akgranerpleia2, I think of rickspencer3 when I see / hear that00:49
pleia2does help me remember how to spell it00:49
akgraneroh I did nortice that when I made the changes to the wiki then reran the script the changes didn't show up ...in all the files..00:50
akgranerbut would you wind it I tested that out next week?00:50
akgranerto see if it was just me or if I can re-create that00:51
pleia2oh no, all yours00:52
pleia2I'll get wordpress tested by then too so we can get that working for you00:52
pleia2I'm gone over labor day weekend and I think nhandler is going back to school, so hopefully I can snag holstein to do a release soon too00:53
* pleia2 heads out00:54
holsteinpleia2: im around now... i think i missed it again though :/02:47
* NRWlion waves07:46
philipballewhello NRWlion07:48
NRWlionoh my godness there is someone here :D07:51
NRWlionhi philipballew07:51
NRWlionhi nizarus12:22
nizarushello NRWlion12:23
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* nlsthzn_work waves13:47
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