tdr112can you save iptables so i dont have to run it each time i boot up10:50
ebeliptables -L10:54
ebelas root10:54
ebeler maybe... ask slashtom10:54
ebelsometimes people add a post-up command to the /etc/network/interfaces10:55
tdr112slashtom: are you about11:17
tdr112i was just asking about iptables , being sorted out in #ubuntu-server11:26
tdr112they tell me to use iptables-save11:26
slashtomdon't forget about ip6tables11:27
slashtomrelication i know, but unavoidable11:28
slashtompersonally i write my ip[6]tables as an init script11:28
tdr112slashtom: we dont have a ipv6 ip yet11:29
slashtomshocking, even my elderly mother has IPv6!11:30
tdr112i know, i know11:32

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