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HazRPGanyone around that's done android rooting/flashing?05:18
scoundrel50aum, I have a problem, I had an update via update manageer just now, and went through the process, and it looked like there was a kernel update too, so it asked to reboot. My browser I use, is Google Chrome, which I had no problems with before the update, now, it crashes all the time, I can barely use it. Would anybody have any ideas why it would suddenly be like that.......I am running Ubuntu 10.1005:45
scoundrel50awhen I restart it, ti keeps asking me if I want to restor back to what I last cloed but that is an error, I didnt have a problem with closing it before, but that restore keeps coming back all the time,  but I cant do anything because it keeps freezing05:48
scoundrel50athe version of Google Chrome I have is 13.0.782.112......05:50
scoundrel50aI went back a kernel and it seemed to fix the problem and it doesnt seem to be freezing, so the update did something to Google Chrome06:22
AlanBellscoundrel50a: you might try moving or renaming the browser profile06:22
AlanBellprobably in .chrome or something06:22
scoundrel50aok, how would I do that?06:22
AlanBellor try chromium-browser06:23
AlanBelljust rename the ~/.chrome directory (if there is one)06:23
scoundrel50aI teid that, adn it worked but they still havent got everything to work in Chromium06:23
AlanBellmight be called googlechrome or something06:23
scoundrel50awhere would I find it?06:23
AlanBellin your home directory06:23
AlanBellin nautilus ctrl+h to see hidden stuff06:24
scoundrel50aI am in the old kernel, should IO go into the kernel to do this?06:24
AlanBellerr no06:24
scoundrel50aok, will have a look06:24
AlanBellit is a folder in your home directory06:24
scoundrel50ano, its not in there06:26
scoundrel50aI installed it from the internet, so would it go somewhere else?06:27
scoundrel50aI found it in /etc/ would that still be the same06:28
scoundrel50aI cant find it.....anyway thanks06:31
christelgood morning06:33
scoundrel50aoh well, I am still none the wiser and I cant use google chrome, I wish when they did updates, it would break stuff06:38
scoundrel50ait wouldnt break stuff06:39
MooDoohello all07:00
MooDoomorning davmor207:35
davmor2Morning MooDoo07:36
hooverGood morning all07:41
davmor2morning hoover07:41
davmor2morning all07:41
* davmor2 prods czajkowski cause she isn't up yet07:42
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scoundrel50aHi, well I been fiddling, uninstalled Google Chrome, reinstalled it, no change, went to use Chromium, and that freezes also, so both Google Chrome and Chromium now wont work since the kernel update.....I still cannot fint out where Google Chrome is situated in the Home folder08:02
diplomorning all08:03
popeyscoundrel50a: ~/.config/google-chrome/08:04
popeythats not where chrome is, thats where the config/profile is08:04
scoundrel50abut where it then, I still cant find it, i just found Chromium08:05
MartijnVdSdpkg -L google-chrome-beta08:05
MartijnVdSor google-chrome-stable08:05
popeyscoundrel50a: what are you trying to do?08:05
scoundrel50aok, this morning I was using Chrome as I ahve done for months with no problem, then came a kernel update, and Chrome broke, tried Chromium and that wont work either, everything just freezes, whatever I do in it08:06
scoundrel50aif I go back a kernel, they work ok08:06
popeywhat are the two kernel version numbers?08:07
scoundrel50ahow do I find out without logging on and off08:07
popeyuname -a08:07
scoundrel50ak, one sec08:07
popeywill tell you the current one08:07
popeyscoundrel50a: so you're on Ubuntu 10.10 right?08:09
popeyis this the one that works or the one that doesnt?08:09
scoundrel50athis omne does, the 2.6.35-29 generic works08:10
scoundrel50asorry, this one doesnt08:10
oimonfire alarm :(08:11
* popey evacuates the channel08:11
scoundrel50athe 2.6.35-29 generic works08:11
oimonfalse alarm...man that went on a bit too long08:11
scoundrel50acant even get any error messages as it freezes all the time08:12
popeyscoundrel50a: does the entire machine freeze or just the browser?08:12
AlanBellwhat freezes, the app or the system?08:12
AlanBellso you can still move the windows about08:12
popeyscoundrel50a: what make of video card do you have?08:13
