h00kmhall119: :( okay00:12
h00kmhall119: yeah, we have the IRC logs as well ;)00:12
h00kmhall119: It is pretty sweet tracking meetings with that ;) as long as they don't get lost.00:18
dholbachgood morning06:59
head_victimIt would appear some events have also gone AWOL07:26
head_victimhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-au/1149/detail/ used to link to a global jam event organised by one of our team members, now it's non existent.07:26
head_victimWorth sending an email to loco-contacts to have them check to see what else is missing or will that create too much of a stir?07:28
dholbachI can see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-au/1132/detail/07:31
head_victimdholbach: yeah this was a separate doc jam07:32
head_victimh00k was talking to mhall119 earlier (8 or so hours ago) about missing meetings as well.07:33
dholbachhead_victim, ok, I have no idea about that07:36
dholbachmight have something to do with the server move(?), but I'm not sure07:36
head_victimdholbach: fair enough, I didn't really either until the person organising it just pinged me :) When was the server move, the last time someone remembers seeing the page was Sunday night (so nearly 3 days ago)07:37
dholbachthere were problems with loco.ubuntu.com and other sites on the machine for ~2 weeks already, I'm not sure the root cause has been identified yet07:38
dholbachbut I just came back from holidays yesterday, so there might be others who know more than I do07:38
head_victimNo worries, just let me know if it should be recreated07:38
dholbachmhall119, cjohnston and nigelb might know07:39
huatsmorning !07:55
nigelbhead_victim: we migrated servers a few days ago.08:35
nigelbThis might be becase of that.08:36
head_victimnigelb: yeah I was thinking the same but didn't want to assume. If it's easiest to just recreate the event I can organise that but didn't want people going around playing with things if it was going to foul you up more.08:36
nigelbhead_victim: additionally, we had some issues on the server, so there was a plan to move ld and summit off that machine again. I'm not sure if that happened yet. Just pinged the IS person for more details. I'll keep you updated08:37
head_victimnigelb: no dramas, I'll get them to hold off on doing anything with that event until I hear from you. 08:38
head_victimI think we're also trading comments on another bug08:38
head_victim<- jarednorris08:38
nigelbCool :-)08:38
mhall119head_victim: yes, we're missing about a dozen meeting records at least12:42
mhall119possibly other database data has been lost12:42
head_victimmhall119: no worries, it's not a big drama I really just wanted to see if it's better to recreate or see if you were doing something on the backend to restore.12:45
czajkowskimhall119: I noticed  also comments on the LD are months old 12:46
czajkowskiwhats happenng there 12:46
czajkowskiI was showing it at the weekend 12:46
mhall119czajkowski: I don't know yet :(12:46
czajkowskifor the -uk team and some comments are months old :/12:46
czajkowskino worries12:46
czajkowskimhall119: it's not FF specific either 12:46
paultagwhen talking about webapps, I assume FF is firefox12:48
mhall119no,  it's gone from the database, I checked12:51
nigelbmhall119: I think there's a confusion of records vs the tweets bug12:51
czajkowskiyes FF firefox12:51
nigelbpaultag might be talking about the tweets12:51
paultagnigelb: I'm not talking about jack12:52
paultagnigelb: I just say mhall119 ask about FF?12:52
paultagso I hopped in12:52
mhall119you should be, jack is awesome12:52
nigelbRirght, sorry, I mean laura. Sorry, long day at work.12:53
paultagmhall119: you know, I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse.12:53
paultagmhall119: he has pain in the knees, he needed help12:53
paultagI'm a upstanding citizen!12:53
paultagUncle Jack, that is12:53
nigelbupstanding citizen, nice choice of words there ;)12:54
mhall119that's the choice of words you're amused by?12:54
paultagupstanding member of "society"12:54
paultagOh English12:54
bkerensaDid Loco.ubuntu.com suffer data loss? A event I added two weeks ago randomly has disappeared17:28
Ronniebkerensa: https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/82699017:30
ubot4Launchpad bug 826990 in loco-directory "Team meetings and history deleted (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:30
bkerensashould I even bother re-adding Ubuntu Global Jam :P17:31
Ronniemhall119, cjohnston: is there any chance that the db can be restored?17:31
mhall119Ronnie: I've requested copies of any available backups from IS17:32
Ronniemhall119: what should be the advise for bkerensa, just wait, or create a new event?17:32
mhall119create a new event, I'm not sure if we'll be able to recover data or how long it will take17:33
mhall119if I can recover, I'll notify people so they can check for duplicates17:33
bkerensa:) The only reason I saw it was someone had posted about the lack of jam events so I clicked and ours wasnt listed :P go figure its related to bug :P17:35
mhall119bkerensa: I just sent an email to loco-contacts, since this seems to be a significant data loss that will probably affect a lot of teams17:39
bkerensaHmm also seems to have nuked venue data17:39
bkerensamhall119: Ok :) Well I was just not sure if you wanted me to wait or recreate (which I just did) I just dont wanna have people keep registering if their is potential for further data loss :P17:40
Neo31el_seano 18:06
Neo31sry, wrong channel :/18:06
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=== czajkowski changed the topic of #ubuntu-locoteams to: We know there are events MIA from the LD, we're working on it| Full team list: https://launchpad.net/~locoteams | Approved Teams: Get your CDs https://forms.canonical.com/lococd/ |Report hosting issues to rt@ubuntu.com |Need a forum? http://tinyurl.com/ReqLoCoForum
pleia2have any teams received their copy of the official ubuntu book re: http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/07/05/free-official-ubuntu-book-for-approved-loco-teams/ ?22:08
pleia2requested on july 5th, no sign of it22:09
bkerensaIs it possible to export mailman list to csv?23:43
bkerensaI need to export our loco mailing list so I can send some individualized messages23:43

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