess15:53
pittithanks for the summary15:54
seb128pedro_, alt-tab should have bug fixes and improvements15:54
pittino tremolux15:54
pittibut s-c seems to be in good shape15:54
pedro_seb128, good to know, thanks :-)15:54
=== Guest54756 is now known as kklimonda
pittianything we should discuss at this point?15:54
pittinew gnome 3.1.5 will bring some disruptions, FYI15:55
seb128I guess we decided to not go for clutter on the CD15:55
seb128though kenvandine said he would check with empathy upstream how much not having the new call ui is an issue15:55
pittiso we'll keep totem/cheese at their current versions or patch it back out?15:55
seb128cheese is in universe15:55
pittiah, empathy then15:56
seb128the empathy guys made it possible to not use libcheese for us15:56
kenvandinethose guys rock15:56
seb128and ev is using gstreamer directly now15:56
seb128totem> yeah, I will keep the new version in a ppa15:56
seb128having video playing relying on clutter is risky15:56
seb128we said we would discuss putting back pitivi on the CD btw15:56
seb128and gnome-contacts is coming with GNOME 3.2, rodrigo is packaging it15:57
seb128(i.e an adressbook for GNOME)15:57
desrtcheese demoted? :(15:57
seb128we missed the ff but not sure if we should aim to an exception for it15:57
desrtcd space, i guess?15:57
pittidesrt: no, tons of new depends we don't want15:57
seb128desrt, CD space, depends on clutter-gst, clutter-gesture, mx, and camorabin which is in one of the universe gst set15:57
desrtfair enough15:58
pittiseb128: there's a rather strong case for addressbook, as we just dropped evo from CD15:58
rodrigo_seb128, it's not going on the cd, but universe, so does it need a FFE?15:58
seb128rodrigo_, still yes15:58
pittiFF affects the entire universe, yes15:58
seb128but why not aiming for the CD?15:58
seb128it's small and useful15:58
* kenvandine would like that15:58
rodrigo_I stopped the submission ebcause the 0.1.1 version is a bit broken15:58
rodrigo_but the package is ready since Friday, so we can upload that for noe15:59
rodrigo_I think a new version is coming soon, so we can also wait15:59
seb128rodrigo_, there is a 0.1.2 now15:59
pittiplease submit an FFE bug15:59
pittiI'll approve it15:59
seb128rodrigo_, it's out this earlier today or yesterday15:59
rodrigo_seb128, oh, I checked this morning and it wasn't15:59
seb128rodrigo_, if you get kenvandine to sponsor it for you I can NEW review it15:59
kenvandinerodrigo_, just send it my way when it is ready :)16:00
rodrigo_seb128, kenvandine: it's in lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-contacts/ubuntu16:00
rodrigo_I'll update to 0.1.2 and ping kenvandine16:00
seb128pitti, I think that's all from desktop side16:01
seb128out of the fact that we have tons of bugs and we are behind or other things16:01
seb128like screensaver look16:02
seb128just to pick one16:02
pittior the ubuntu lightdm theme16:03
pittior not being able to login :)16:03
pittiok, so let's stop having a meeting then and get cracking again :)16:03
seb128yeah, lightdm, mterry has been helping a bit on it and robert_ancell is back16:03
pittithanks everyone!16:03
seb128thanks pitti16:03
kenvandineseb128, can you add telepathy-indicator and xchat-indicator to packagebugs?16:04
seb128mterry, speaking of lightdm do you know if the unity greeter is starting a session or something?16:04
mterryseb128, how do you mean?16:04
seb128$ ps aux | grep lightdm16:05
seb128lightdm   8113  0.0  0.2  39104  7540 ?        Sl   16:00   0:00 /usr/lib/notify-osd/notify-osd16:05
seb128lightdm   8118  0.0  0.0  10384  2376 ?        S    16:00   0:00 /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd16:05
seb128lightdm   8125  0.0  0.0  31332  2152 ?        Ssl  16:00   0:00 /usr/lib/gvfs//gvfs-fuse-daemon /var/lib/lightdm/.gvfs16:05
seb128lightdm   8149  0.0  0.0  11084  3340 ?        S    16:00   0:00 /usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconfd-216:05
seb128lightdm   8153  0.0  0.0   7604  2320 ?        S    16:00   0:00 /usr/lib/geoclue/geoclue-master16:05
seb128mterry, the notify-osd one at least look weird16:05
pittinot as light as we wanted it to be, hm?16:05
seb128mterry, also if you suspend and wake up the screen is locked16:05
seb128suspend from the greeter16:05
seb128which is annoying since the lightdm user doesn't have a known password16:06
