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jp_HraniceHallo everybody.13:21
jp_HraniceI have a qestion about ISO Testing tracker.13:22
jp_HraniceWhy so lot of ISOs are unavaible ?13:23
cr3jp_Hranice: not sure, but maybe the cd build logs might help: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/13:24
brendandjp_Hranice - alpha3 iso testing is over13:39
brendandjp_Hranice - likely the links are now pointing to daily images which are expired13:39
brendandThis build wasn't found on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20110803.1/oneiric-desktop-i386.iso (may no longer exists)13:39
brendandonly the last 2 days images are stored at daily-live13:40
brendandfor example13:40
brendandjibel - which mailing list sends out notifications of iso testing starting?13:41
jp_HraniceI found something on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20110816/13:41
brendandjp_Hranice - well yes, that is todays image. but there is no call to test it. feel free to try it - but no guarantee of working ;)13:43
jibelbrendand, iso-testers@lists.launchpad.net and ubuntu-qa@lists.ubuntu.com13:43
jibeljp_Hranice, only last 2 successful builds are kept on cdimages.u.c13:44
brendandjp_Hranice - so if you want to know when ISO testing is needed, subscribe to https://launchpad.net/~iso-testers/+join13:45
jibelthat's why links from the tracker are not active anymore.13:45
jibelimages released for a3 are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/oneiric/13:45
jibelbut you'd better test daily builds.13:46
brendandjibel - it would be better of iso.qa.u.c got cleared after the release is made?13:46
jibelbrendand, right. I usually keep it open for a few days for the list of bugs but now it's over. I updated the notice. thanks13:50
jp_Hraniceok. Thank you13:54
hggdhjibel: can you review my change to USIT?15:35
jibelhggdh, of course I can.15:36
jibelhggdh, and good morning :)15:36
hggdhjibel: a very good afternoon to you, sir15:36
jibelhggdh, I have some comments about  end_VM(VM_id)15:44
hggdhjibel: yes?15:45
jibelhggdh, VM_id is defined but not used instead test['_id'] is used but its scope is global15:45
jibelhggdh, and it is not declared as global15:45
hggdhobviously it should use VM_id, not test[...]15:46
hggdhjibel: this is the beauty of review15:47
jibelhggdh, my pleasure15:47
charlie-tcaGood morning, jibel and hggdh15:47
jibelmorning charlie-tca !15:47
hggdha very good morning to you, charlie-tca15:48
hggdhjibel: corrected15:54
jibelhggdh, approved, I'll merge it in a minute with a new test for desktop.16:04
hggdhjibel: thank you16:12
jibelhggdh, thanks to you :)16:13
* jibel -> away16:13
hggdhjibel: (when you are back, tomorrow is good enough) -- did we already drop UEC from the ISO tests?16:28
hggdh(server tests)16:28
jibelhggdh, I removed them last milestone, and they should be replaced by openstack ones for Beta19:16
hggdhjibel: thank you, I just wanted to be sure they were out19:17
jibelhggdh, I haven't heard from Daviey about it and which test cases should be added.19:17
hggdhjibel: I asked them today on the server meeting. They are still to work on which tests will be added19:17
jibelhggdh, will that be ready for B1 testing ?19:18
hggdhjibel: I doubt... B1 is on us :-(19:18
hggdhbut hope springs eternal, and all that19:18
jibelhggdh, I'd like to update wazn and aldebaran to r241 tomorrow after the morning run. I'll add jobs for oem, lvm and encrypted home to alternate and desktop. Do you agree ?19:29
hggdhjibel: yes, I do19:29
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