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KageSenshiany of you guys saw the FOSS @ HiTB post in any of the local foss ml? .. (eg: myoss/osdcmy) ?04:23
KageSenshididnt post to ubuntu-my as i'm not subscribed to it .. anyway anybody from this channel going to take the offer?04:24
KageSenshianyway if any of you guys interested just buzz me06:08
kstanhi, anybody here?06:35
sweemeng_kstan, yo06:48
kstannothing, long time never been here.06:49
sweemeng_here is a bit boring06:49
kstanhow your job?06:49
sweemeng_spend more time in #myoss now06:49
sweemeng_kstan, same thing06:49
sweemeng_just a job06:49
sweemeng_side project is more iteresting06:49
kstanoh, at last company?06:49
sweemeng_no site project to learn technology on my own06:50
kstanic ic, u wan to sed something?06:50
sweemeng_it is a irc convention to tell people that the word really mean the other work06:51
kstanah?i dunno at all.. sorry ya.06:51
sweemeng_no problem06:51
sweemeng_just a niche thing06:52
sweemeng_don't worry about it06:52
kstanlast time the foss at penang u go?06:52
sweemeng_need to work06:52
sweemeng_that time06:53
kstananyway, last event  I believe less people go06:53
kstanexpensive, and I guess speaker less popular.06:53
sweemeng_yeah that too06:54
sweemeng_the organizer know that06:54
kstanexcept that event, got others event at KL recently?06:54
sweemeng_yeah 06:55
sweemeng_i involve with a hackathon with gtug06:55
sweemeng_and one with node.js06:55
sweemeng_and barcamp06:55
sweemeng_otherwise not much06:56
kstanic, next event is?06:56
sweemeng_no more liao06:57
sweemeng_fedora day06:57
kstanoh.. too bad.06:57
kstanKatieKitty: Hi06:57
KatieKittyhi kstan! :)06:57
kstanat least now got 3 person here.06:57
kstan10 september fedora event. organize like barcamp?06:59
sweemeng_by kage07:00
sweemeng_check with him on #fedora-my07:00
kstan1 day session.07:01
kstanhi sweemeng.07:02
sweemeng_kstan, ...07:03
kstanI wonder at this moment at KL open source consider active or not (Government).07:03
sweemeng_not so much07:03
sweemeng_but then not the best person to ask too07:03
sweemeng_maybe syazwan can answer you better07:04
kstanthis saturday will meet him. He come my company oss activity.07:04
sweemeng_i know07:04
* sweemeng_ too lazy to travel 07:04
sweemeng_the boss was asking me to organize one too07:05
kstansmall event la.07:05
kstanmonthly basis?07:05
sweemeng_except it is in sungai way07:05
sweemeng_my office is in sungai way, a.k.a very far07:05
sweemeng_meanwhile back to work07:08
kstanit need patient,07:09
kstanand got people continually do.07:10
sweemeng_we do have a spot now, 07:11
kstanKL enjoy. JB damn slow.07:11
sweemeng_a guy sponsor the place07:11
sweemeng_kstan, well each have pro07:11
sweemeng_we just have more people07:11
sweemeng_the same way that we look at singapore and say that kl is not big enough07:12
kstanthe IT specialist much weaker if compare to Singapore.07:12
sweemeng_kstan, depends actually07:12
kstanactually I have difference opinion. KL is better than singapore07:12
sweemeng_1 or 2 month back when i go to pycon singapore07:12
sweemeng_i realized that malaysia is not far behind when it comes to python07:13
sweemeng_if not better07:13
sweemeng_they got company that hire07:13
sweemeng_we have good people07:13
sweemeng_thats about it07:13
kstanI believe Malaysia is big, and KL gather most people from Malaysia. Singapore just borrow.07:13
kstanSo KL gather lot expert, Singapore borrow many expert.07:14
kstanSingapore more focus on commercial too.07:14
sweemeng_they follow the trend07:14
sweemeng_a lot07:15
sweemeng_if you visit their hackerspace they tend to be using stuff like rails07:15
sweemeng_or django07:15
kstanThis I'm not realize.07:15
kstancause I half tong.07:15
sweemeng_i know some of the people there07:15
sweemeng_but there is some good people here and there07:16
sweemeng_malaysia is really not that far behind07:16
sweemeng_meanwhile back to work07:16
kstanchat next time.07:17

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