scoundrel50aI can close them, but that is about it08:13
scoundrel50aGC I have to use the force quite sometimes to close, as it just does nothing08:13
scoundrel50anot sure, how do I find that out?08:14
popeyscoundrel50a: does it crash instantly or when you're on certain sites?08:15
scoundrel50adoes this mean anything an intel GMA 4500M08:15
popeythats what you have is it?08:16
scoundrel50ayes, found that on the side of the laptop08:17
scoundrel50anext to what looks like the graphics card icon08:17
popeyok, so that theory is out the window08:18
AlanBellis it switchable graphics?08:18
popeyyou are not alone08:18
popeyothers have this issue too08:18
gordhrm, was 10.10 the time that firefox introduced acceleration or was that 11.04?08:19
scoundrel50aAlanBell: what does that mean?08:19
gordi had a lot of problems with that, ended up disabling it08:19
popeyscoundrel50a: do you have pastebinit installed?08:20
scoundrel50asince the upgrade to the new kernel, each time I start Google Chrome or Chromium I get at the top a message saying do I want to restore the session but it never had a broken session to start, I click on that, it works for a page or two then freezes08:20
popeyif so, can you cause chrome to crash and then "pastebinit /var/log/kern.log"08:20
scoundrel50ayep, I  think so08:21
popeyscoundrel50a: right, start chrome and _don't_ click restore08:21
popeythen open your regular pages one by one08:21
popeysee which one crashes it08:21
scoundrel50adid that, and went to click on speed dial, and its frozen already, with the apage unresponsive box showing08:22
scoundrel50aits just stuck08:22
popeyso do that and pastebin your /var/log/kern.log pls08:22
scoundrel50ahow do I get the pastebin it to work in the terminal08:25
popey"pastebinit /var/log/kern.log"08:26
popeytype that08:26
popey(without the quotes)08:26
scoundrel50athought that was right, it didnt give out a url, I have to add it to paste bin, one sec08:27
popeyno, that didnt work08:29
gordi got annoyed with not having access to that google bar all over the web, so i added +Gord, Gmail, Calendar, Documents... and so on to my firefox bookmark toolbar thing :) almost as good08:29
scoundrel50asorry :(08:29
popeyyou'll have to manually open /var/log/kern.log using gedit and paste to paste.ubuntu.com08:29
scoundrel50aumok, one sec, I'll see if I can find it08:30
bigcalmHowdy peeps :)08:31
oimonwow, just ran software-center-gtk3 in oneiric. talk about "busy" screen!08:31
gordyeah, but i quite like it08:38
gordor at least, i like the idea08:38
* popey reboots into oneiric08:41
oimonmaybe i just get used to the current stuff and don't like change :-|08:41
oimonit obviously will get a bit more work08:41
scoundrel50asorry, having a few problems, will post the pastebin when I can get it08:50
ClarkNovaGood morning08:51
scoundrel50aI dont know if that is enough, it kept on freezing firefox08:53
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popeylo daubers08:56
MooDoolo daubers, how goes it08:57
EditorDaubGood :) Just editing videos08:57
popeyscoundrel50a: I would file a bug with "ubuntu-bug linux"08:58
popeyheh, firefox has just locked up for me :D08:59
* popey bets thats a Sony experia?08:59
scoundrel50ado you know the url for that ubuntu-bug linux08:59
gordpopey, minecraft is now available on the experia play y'know? maybe time to pick one up ;)08:59
popeynah, its not proper minecraft09:00
popeyonly the local play one09:00
popeyscoundrel50a: its not a url, type that in a terminal09:00
gordyeah i think its closer to lego, but its an "alpha" deal-y. maybe in the future09:00
popeywheee, software updates on oneiric are much more bareable on an SSD!09:02
popeygord: what do I have to do to get someone to look at the drop shadow in oneiric?09:05
davmor2popey: pay them?09:06
scoundrel50aok, did that, and filled in a bit, the terminal started to produce something but has stuck on 'Attemting to load the system libmoon, and I dont know what to do now with the bug report,09:09
gordpopey, ayatana-dev - its the ayatana mailing list we (programmers) actually read :) - designers read the ayatana ml but not us09:09
gordpopey, at the very least, i'm pretty sure the guys involved know the problem but are swamped with other stuff. so if they detail the problem, one of the awesome community peeps might take a look09:09
