swe3tdaveMagicFab, juste pour être sur, ta tu recu le email je té envoyé?15:33
MagicFabswe3tdave, oui - c'est pas mal hors-sujet ici :)15:37
swe3tdaveoin bin c pour ça j'té envoyé un email.. ;)15:38
dscasselBonjour, hi. :)18:43
dscasselI'll be in Montreal next week, and I'd really like to meet up with some of you guys.18:43
dscasselUnfortunately, I'm heading to Ottawa on Thursday to visit family, so  I'll miss the usual Ubuntu Hour times.18:44
dscasselSunday and Tuesday are open, though. :)18:44
swe3tdavedscassel, well you are in the right place but i live in magog.. i know MagicFab is from montreal.. the rest i dont know18:45
dscasselswe3tdave: Yeah, I know there are at least a couple Montreal Ubuntu people...18:53
dscasselMagicFab: are you interested in an unscheduled Ubuntu Hour next week? :)18:53
sipherdeedscassel: I would be interested to meet you too. We could try to find a moment with MagicFab.18:54
dscasselsipherdee: Cool. :)19:18
MagicFabdscassel, always19:22
MagicFabTuesday's best - what time ?19:23
sipherdeeI'm also available on Tuesday.19:35
=== swe3tdave_ is now known as Swe3tDave
dscasselMagicFab, sipherdee: Great! 20:27
dscasselI could do lunch time if that works.  I've got most of the day free.20:28
dscasselI'm staying in the McGill ghetto, but getting around is no problem.  20:28
dscasselOne request: if we can, I'd prefer to avoid places that smell like coffee, as my girlfriend is ridiculously allergic.20:29
MagicFabdscassel, I propose everyone brings their sandwich to Mt. Royal / Par Jeanne Mance20:31
dscasselMagicFab: Sounds fantastic. :)20:32
MagicFabSomewhere here: http://mapq.st/nsd3ST20:33
MagicFabif you have a GPS I'll bring the huge Ubuntu banner and I'll send you / publish coordinates once I find a table20:33
MagicFabPlan B: nearby restaurants are a dime a dozone20:34
MagicFabdozen * :)20:34
dscasselThe parc works great. :) 20:41
dscasselI dont' have a smartphone, but I should be able to find you.  I've been around that park before.20:41
dscasselAlthough if you need to get ahold of me, you can phone or txt to 519-616-8257.20:43
MagicFabdscassel, even easier, we can just meet at this bus stop: http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=45.514873&lon=-73.5843925&zoom=17&layers=M&mlat=45.51446&mlon=-73.5848120:51
MagicFabsipherdee, ^20:51
dscasselMagicFab: Sounds like a plan!20:55
Ankmanpage doesn't display well in lynx ;-)20:57
swe3tdavewhat i would give right now for an Uninterruptible Power Supply!20:58
MagicFabswe3tdave, t'as pas des rabais ? :)20:59
MagicFabdscassel, 11h30 too early ?20:59
MagicFabsipherdee, ^20:59
swe3tdaveMagicFab, non vu que je travaille pus activement y m'en donne pus même si je suis sur le payroll encore..21:00
MagicFabswe3tdave, evil21:00
Ankmanswe3tdave: simply use a notebook with battery inserted21:00
swe3tdaveAnkman, lol21:00
dscasselMagicFab: Nope, not early at all.21:00
swe3tdavei never though of that.. :P21:01
sipherdeeMagicFab: I will be there!21:11
MagicFabdscassel, so tue Aug 23, 11h30 ? I'll book 2 hours so anyone can arrive earlier/stay longer w/o being too formal21:36
MagicFabdscassel, sipherdee ^21:39
MagicFablet me know if it's ok, IL''b back in ~3021:39
Ankman11:30 am or pm?21:46
MagicFabAM :)22:02
MagicFabAnkman, 11:30 - 13:30 EDT 22:02
Ankmancanadians using 24 or 12 hour format?22:05
Ankmanor might even differ from province to province22:06

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