_aaron_what packages are included on the cd00:45
arrrghhh_aaron_, just the basic ones to get the install going00:50
arrrghhhi'm not aware of any lists tho.  it's highly recommended to install with internet access available.00:50
arrrghhhit'll make your life 10,000x easier at least.00:50
onekenthomasat least :)00:51
_aaron_arrrghhh, i Need dhcp samba server and cups00:51
_aaron_all locally00:51
qman__those things are probably on the list, all being options in tasksel at the end of the install00:52
qman__if they aren't, you'll have to download the packages manually, which is a pain00:52
qman__but it could be a lot worse, packages.ubuntu.com makes it easy to search00:52
_aaron_qman__, i've been asking for that website you are the first person to tell me about it. Thanks00:54
qman___aaron_, honestly though, the best way to do it is to install a net-connected system, then copy all the packages out of /var/cache/apt/archives00:55
qman__after you set it up the way you want00:56
arrrghhhbut you can download packages manually if you insist00:56
arrrghhhyou'll just have fun with all the dependencies....00:56
qman__you'll be dependency hunting for a long time00:56
_aaron_thanks I do understand.  is there a guide to configure samba server from command line00:58
twb_aaron_: there is on linked from /topic00:58
_aaron_ok talk to you guys in about 2-3 hours let you know how it goes. just like my linux professor said to me linux is free if your time is free.01:01
onekenthomasgood luck01:01
* onekenthomas is confused by this idea, "free time"01:02
_aaron_if your time doesn't cost you anything01:02
arrrghhhevidently your linux professor never tried to fix a BSoD :P01:03
qman__all systems need setup, maintenance, and repair01:04
qman__and trust me01:05
qman__windows doesn't take any less effort (read: money) to set up, maintain, or repair01:05
onekenthomasespecially if you count...01:06
qman__the main barrier I see in my line of work is proprietary third party software01:06
arrrghhhyea.  that's always fun to deal with01:08
qman__BS&A, FundBalance, LEIN, CLEMIS01:08
arrrghhhthe more specialized the field, the less open alternatives exist.01:08
qman__many of those still won't even work with the latest windows software01:08
qman__constantly hacking and downgrading to get it to work01:08
onekenthomas2 levels of emulation,  that sort of thing01:09
qman__the best part is when they depend on post-EOL Microsoft products01:10
qman__for their latest version, not even considered legacy01:11
qman__but that's neither here nor there01:11
qman__point is, all software costs you labor01:11
qman__linux just has the up front advantage01:11
onekenthomasplus it's just better for your brain :)01:12
qman__a typical Microsoft setup for 10-20 users is in the five digit price range just for licenses01:12
qman__they just hide it really well so most people don't notice01:13
arrrghhhin our environment, i prefer the linux boxes just because the security updates for windows are crazy.  our linux boxes they treat like appliances, cuz a lot of 'em are delivered like that from the vendor (cisco...)01:14
arrrghhhso i'm constantly battling with my windows boxes... it's not that they're less stable, just always getting these updates.  linux does too, but for some reason we just don't update 'em unless we hit a bug or we're doing a big update.01:15
qman__with the exception of internet facing systems, it's just not important01:16
arrrghhhnone of these boxes (that i manage) face the 'net01:16
qman__when you don't have to worry about Joe User getting the latest virus off facebook, updates become so much easier to manage01:16
arrrghhhour audit dept is crazy01:17
twbarrrghhh: so what you're saying is that your linux boxes are vulnerable to known, patched, exploits01:17
arrrghhhall of our windows servers have to get updates01:17
arrrghhhtwb, yes01:17
arrrghhhsome of our vendors require such things01:17
arrrghhhlike... cisco.  we don't have root access to the boxs01:17
arrrghhhthey're sold as appliances...01:17
twbWell, if you don't have root you can't fix it, but it's still a problem01:18
arrrghhhi've seen that in many cases.  when i built cable head-ends, the boxes that would do the emergency broadcast updates were running ancient RHEL distros01:18
qman__it is01:18
qman__but in the grand scheme, it's just not that big a deal01:18
arrrghhhif it works, who cares is the theory01:18
qman__many of the networks I work on, we have windows servers that haven't been patched in months, even years01:18
arrrghhhbetter than updating and breaking something or disrupting service.01:18
qman__because they don't want to spend the money on a day for us to update it and fix the problems that happen01:19
arrrghhhqman__, we have a few.  somehow we've managed to get a few thru.01:19
arrrghhhwe still have dual pIII's on win2kserver01:19
arrrghhhour voice architecture is so... arcane.01:19
arrrghhhit's getting a serious update01:19
qman__standard policy, never update a blackberry enterprise server without scheduled maintenance01:19
qman__because it always, always breaks01:20
arrrghhhtwb, so what could you do in that case01:20
arrrghhhhands are tied...01:20
arrrghhhso long as it works, i don't really want to mess with it personally.  the services it provides are too necessary to worry about updating it..01:21
arrrghhhsometimes old proprietary stuff won't work with updated crap.  i'm dreading all of the servers we're putting in that have win2k3.01:21
arrrghhhthat's going EOL soon...01:22
arrrghhhor did it already?  i can't remember.01:22
qman__we're only just now moving away from our web server, a 2003 box that hasn't been updated in 11 months, running Plesk 8.601:22
qman__with a public IP, no firewall01:22
qman__that decision was made long before my time01:22
arrrghhhour VRU doesn't have a net cxn, again.  just a dummy machine that responds to DTMF input01:22
arrrghhhit just connects with SO much...01:22
qman__oh, and with no backups either01:23
arrrghhhupdating it would break stuff all to hell01:23
arrrghhhlol no backups01:23
arrrghhhi'd like to say all our stuff is backed up in some way shape or form.  but i bet there's a few things out there that aren't... i know the boxes i'm responsible for are.01:23
qman__I managed to grab the website files recently, but the databases and mailboxes still aren't backed up01:25
qman__if those drives crash, that stuff is just plain gone01:25