gordseriously, those guys do crazy stuff these days09:09
AlanBellpopey: can you type into a unity text box using onboard yet?09:10
popeyhang on, the act of "go on ayatana-dev" list has me now discovering 3 other bugs09:11
bigcalmIs it possible to install older versions of FireFox along side the default v5?09:11
popeyneed to file those first before I forget09:11
popeyso frustrating09:12
popeycan't do CTRL+ALT+T to open a terminal09:12
popeymiddle click on icon doesn't open new window09:12
AlanBellscoundrel50a: did you get as far as getting a bug number?09:13
scoundrel50ayes, here it is Bug #82719809:14
lubotu3Launchpad bug 827198 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel update google Chrome and Chromium freeze" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82719809:14
scoundrel50alooks like it added loads ofthings to the bug report09:14
scoundrel50ashould have done that for the backlight problem might have helped more09:15
AlanBellgreat, next it needs to be confirmed, you need to try and find someone else who can reproduce it09:15
oimonpeople on the ubuntu forums :P09:15
oimonscoundrel50a: do you have a ubuntu forums accoint?09:16
popeyAlanBell: you can't even _paste_ into a unity box yet09:16
AlanBellindeed, but that doesn't answer the question :)09:17
scoundrel50ayes I do, I was going to ask, is there a thread in the Ubuntu forums showing this09:17
oimonyes, popey posted it earlier http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1114923909:17
popeyAlanBell: see previous statement about bugs09:17
* AlanBell takes popey's point09:17
AlanBellI will have a go later09:17
Dudley-puppyIm back again09:18
MooDoowelcome back09:18
scoundrel50asorry, didnt see, thank you for posting again, will go ask if somebody can confirm this bug for me09:18
feisargood morning, what do people use as IDEs for css & html in ubuntu?09:19
directhexsomeone was gonna say it, i wanted to be first09:19
feisarim using gedit at the mo but autocomplete would be useful09:19
feisarI love vi and gedit!09:20
* Dudley-puppy has a fussy pc that doesnt boot.from.cd so.installing ubuntu is tricky09:20
feisardavmor2: is that to me?09:20
davmor2feisar: yeap I use it for most things it's basically gedit set up for dev mode :)09:21
feisardavmor2: sounds good, thanks : ] In the default repos too...09:22
davmor2feisar: Yeap09:23
* bigcalm cracks up: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattdaubney/6041112753/ # Just got into the photo09:24
scoundrel50aadded my bit and the bug number09:26
scoundrel50athank you09:26
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:32
Dudley-puppygood morning to.you too09:32
brobostigonmorning Dudley-puppy09:32
oimonoh :D Déjà Dup in Ubuntu 11.10 now supports Ubuntu One backups09:33
oimon"Deja Dup’s Ubuntu One support, it will create a new cloud folder that is not (by default) synchronized to your computers. Thus, it doesn’t waste space duplicating the same bits on all your machines."09:34
popeyi have set to English(UK) in 11.10, but the layout is wrong09:35
popeyit has @ on number 209:36
davmor2popey: I'm betting one is set to English(US) still09:38
Dudley-puppygood morning to you popey09:38
AlanBellif people would like to make the reapproval form look more awesome that would be fantastic09:38
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popeydavmor2: no, it was set to some other whacky thing09:39
popeydavmor2: fixed with a change and logout/in09:39
popeyalso fixed terminal on ctrl+alt+t \o/09:40
popeyAlanBell: how am I supposed to use onboard?09:40
popeyif I press super key, unity gets focus, away from onboard09:41
popeyif I click on onboard the unity box goes away09:41
popeyand pressing the ubuntu key in onboard doesnt make the unity thing appear09:42
oimonpopey: you found a way to show all applications yet?09:43
popey"Clear attention" in the messaging menu looks odd09:44
bigcalmAlanBell: what do we need to do?09:44
bigcalmI'd like to take a more active role in the team rather than just sitting in here and helping peeps now and then09:45
Dudley-puppyyay ubuntu is now installing (for once)09:45
directhexxperia minecraft supports wifi local play? that's pretty sweet09:45
