h00kacidrain has constantly been skirting !language, !ot, etc00:13
rwwh00k: so kick him out00:29
h00krww: what? Oh, he left.00:30
bazhangI'm using debian, but *this happens in Ubuntu, too!* so halp!01:39
bazhang<zulax> i disabled dhcp while installing01:49
bazhangcrosspost from -server01:50
bazhangpeople dont even try to pretend anymore02:37
bazhangjust say "I'm suddenly using your_distro"02:37
bazhanghow long has empathy been default? thought it was a while now03:37
rwwbazhang: since 9.1003:38
bazhangtheadmin handing out advice without actually knowing what is or is not in Ubuntu03:38
bazhangsame with directly editing grub.cfg03:39
bazhang"it works in ARCH!"03:39
Flannelhave a talk with him, shape up or ship out, etc.03:40
Flannelbad information is worse than no information.03:40
bazhangI've done so in the past, asked him to read the factoids for grub2 and others, but he has responded with: Like I care! and the like.03:41
rwwso remove him03:41
PerfieMKay, kids, lets git down to bsns03:43
rwwAlrighty. You're now not banned in #ubuntu-offtopic; I expect you to follow our !guidelines if you choose to rejoin there. I'll go check on #ubuntu now.03:44
PerfieMIf I dont follow guidelines, what happens?03:46
rwwYou get banned again03:46
PerfieMThats sad03:46
FlannelPerfieM: It is. Which is why we'd prefer it if you followed the guidelines.03:47
rwwI made the #ubuntu-offtopic banlist all nice and short. Making it long again would make me unhappy.03:47
rwwanyways, the bantracker is (as usual) failing miserably at having usable documentation03:47
rwwPerfieM: If I unban you from #ubuntu, will you stick to Ubuntu technical support topics and follow our guidelines?03:48
PerfieMrww: I make no promises, so I suggest you dont do that03:48
rwwPerfieM: If you won't commit to that, then your ban will not be removed from there at this time.03:48
PerfieMHonesty is the best policy, amirite?03:48
PerfieMrww: no big D03:49
FlannelPerfieM: In the interest of being honest: we tend to view #ubuntu-offtopic as more of a privledge than #ubuntu.  So if you're not willing to make the effort to behave in #ubuntu, you should definately be on your best behavior in -offtopic.03:50
PerfieMFlannel: silly goose! I'm always on my best behavior!03:50
rwwthat's a bit depressing03:52
rwwAnyways, if there isn't anything else we can help you with, please have a safe and productive day03:52
PerfieMoh, rww, it will certainly be productive ;)03:52
ubottuIn ubottu, theadmin said: !browser is Browsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Geckomengine), Dillo (GTK), w3m(terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt/GTK, proprietary)04:33
rwwthe change there is s%Opera (Qt%Opera (Qt/GTK%. I recommend ignoring it.04:36
rwwalthough I'm pondering removing some of the toolkit mentions from that factoid entirely04:38
ubottuBrowsers in Ubuntu's repositories: Firefox (XUL, Gecko), Chromium (Webkit), Konqueror (Qt, KHTML), Epiphany (GTK+, Webkit), Arora (Qt, Webkit), Midori (GTK+, Webkit), w3m (terminal-based), links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !manpage), edbrowse (command-line)04:45
rwwthere, much more factually correct.04:46
rww!browsers =~ s/command-line/terminal-based/04:47
ubottuI'll remember that rww04:47
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (bleahhh appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)09:23
Tm_T!away > sayakb_away10:30
XamDMsomeone has band me in #ubuntu, i don't konw why, how can this be fixt ???11:43
Tm_THi Lars, you're sure you don't know why?11:44
XamDMTm_T, yes i am sure, i hadn't postet anything this morning11:45
IdleOnelars bans are not removed daily,11:45
XamDMIdleOne, maybe, but why have i been band ??, woh hs done it ??11:46
elkylars, what makes you think this is not to do with your previous behaviour?11:47
IdleOneI banned you because you were ban evading. The reason for your multiple bans over the past few weeks are basically because you are unable to follow channel rules11:47
XamDMban evading ??11:47
IdleOneyou have been given the link for appeals, feel free to email the ircc and discuss it with them. The ban will not be removed11:48
XamDMIdleOne, this has been the first time beeing band11:48
elkyHmm, this kind of dishonesty isn't going to help any appeals.11:48
IdleOne!appeals > XamDM11:48
ubottuXamDM, please see my private message11:48
IdleOnePlease part the channel now. Have a good day.11:49
XamDMIdleOne, i absolutly don't understand this, i am in this irc for years i never did something wrong and so i don't understand whats going on here11:50
IdleOnelars, please don't lie to us. we are a bit crazy but not a single one of us in this channel is stupid.11:51
XamDMi don't lie, so tell me what i have done ??11:51
IdleOneis your name Lars?11:52
XamDMi loked in this morning a few times without typing because of problems with xchat11:52
XamDMIdleOne, yes it is11:52
elkyis your last initial T?11:52
IdleOnethen you will remain banned11:52
XamDMmy name is Lars Hunaeus11:52
XamDMno T11:52
XamDMmaybe you catched the wrong one ore somebody stole my nick ??11:53
XamDMbut the nick is registered11:53
XamDMi use this nick since Ubuntu 8.04, so i don't beleave that somebody used it, i really don't understand whats going on here11:56
IdleOneXamDM: Please hold a moment11:57
elkywell, if you are lars hunaeus, you'd be able to update your xing profile.11:57
XamDMof course i am11:57
PiciWe've had a lot of issues from a user with the same name from a similar IP, so excuse our oddness.11:58