qman__and trying to not rack up a huge over bandwidth bill in the process, since we already went over before I started01:26
arrrghhhsounds like fun... :P01:26
twbqman__: sneakernet01:26
qman__in a datacenter an hour away, which I don't yet have access to01:27
twbSuck it up, princess.01:27
qman__we're moving the sites off it as soon as we can, but you know how that goes01:28
qman__it could be months before we're done01:28
qman__fingers crossed01:28
qman__it's the only thing I really don't like about my job, hands are tied way too often01:29
arrrghhhan hour away01:31
arrrghhhwell our main data center is in our building01:31
arrrghhhthe alternate one is several hundred miles away01:31
arrrghhhnever been thar01:31
arrrghhhbut yea, most companies your hands will be tied for one reason or anothe01:32
qman__it's one thing to have to work around a bad system01:34
qman__it's entirely another to be unable to spend any time working around said bad system, because I work by the hour01:34
qman__anything that's not spent directly fixing something that doesn't work, simply doesn't get done01:35
arrrghhhoh i wish i worked by the hour01:35
twbqman__: BTDTBTTS01:38
zulaxis there any edit that needs to be done on 10.04 server for networking01:45
zulaxi got intertent while installing the server but now i dont have an ip01:45
zulaxinit.d/netwrking restart gives me no dhcpoffers received01:45
arrrghhhyou have a dhcp server somewheres?01:46
arrrghhha router?01:46
arrrghhhi would recommend using a static IP if it's a server...01:46
zulaxinterfaces file has iface eth0 inet dhcp01:46
arrrghhhwell yea01:47
arrrghhhno dhcpoffers means that01:47
arrrghhhit received no offers from a DHCP server...01:47
zulaxbut why would that be?01:47
arrrghhhdhcp server issues01:47
zulaxis it router config?01:47
arrrghhhnetwork issues01:47
arrrghhhcable issues01:47
zulaxthe cable works fine on my other box01:47
zulaxand i get ip in other box too01:47
arrrghhhwhy are you using dhcp on a server...?01:48
arrrghhhhow big is the DHCP range?01:48
zulaxwell excuse my networking ignorance01:49
zulaxi disabled dhcp while installing01:49
zulaxdhcp range, now thats in router config right?01:50
arrrghhhyes, assuming your router is your dhcp server...01:54
arrrghhhi'm going to assume it is01:54
bazhang!crosspost | zulax01:54
ubottuzulax: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.01:54
arrrghhhha, did he ask the same question in the regular channel...01:55
arrrghhhis it server or desktop?01:55
bazhangand in -offtopic01:55
jodieany one using kvm with ubuntu 10.04 LTS?01:56
bazhangzulax, you've been asked to stop crossposting three times now01:56
arrrghhhsuper crosspost.01:57
zulaxthat was all before i was told02:01
zulaxand on here i was just responding,02:02
zulaxby bad02:02
zulaxso i will stick to this channel as there are fewer ppl than on ubuntu02:02
zulaxi made it a static ip, now i have an ip but cant ping still02:02
arrrghhhis it the desktop or server edition02:05
zulaxjust this install has given me this issue, previous were all charms02:06
arrrghhhdid you pick an IP outside of the DHCP range02:06
arrrghhhand did you specify a default gateway02:07
arrrghhhcan you ping the default gateway?02:07
zulaxi hope i did02:07
zulaxlemme see that02:07
zulaxbut the thing i dont understand right now is if its configured to get ip from my router02:07
zulaxwhy would i necessarily need  a static ip02:07
zulax(atleast for now)02:07
arrrghhhyou should be able to get an IP from DHCP assuming everything else network wise is good02:08
qman__it doesn't, but most of the things you'd need a server for won't do you any good if the IP keeps changing02:08
zulaxyes, thats true02:08
zulaxi will see thanks for helping guys02:09
jodieany one using kvm with ubuntu 10.04 LTS?02:10
_aaron_how do I check in terminal to see what services I have running/installed02:11
TheEvilPhoenixor just top02:11
TheEvilPhoenixshows what processes are running02:11
TheEvilPhoenixbut by "services" what do you mean?02:12
TheEvilPhoenixlike apache2, mysqld, etc.?02:12
_aaron_want to check to see if my DHCP is running02:12
_aaron_my server02:12
arrrghhhps -A |grep dhcp02:12
_aaron_arrrghhh, the command ran, however nothing showed up02:14
arrrghhhthen i would say the answer is "no"02:14
qman__use sudo02:14
arrrghhhi guess i don't think about that with ps...02:15
qman__sudo ps aux | grep dhcp02:15
arrrghhhaux'll show a lot more that's for sure.02:15
qman__you'll get one hit for your grep02:16
_aaron_and it did02:16
qman__what else you might be after02:16
qman__sudo service dhcp status02:16
qman__or dhcp3-server02:17
qman__use tab completion02:17
_aaron_qman__, unreconized command02:18
qman__it works on everything these days02:18
arrrghhhtab complete ftw02:18
_aaron_qman__, unreconized service* sorry02:18
qman__yeah, it's probably not called dhcp02:18
arrrghhh_aaron_, well that begs the question - do you have a dhcp server installed?02:18
qman__like this02:18
qman__sudo service dhcp[TAB] status02:19
arrrghhhit is dhcp3-server02:19
arrrghhhwell, should be i guess i should say...02:19
=== momoz_ is now known as momoz
_aaron_it is there at least in the etc and the config is there too02:20
qman__configuration files don't mean it's installed02:20
qman__use tab completion on the command like I explained, that will tell you what it's called, and you can run it02:20
qman__if it doesn't do anything, it's not installed02:20
_aaron_found it02:21
_aaron_it's called isc-dhcp-server02:21
_aaron_ok thanks now i just have to fix my config02:22
arrrghhhisc eh02:22
arrrghhhnot sure what that is02:22
qman__a different DHCP server02:23
qman__mine runs dhcp3-server02:23
arrrghhhwell obviously :P02:23
arrrghhhmine is as well02:23
_aaron_it was the only dhcp that was availible on the server disk02:24
arrrghhhdidn't get it connected to the 'net eh?  :P02:28
qman__judging by his earlier comments it's for coursework02:28
qman__working completely offline has no relevance to real-world applications, but unfortunately schools don't seem to get that02:29
qman__even if your system will be offline, you can still get online to prepare it first02:29
qman__and for the very, very few cases where that's not true02:30
qman__the application has to be so niche that it's beyond sysadmin education02:31
_aaron_want to know the best part02:31
_aaron_he doesn't even know anything about linux02:31
arrrghhhwhat, the prof?02:31