AlanBellpopey: sounds like it doesn't work then09:48
AlanBellbigcalm: make the application look awesome09:48
oimonpopey: try alt-tab :D09:48
oimoni get weird results09:49
AlanBellbug 73981209:50
lubotu3Launchpad bug 739812 in unity (Ubuntu Natty) "Must use hardware keyboard to perform search for applications in Unity" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73981209:50
daubersbigcalm: The oggcamp photo probably needs putting in :)09:51
AlanBellit is I think09:52
AlanBelldates and sorting stuff into years would be good09:52
oimonshould app descriptions in the software centre have the local language applied?09:54
diplopopey, When you got HDD's for you HP Micro server did you look into it at all or just buy what you thought was best10:05
diploJust about to order myself one in next few days wondering if you recommend any hdd's or worth investigating10:06
diploGoing in the front room, so would like it to be as quiet as poss10:06
shaunoyou're playing straight into his ssd addiction here :p10:07
diploMight be out of my price range, need space more than spee10:12
bigcalmIf you need space over speed, have you considered tapes?10:13
directhexmag tapes! on end-to-end reels!10:13
diploNot for backups bigcalm10:14
diploWell.. it's for my film collection, use it as a NAS10:15
diploto my Revo10:15
diploI have a multitude of drives in varying sizes, want to buy maybe 2 x 2TB discs10:15
diploAnd consolidate or my data to one box10:15
* czajkowski stabs davmor2 10:18
* davmor2 prods czajkowski then prods some more10:19
oimoni discovered a cool way to store my film collection. since i rarely watch a film more than once, it remains on dvd upstairs somewhere :D10:19
czajkowskidavmor2: you in london ?10:19
diplooimon, I quite often watch films more than once, I wrote a plugin a long time ago to randomly pick a film from my few 10010:21
MooDoodavmor2: czajkowski you two behave....don't make me put you on the naughty step10:21
diploAlso wrote one to play all the kids series that I have bought in random order, before i had sky back10:21
oimoni have a bit of a thing about watching/reading things i remember too well. there is nothing worse than yesterday's newspaper to me10:21
czajkowskiMooDoo: eh since when you in charge mister10:21
czajkowskidon't be getting any ideas10:21
davmor2MooDoo: I'm already there so your idle threat worries me not :P10:22
oimoni wish i could watch endless repeats on telly like my missis seems to enjoy10:22
gordi pretty much see the three of you all sitting on the naughty step arguing ;)10:22
MooDooczajkowski: davmor2 right that's it, go to your rooms10:22
czajkowskigord: wanna join10:22
Dudley-puppymy wireless card is not recognised by ubuntu10:22
davmor2gord:  goto #naughtystep I'm right there10:23
MooDoodavmor2: was up at 5 with laddo wanting to play10:23
MooDoooooo loco renewal this evening10:24
AlanBellyes (help)10:24
Dudley-puppyhelp my wireless is not.working10:26
Dudley-puppyit does not detect any networks10:26
MooDooDudley-puppy: what wireless card is it as it might need additional drivers10:27
Dudley-puppyits a bt voyger 1040 wireless card10:28
MooDooDudley-puppy: from google - http://www.linuxformat.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=7687510:29
Dudley-puppyyeah its supported10:34
czajkowskicanot believe there is nobody in mill bank to give emily on the ML a working Ubuntu machine :/10:34
Dudley-puppybut I can't install.as I dont have internet on the pc10:35
Dudley-puppylspci says I have a wireless care10:37
Dudley-puppybut i.realy have know idea what Im doing10:37
Dudley-puppyany ideas10:41
popeyczajkowski: sure you can10:41
Garysay hello to Jay15, a friend of mine :-)10:47
czajkowskiJay15: aloha10:48
bigcalmUg ug10:48
Dudley-puppyug ug??10:49
Jay15hello every one! :D10:49
Dudley-puppyhi Jay1510:49
Jay15hey cz<tab> (lol) how ya doing?10:50
* bigcalm sneaks off to find lunch10:50
* Dudley-puppy follows bigcalm10:51
Jay15czajkowski, i hear you are a very nice person, and a good friend of gary?!10:53
* Gary wonders if czajkowski is going to hurt him for that10:53
Jay15no czajkowski should hurt you for telling me to do that! i am new to this and you are already making me have enemies! :D :S10:54
MooDooGary: you giving Jay15 incorrect information about czajkowski ??10:54
