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RAOFOh, bah.  Stupid broken mainline builds.06:01
* smb crawls in06:55
* RAOF waits to ambush apw.07:15
smbRAOF, He probably saw that. :)07:15
RAOFsmb: I know.  You need to properly prime the target for a psychological ambush.07:16
smbGiving time to don all armor does not seem like a good move before attacking... :-P07:17
RAOFNo.  Now, apw will dread the moment he needs to say something in #ubuntu-kernel, premtively flinching for the pile of work that will be dropped upon him!07:18
smbReminds me of the rumors about a 24hrs notice before committing a crime to the victim (unverified to be thought of or done in TX)07:18
smbRAOF, On the "good" side, we should have a whole bunch of QA analysts in London this week. :-P07:20
RAOFAh, really?  What sprint's happening there?07:20
smbSomething with QA07:20
smbCoP and DA07:21
aboganippisati: morning08:08
* smb wonders into which hole apw fell...09:21
RAOFapw: Could you give the drm-intel kernel builds a kick?  I'm mainly interested in 1519b9956eb, ed10fca9c351c83, and de842eff410.09:25
apwRAOF, will have a look09:29
apwsmb, in the office is all09:29
smbapw, Ah, that explains mumble (and the general silence as there is probably a queue of broken laptops as usual)09:31
apwheh :)09:31
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Guest47227does anyone know how to include some custom files in the linux-headers package after building a kernel with ubuntu-package ? I have some extra .so files build under tools/gcc (gcc plugins) but they don't get included in the headers .deb so I have to move them from the build dir manually after installing it. How can I include them in the package?11:44
* ppisati -> out to get some foood11:46
sijiapw, hi12:50
sijihi all13:16
sijiam trying to build 2.6.38-omap kernel (ubuntu natty) 13:16
sijifor Touchscreen support (ads7846)13:16
sijiAnd downloaded the source code from ubuntu 13:16
sijibut while doing menuconfig , this driver is not visible 13:17
sijithen I have added this driver manually in .config 13:17
sijibut its not building the module 13:17
sijiany one can tell me where am wrong ?13:18
sijihttp://paste.debian.net/126389/ 13:20
sijimy .config file is there13:20
smbsiji, When you use the ubuntu source you should do a "debian/rules editconfigs" That modifies the config in debian.ti-omap4 which is used for the builds13:22
sijismb, if am building only specific module then ?13:26
sijisame method have to follow ?13:26
smbsiji, Not exactly. But on the other hand it might be better to do complete builds because that gives you a package to install which can have a unique version number, too. Also it makes sure the module version matches up with the rest of the kernel. But I know that at least building on arm is not that quick13:32
tgardnersconklin, herton: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/813026/comments/213:33
ubot2Ubuntu bug 813026 in linux "CVE-2011-1020" [Undecided,Fix committed]13:33
sijiya i got your point , cose of the time am trying to build only the module 13:34
hertontgardner: hmm ok, may be we have to revert the fix on lucid and everyone else. I'll mark the tracking bug with the regression found13:36
tgardnerherton, I pushed the revert for Lucid. I don't know that its required on newer kernels.13:36
jwitgardner: maverick-proposed needs the revert as well, bug 82719814:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 827198 in linux "Kernel update google Chrome and Chromium freeze" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82719814:17
tgardnerjwi, noted.\14:17
jwiI guess 827208 & 825207 are dups14:19
tgardnerjwi, hmm, dunno about 825207. its possible.14:23
apwtgardner, did i break it 14:33
apwtgardner, and if you are reverting, be nice if they are Reverts:14:33
tgardnerapw, it certainly did on Lucid. still working on Maverick14:34
apwtgardner, bah ...14:41
tgardnerapw, I had a clean bisect on Lucid, so I'm reasonably sure its the right commit.14:42
apwtgardner, fair enough indeed.  i'll have to test that the reverts do the right thing14:43
tgardnerapw, lucid master-next has the revert. I built that kernel as well as the bisect kernel with that reverted. both fixed the lockup.14:44
apwtgardner, sheet ... will have a look14:46
ogasawara## Kernel team meeting today @ 17:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting14:59
hertontgardner, apw: hardy update has the same cve fix, because of the regression we put it on hold now (bug 823912)15:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 823912 in linux "linux: 2.6.24-29.93 -proposed tracker" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82391215:00
tgardnerherton, does chromium even run on Hardy ?15:01