_aaron_he told me that he will give me my networking credits and my keyboarding credits if i can pull this off02:32
_aaron_i've done it before with LTSP and edubuntu so i figured why not02:33
_aaron_i'll be right back after a smoke because i need help with my DHCP.conf02:36
_aaron_it's saying that my netmask is wrong02:47
_aaron_subnet  netmask
_aaron_i'm going to ask in #ubuntu Just to let you know02:51
qman__that is a valid netmask, it's probably a syntax error03:02
_aaron_how all I change was the numbers of the address03:03
_aaron_it says "bad subnet number/mask combination"03:05
_aaron_This dhcpd.conf is making me mad now, please help me03:37
_aaron_qman__, are you there03:51
lickalottsmatter wit it?03:52
_aaron_lickalott, it says that my subnet.mask combination is bad,  subnet netmask
_aaron_lickalott, it says that the error is with the 0 at the end of the netmask03:54
lickalottdid you get dhcp3 server?04:41
_aaron_lickalott, fixed that error but need to bind it to my adapter05:11
lickalottwhat does ifconfig show?05:22
lickalottmore /etc/network/interfaces post the info for the interface you're talking about05:24
Guest41196r u thre05:29
uvirtbotNew bug: #827129 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3.7 failed to install/upgrade: подпроцесс установлен сценарий post-installation возвратил код ошибки 10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82712906:01
tommy_nmwI got the error. "root@ubuntuserver:/# apt-get install phpmyadmin Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Couldn't find package phpmyadmin internet is fine"07:05
tommy_nmwhi friends07:08
tommy_nmwI have internet working. what do i do ?07:08
greppytommy_nmw: do you have universe enabled in /etc/apt/sources.list ?07:11
tommy_nmwgreppy: how could I do ?07:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #827151 in cyrus-sasl2 (main) "Annoying log message "DIGEST-MD5 common mech free"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82715107:11
tommy_nmwgreppy: I dont know how to check07:12
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:19
tommy_nmwany body to help me?07:19
greppyuse paste.ubuntu.com to post the contents of your /etc/apt/sources.list file.07:19
tommy_nmwalternatively, how can I install phpmyadmin using manual zip file ?07:23
_aaron_I would like help with my DHCP.conf07:25
tommy_nmwhow could I do that?07:27
DavieyUrsinha: not quite..07:27
_aaron_tommy_nmw, were you talking to me07:28
tommy_nmwyes all of friends here07:29
_aaron_tommy_nmw, i have wrote my own dhcp.conf and when i try to start the server I get an error07:31
tommy_nmw_aaron_: SORRY arron, I dont know much about dhcp.conf07:32
_aaron_tommy_nmw, what i get is not configured on any interface07:32
tommy_nmw_aaron_: so configure first07:33
_aaron_tommy_nmw, how07:33
tommy_nmw_aaron_: auto eth007:34
_aaron_tommy_nmw, in what file07:34
tommy_nmw_aaron_: /etc/network/interface07:35
_aaron_tommy_nmw, now i have to restart networking correct07:38
tommy_nmw_aaron_: yes07:39
_aaron_tommy_nmw, how do i do that07:40
_aaron_tommy_nmw, sudo FOO restart07:40
_aaron_tommy_nmw, sudo service FOO restart07:40
tommy_nmw_aaron_: /etc/init.d/networking restart07:41
_aaron_tommy_nmw, thanks been a while07:41
tommy_nmwhi who could help me?07:43
_aaron_tommy_nmw, ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth007:47
_aaron_tommy_nmw, what version of ubuntu are you using07:47
tommy_nmw_aaron_:10.04 LTS07:48
tommy_nmw_aaron_: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-and-configure-dhcp-server-in-ubuntu-server.html07:48
Davieytommy_nmw: please pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list07:48
_aaron_tommy_nmw, thanks i found my problems i think07:51
tommy_nmw_aaron_: I came here to ask for help for my problem. Now you gave me new problem07:54
tommy_nmw_aaron_: I lost my way07:54
greppytommy_nmw: it's the same thing I asked you to do.07:54
greppy!paste | tommy_nmw07:54
ubottutommy_nmw: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:54
tommy_nmwDaviey: Dear Daviey , sorry for delay. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/667076/07:55
tommy_nmwubottu: I am doing so07:56
ubottutommy_nmw: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:56
tommy_nmwgreppy: I am doing so. excuse me07:56
tommy_nmwubottu: I don't think so07:57
ubottutommy_nmw: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:57
trapmaxcould one store eg. bashrc files for users in ldap?07:58
Davieytommy_nmw: interesting, can you apt-get update to update the local cache, then install pastebinit with, apt-get install pastebinit,then "apt-get policy phpmyadmin | pastebinit"07:58
greppytommy_nmw: try "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin"07:58
tommy_nmwubottu:don't repeat like idiot bot. Be an intelligent bot !!!07:58
ubottutommy_nmw: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:58
tommy_nmwDaviey: I would try bro. I tried apt-get pastebinit . but got the same error07:59
Davieytommy_nmw: apt-get install pastebinit ?08:01
tommy_nmwDaviey: yes08:02
tommy_nmwDaviey: after I tried, apt-get update, it seems fine08:02
tommy_nmwDaviey: Let me wait and check , bro08:02
Davieytommy_nmw: Great, in other news are you my long lost brother?08:04
tommy_nmwDaviey: what?08:06
_aaron_Daviey, Can I be your long lost brother too?08:07
trapmaxthe original band of brothers08:07
Daviey_aaron_: Depends, call me bro until i want to slap someone - lets see how it goes :)08:08
_aaron_Daviey, ok no worries bro08:09
jamespagemorning all08:09
Ursinhamorning folks08:09
_aaron_Daviey, lol08:09
DavieyGood morning jamespage !08:09
_aaron_Good morning to all, and to all a good day08:10
_aaron_hey bro are you still awake08:12
ubuntududeDaviey:  is that you http://twitter.com/#!/daviey ?08:13
Myrttilooks like 'im08:14
UrsinhaMyrtti: long time no see you on irc :)08:15
_aaron_hopfuly i'm not going to be up for too much longer as long as i can get this stupid dhcp server working right and if i finish my jolt cola08:16
MyrttiUrsinha: it happens ;-)08:17
ubuntududeDaviey: hi08:38
twbtwitter has shebangs?08:46
Davieyubuntudude: o/08:47
ubuntududeDaviey: what?08:47
Davieyubuntudude: you said "Hi".08:48
ubuntududeDaviey: is that you http://twitter.com/#!/daviey ?08:56
Davieyubuntudude: yes, why>08:57
ubuntududeDaviey: nothing bro.08:57
ubuntududehi all how to point my server to proxy ?08:58
pyghassenhi there09:13
pyghassenI JUST have a question about whether a process such as apache or postgres will start after a reboot?09:15