GaryI'm starving, what can I nom on when I cannot open my mouth too far?10:54
popeyGary: soup10:54
GaryMooDoo: yessir10:54
Jay15hello MooDoo10:54
MooDoohi Jay1510:54
GaryI did a silly on Sunday, kinda faceplanted the pavement!10:55
Jay15yes Gary is miss leading me already! not good :'(10:55
Jay15yeah and now you look really funny Gary :D10:55
Jay15sorry czajkowski for the cz<tab>, its gary miss leading me. :S thnks Gary :D10:56
MooDooJay15: don't worry czajkowski is lovely really lol ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :)10:57
Dudley-puppyhow do I add support for.mp3 s without internet10:58
andypiperhow do you use irc without internet10:58
MooDooDudley-puppy: you can't really10:58
MooDooDudley-puppy: can't you teather your computer with your phone?10:58
Jay15ok but didn't make a good first imprseeion really10:58
shaunothe lost art of the sneakernet :/10:58
Dudley-puppyMooDoo I dont think I can with ubuntu10:59
MooDooDudley-puppy: what phone you got?  it's not a android phone is it?11:00
Dudley-puppyyes its android11:01
MooDooand does it have wireless?11:01
MooDoosorry 3g not wireless11:01
Dudley-puppy yeah it does11:01
MooDoothen have you tried connecting it via a usb cable ?  and enabling teather mode from your phone?11:02
Dudley-puppyyeah but there is no tethering mode11:03
MooDoowhat android phone you got?11:03
Dudley-puppySony Ericsson xperia x811:04
MooDoothere are a couple of apps to get tethering working on that phone11:06
MooDoomight be slow but you could try that....other than that, without an internet connection you'regoing to truggle11:06
Dudley-puppyyeah but none work.with ubuntu11:07
MooDooyou don't need a tethering app for ubuntu, you'd install it on your phone, then ubuntu would recognise it as a modem and use your 3g as connection11:07
Dudley-puppywhich app do I get11:08
MooDooDudley-puppy: up to you, there are a few, go reasearch good11:08
AlanBellwhich version of android11:08
AlanBellit is built in for the new versions11:08
MooDoodon't think the x8 has it iirc11:09
AlanBellok, if it isn't in the settings menu then some kind of app would be in order I guess11:09
MooDooPDANet or Easyteather, they are trial apps but you could try one11:10
MooDoops i'm finding all this from google, so it's not hard to find.11:10
shaunoif the mp3 support comes in from repos, apt-zip would be a completely different approach11:11
directhexubuntu's official mp3 support comes from the package gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp311:22
directhexwell, gstreamer0.10-fluendo-plugins-mp3-partner11:23
directhexif you just download that deb, that'll add mp3 to gstreamer apps11:23
Dudley-puppywhich package do I need amd64 or the other one11:23
directhexDudley-puppy, do you have amd64 or i386 ubuntu?11:24
directhex"uname -m" in a terminal.11:24
Dudley-puppyI dont know11:24
MooDoo^^^ see above11:24
MooDoothen you need that version :)11:24
Dudley-puppyi686 sorry11:25
MooDooamd64 is for 64bit os version11:25
Dudley-puppybut its not fedora11:26
MooDooDudley-puppy: what's that got to do with anything?11:27
directhexif i express myself as i desire at this point, i'll get kickbanned.11:27
Dudley-puppyoh soz11:28
directhexit may involve words which sound like "duck"11:28
MooDoodirecthex: calm it down :D11:28
directhexMooDoo, EVERY TIME i go out of my way to help - not just giving hints, but the full answer with links to everything that could be desired, it turns out to be something like this.11:29
directhexnever happens when i just give a throwaway answer which is right-ish but largely unhelpful. only when i go the extra length.11:29
MooDoodirecthex: pita i know, but we all have to learn and i'm guessing that not all people are as old as us ;)11:30
MooDooDudley-puppy: ARE YOU USING FEDORA OR UBUNTU?11:32
popeyMooDoo: he's already said he's installed Ubuntu11:33
MooDooah cool sorry  :)11:33
popey10:45:10 < Dudley-puppy> yay ubuntu is now installing (for once)11:33
MooDooah must of missed that :)11:33
directhex<Dudley-puppy> but its not fedora11:34
* MooDoo wonders if he should mention RPM Fusion :p lol11:35
MooDooDudley-puppy: just out of interest, unless i've missed this too, how are you on IRC?  at work? and computer is at home?11:36
popeyMooDoo: you missed it, he's on a phone11:37