* Pici leaves the rest up to the other ops11:58
elkyXamDM, the thing is we have a lars who has the same isp who causes lots of problems. If you can help us make sure we wouldn't be exempting the wrong lars, we can help you11:58
XamDMwhat shell i do ??11:58
elkyhttp://www.xing.com/profile/Lars_Hunaeus is you?11:59
IdleOneXamDM: I apologize for calling you a liar. Like the other ops said we have had many issues with a different user from same ISP.12:00
XamDMIdleOne, no problem if we can fix this, by the way lars is a often used name in germany and t-online our biggest isp ....12:01
XamDMand what is ban evading ??12:01
IdleOnecircumventing a ban by changing your host in one way or another12:02
XamDMIdleOne, so he often changes his IP ??, if so you will notice that mine just changes once every 24h12:04
elkyXamDM, I've just signed up to xing, I'm going to PM your my profile url and you can message me with it? Then we will know :)12:05
elkyXamDM, thanks so much for working with us there.12:07
elkyIdleOne, feel free to give him an exempt :)12:07
IdleOneXamDM: Please try to join #ubuntu now12:08
elkysorry for all the confusion. it's never easy dealing with silly kids who have too much time on their hands :)12:08
IdleOneXamDM: thank you for your understanding.12:08
XamDMthank you, log in worked so far12:08
IdleOnehave a good day.12:10
bazhangand he quit12:12
elkyno, lost connection it looks like12:12
bazhangis using unetbootin to get windows 7 on a usb stick an #ubuntu issue?12:35
elky... you can't boot windows from usb.12:47
elkyit disconnects all usb devices at the "configuring settings" screen to configure them.12:47
elkyi mean, unless they *completely* rewrote it for 7...12:49
elkyit's absolutely not possible for xp, not sure about beyond that.12:49
gordi'v booted the windows 7 installer from a usb one late and annoying night when windows died on me, but i'm not sure about booting a live image kind of thing13:01
gordthis was through a hacky way though too, community effort13:01
bazhang<GoodAD> all user use ubuntu are stuxnet activated in computer.13:04
bazhangban evading unless rww removed it13:05
IdleOnelooks like it was removed13:05
bazhangwell trolling anyway,so back13:06
bazhangeir PM'd me I need to get up to speed on how to respond to the pm13:09
bazhang* [g0t] (~doe@cpe-94-253-198-162.zg2.cable.xnet.hr): johny is the googlebot now used to be g0th13:33
ikoniabazhang: is g0th in #kubuntu the google bot guy ?14:15
bazhangikonia, was, now it's g0t14:15
ikoniaso g0th in #kubuntu isn't g0t14:16
bazhangsuspiciously close nick though, and no response other than the !google14:16
ikoniaare they on the same network ? I can't see a /last on g0t14:17
ikoniaok, totally different14:18
bazhangsame exact results / syntax though14:18
ikoniawhat do you mean14:18
ikoniag0t is on g0t [~doe@cpe-94-253-198-162.zg2.cable.xnet.hr14:19
ikoniawith a totally different ident14:19
ikoniag0th [~jonas@217-162-231-125.dynamic.hispeed.ch]14:19
ikonialooks totally different (beyond the first few letters of the nick)14:19
ikoniag0t responds in #freenode too, so it's not just setup for #ubuntu14:20
tsimpsong0t is not g0th, or vice-versa14:22
ikoniaalso responds in pm, so it looks generic, although I've never seen the owner active14:23
jpdsTroll detected.15:18
bazhanghe's cycling his questions now15:23
* Pici palms15:30
jpdsPici: Nothing wrong with a Palm Pre.15:31
jpdsExcept maybe the battery life.15:32
PiciAnd that LjL uses one15:32
ikoniahow about a palm pilot ?15:32
jpds             15:35
jpds _ __   ___15:35
jpds| '_ \ / _ \15:35
jpds| | | | (_) |15:35
jpds|_| |_|\___/15:35
jpds             15:35
jpdsI always wondered what '/exec -o sl' would do.15:35
Picime too.15:36
* jpds tests.15:37
popey16:37:34 <@popey> Error opening terminal: tty.15:37
jpdsDamn it.15:38
* popey damns it15:38
Myrttiyou are funny15:38
bazhangvidalia seems to be spreading FUD15:39
jpdsMyrtti: Occupational hazard of being British.15:45
ikoniaGYM TIME :)15:58
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (bleahhh appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)18:22
tzilyEAT DICK HAHA18:58
rwwgood morning tzily18:59
rwwnice chap.18:59
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!19:02
ubotturww called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()19:02
rwwtopyli: erm.19:05
rwwtopyli: that ban mask is ever so slightly too wide.19:05
charlie-tcaeffective though19:05
rwwFeel free to leave it, it'll make our lives easier.19:06
tsimpsonwell, +i would have confused ubottu less19:06
topylii wonder how that happened19:06
rwwwe do enjoy confusing ubottu around here19:06
tsimpsontry again19:07
topylii wonder how that happened19:07
topylimaybe i should go to bed19:07
rwwthat may be useful :P19:07
rwwfeel free to repeat that performance in -ot before you go19:08
topylithere's a similar ban?19:08
topylioh, not *yet*19:08
=== Amaranthus is now known as Amaranth
bazhangUltimate Edition = #ultimateedition21:04
bazhanga more popular one now is trisquel at #trisquel21:05
PiciDidn't we discuss switching !variants to a wiki page and putting all the support data there?21:05
bazhangsupport for the other distros? what about just linking what *is* supported21:07
bazhangafaict , everything but MINT has theirs here on freenode21:08
Picibecause the list is getting longer21:16
bazhangand only a fraction of what is out there21:16
bazhangthe alternative iso on Windows,   <--- what!21:20

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