milamberpyghassen: for the most part, yes09:17
ubuntududehi all how to point my server to proxy ?09:17
milamberpyghassen: specifically apache and postgre - yes09:17
milamberubuntudude: can you be more specific?09:18
pyghassenI know if you update-rc.d apache2 defaults will start automatically09:19
pyghassenbut are they accessible from the client?09:19
pyghassenI mean when you start your server without opening any user session09:20
ubuntududemack1e: for the time being it is ok, if i go back home, I need to change proxy settings again to get internet. so I dont know where to change.09:21
pyghassenplease I need an answer so I can proceed09:23
milamberpyghassen: yes, if i understand your question correctly. they start automatically, they are not dependent on a user being logged in.09:23
pyghassenreally milamber09:23
milamberubuntudude: that info is usually given directly to the browser09:24
pyghassenI'm in a situation when the server can be accessed only of I open a user session, if I don't the server in not accessible at all!! milamber09:24
ubuntududemilamber: no milamber09:25
milamberubuntudude: otherwise the info would be in system >> preferences >> network proxy (for 10.04)09:25
ubuntududemilamber: if I don't point the correct proxy server, I won't get internet09:26
ubuntududemilamber: i have tried09:26
milamberpyghassen: which server? if you go to the ip address from a browser what happens?09:27
ubuntududemilamber: for example, in some location, we need to enter authentication to access internet. in addition to proxy server ip and port no.09:27
milamberubuntudude: then in the network proxy settings you can change it to direct internet (for home)09:28
ubuntududemilamber: where to find ? where is network proxy settings?09:28
milamberubuntudude: what version of ubuntu?09:29
pyghassenmilamber: nothing just connection failed, and in the gtk client, (opener-server) it says impossible to connect server09:29
ubuntududemilamber: 10.04 LTS server09:29
ubuntududemilamber: http://imagebin.org/168073 , I want to see the screen like http://imagebin.org/168073 to configure proxy to get internet on my server09:30
ubuntududemilamber: that is the screen during installation. but if there is a way to configure or take it back like using tasksel, it would be nicer09:31
milamberubuntudude: not sure about that, i have never had a 'mobile' server09:33
milamberpyghassen: how are you trying to connect? could your router be the problem?09:33
ubuntududemilamber: yes. I see, If not ok to get that screen, please let me know how I can accomplish the same in network proxy settings. I dont know where I can find network proxy settings09:35
milamberubuntudude: do you have a gui?09:35
ubuntududemilamber: no. I am with just pure CLI09:35
ubuntududemilamber: pure CLI ubuntu server version09:36
twb#virt (OFTC) are asleep.  Anybody feel like working out how to expose my host's ttyUSB0 to the guest, so that the VM can talk ppp to a 56k modem?  (http://libvirt.org/formatdomain.html#elementsConsole)09:36
milamberubuntudude: http://linux.byexamples.com/archives/187/setting-up-http-proxy-at-console/09:37
Laiceodd one this:09:39
Laice "/dev/hvc0: No such file or directory"09:40
Laicepops up every 10 seconds09:40
Laicein auth.log09:40
Laicegoogle's been utterly useless, reason i need it shifted is we've had the server targetted recently and trying to check the logs is difficult with those popping up lol09:41
ubuntududemilamber: cool. what about autodect proxy ?09:42
twbLaice: that's xen stuff09:45
pyghassenmilamber: how this is possible? we already got the problem with router I guess, coz the server lost access to Internet anymore !09:47
twbNever mind, I fixed my libvirt issue09:47
milamberpyghassen: the router has to allow the traffic on the ports for the machine. httpd (apache) will run on port 80, so that port needs to be open. you also probably have an internal ip and an external ip (in network vs public). if you are testing from within the network it *should* work. are you on a lan right now testing the machine?09:49
pyghassenyes I am09:52
=== dSebastien is now known as dSebastien_
milamberpyghassen: how is the server getting its ip?09:52
pyghassenwhen I reboot the server, the client can't access the server anymore09:52
pyghassenI think it's assigned manually09:53
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milamberpyghassen: that is needed info. the problem could be that the server is getting a new ip at each reboot. and what do you mean when you say client? testing apache requires only a browser. which daemon specifically are you trying to connect to?09:54
pyghassenit's an openerp server (python), and I don't think that the server is getting any other ip, coz when I open a user session on it, I'm using a ssh session connected to that manually assigned server ip09:57
milamberpyghassen: what happens when you run nmap from a remote machine (on same lan) to the server?10:02
pyghassennmap?! what this command do exactly ? :) I don't know it10:04
milamberpyghassen: sudo apt-get install nmap && nmap <ip of server>10:08
milamberpyghassen: it will show open ports10:08
Jeeves_Does anyone use Ruby on Rails around here?10:46
DavieyIs anyone looking for bitesize things to do?11:04
Davieyoneiric developmnet?11:04
farhad2161Can i install gcc from ubuntu-server-11 CD?how?11:07
farhad2161Can i install gcc from ubuntu-server-11 CD?11:13
lynxmanDaviey: morning sir o/11:17
lynxmanDaviey: are you playing with openstack these days? I just updated to the newest oneiric version and now nova-manage is broken11:18
lynxmanDaviey: meh, nevermind, traced the error back11:19
_aaron_should I ask here about how to configure my dhcp server or in #ubuntu11:21
tdr112is there a way to save iptables settings11:22
Davieylynxman: what was the error?11:22
lynxmantdr112: you can use iptables-save to dump your iptables config into a config file that you can load again at startup11:23
lynxmanDaviey: putting lxc in the wrong nova.conf results in nova-manage just saying gflags.FlagsError: option -? not recognized11:23
Davieytdr112: iptables-save11:24
lynxmanDaviey: as you can see very easy to follow where that comes from :)11:24
Davieylynxman: ah nice11:24
tdr112so i add my rules to the config file and then just run iptables-save11:26
Davieysmoser: Have you noticed the hostname isn't getting correctly set on openstack instances?11:26
