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jo-erlendhi. I was wondering why #ubuntu-app-devel is now set as invite only, and what is required in order to get invited.13:02
* Pici looks13:02
jo-erlendI've noticed it's been that way for a while now.13:04
PiciI don't like that it has been set private as well.13:05
popeyI was last in there in May13:05
PiciI'd ask jono, it looks like it was his channel.13:06
ubot4Factoid '1' not found13:06
jo-erlendoh, ok. I'll send him an email then.13:07
popeyI wouldn't do that13:08
popeyI'd poke him in #ubuntu-community-team when he wakes13:08
popeyjonos inbox is where emails go to die13:08
jo-erlendhehe, ok :)13:08
tsimpsonjo-erlend: it was closed, due to it being inactive14:06
jo-erlendthen where do I meet others who are interested in application development on Ubuntu? Closing down an IRC channel because users aren't chatting much, seems like a really bad idea to me.14:14
tsimpsonjo-erlend: questions were asked with no response, it was a dead channel :(14:15
jo-erlendthen the solution should be to get people to answer, not to lock down the channel. This is annoying. Application development is one of the big things about Ubuntu, as I see it.14:18
k1lbut this is not how irc works. most people just idle and you cant force them to answer14:19
popeyjo-erlend: askubuntu?14:19
popeybe good to get a body of developer type questions out there documented rather than lost in irc logs14:19
tsimpsonjo-erlend: that was tried, and it failed14:20
tsimpsonwe didn't just decided to shut it down for no reason14:20
jo-erlendbut I'm fairly sure I subscribe to the ubuntu-irc mailinglist and I don't think I've read anything about it?14:20
tsimpsonjo-erlend: no, we don't post about every action we take, though it should have probably been on the team report14:23
Picitsimpson: It should have been removed from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList as well. :/14:24
jo-erlendevery action? No, that's understandable. But closing down a channel isn't like changing the topic. I think it would've been nice with an email. But ok. Done is done. I was really just wondering if there is a place to get notified of changes to developer.ubuntu.com.14:25
tsimpsonwiki's are evil14:25
tsimpsonjo-erlend: does jono have anything to do with developer.ubuntu.com?14:28
jo-erlendI have no idea.14:29
serfushe does, you might as well want to contact David Planella14:30
jo-erlendI expected #ubuntu-app-devel to be the irc-side of developer.ubuntu.com.14:30
tsimpsonwell jono agreed the channel should close before we closed it, so I was just wondering if he could be poked to update the page14:31
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