mterryhah, hm16:06
seb128pitti, well hitting enter doesn't unlock...16:06
pittiright, that's what I'm saying -- the lightdm user doesn't have, and isn't supposed to have a password16:06
* apw has felt for sometime that the touchpad option "disable touchpad while typing" option does not work at all, likely for the whole of natty, however on oneiric it now definatly works but disabled the touchpad for 2 whole seconds; anyone know how to configure how long?16:08
rodrigo_apw, it's hard-coded in the call to syndaemon in g-s-d16:09
rodrigo_apw, shorter delays showed lots more bugs, it seems16:09
rodrigo_it's also the default in syndaemon16:09
apw2s is just mad, i have been wearing the tip of my finger trying to get it working again16:10
mterryah...  that's why my mouse is unresponsive sometimes.  I wondered, but hadn't gone searching for a bug yet16:11
seb128we should revert to 0.5s I think16:11
seb128it might be less efficient but the current behaviour feel buggy16:11
pittigood night everyone!16:13
apwperhaps make it configurable ...16:13
kenvandinegood night pitti16:14
seb128'night pitti16:15
seb128apw, configurable without an ui is not a solution because 95% users will never find the option, configurable with an ui requires design and to add an ui and is not trivial and upstream said they don't want that16:15
seb128apw, they say the solution is the work ongoing to detect what events come from a palm contact and ignore those16:16
seb128i.e just take finger contacts as clicks16:16
seb128huats, hey, you had a question?16:16
apwseb128, though we have a UI for the feature already, with a ticky on the left with space on the right16:16
seb128there is no option on that dialog for tweaking the delay of touchpad off while typing16:17
apwplus can't we at least let power users change the gconf the item at least16:17
seb128we could16:18
seb128we just have a stack of bugs including segfaults of the desktop shell16:18
seb128realistically we should focus on those rather than on adding code to read gconf keys to tweak pad delays16:18
seb128let's go back to the 0.5s we had nobody complained and move on to fixing real bugs16:19
jcastrois didrocks on holiday?16:22
huatsseb128, yeah I had one :)16:27
pedro_jcastro, yes, he's on holidays16:27
huatsseb128, a stupid one I think16:28
seb128jcastro, he is for 2 weeks16:28
huatsregarding the gtksourceview3 packaging the ubuntu branch contains16:29
jcastrook, I take it we don't have an equivalent of a partner report for Unity then?16:29
huatsthe whole package not just the debian/ dir16:29
seb128jcastro, I did a status update during our meeting earlier16:29
seb128huats, right16:30
kirklandseb128: pitti: I don't know if you guys have solved the ecryptfs/lightdm bug, but I can offer this ...16:30
huatshow do I update the package then ? in my branch I mean, do I update the whole dir ? it is not really readable for the merge request I think16:30
kirklandit looks like something is trying to use the user's home directory *before* the pam login completes16:30
jcastroseb128: ok I will steal it for the unity report then, thanks16:30
seb128jcastro, yw, feel free to ask if you have questions16:30
kirklandthat ice authority file or something, gets ahead of itself16:30
seb128kirkland, right, somebody pointed that the other day16:31
kirklandseb128: oh, sorry16:31
seb128mterry, ^ did you have any luck with the ecryptfs bug?16:31
seb128kirkland, nothing to be sorry about, thanks for sharing the info ;-)16:31
kirklandseb128: no problem16:31
kirklandseb128: i don't know how much parallelization there is in lightdm, but that was my initial thoughts16:32
kirklandthat something is trying to get login to happen *really* fast, maybe, by parallelizing some work16:32
kirklandexcept that anything that needs to read or write to $HOME *must* wait until the pam login has completed16:32
seb128I don't enough about the lightdm code to reply to that unfortunatly16:32
kirkland(at least until pam_ecryptfs has mounted home, anyway)16:32
kirklandseb128: hehe, me niether :-)16:32
seb128but robert_ancell seems to be back from holidays so I guess he will look at that soon16:32
jcastroseb128: ok, anything to add? http://pad.ubuntu.com/unity-report16:46
mterryseb128, not yet, have been continually sidetracked :-/16:47