lynxmanDaviey: yeah, I think it's for lack of metadata, same issue we were having on eucalyptus, reverts back to ubuntu if I recall properly11:30
Davieylynxman: yah11:31
Davieylynxman: I wondered if it is a generic issue, or one we are seeing in one deployment11:31
lynxmanDaviey: it thinks its an EC2 deployment and tries to look in the EC2 metadata and such11:32
lynxmantrapmax: hope there's lolcats in that video ;)11:32
trapmaxlynxman: nope....nice game though11:32
lynxmanfood time... *swoosh*11:33
Davieylynxman: curl
Davieyso it's not lack of meta-data by the seems of it.11:33
DavieyI also noticed that ssh key injection seems unreliable.11:33
lynxmanDaviey: I'll catch you in a bit, I have a way todo it a bit securely :)11:34
sorenDaviey: Which type of injection? The type that OpenSTack does on its own or the type done by cloud-init?11:34
Davieysoren: on it's own11:35
Davieysoren: plain boring, $ euca-run-instances -k davewalker ami-c .. first one failed, second one worked11:35
DavieyIt happend the other day aswell.11:35
sorenHow can you tell which one is failing?11:36
sorenI mean..11:36
sorenHow can you tell that it's the injection openstack does rather than cloud-init?11:36
Davieysoren: Hmm, i assumed cloud-init injection data would have been via user-data?11:37
sorenmeta-data, but yes.11:37
sorenDaviey: I don't think I follow, though.11:38
sorenDaviey: Are you saying the euca-run-instances call fails altogether?11:39
Davieysoren: no, i can't ssh into the first instance, but a second instance spawned i can11:40
Davieyso the authorized_keys on the former isn't being set for some reason11:40
sorenDaviey: Ok. So cloud-init fails, too?11:41
sorenDaviey: MAybe not entirely, but fails to shove the ssh key into authorized_keys at least.11:41
Davieysoren: well, found data source: DataSourceEc211:41
Davieysoren: I haven't dug too deaply11:41
sorenDaviey: Oh, so you're suggesting the ssh key doesn't even show up in the meta-data service in those cases?11:42
Davieysoren: Well, i can't tell you that - i can't get into the instance, but that is what i am wondering11:43
DavieyHowever, on the second /working/ instance, the hostname is not set - but is in metadata.. so it's not clear11:43
Davieysounds racey.11:44
sorenThe meta-data service should respond correctly before the VM's disk image is even stitched together.11:44
sorenOk, so the meta-data service responds based on the IP address of the requestor.11:45
Davieysoren: Hmm.. i wonder if it's to do with the timing i assigned a public address to it?11:46
sorenIf the IP address is a recycled one, I suppose there's a chance something hasn't been entirely cleaned up.11:46
sorenDaviey: That's entirely possible, yes.11:46
DavieyI reproduced this same behaviour over the weekend btw11:46
sorenDaviey: I forget the ordering of the iptables rules involved there, but if you assigna public IP, that's the address the instance exposes to the internet.11:47
soren...but obviously it should use its internal IP when speaking to the metadata server.11:47
Davieyyou'd think so.11:47
soren"should" being the operative word.11:47
sorenIf you see this happen again, can you grab the output of "iptables-save" and save it for me, please?11:48
sorenFrom the compute node.11:48
Davieysoren: annoyingly, this is a depolyment i don't have access to the node, and i suspect it will be quite noisey.11:49
Davieysoren: we'll have to reproduce this on development hardware.11:49
sorenDaviey: You don't even have access to nova's logs?11:49
sorenDaviey: ..because that might be sufficient, too.11:50
Davieysoren: I can probably get that11:50
hallynzul: could you take the debdiff I attached at bottom of bug 598597 (in comment #10) and push it?13:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 598597 in gtk-vnc "Vinagre closes connection to tightvncserver 2.0 beta4 immediately" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59859713:09
Davieyhallyn: zul is conferencing13:18
Davieyhallyn: how does your diff differ from sbeattie's?13:20
Davieyis it fixed in Oneiric?13:21
hallynDaviey: it's fixed as of maverick13:22
hallynoh, i thought zul decided *nto* to go there :)13:22
Davieyhallyn: okay, super.. what is the difference between your diff and sbeattie's?13:23
hallynDaviey: ah, i had downloaded the other attachment, but i guess i hadn't seen sbeattie's13:23
hallynone more sec, i'm looking13:23
hallynDaviey: his looks great, go ahead and take his :)13:23
* hallyn goes to check the date of that attachment13:24
hallynwtf, how did i miss that13:24
hallynDaviey: yeah pls do take his.  i'll delete mine13:24
hallynno need for that :)13:25
smoserDaviey, http://paste.ubuntu.com/667312/ is boto metadata crawl on openstack13:37
Davieysmoser leaps out of the shadows13:39
Davieysmoser: Are you seeing instances not accepting the ssh key and hostname not working?13:40
smoseri have not seen that13:40
smoserbut the hostname is not set, i can verify that.13:40
lynxmansmoser: how's libvirt-lxc btw13:45
lynxmansmoser: and morning :)13:45
smoserlynxman, not really moved...13:45
lynxmansmoser: dang :)13:46
zulno...zul is not awake yet13:53
* hallyn hands zul a cup of decaf13:55
zulhallyn: ill get to it after breakfast13:56
hallynzul: pls don't - Daviey is pushing it13:56
hallynzul: but thanks!13:56
hallynzul: though if you had a few cycles to grab http://people.canonical.com/~serge/ipxe.debdiff and push it, that'd be great :)13:57
hallyn(i'd forgotten kirkland is also at conf)13:57
hallynzul: nm, you're at conf.  i'll bug someone else13:58
* hallyn about to run out of batt. biam13:58
UrsinhaDaviey: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-reports14:00
DavieyUrsinha: rocking14:02
UrsinhaDaviey: please file bugs like crazy14:02
Davieywill do14:03
* Daviey adds it to his never ending list.14:03
DavieyI. Need. Air.14:03
lynxmanDaviey: Do a randomizer, and don't forget to breathe14:03
roastedhey guys14:03
roastedanybody know offhand where exactly dhcp server settings are stored for the corresponding ethernet interface?14:03
roastedI had a small dhcp imaging server of mine blow (hardware failure) but I had an identical system here, so I dropped the drives in and fired it up14:03
roastedproblem is, my NICs came up eth 1 and eth2, not eth0 and eth114:04
roastedmy dhcp server was originally on eth0, but now its on eth2, and dhcp won't start. I have no idea where to re-bind it so it's on eth2 now.14:04
