str0nggood pm all :06:07
bobJabbaHello... (echoes) hello... hello... hello... (crickets)09:14
str0nghi :)09:24
bobJabbahey hey hey!09:35
bobJabbaanyone here using Putty?11:00
KnightlustbobJabba: only when i'm on windows11:06
Knightlustand very rarely11:06
bobJabbaKnightlust: I just discovered I have it installed in my Ubuntu (newbie alert!) and I was wondering how to use and set it up... :/11:11
bobJabbaCan you help? :D11:11
Knightluster.. putty?11:53
Knightlustwhat are you trying to accomplish exactly? trying to ssh into a machine?11:53
bobJabbauh, right now, just trying to learn lol messing around with it. I noticed kasi it's preinstalled na so I opened it up...12:04

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