jbichacould we get a sync of mono with Debian to fix the failed mono-webbrowser upgrade?16:54
jbichaLaney: oh, hi I see you already opened a bug for it16:55
chrisccoulsonpitti - sorry, i just realized i was meant to fix the firefox install path for you. i'll do that in the next upload ;)17:04
chrisccoulsonwhich will be the first 7.0 beta :)17:04
dobeykenvandine, pitti, seb128: so is there a *final* decision on the whole mono/banshee/rbox/gtk3 situation?17:06
seb128huats, sorry I missed you real question, you highlighted me on other lines but not the question one17:10
huatsseb128, no pb ... how do I update the package then ? in my branch I mean, do I update the whole dir ? it is not really readable for the merge request I think17:11
seb128huats, either use merge-upstream or do the update the old way, apt-get source and debdiff and let the imported update the vcs with the upload17:11
seb128huats, whole dir is fine, it's easy enough to bzr diff debian17:11
seb128dobey, there was no real discussion about dropping mono yet and we sorted the CD space issues mostly so it's not likely to happen17:12
huatsI'll do that17:12
seb128dobey, i.e no change planned over what we have17:12
seb128huats, you're welcome17:12
seb128ok, away again for half an hour17:12
dobeyseb128: ok17:13
chrisccoulsonrodrigo_, does libedataserver provide a way of signalling when sources are added/removed?17:26
chrisccoulsonor do i need to look at the gconf keys myself?17:26
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ricotzcould someone get gnome-menus NEWed?18:28
jbicharicotz: are you going to package gjs?18:55
ricotzjbicha, please do if you like18:56
jbicharicotz: should we bump the version to libgjs0c since they keep changing the ABI?19:14
jbichait looks like only gnome-shell depends on it19:15
micahgjbicha: if it's a system library, it needs to be maintained as such19:18
jbichamicahg: so, yes?19:18
micahgI would think so19:18
jbichacool, thanks19:19
jbicharicotz: you changed this from -c4  DEB_DH_MAKESHLIBS_ARGS_libgjs0b := -Xusr/lib/gjs-1.0/ -V -- -c119:25
jbichabut what does that mean?19:25
=== alecu-lunch is now known as alecu
ricotzjbicha, this make the symbol check less strict, so "c1" only fails if symbols were removed19:26
jbichaI should leave it at c4 for release then?19:27
kenvandinechrisccoulson, ping19:31
chrisccoulsonhi kenvandine19:32
kenvandinechrisccoulson, i just noticed that firefox still relies on gconf for getting proxy settings19:32
kenvandinebut network properties only manages it in gsettings :(19:32
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, oh, i thought the only thing still using gconf was accessibility :/19:33
kenvandinechrisccoulson, is that known?19:33
* kenvandine files a bug19:33
seb128kenvandine, g-c-c is supposed to still copy values to gconf for those old applications btw19:34
seb128but better to read in gsettings directly if we can19:34
kenvandineoh ?19:34
kenvandineit isn't working...19:34
kenvandineneither firefox or libproxy was picking up the settings19:34
kenvandineuntil i set them manually in gconf19:34
kenvandineshould i file a bug against g-c-c too?19:35
seb128it's g-s-d, but the gconf gsettings key is off there, I mentioned it to rodrigo today, I think he fixed it in the vcs19:36
seb128kenvandine, i.e gsd has code to copy gsettings to gconf19:36
seb128kenvandine, would be nice if you can check at beta1 and file a bug if that's still an issue ;-)19:36
kenvandineso you think this is fixed, just not in oneiric yet?19:36
seb128right I mentioned it today to rodrigo19:37
seb128kenvandine, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-settings-daemon/ubuntu/revision/18119:37
seb128kenvandine, you can turn the key locally and see how it goes19:38
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i can't see firefox using gconf anywhere else :/19:38
kenvandinechrisccoulson, it definitely getting them from gconf... i can enable/disable in gconf-editor and it switches between hitting my proxy and not19:39
seb128it could use some lib that use gconf?19:40
kenvandinechrisccoulson, does it use libproxy by chance?19:40
kenvandineor libsoup19:40
kenvandinei'll build gsd locally to verify that does the copy19:41
seb128kenvandine, it's just a gsettings key change19:43
seb128kenvandine, no need to rebuild, just use dconf-editor19:43