Davieysmoser: We need to find out if the lack of a hostname is a deployment issue, or something up with the packages.14:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #827372 in apache2 (main) "package apache2.2-common (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82737214:05
smoserDaviey, https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/82738614:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 827386 in nova "DescribeImages does not fill imageOwnerId" [Undecided,New]14:08
Davieysmoser: nice one14:09
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roastedif I delete the items in 70-persistent-net.rules and reboot, will it rebuild that file on the fly?14:12
roastedbecause my NICs are borked and I'm in a severe hurry to get them working again14:12
lynxmanroasted: yes it should14:12
roastedthanks lynxman14:13
roastedI tried renaming my eth in there but it wouldnt take14:13
roastedthen again maybe a reboot is required14:14
roastedbingo. we're working lynxman. thanks again.14:17
roastedgotta run!14:17
lynxmanadam_g: ping, whenever you're awake :)14:19
Ursinha /1314:27
lynxmanUrsinha: 14!14:27
Ursinhalynxman: you won14:27
lynxmanUrsinha: nah :) you did14:28
CluelessPersoncan someone please help me make it so minecraft automatically starts at boot and will restart if it happens to crash?14:34
tdnHow do I increase ulimit for open file handles for a given user permanently? (I need to give www-data permission to open more files)14:44
lynxmantdn: edit /etc/security/limits.conf , you can modify there per user or global limits on your system, it'll require a restart for them to take effect if I recall correctly14:47
uvirtbotNew bug: #827415 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 9" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82741514:51
Davieyugh. I'm starting to hate samba.14:56
lbordaHas anyone ever had problems installing Natty on a Dell PowerEdge-R610 that has a LSI SAS1068E-based hardware RAID setup? everything goes well and after the reboot grub does not boot15:00
lbordahi lynxman15:01
lynxmanlborda: hey leo o/15:01
lynxmanlborda: does grub just show the initial g?15:01
lbordalynxman, no this is the error: http://askubuntu.com/questions/55865/grub-cant-find-raid-partition-in-fresh-install-of-11-0415:04
lbordalynxman, Restoring grub didn't work too15:05
lynxmanlborda: it looks like grub doesn't see the drive in the bios, or that it differs from the definitions, the msdos stuff looks fishy indeed15:05
lynxmanlborda: I'd try collecting more info when grub falls into busybox, but that's all I can think of right now15:06
lbordahumm.... lynxman i will take a look at it... tks15:09
lbordalynxman, ^15:09
lynxmanlborda: :)15:09
zulDaviey:  join the club15:15
Davieyzul: club?15:15
zulDaviey: the i hate samba club15:15
Davieyyes.. do i get a membership card?15:16
zuland a plush toy15:16
sbeattieDaviey, hallyn: thanks for reviewing and uploading the gtk-vnc fix.15:18
Davieysbeattie: hah, i did the easy bit :)15:18
hallynsbeattie: thanks for the debdiff :)15:18
nfo-overloadhi guys, trying to setup squid proxy at work. Ideal goal is authentication via Active Directory where users don't have to enter any credentials. would like to have Internet traffic reports that contains windows logon name. anyone have something like this setup?15:50
wplHello, how do i find out which server version is running on my box?16:31
nfo-overloadwpl - uname -a16:32
wplnfo-overload: thx16:35
wplnfo-overload: Doesn't tell me the Ubuntu version, though16:36
pmatulisnfo-overload: to get the "ubuntu version" (release) do 'lsb_release -a'16:36
wplpmatulis: thx16:37
wplpmatulis: This works better16:37
zulRoAkSoAx: ping did you get a power supply for your pandaboard?16:56
adam_glynxman: im here now for a few17:02
UrsinhaDaviey: can you help me here a bit, when you have a minute? please? https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/82717817:04
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 827178 in launchpad "No way of deliberately requesting someones input in a bug " [Undecided,Incomplete]17:04
DavieyUrsinha: ack17:04
RoAkSoAxzul: yes17:06
RoAkSoAxzul: from digikey17:06
* robbiew goes to pack for linuxcon flight17:25
jane--in what programming language does ubuntu and its (and linux various majority softwares are made in) ?18:14
bernhard2Having about 5 errors in my log during bootup. help fixing these would be great.. check em out here..  http://pastebin.com/dFABgSqe18:15
tsimpsonjane--: many18:16
smbzul, So if the changelog is correct the only change of the xen package is the hvmloader. Still when I have bond0 in /etc/xen/xend-config* bond0 gets into a mostly removed state and pbond0 is not set up correctly.18:16
jane--tsimpson which is used mostly18:17
tsimpsonjane--: depends what you are doing18:17
jane--which languages is most widely used in aaps18:17
tsimpsonjane--: like I said, it depends on what you want to do18:19
jane--if all that can be done in c and be done in c++ and c++ is easier and a superset of c. then why not use c++ instead of c?18:20
tsimpsonsome people want to use C, and C++ is not just a superset of C18:21
tsimpsonit has some different and conflicting rules18:21
tsimpsonjane--: use whatever language you are comfortable with18:23
jane--what languages can be multiplatformed. ie. same app i just made can run on linux as wel as windows ?18:24
tsimpsonlanguages are not platform-dependant, but the code you write can be18:25
SpamapSjane--: there are very few languages that don't have an implementation on both18:25
SpamapSjane--: as tsimpson suggests, its more about how you write your code18:25
jane--i hope c and cplus syntax is very much similer18:26
jane--iam going for cplus18:26
tsimpsonthe syntax is similar, but not identical18:27
tsimpsonif you can read C, you can probably figure out what C++ code is doing18:27
tsimpsonand (usually) vice-versa18:27
jane--tsimpson ill go with c++ coz it takes less hassle and easy to learn than c. easy to code18:31
tsimpsonI wouldn't say it takes less time to learn C++ than it does to learn C18:32
tsimpsonbut I do find C++ easer to actually write code in than C18:32
uvirtbotNew bug: #827496 in cobbler (universe) "cobbler kickstart metadata dont affect ubuntu preseed " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82749619:05
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents19:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress]19:10