hertontgardner: no idea. is this specific to chromium, or more a general issue?15:02
tgardnerherton, its likely generic, but chromium appears to be the most commonly used reproducer.15:03
* ogasawara back in 2015:15
Sarvattogasawara: is it normal makedumpfile fails on the ubuntu-p kernel? i had to set no_dumpfile=1 to build it15:35
ogasawaraSarvatt: I had to do the same.  it appears makedumpfile doesn't like the newer kernel version, but I haven15:36
ogasawara't dug much deeper into it15:36
ppisatimaint-startnewrelease is failing for me15:53
ppisatii think it cannot find linux-image-3.0.0-1201-omap4_3.0.0-1201.5_armel.deb15:54
ppisatiany way to force it?15:54
ppisati(got a new BSP update from agreen so so i was rebasing...)15:54
tgardnerppisati, can you just run 'fdr startnewrelease' ?15:54
ppisatitgardner: good idea :)15:55
cndsforshee, awesome work on alps!16:10
sforsheecnd, thanks!16:10
cndI want to ask you about your possibilities for reporting16:11
sforsheestill got a lot of work to do to get everything in shape16:11
cndI think I understand what alps is reporting16:11
cndand I understand option 116:11
cndbut I can't figure out what option 2 is16:11
cndcould you restate it?16:11
sforsheeso you understand that the projection of a touch point could set multiple bits in each of the bitfields?16:12
sforsheeI could estimate the width by counting the number of bits that are set16:12
sforsheeand estimate the touch point to be in the middle of the range of set bits16:13
sforsheedoes that make more sense?16:13
cndyou could do that if there's only one touch16:13
cndbut what if there are multiple?16:13
sforsheethen there are multiple groupings of set bits, as long as the fingers aren't too close together16:14
sforsheeif they are too close together, I have to do a little guessing, like assuming the contacts are of equal size16:14
cndoh, I think I see what you are saying16:15
sforsheeI know how many contact points are represented in the bitmaps16:15
cndyou'll try to figure out the center positions16:15
cndand the widths16:15
cndand that's how it's different than option 1?16:15
sforsheeyes, for option 1 I'd only take the extremities and use that to create points for a bounding box16:15
cndsforshee, what do you get with three touches?16:16
cnddo you get three sets of X and Y bits set?16:16
cndpotentially up to three, that is16:16
sforsheeI still need to experiment with that, but that's my assumption16:16
sforsheeI think any bits that are "covered", so to speak, will be set16:17
cndthat makes sense16:17
cndso how to report that best...16:17
cndsforshee, I think you should use SEMI_MT16:18
cndand report only the min and max X and Y values16:18
cndbut try to get the "center" of the extreme bits16:18
sforsheeso option 1 then?16:18
sforsheeah, halfway between 1 and 216:18
cndso if you have an X axis like: 0011000011100016:19
sforsheeif I'm doing that work I might as well report width though, as I'll already have it16:19
cndthen report half way between the first two '1's and in the middle of the second group of '1's16:19
cndactually, I wouldn't16:19
cndbecause of the tricky aspect of SEM_MT16:19
cndyou don't know which bits correspond to which touches16:19
cndif you have two groups in both the X and Y directions16:20
cndyou don't know if the touches are in corners 1 and 3 or 2 and 416:20
sforsheeyes, that's true, unless I'm able to figure it out from the absolute position data in the first packet, but I'm still unsure about that16:20
cndand evdev reports widths in a circular sense, so unless you can match up the X and Y directions the widths may not be correct16:21
cndyeah, I wouldn't try to figure it out16:21
sforsheeokay, makes sense16:21
cndthat's too much to be doing in the driver16:21
cndat least at first :)16:21
cndand userspace could potentially do it16:21
cndthough width values couldn't be calculated after the fact in userspace16:21
cndbut as soon as you go from two to three touches, then you're screwed16:22
sforsheeall right, that's what I'll do then16:22
cndyou could match up one position16:22
cndbut you don't have enough info for the other two16:22
cndsforshee, I'm so glad we're getting alps going!16:22
sforsheeyeah, it would only work for 2 fingers anyway16:22
sforsheecnd, I'm not sure what's going to happen when we start trying this on more hardware though16:23
sforsheethe initialization is still pretty opaque16:23
cndsforshee, when you report values, I would linearly multiply the low-res stuff up to the high-res range16:23
sforsheeit may not be right for all hardware of this type16:23
sforsheeyeah, that was my plan16:23
cndso it's the same range between ABS_X and ABS_MT_POSITION_X16:23
cndsforshee, I would suggest making a dkms and trolling for testers in one of the ALPS bugs on LP16:24