kenvandinei would rather verify the package fixes it :)19:43
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kenvandineseb128, indeed it works :)19:50
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/toolkit/system/unixproxy/nsUnixSystemProxySettings.cpp19:52
chrisccoulsoni thought i'd got rid of all the gconf stuff already19:52
chrisccoulsonthat sucks19:52
chrisccoulsonit's way to late to get this fixed in oneiric, unless i reuest approval on yet another distro patch19:52
jbichachrisccoulson: so a change like that would have to land in what Firefox 9?19:55
chrisccoulsonjbicha, yes19:55
chrisccoulsonwhich is 12 weeks after oneiric19:56
micahgchrisccoulson: well, we'll get the fix eventually in oneiric, does it matter if we have it at release or 3 months later?19:59
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seb128chrisccoulson, we still have the gsettings to gconf gsd gateway but it's an hack20:11
seb128better to get firefox fixed if we can20:11
seb128that hack will likely lead to issues20:11
seb128i.e users not using GNOME and running g-s-d20:11
ayanseb128: lp: 759963, i attached a debdiff for the gvfs package SRU in that bug.  please let me know if there is anything else i need to do.20:11
seb128ayan, hey20:12
seb128ayan, sorry I didn't notice your query before, better to ping on public channels20:15
ayanno problem.20:16
ayanit is probably best that you missed it anyway -- i was struggling with debuild and debdiff. :^) kamal@canonical straightened me out though.20:17
seb128ayan, the debdiff looks fine, you should have a natty-proposed target20:21
seb128not natty20:21
seb128you want to mention that it comes from upstream git in the changelog or patch itself20:22
seb128subscribe ubuntu-sponsors as well20:22
ayanseb128: i'd like this to go into natty.20:30
seb128ayan, right, natty-proposed, it's a sru20:30
seb128natty is a stable distro, it's frozen and can't get any update20:30
seb128you can only get things to natty-proposed that will go to natty-updates after testing20:30
kenvandinecyphermox, hey, have you started working on evolution yet?20:45
kenvandinecyphermox, i am doing empathy, which needs libfolks 0.6, which needs eds vala bindings20:45
kenvandinecyphermox, when you update eds, can you enable building the vala bindings?20:46
seb128kenvandine, not sure he's around he was not there for the meeting I think and didn't reply to my ping this afternoon20:48
seb128kenvandine, you can maybe rebuild the current version with vala or do the eds update20:48
kenvandinei won't block on him20:49
seb128kenvandine, btw indicator-datetime didn't get it update yet it seems (there is a new tarball, I think I overlooked it when I sponsored the other ones, it shows up on version)20:49
kenvandineseb128, oh... i'll check20:50
* kenvandine sees things are starting to require valac-0.1420:54
kenvandinemaybe i should make gwibber buildable with that20:54
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barryhi folks.  i tried to install fglrx but that broke my oneiric, so i disabled it, but now my desktop is pretty hosed.  no dock, no indicators.  any ideas how to fix this?21:32
jcastroanyone on nvidia/oneiric with a broken X?21:36
jasoncwarner_jcastro: I'm running nvidia and x is working22:04
jasoncwarner_bryceh RAOF TheMuso robert_ancell https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-08-16 meeting time!23:01
RAOFWoo, woo!23:01
TheMusoHey folks.23:02
jasoncwarner_let's get this thing started officially: [TOPIC] X update23:02
* TheMuso almost forgot the meeting, as he has his head in a patch.23:02
brycehheya ho23:03
brycehgot the wacom-demos package uploaded last week, which has the wayland compositor and utilities23:03
robert_ancellbryceh, if you have time please hang around after meeting, I have questions about failsafe X23:03
brycehapt-get install wacom-demos ; wstart ;23:03
brycehrobert_ancell, alright23:04
* RAOF presumes bryceh means *wayland*-demos23:04
RAOFToo much input hacking for bryceh!23:04
brycehindeed, looking at too many bugz23:04
brycehwith not enough sleep23:05
brycehanyway, things seem nicely quiescent with X, so just going through old bug backlog and catching up on some toolsmithing23:05