_aaron_how do I configure my /etc/network/interfaces to specify a workgroup19:14
RoyKyou don't19:14
RoyK_aaron_: /etc/network/interfaces is the network config, not the samba config19:15
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.19:15
RoyK_aaron_: just edit /etc/samba/smb.conf to set the workgroup name19:15
RoyKor just man smb.conf19:15
_aaron_RoyK, ok I got it19:16
hggdhDaviey: still there?19:21
_Neytiri_i am having a issue with the VM system in ubuntu server i am running 11.419:30
_Neytiri_64 bit with 16 gigs of ram and 4 cpu's and 4 gbic network cards19:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #827590 in cloud-init (main) "cloud-init does not mount ephemeral0 on /mnt in nova" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82759019:31
_Neytiri_i am getting a error when i try and create a vm the error is: Unable to complete install: ''NoneType' object has no attribute' virtual_device_type''19:32
_Neytiri_any idea how i can fix this19:32
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hggdhDaviey: cobbler-enroll i(18)n prepared, on bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~hggdh2/%2Bjunk/cobbler-enroll2/19:53
jcastrottx: hi20:06
jcastrottx: ok just so I am sure, what are the exact dates of the openstack conference?20:06
ttxDesign Summit is Oct 3-520:06
jcastrois this still correct?20:06
ttxConference is Oct 5-7 (starting on the evening of the 5th)20:07
bernhard1how can i check which php.ini is actually used/loaded ?20:07
EM03hello ....10.04 LTS  >> apache2 does it bind to all ip's by default or no?20:19
EM03I can't connect but every other debian and ubuntu I tried it does20:19
bernhard1i try to disable suhosin in php.. but i cant seem to disable it in php.ini20:20
bernhard1this is my php.ini20:22
guntbertEM03: look into /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/....20:23
Davieyho ho20:25
guntbertDaviey: ?20:28
* Daviey is not in a good mood, remote server - http://pb.daviey.com/MC7w 20:30
Davieyno intelligent hants.20:30
* utlemming extends condolences to Daviey for his lose 20:34
* RoAkSoAx YaY cobbler support for ARM is done! 20:35
Fecn1Hi Folks - Has anyone noticed a problem in 11.04 server whereby lsusb only gives output if you run it as a non-root user.... As root, it returns nothing21:01
Fecn1Doesn't seem to affect my desktop 11.04 installation21:01
Fecn1Never mind.... dodgy touchscreen drivers had placed their own copy of libusb into /usr/local/lib and that was breaking things21:14
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lynxmanDaviey: ouch X(21:25
Davieylynxman: pondering what to do.. SMART is reporting clean.21:28
lynxmanDaviey: soft raid tends to screw up sometimes, I would add it back and keep an eye, my rule of thumb is normally if it fails 2 times it's out :)21:29
Davieylynxman: it's 3ware hardware RAID21:30
lynxmanDaviey: uuuh, I would add it back once anyway21:31
lynxmanDaviey: keep a close eye of course21:31
lynxmanDaviey: also do you have a graph of the smart metrics? That helps finding a long trend decaying metric21:34
Davieylynxman: If only byobu could show me the rebuild status :)21:38
lynxmanDaviey: I'd fill a bug, it'd actually be very useful21:38
lynxmanDaviey: hmm maybe a way to pipe a one line watch command to the bottom line? Now you got me thinking21:42
Davieylynxman: heh, i have it on fullscreen :)21:43
Daviey# /tmp/tw_cli /c0/u0 show rebuildstatus21:44
Daviey/c0/u0 is rebuilding with percent completion = 1%21:44
lynxmanDaviey: raid rebuilding, gah21:46
kirklandDaviey: it does already show raid rebuild status21:53
kirklandlynxman: ^21:53
kirklandDaviey: well, it supporst /dev/mdstat, anyway;  not sure about your 3ware hw raid device21:53
kirklandDaviey: i watch mine rebuild every first sunday of the month, good times :-)21:54
lynxmankirkland: every first Sunday of the month? jeez21:56
Davieykirkland: happy slow IO day.21:56
kirklandlynxman: well, it's just a sync check cronjob done by mdadm21:57
Davieyerr, bad paste.21:57
lynxmankirkland: if only we could use zraid :)21:57
EM03how can I tell if my apache is binded to port 80?22:04
uvirtbotNew bug: #827662 in apache2 (main) "PCI Security failure Apache 2.2.14" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82766222:05
lynxmanEM03: find the process ID of your apache master process, run lsof -p PIDNUM22:10
lynxmanEM03: also you can run netstat -an and look for the listening ports, it should say what process sits there as well22:10
erichammondIf one needed to install MySQL 5.5, would Clint Byrum's PPA be a reasonably good source? or is it recommended to use alien with mysql.com's RPM download?22:11
EM03lynxman: tcp        0      0    *               LISTEN22:11
EM03but when I try to goto the ip it just sits there22:11
lynxmanEM03: can you define "sits there"? :)22:12
EM03well its connecting but i'm not getting the page hehe22:12
lynxmanEM03: and do your apache logs say something?22:13
EM03i dont see much in the logs that represents an error lynxman22:15
lynxmanEM03: and do you see anything that represents that something is connecting to the web server? :)22:16
lynxmanEM03: I guess you're connecting but something is wrong with your apache, from what it looks like22:16
EM03yea there is a connection22:16
lynxmanerichammond: Clint's repos are recommended indeed, he's a good fella :)22:17
lynxmanEM03: so there you go, apache is listening and you need to go deeper down and see what is misconfigured there22:17
EM03blah ....this is such a fresh install :)22:17
lynxmanEM03: and nonetheless you broke it, hehe :)22:18
EM03never had this happen before22:18
lynxmanEM03: it's a good exercise to see what happens, activate the debug logs on apache, see all the fun22:18
erichammondlynxman: Sure he is :) but it wasn't clear to me if that PPA is being actively maintained or if things are stalled per https://bugs.launchpad.net/mysql-server/+bug/69092522:18
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 690925 in mysql-5.1 "Package MySQL 5.5.x for Ubuntu" [Wishlist,In progress]22:18
EM03do you know how to do it off hand? or do I need to google for an hour :P22:18
lynxmanerichammond: You can ask him...22:18
lynxmanSpamapS: do you maintain your MySQL 5.5 repo?22:19
lynxmanEM03: googling for an hour is a healthy exercise for a sysadmin :)22:19
EM03yea i know :P22:19
EM03all i did was apt-get install lamp-server^ and apache was running and it didn't work22:19