sforsheewill do16:24
cndthey're like a honeypot, and you'll be treated like a king :)16:24
sforsheeyou'd think, but I've only had a few testers for the elantech stuff16:24
cndthat surprises me16:25
sforsheeme too16:25
sforsheepeople are happy to complain, not so happy to test it seems16:25
cnddid elantech have anything better than PS/2 emulation?16:25
cndbefore you worked on it?16:25
sforsheenot for the third-generation of their hardware16:25
sforsheeI'm going to send those patches to linux-input in the next couple of days16:26
cndsforshee, please CC me when you do16:27
cndnot a big deal if you forget though16:27
sforsheeI'll try to remember :)16:27
cndI'm subscribed and I'll see them one way or another16:27
ogasawara## Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - in 10 minutes - #ubuntu-meeting16:50
ogasawarameeting's about to start ...16:59
Davieyppisati: There were a few server arm issues raised last week.. are you the contact for that?17:02
ppisatiDaviey: ah, the lxc stuff? sorry, i just came back from vacation17:02
ppisatiDaviey: i'll queue it up for the next arm report17:03
ppisatibtw, my usb stopped working... cool...17:03
Davieyppisati: There was iscsi support being missing aswell, which was a concern17:03
jjohansenDaviey: stefan had lxc running on an arm kernel at the sprint17:03
Davieyjjohansen: Oh great!  via libvirt?17:03
ppisatijjohansen: yep, he told me but i forgot to say it in the report :P17:04
jjohansenhe said the kernel was good but there where some user space issues17:04
Davieyeek, i should have kept quiet17:04
jjohansenDaviey: I don't think it was via libvirt17:04
smbNot sure what lxc-tools using17:08
smbStephane was the one doing the user-space side17:08
jjohansensmb: yep17:08
smbAnd as far as I know the issues there are resolved 17:08
jjohansenhrmm, well hopefully, though I that he was using lxc-exec instead of lxc-start17:09
jjohansenbut I could be wrong17:09
smbHm, thought both17:10
ogasawarasconklin: going forward for the meetings, would you prefer to just combine the "Status: Stable Kernel Team" and "Security & bugfix kernels" topics?17:10
ppisatilast time i check, lxc-config (??? don't remember the name of the user land tool that checks lxc kernel compatibility) complained about a deprecated option17:10
smbCause he pulled in a whole chroot env17:10
jjohansensmb: oh maybe, I remember catching the bit about lxc-exec and then finding some of the problems so by the end maybe17:10
jjohansensmb: ah I missed that17:11
smbppisati, When we tried (with some other options enabled) there was only config_cgroup_freeze missing17:12
smband the userland tool crashed 17:12
smbbecause of a personality check17:12
sconklinogasawara: yeah, there's no sense in breaking out a one-line link as a separate agenda item17:12
ogasawarasconklin: agreed.17:12
ppisatismb: uhm ok17:13
ogasawarabjf: ^^ might want to update your runes file for the meetings...17:13
smbppisati, Well anyway, next kernel should be ok and lxc tools saw several uploads last week :)17:13
smbBeside of running with one cpu was faster than with two, things looked promising so far...17:14
ppisatismb: the smp looks really nasty17:15
ppisatismp bug17:15
* ppisati is really tired...17:15
* smb nods17:15
smbppisati, And all the useful tools seem to be missing on arm17:15
smbLike perf or latencytop...17:15
ckingthat's not fun17:16
smbppisati, Someone (jjohansen you remember his name? rob something?) noted that cache invalidation may be a problem...17:18
ppisatismb: imo it could be everything17:19
ppisatismb: from affinity, to timers, to $whatever...17:19
* smb thinks we need someone with a jtag and not being afraid to use it17:20
jjohansensmb: no I don't remember but he was the Calxeda guy17:20
ppisatii've jtag and i know how to use it17:20
jjohansenhe said that the smp cache snoop/invalidate on A8 and A9 where extremely slow17:21
tgardnerjjohansen, Rob Herring ?17:21
smbCould be. At least I think I remember the Rob part17:21
jjohansenyeah I think that was it17:22
jjohansenyep, it was17:22
jjohansenppisati: one way you could test that theory is do some parallel compute, and for one test make sure its hitting different areas of mem/cache alignment and for another shared data17:24
* jjohansen doubts that the slow cache is the responsible for the problem17:25
ckingit's one of those bugs that you need to figure out a way to exercise it and then use JTAG to see what's really going on17:26
ppisatijjohansen: sounds like a time-attack17:26
jjohansenppisati: yeah17:27
ppisatiimo it's something simpler but yes, trimming it down to the simplest case is the first step17:27
ppisatiso i can follow the code/call path and see what's different in the single vs dual cpu case17:28