RAOFThe recent updates seem to have caused lots of external monitor-hate with compiz - bug #824099 and a couple of others.  I don't think this is an X issue, though, as unity is happily drawing the top panel on each monitor.23:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 824099 in compiz "[~30 systems] Plugging in external monitor to VGA port makes both displays corrupted with thick slanted lines" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82409923:05
brycehyeah, noticing some compiz/unity fallout lately23:06
RAOFfglrx also seems like it's being a bit of a problem child; I'm not sure what's happening there yet.23:07
jasoncwarner_RAOF and bryceh I heard that flgrx was causing some problems...have you seen that?23:07
jasoncwarner_Ok. thanks23:08
brycehyeah, I filed a fglrx bug on a problem I spotted23:08
jasoncwarner_Robert, want to update us on LightDM and Unity Greeter?23:08
brycehblack overlay on top of the screen; I filed it against fglrx-installer but suspect it's a compiz or unity bug... not sure23:09
brycehlp #82560523:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 825605 in fglrx-installer "Unity displaying with black overlay" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82560523:09
RAOFIt looks like there may be problems with the fglrx driver itself - I've sent bug #823588 over to Alberto to see if he's got any insight.  There may also be some packaging problems - people seem to have trouble uninstalling fglrx.23:10
robert_ancellok, so seb128 turned on unity greeter by default last week.  No major problems spotted.  The final design will hopefully be signed off next week, so there will be some minor visual tweaks which may need freeze requests23:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 823588 in fglrx-installer "ATI driver suggested by Jockey makes system unusable" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82358823:10
robert_ancellMichael Terry has been working on getting the indicators working with it, which has been great.   The important features for the greeter before release are getting them working correctly and a11y.  In the daemon the last major feature is fallback X support23:10
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: do you have everything you need from design at this point other than signoff?23:10
robert_ancelljasoncwarner_, yes23:11
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: great.23:11
robert_ancellthere are a number of minor bugs which will get fixed between now and release23:11
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: any areas for concern or do most things look like they'll land?23:11
robert_ancellI am worried about the a11y and the power management features, as it has come late in the cycle.  There's nothing technically too difficult about either but it's just a matter of getting enough time to implement and test23:12
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: noted. once those land, let's sync and we can get some concentrated testing around both for a bit to work out the bugs...23:13
robert_ancellaside from that I think we have got the important features in there, and the real nice to have stuff is bumped to 12.0423:13
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: awesome. :)23:13
RAOFOh, yeah.  That reminds me.  I need to file a bug - the design doesn't really plan for names as long as "Christopher James Halse Rogers" :)23:13
TheMusoYeah, and who knows how long some names in other locales are.23:14
jasoncwarner_thanks, robert_ancell23:14
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: two updates coming from you...audio and a11y23:14
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: want to start with a11y?23:15
TheMusoSure. My ubiquity a11y work has landed, however the installer team are having some trouble with other functionality they are wanting to introduce, so its not in the archive yet.23:15
TheMusoHowever the testing I did on my own code prior to commit shows that things are working.23:15
TheMusoBut I will give it a good test once its on a daily.23:15
TheMusoI am hammering unity 2d and finding accessibility bugs, which I am filing.23:16
TheMusoAlso working on a bit of churn that came about since upstrea decided to refactor GTK's accessibility code a little.23:16
TheMusoas in trying to help actually get things working again, since some bits appear to be a little broken.23:16
