dholbachgood morning06:59
philipballewdholbach, good morning06:59
dholbachhi philipballew07:00
philipballew:) have a great day on the irc dude!07:00
dholbachthanks :)07:00
dholbachphilipballew, good night!07:00
* philipballew hopes someday to go to bed before the sun rises over the horizon07:01
jussiphilipballew: come live here, sun doesnt really get over the horizon in winter :D07:05
philipballewjussi, where is here07:05
jussiphilipballew: north of finland :)07:05
philipballewim told i trase back to norway.07:06
philipballewhere in ca it hit 100f07:06
philipballew38 Celsius then07:07
philipballewjussi, is that hot for you?07:07
jussiouch, very07:07
jussiMind, its normal where Im from (australia). I just live here :D07:08
philipballewthe weather there. whats it like?07:08
jussiin australia or finland?07:08
akheron-25°C and 2 meters of snow in the winter is quite normal07:09
philipballewi snowed 3 times here07:09
philipballew3 inches each time07:09
akheron3 meters = 9 feet, right?07:09
akheronerm 2 meters = 6 feet07:09
philipballew1 inch = 2.54 cm07:10
philipballewjussi, do you like it there>07:11
jussistrangely enough, I do - love it here :)07:12
philipballewIt seems like a nice area. Im thinking of leaving california sometime07:12
jussisomething like this can happen if you leave your car for a cpouple of days... http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_0JPSNaR7sqA/TTDPCbXftGI/AAAAAAAAH2E/ytp7_Ud4UpU/s1600/window.jpg07:12
philipballewhow do you get it out?07:13
jussia spade and a brush :)07:14
jussidoesnt take long, but a garage is a really good thing to have here ;)07:15
akheronhttp://i.imgur.com/qlrHy.jpg  I like this pic07:15
akheronit's been like that in southern finland for two consecutive winters now07:15
akheronusually we have less snow here :)07:15
philipballewI met a man who has never seen snow last year07:17
philipballewalso owns no pants. just shorts07:18
Laneywelcome back dholbach!07:40
dholbachhey Laney - thanks :)07:55
Laneyhow was your trip?07:55
huatsmorning !07:55
ajmitchhi dholbach08:02
dholbachhey ajmitch08:04
dholbachLaney, it was great - a week in very relaxed North of Norway and a less relaxed week with travelling around Norway, Germany and Luxembourg where we visited loads of people - it was still lots of fun though :)08:05
Laneywould love to visit norway some time . o O ( like this? http://www.northsea-cycle.com/ )08:20
dholbachLaney, nice08:22
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jtaylortumbleweed: can I directly subscribe archive for bug 826856 or should it first go through sponsoring again?09:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 826856 in meld (Ubuntu) "FFe: sync meld 1.5.2-1 from debian experimental" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82685609:12
geserjtaylor: I'm not sure about this myself, perhaps tumbleweed can answer this09:15
tumbleweedin my experince it should be sponsored separately09:16
tumbleweed(although release-team can self-approve, so I could have sponsored it too)09:16
jtaylorI subscribed sponsors09:19
tumbleweedthere, ubuntu-dev-tools uploaded. I thought it would be a quick 5 minute thing, but turned into an hour of pain, thanks to mox :/09:24
tumbleweedI'll request a sync later09:25
Laneycan/can't (there was a discussion in #-release about that the other day)09:43
tumbleweedLaney: oh, right, I think I misread what ScottK said in that conversation :)09:47
Laneyit's ok for backports but not for release09:47
dholbachtumbleweed, after your last commit to the sponsoring page, a bunch of other code is unnecessary, I removed it in a merge proposal09:56
tumbleweeddholbach: oh, thanks10:30
Laneydid that api bug get worked around?10:30
tumbleweeddholbach: btw, we appear to have broken teh "can-upload" detection by dropping authentication10:30
* tumbleweed seems to remember proposing it in the past, and someone telling me this would happen10:30
dholbachok, I'll remove my MP - can you propose something that readds the auth code with a comment why we need it? :)10:31
dholbachso we don't re-remove it again :)10:31
Laneywe should rather fix the bug10:31
Laneyor find out if it is one10:31
tumbleweedyeah, I'd also prefer a better workaround10:31
dholbachor note the LP bug number10:32
dholbachI'm sure it's filed already10:32
* tumbleweed couldn't find one10:32
Laneyask #lp?10:32
tumbleweed#lp-dev is usually better for this kind of thing10:32
Laneyyeah, except i'm not there :(10:33
* tumbleweed does a little more digging first10:34
tumbleweedLaney: so, isSourceUploadAllowed works unauthenticated, which can give us PPU rights. All we need are per-component upload rights, which we can hardcode to motu / core-dev membership10:38
* tumbleweed doesn't hang out there either10:39
Laneydoes isS... only work for PPU?10:41
tumbleweedwell, packagesets too10:41
tumbleweedactually I haven't tested non-packageset PPU. Any examples you can think of?10:43
tumbleweedLaney: meh, it doesn't support PPU, just packageset10:52
Laneydid you ask in lp-dev?10:53
tumbleweedyeah: 12:48 < lifeless> thats a good question10:53
tumbleweed< lifeless> why shouldn't you be authenticated though ?10:53
Laneywhy /should/ you? :-)10:53
tumbleweedthat was kind of my response. The # then got distracted10:54
tumbleweedbasically the problem is that the permission entries aren't visible to unauthenticated users. We don't know why10:55
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Laneytumbleweed: where is the bug? i'd like to subscribe12:15
tumbleweedLaney: didn't file one. lifeless didn't seem very interested12:16
lifelessI said I'm not convinced its a bug12:22
lifelessand separately that knowing who is running cron jobs is very useful when they go rogue12:23
lifelesswe only really support anonymous API access for folk doing experimentation in browsers etc - thats the primary anonymous use case.12:23
tumbleweedlifeless: I wish that were better documented. I use anonymous API access whenever I can12:26
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randomactionHello guys. Are debcheck results for Oneiric available anywhere? This page seems out of date - http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/debcheck/18:34
RoAkSoAxzul: ok so I almost have the stuff for the ARM pxe booting with cobbler18:52
jtaylorups I just removed half my system in an attempt to install a i386 multiarch pacakge :(19:30
jtaylorI really ought to rad those apt reports better19:31
Laneythe boring half anyway19:31
jtaylorso all installed again, I hope it does not explode on the next reboot :)19:38
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geserat least we know what happened to you when you disappear for a few days20:06
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cody-somervilleAny awk experts in here? If so, I'd love if someone could show me an example of how to get the package names and versions listed in a Packages file. :-)22:05
jtaylorgrep -E "^Package|^Version" package-file?22:08
cody-somervillejtaylor, Looking to have the package name and version on the same line (and just the values, not the field names too).22:11
Rhondacody-somerville: grep-dctrl | tbl-dctrl22:15
Rhondawith appropriate options22:15
Rhondaor tbl-dctrl right ahead, depending on whether you want to filter at all22:15
Rhondatbl-dctrl -d\  -cPackage -cVersion -H < yourPackagesFile22:18
* Rhonda . o O ( part of dctrl-tools )22:19

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