oimonbut also dual boot with windows, right?11:38
oimonisn't the issue to get the wireless working rather than mp3 without internet11:38
popeyi suspect so11:38
Jay15hello :D11:49
Jay15sorry ignore that11:50
oimonusing this website reminds me of unity: http://www.calgary.ca/SitePages/cocis/default.aspx11:57
=== Jay15 is now known as JacobLegend-XD
diploWhat type of micro SD card do I want for a mobile, if anyone can recommend, used to buy the cheapest but does anyone know better12:02
dwatkinsI can't imagine the speed/class matters, diplo - I'd get as large as is affordable, in case you need to transport large amounts of data or music12:02
ClarkNovaYou can get a 16gig card for ~£15 nowadays I think12:03
diployeah, seeing different classes are better for speed12:03
diployeah got a sandisk one here for £13.9912:03
diploBut it's a type2 ?12:03
ClarkNovaI think you only need a fast speed card if you are doing something like writing his-red video to the card. For music I would just buy a cheap card.12:04
ClarkNovaType 2 is what I have, no problems with it for the most part. Only issue is if I want to record video at 1080p, gets a bit jerky because it's not writing fast enough I think.12:05
daubersWoot! Lunch time12:05
GaryI got a class 6 for my phone, I use apps to sd a bit and have seen the performance improve from the class 2 I had before12:07
diploWill take a look at price difference ta12:08
diploHmm, tenner dearer12:09
Garywhat site diplo ?  ebuyer seems good pricewise, so is play.com12:18
oimondiplo: i got a class 10 for my phone12:19
oimonhad been having issues recording HD video to the sd card with a class 212:20
diploSorry wen twith Amazon has i had a fiver left on a voucher12:21
diploGoing to go for class6/10 next pay day12:22
diploHave a backup card with the 2 and replace it12:22
diploNot got HD video yet so need to worry on that side12:22
Dudley-puppywho highlighted me?12:27
Dudley-puppydependency is not satisfiable: lsusb-1.0-012:32
Dudley-puppywhat does this mean12:32
Dudley-puppy and how do I solve it12:33
MooDooit just means you're trying to install something that requires something else that is a specific version.....12:34
MooDooto fix it, i would google it.12:34
Dudley-puppyI dont know what to do12:36
MooDooneither do i to be honest, but there may be something on google that could help you, especially if no one knows here.12:37
Dudley-puppy*sigh* ok then12:37
MooDoono need to sigh, we're trying to help, but you also need to try to help yourself :)12:38
directhexor provide detailed info required to give specific answers12:38
directhexe.g. in this case, the version of ubuntu you're using would be a start12:38
MooDoowhat version is it?12:38
Dudley-puppy9.10 beta12:39
hooverThat's quite old Dudley-puppy12:40
MooDoodon't you have a later version?12:40
Dudley-puppyI know and I cant update without the internet12:40
MooDooDudley-puppy: are you unable to get a copy of natty?12:41
hooveryou might pick up some cover disk at the local newsagent#s12:41
Dudley-puppynot that I know of12:41
directhexyou know that'll be the main problem with your wifi, right?12:42
directhexi.e. a release from 2009 won't have modern wifi drivers12:42
Dudley-puppynot without the internet12:42
Dudley-puppyI think.so12:42
directhexplus, 9.10 isn't supported anymore, so any guides etc you find will no longer apply12:43
oimone.g. Ubuntu User magazine12:43
hooverI'd check the local store for a disc with something newer on it.12:44
diploDudley-puppy, you could go to a library and get all required files for an update, if i remember correctly you can export to a text file what a system needs to update and go to the library or a friends and grab them all ?12:44
Dudley-puppyI have just asked work if the router is working (that might be the issue)12:45
diploIf you have internet there but your wireless doesn't work, can't you try hard wiring it ?12:55
Dudley-puppyjust reset the router hopefully it works now13:07
shaunoa network .. with a network cable?  that's crazy enough that it might work13:07
directhexcables are old school. these days you get your internets wirelessly and charge wirelessly13:10
Dudley-puppydont have a Ethernet care soz13:11
oimonpersonally i think you are gonna enter a world of fail running an unsupported version, and a beta version at that13:12