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: ok23:17
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: the holes you are seeing in 2d, are they big ones or little ones?23:17
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: i.e. fixable?23:18
TheMusojasoncwarner_: Little ones at this point.23:18
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: awesome...23:18
TheMusojasoncwarner_: Yes, very fixable, so far as I am aware.23:18
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: does this mean we'll have a fully accessibile system this cycle? from installer to greeter all the way to desktop?23:18
jasoncwarner_(barring gtk issues)23:18
TheMusojasoncwarner_: At this point, yes.23:18
TheMusojasoncwarner_: If you want to get a lit of a11y bugs for unity-2d, you want to look for bugs tagged a11y under the unity-2d source package. I can get you a URL if that helps.23:19
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: thanks, would be great23:19
TheMusoAs for audio, well Pulseaudio 0.99, what is to become 1.0 has been landed in oneiric, and its likely we will be pushing many a bugfix to this in the next month or so as bugs are found.23:19
jasoncwarner_two items that always fall below radar that I'm trying to track are a11y and CJK23:20
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: so, that list of bugs in 2d would be great23:20
TheMusoThe plan is to stick with 1.0 for the LTS, and have a solid and "just works" audio experience for the LTS, and for the hardware that supports it, there will be some jack detection funkyness in place too.23:20
TheMusojasoncwarner_: Sure.23:20
TheMusojasoncwarner_: Unity-2d a11y bugs: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-2d/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&field.status%3alist=NEW&field.status%3alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3alist23:21
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: anything else on a11y?23:22
TheMusogah thats not eh whole URL.23:22
TheMusohang on.23:22
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: if not, audio?23:22
TheMusojasoncwarner_: Not from me atm.23:22
TheMusoI posted about audio further up.23:22
jasoncwarner_oh, missed it, thanks23:22
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: any word on a11y in 3d? hopefully we aren't far off from thta, but i don't know23:23
TheMusojasoncwarner_: No real word, I still think dx itself is trying to get its own house in order, but no change from the testing I did recently, I'll take another look today.23:24
TheMusojasoncwarner_: Ok here is the full URL. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-2d/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&assignee_option=any&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_supervisor=&f23:25
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: ok, thanks23:25
jasoncwarner_alright... TheMuso RAOF robert_ancell bryceh anything else?23:25
RAOFOh, yeah.  I've got something else - colord.  Kees has done a security review of it for the MIR and raised some issues.  They seem fixable, but it means that g-s-d and -control-centre are currently failing to build due to component-mismatch.23:26
jasoncwarner_RAOF: any timeframe for fixing?23:26
RAOFgsd and control-centre could be fixed by disabling colord support; Kees still needs to review some patches committed upstream which may address some of his concerns.23:27
brycehmonthly meeting with Intel tomorrow23:28
brycehother than that, hoping to get a new xdiagnose release out this week, and usual bug work23:28
jasoncwarner_alrighty...thanks everyone...23:29
RAOFI don't have a timeframe for fixing.  I'll see how easy it would be to make colord run with an unpriviledged user rather than root.23:29
jasoncwarner_RAOF: ok...23:29
jasoncwarner_thanks everyone...appreciate the work and effort. Gonna be a fun last couple of weeks.23:30
jasoncwarner_[END MEETING]23:31
robert_ancellbryceh, RAOF, so I'd like to get fallback X support working in lightdm today, any tips or tricks?23:32
robert_ancellIn particular, is the idea that fallback X is just an X server, or an X server and a session.  Is this concept Ubuntu only, or also used in other distros?23:32
brycehrobert_ancell, the current failsafe-x is just a single application in the xserver (a troubleshooting tool)23:33