EM03its 10.0422:19
EM03in 11.04 apache was running just fine22:20
erichammondSpamapS: (per ^^^) Wondering if this is reasonably current and/or maintained: https://launchpad.net/~clint-fewbar/+archive/mysql22:21
EM03lynxman: this is abnormal correct?22:25
bernhard1Just upgraded nginx.. but now my php5 does not work.. please check my nginx config http://pastebin.com/CmPzPJz922:25
bernhard1here is the nginx update info.. http://pastebin.com/xmtQH4p022:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #827674 in cobbler (universe) "cobbler lacks full support for arm" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82767422:26
SpamapSlynxman: no I haven't updated in in a while22:31
SpamapSlynxman: hoping to get it into Debian soon so we can sync up after 11.10 releases22:31
lynxmanSpamapS: that would be rocking22:34
SpamapSlynxman: yeah, we're long long long overdue for 5.522:38
lynxmanSpamapS: I still run 5.1 in prod so I won't complain about tardiness :)22:38
SpamapSlynxman: 5.5 solves some scale up issues in innodb .. and mixed mode replication works better.22:39
lynxmanSpamapS: yeah innodb improvements are very tempting tbh22:40
SpamapSlynxman: 5.1 does ok with 1 and 2 cores.. but after that.. it gets really bad22:44
bernhard1fixed my issue...22:47
lynxmanSpamapS: heh, the dilemma of multi core, I have only two on this one but thinking about upgrading it to a quad core machine, although as always disk IO is my main concern22:50
zroyschI'm trying to join a drive to a raid-1 array. Both drives are the same make, same model, purchased at the same time. How is this possible? http://pastebin.com/PnExwz4S23:03
EM03so does apache by default when installed just listen on all ip's and work?23:03
EM03its beyond me why this is happening23:04
lynxmanzroysch: how big are the partitions? looks like sdb1 is bigger than sda1 according to mdam23:05
SpamapSEM03: yes, there's only a "Listen 80" in /etc/apache2/ports.conf that controls that23:05
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EM03yea blah23:06
EM03when telnet'ing it SpamapS its just trying it never connects23:07
EM03i can't connect to port 8023:07
EM03if i telnet the apache server locally though it returns the html23:08
EM03so whats the deal here you think?23:08
EM03i get a timeout when trying to connect outisde of the server23:08
lynxmanEM03: did you set your logs to debug or not yet?23:08
EM03i think it could be a firewall issue?23:09
EM03i can telnet the server from inside the server and get the request23:09
EM03when outisde the server no23:09
EM03is ubuntu 10.04 LTS different than a traditional ubuntu server install?23:12
EM03it looks like my firewall is enabled23:13
EM03i thought ubuntu did not enable a firewall by default?23:13
args[0]can someone confirm this? ^23:14
lynxmanargs[0]: afaik it doesn't come activated by default23:17
EM03sure about that? they said it was a default install and I surely didn't set it up23:17
EM03unless apt-get install lamp-server^ does it? and I don't think it does23:17
EM03its just installing some packages23:18
args[0]EM03: I had a similar problem before, but then I removed lamp and installed apache/php5 alone23:18
lynxmanEM03: you've been so far just doubting everything I've tried to give you as help, don't think I can really help you like that23:19
EM03lynxman: debugging apache I promise is not gong to do anything23:19
EM03its iptables I found the issue and I had no clue it did that23:19
* lynxman shrugs23:19
EM03and dude I appreciate the help man23:20
EM03when I install apache I get Processing triggers for ufw ...23:21
EM03Rules updated for profile 'OpenSSH'23:21
EM03Skipped reloading firewall23:21
EM03is this normal for ubuntu 10.04 lts? I guess it is23:21
EM03args[0]: I think that answers the question23:21
args[0]hmmm.. yeah might be, I'm good... not looking forward for using LAMP anymore though23:25
EM03what do you use?23:26
args[0]I setuo everything manually23:30
EM03args[0]: on ubuntu 10.04 even if you apt-get install apache2 it messes with the firewall23:37
uvirtbotNew bug: #827705 in u-boot-linaro "PXE boot requests non-standard config filename" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82770523:45
Davieyzul: ^^ might interest you.23:46
erichammondSpamapS: Just caught up with the notes above on MySQL 5.5 status. Thanks for the info.23:52
erichammondSpamapS: My team was discussing this post that came out yesterday: http://www.mysqlperformanceblog.com/2011/08/15/whats-the-recommended-mysql-version/23:52
zroyschlynxman: the partitions are the maximum capacity of the drives: http://pastebin.com/H6RswzCJ23:53
SpamapSerichammond: I think we could have reasonably jammed 5.5 into Ubuntu 11.10, but its better if it enters via Debian.23:53
lynxmanzroysch: shouldn't they be type fd and not 83?23:53
zroyschlynxman: probably, but that's not the issue here. they were both part of the md0 raid1 a few weeks ago23:54
SpamapSerichammond: In fact Debian's mysql maintainer, Norbert, is way over worked and needs help... I'm looking at possibly gaining DD status so I can keep it up to date more easily.23:54
zroyschsomething happened with /dev/sda so I removed it from the array and now i'm readding23:54
lynxmanzroysch: I kinda think it's related to the issue...23:54
zroyschlynxman: how would the array have been built in the first place? the partition types have not changed23:55
lynxmanzroysch: try making sda1 type fd23:55
lynxmanzroysch: the checks it does when building a new array vs the checks it does when trying to add a new member to an existing array are not the same23:55
zroyschlynxman: dont the partition tables of each drive need to be identical to join an array?23:55
lynxmanzroysch: not really, they partitions just need to be equal or bigger23:56
lynxmanzroysch: the new partition needs to be at least same in size to the existing one, by having type 83 it's my hunch that mdadm is having trouble seeing that23:56
zroyschlynxman: ok, let me try repartitioning23:57
lynxmanzroysch: it's the only reason that I can remotely think of that could explain this23:57
zroyschthanks for your help.. brb23:57
zroyschWARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sda'! The util fdisk doesn't support GPT. Use GNU Parted.23:57
zroyschI can't remember why I did this23:57
zroyschprobably just trying something new23:58
zroyschdoes GNU Parted = GParted ?23:58

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