smbThough the hdparm run is quite simple, I guess there is still multiple things involved17:29
ppisatibut if the bug is still there even when a cpu is hotplugged, how can it be an smp scheduling bug?17:39
smbppisati, I was suspecting the way or what timers are used17:39
ppisatia good trace could be to see what's the difference between single cpu and smp-with-one-cpu only17:40
smbEven when hut-unplugging one cpu, it is different from what is used when starting only with one17:40
ppisatiyep, but nothing is scheduled on the second cpu17:40
ppisatibecause it's not there anymore (modulus bug)17:40
smbwell /proc/interrupts does look different (in the ipi section)17:41
smbwhich still shows two entries...17:41
sconklinIs it possible to use virtualbox or any other vm tools to boot entire SATA drives in a VM? I have a machine with a swappable SATA drive bay, and I'd like to be able to boot entire test disks17:48
sconklinanyone know?17:48
jjohansensconklin: look for pci device passthrough for kvm17:54
sconklinjjohansen: thanks17:54
jjohansensconklin: I know its possible just haven't done it myself17:54
sconklinThat's just the kind of pointer I was looking for17:55
jjohansensconklin: I did do it years ago with vmware so I know its possible there too17:55
sconklinYeah, I'm done it with VMWare in the past17:55
CarlFKhave you tried: qemu -hda /dev/hdb 17:57
sbeattiesconklin: http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch09.html#rawdisk indicates its possible with virtualbox, too.17:57
CarlFKhave you tried: qemu -hda /dev/sdb17:57
sconklinhaha typical Linux "there are three ways to do it" response. Thanks!17:58
sbeattiesconklin: hehe, you get to pick your poison. :-)17:59
sconklinsbeattie: Oh, I like any option that warns me about total loss of data in a Big Red Box!17:59
tgardnerherton, the mystery deepens: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/827198/comments/418:00
ubot2Ubuntu bug 827198 in linux "Kernel update google Chrome and Chromium freeze" [Undecided,In progress]18:00
* tgardner is back in an hour or so18:01
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hertontgardner-afk: strange indeed18:02
CarlFKsconklin: from #qemu: balrog-k1n: i've done something like this many times, but usually added -snapshot  to avoid the VM writing to the physical disk18:05
sconklinCarlFK: ok, I'll check that also18:06
hertontgardner-afk: checking here commits, I suspect we need also "76597cd proc: fix oops on invalid /proc/<pid>/maps access" backported to maverick and others18:25
stickyboyI'm starting to sense something fishy with kernel-package's `make-kpkg` in 11.04.  The headers package it generates is behaving inconsistently.18:39
* ogasawara lunch18:55
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tgardnerherton, while we may need 76597cd, I'm not sure its related to the chromium hangs.19:36
mfilipesforshee, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu19:40
mfilipemore 1 year to solve the bug :( 19:40
mfilipe+1 year*19:40
cr3anyone happen to know how to parse the MODALIAS strings in the output of udevadm info --export-db?19:41
hertontgardner: indeed. but other guy came in the bug reporting a oops that I think 76597cd will fix. I think would be worth giving them a test build with it, and we should have that backported anyway19:41
tgardnerherton, ack.19:41
sforsheemfilipe, every time there's a patch that fixes it something else gets broken, and that's a big part of why it's taken so long19:42
tgardnerherton, ok, I'll have a look at backporting that commit and getting some test kernels advertised.19:43
hertonok, cool19:44
mfilipesforshee, thanks again for you effort to fix the problem but I think that it will get some months again :(19:47
tgardnerogasawara, you might as well clone P into the ubuntu directory on zinc. that way we won't have to change 20:01
tgardnersources later20:01
ogasawaratgardner: ack20:25
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txomonhello is there anyone that can explain me this?23:33
txomonman 3 va_end in /va_dcl23:34
txomonapw, can you help me?23:35
txomonis there anyone there?23:45
brycehtxomon, past EOD for most kernel folk I think23:45
txomonIts about a strange C syntax, that I can't understand..23:46
txomondo you know what it means?23:46
ubot2Factoid 'EOD' not found23:47
txomonbryceh, do you know what it means?23:48
brycehtxomon, "End of Day" i.e. they're not in work hours23:50
txomonah xD ok ty23:51
brycehmost kernel guys are in US or European time zones23:54
jjohansentxomon: va_end is weird23:55
jjohansentxomon: what are you looking for?23:56
txomonim looking for the meaning of that va_dcl there in the middle23:57
txomonC syntax23:58

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