RAOFI'm not familiar with other distros; it's not an upstream concept, though.23:34
robert_ancellbryceh, so running it runs an X server and the app?23:34
brycehI'm not sure what the other distros do, but by default with gdm it would launch into a ncurses screen that would display the error log23:34
brycehrobert_ancell, that's correct23:34
brycehrobert_ancell, now, the idea of having something more session-ish has been kicked around, and may be a good idea23:34
robert_ancellbryceh, so all I need to do is monitor the process (i.e. I don't need to wait for a SIGUSR1?), and if it quits, what should I interpret that as?23:35
brycehthere are two failure modes I think we care about23:36
brycehone is if X itself keeps failing23:37
brycehthat's typical if for instance you did "echo 'foo'>/etc/X11/xorg.conf"23:37
brycehthe other is if there is a fault while X is running (a segfault or freeze)23:37
brycehthis second mode is actually the more common of the two these days, but isn't what we have captured in the past, so I would leave it for follow on work.23:38
robert_ancellbryceh, so, the plan is, if X fails to start (i.e. before SIGUSR1 is received), or the greeter fails to connect, then run the failsafe X server and consider the system to be broken and in need of repair by the user.  In all other cases just start a greeter23:40
brycehrobert_ancell, for the first case, I don't recall offhand if there is a particular signal returned.  I seem to recall gdm would re-try a couple times and if it kept failing within a short period of time it'd kick into failsafe mode23:40
robert_ancellThere is one case that's a potential problem, which is the greeter connecting and then the X server failing a few seconds later, which would cause a restart cycle that should probably be handled better23:40
brycehI suppose that case will be obvious enough and we can deal with it in bug reports23:43
brycehrobert_ancell, also, in gdm they had a configuration field for specifying a fallback xserver command line; do you plan to have something similar in lightdm's config?23:44
robert_ancellIsn't that the same as fallback X, i.e. essentially "run this program if everything fails to start"23:45
robert_ancellthough it would probably be more consistent to have "run this X server and session if everything fails to start"23:46
brycehyes, same thing23:46
brycehwell, almost the same thing23:46
bryceher, well no not the same exactly23:46
brycehrobert_ancell, if X fails we want to start up a minimal X server with most things shut off, which we do by passing in a minimal xorg.conf which disables the video driver (in favor of a minimal driver like vesa/fbdev), etc.23:47
brycehso for that we need to be able to specify the xserver command line.  in gdm we did that by giving it a custom X server command line to run23:48
robert_ancellbryceh, could we make it really simple and just have failsafe-config=/etc/X11/failsafe.conf?23:48
brycehmaybe, let me doublecheck23:49
robert_ancelland failsafe-session=/usr/sbin/failsafe-session23:49
brycehhmm, we had passed a few other arguments in addition to the xorg.conf23:50
brycehserverargs="${serverargs} -br -once -config $xorg_conf_failsafe -logfile /var/log/Xorg.failsafe.log"23:50
bryceh   # -br:      Black background23:50
bryceh   # -once:    Terminate server after one session23:50
bryceh   # -config:  Specify location of xorg.conf file to use23:50
bryceh   #           Note: Only root can specify absolute paths23:50
bryceh   # -logfile: Don't overwrite Xorg.0.log23:50
bryceh(this is from /etc/gdm/failsafeXServer)23:51
brycehI should clarify, for GDM2 we used to put the xserver command into gdm's config file23:52
brycehbut for GDM3 they dropped that functionality, so we did it via a udev rule iirc23:52
bryceher, s/udev/upstart/23:53
brycehrobert_ancell, http://paste.ubuntu.com/667777/23:53
brycehrobert_ancell, so...  if lightdm just exited with non-zero status when X failed to start, we could have upstart catch it and fire up failsafe-x, instead of it being something lightdm had to manage.23:55
robert_ancelloh, I see, so if I run failsafe X it's going to kill lightdm anyway23:55
robert_ancellthat sounds better23:55
robert_ancellok, so not much work for me to do there then :)23:58

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