snailnice, the TEI community is having ructions and tracking them with the twitter tag #teiputsch . only in the digital humanities...00:12
* ojwb watches someone I can only assume is a surveyor who appears to be trying to take damp readings on the outside of the house next door02:57
ojwbin a snow storm02:57
chiltsyou have snow at the moment?02:59
ojwbyes, pretty big flakes02:59
chiltshmm, I should go an get an early train again ... just made it home within 2 hrs yesterday02:59
chiltsoh right02:59
ojwbjenny said it's raining in the valley though02:59
ajmitchojwb: you should move to dunedin, it's been pretty much clear of snow all day02:59
* ojwb didn't say snow was bad...03:00
ojwbthough it seems wrong03:00
ojwbwe hardly ever get a frost normally03:00
ajmitchdunedin seems to have missed quite a bit of snow this time03:02
ajmitchthough we had a bit yesterday, much of that has melted now03:02
timClicksj'ville north of wellington had a decent covering on Sunday03:08
timClicksthe last two days have been cold and wet, rather than fun and exciting03:08
snailtimClicks: are you in jville too?03:11
timClicksI work from home03:11
snailthis morning i gave up waiting for #53 and waked to the station. one of last night's #53 buses was abandoned on ironside03:11
timClicksfyi http://nzpug.org/KiwiPyCon/2011/Helpers03:12
snailYou are not allowed to view this page.03:14
* timClicks frowns03:20
* ajmitch could view it after logging in, but is in a group on the wiki that can view such things03:21
timClicksI should learn moinmoin03:25
ibeardsleewe had great fun moving from moinmoin to mediawiki03:27
ibeardsleesnail: I figured that it'd be ugly up that way so didn't bother waiting for the #53 .. glad I didn't after seing your tweet.03:27
thumperthe child in me wants more snow03:47
thumperthe parent wants the kids to go back to school :-|03:48
* ojwb just wants more snow - I guess that's the lack of kids...03:48
ojwbnot sure when I last saw this much snow where I was living03:49
ojwbwe had some in liverpool, uk, but it wasn't this much03:49
* ajmitch was rather disappointed this morning with the lack of snow03:51
chiltsin Liverpool we'd sometimes get this much, but not every year03:53
chiltsmy brother in newcastle had a month's worth of snow last year and in some parts about a foot or two deep03:53
thumperoh arse03:58
thumperI wonder if it'll settle03:59
chiltsit almost seems normal now04:02
ajmitchthumper: not from where I can see04:03
thumperajmitch: I'm a little more elevated than you04:04
ajmitchI guess being up on the hill has its privileges04:04
thumperit hasn't stayed snowing though04:04
thumpernot sure if relieved or disappointed04:04
ajmitchI doubt much will settle from now on, unless it snows overnight again04:04
ojwbit's really settling here - probably an inch in the past hour or two from looking at the fence top04:06
ajmitchit's just not right when wellington is getting more snow than dunedin :)04:07
timClickssnow now settling on the ground here04:19
ojwbi think it's snowing harder now too04:31
thumperno snow here04:32
ojwbthere's now a good 5cm on the rail outside our front door, which was clear of snow earlier04:48
chiltswe made a snoman and had a snowball fight when we got home09:15
chiltslovely fresh snow all around09:15
chiltsthough since then it's been raining, so it's already all slushy and horrible :)09:16
hadsibeardslee: Did you ever find your rack power boards?21:54
ibeardsleefound some that come close21:55
ibeardsleemetered PDU21:56
ibeardsleethe monitored or metered per outlet all seem to come in rack hieght and only 20 outlets21:56
ibeardsleefound some that are metered for the PDU (not per outlet), with 20 outlets and we can fit two per side of the rack21:57
hadsJust ran across these, you've probably seen them though; http://www.apc.com/products/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=AP885821:57
ibeardsleethe 902.00 mm height means we can still only fit one on each side of the rack .. a 38U rack needs just under 80 outlets (2 per 1U server)21:59

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