popeyDudley-puppy: http://ubuntu-uk.org/free-cds/13:14
Dudley-puppypopey that would be helpful if my phone liked the site13:15
popeyDudley-puppy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/667284/13:15
ali1234have you thought about making a "ubuntu-uk" android app?13:16
ali1234(or iphone if you like)13:16
EditorDaubwriting stuff for iphones sucks13:17
Dudley-puppymy wireless shows no networks still13:18
MooDooDudley-puppy: have you updated software, ran all the stuff from the links we've given you?13:20
Dudley-puppyI dont see anything13:21
popeyDudley-puppy: did you see the pastebin link I just gave you?13:21
popeyso you know how to get a new cd then?13:22
Dudley-puppyyou just "g**r-%**+-" (thats what came up)13:23
popeywhat do you see there?13:24
Dudley-puppya bunch of text13:25
hooverhelpful text ;-)13:25
MooDooDudley-puppy: i think the hint was to read it :D13:26
popeyDudley-puppy: the text describes how you can get a free cd13:26
Dudley-puppyoh so you email someone13:26
Dudley-puppyAlanBell I guessed that13:27
Dudley-puppyahh malwere attack13:29
Dudley-puppyand its gone13:29
Dudley-puppyAlanBell it sent13:32
Dudley-puppysent the e-mail13:34
popeydoes anyone else on 11.10 have two alt-tabs come up?13:43
oimonpopey: i did13:43
popeythe one that was on ctrl+tab is now on alt-tab too13:43
popeyso two windows appear13:43
oimonthen i fixed it with unity --reset13:43
* popey does that13:43
oimonbug 82492913:44
lubotu3Launchpad bug 824929 in unity "alt-tab showed two switchers" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82492913:44
Dudley-puppyhow do I force install a .den package13:44
popeydouble click it13:45
MooDoosudo dpkg -i --force-depends package.deb is another way i think13:47
Dudley-puppythen I get dependency is not satisfiable: lsusb-1.0-013:47
oimonpopey: did that fix your issue?13:47
EditorDaub1/3 of the way through editing the videos now13:51
oimonEditorDaub: how are they turning out?13:53
EditorDauboimon: Good :) Quad core box is munging the compressions too, just hoping theyturn out small enough to go up onto blip (stupid 1GB limit)13:54
oimonWas the audio recorded via the sound desk?13:55
* oimon assumes so13:55
EditorDauboimon: Unfortunatly not in this instance13:56
EditorDauboimon: Since we're doing this ourselves this year, start simple and extend next year :)13:57
oimonthe only time i've had geek envy lately is when i saw simon phipps with an eee pad transformer13:57
popeyoimon: yes, and what made it even better was rebooting into natty14:05
popeyDudley-puppy: what are you trying to install?14:05
Dudley-puppysome teathering app14:06
Dudley-puppybut I gave up14:08
popeyI dont understand why you're installing stuff on ubuntu14:09
popeythe tethering apps go on the phone14:09
directhextethering apps make your phone get detected as a usb modem, or a wifi access point. nothing on ubuntu will change that14:10
EditorDaubDudley-puppy: I'd suggest you go speak to your local lug. If you take the machine with problems to them they can probably help you fix it better than we can, as they'll have the machine in front of them and be able to explain things better in person (probably)14:10
lubotu3Lug's are Linux User Groups. You can find your local group here: http://www.linux.org/groups/14:10
oimonEditorDaub: ...and supply a recent version of ubuntu14:11
MooDooi'm sure i mentioned this earlier.14:13
* popey noted EditorDaub mentioned "next year"14:19
EditorDaubpopey: Indeed :)14:22
EditorDaubpopey: If it's constantly mentioned, you'll get used to the idea and then it will happen14:23
AlanBellDudley-puppy: "2nd large" is the stamp you need on the outside and inside package14:32
AlanBellor that was what worked on the last one that went through14:32
scoundrel50athe updates this morning, to the new kernel, were they security updates, and if I went back to the kernel before, till you can get the problem with Google Chrome fixed, and its been confirmed by the way, will I have any securoty problems with the kernel before this new one...14:33
ali1234read the changelog and find out14:33
Dudley-puppyAlanBell okey14:33
scoundrel50ahow do I find the changelog14:34
ali1234apt-get changelog14:35
scoundrel50athank you14:35
popeyi see no security updates to the kernel in the last few days14:35
popeyhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2011-August/001389.html is the most recent to 10.1014:36
popeyhave you not updated for a week or so?14:36
scoundrel50aali1234: says that is an invalid operation14:36
scoundrel50athat up0date didnt come through till today14:36
popeythats the changelog14:36
scoundrel50apopey:thank you for the info14:37
popeybug #82719814:37
lubotu3Launchpad bug 827198 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) "Kernel update google Chrome and Chromium freeze" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82719814:37
scoundrel50ayeh, that wa the one I entered and just got a message saying it was confirmed14:38
ali1234ooo nasty14:38
scoundrel50aoh that reminds me, I have to change my default browser, I cant open those links,14:40
scoundrel50aok, well I will go back to the last kernel, till they patch it hopefully14:41
scoundrel50athank you14:41
scoundrel50alogging off14:41
bigcalmIs LibreOffice (and OOo) unable to open password protected spreadsheets read-write?14:56
Dudley-puppyhow do I install a .tar.gz package15:06
dogmatic69Dudley-puppy: you should mostly be installing with apt-get etc15:07
Dudley-puppyyeah but how do I install it15:07
MooDooyou need to unpack it and read the instructions....15:08
bigcalmDudley-puppy: you will need to extract the archive: tar zxvf filename.tar.gz15:08
popeywhat is it you're installing Dudley-puppy ?15:08
directhexlame the mp3 ENCODING command-line tool?15:08
bigcalmI hope that's the package and not an insult ;)15:09
Dudley-puppywhat command do I run15:11
popeywhy not just install it the right way?15:11
Dudley-puppycos I dont have internet15:12
MooDoowhy don't you wait till you do, it'll be so much easier.15:12
bigcalmDudley-puppy: you can download .deb files to install from15:12
popeyyou're now on Sky broadband which says to me you have a sky broadband router that you could plug into?15:13
ali1234how did you download a tgz if you don't have internet?15:13
ali1234how are you even talking to us??15:14
popeyon his phone15:14
Dudley-puppydont have a Ethernet15:14
MooDooyou're still trying to do this on 9.04 i would give up and wait till you have a later version15:14
popeyI'd buy an ethernet cable15:14
ali1234are the repos even still available for 9.04?15:14
popeyits 9.10, not 9.0415:15
ali1234are the repos even still available for 9.10?15:15
popeyand yes, on old-releases15:15
shaunou-uk needs a fleet of lil guys on scooters delivering free dvds.  this conversation could have been 5 hours shorter that way :o)15:21
scoundrel50asorry, just had a e-mail from the bug report saying status confirmed > Invalid, what does that mean?15:22
popeyit's not a general problem15:23
popeyonly in the kernel specifically in 10.1015:23
scoundrel50aoh, ok just wanted to know that is all, I am using the old kernel, I hope that gets fixed, that will another problem added to the back light problem15:27
oimonshauno: http://www.ubuntu-user.com/Magazine/Archive/2011/915:32
oimonfleet of guys on scooters deliver to whsmith15:33
shaunonot quite the same mental picture :)15:35
oimonthey also have a way of converting the cds into 1s and 0s and then go down a tube , come out at the end, and end up on a CD..amazing :D15:36
popeyis the tube called "royal mail"?15:37
oimonsmaller tubes...like fibre or copper15:37
shaunojust picking up an ethernet cable is a fine suggestion.  I just like the mental picture of having a 'geek squad' that's actually geeks15:40
oimonalanbell coming out of the like wallace and gromit with a cd strapped on his helmet?15:41
bigcalmGetting jaw ache from consuming this malt loaf15:50
popeyreminds me, I have some MSG now15:50
bigcalmThank you for the tip on sawing15:50
* popey wonders what to put it in15:50
popeythere is that, yes15:50
bigcalmHow about a nice stir-fry?15:51
popeysomeone said to me "have you got that so your crap cooking tastes ever so slightly less crap?"15:51
popeyooo, good call15:51
bigcalmI think I should do one here as well soon15:54
bigcalmDoubt that MSG will make it into the mix though15:54
oimondoesn't msg give bellyache?15:58
* oimon is going offline for a week15:58
oimonbehave without me15:59
scoundrel50aok, just had an e-mail through from canonical, and its gave me this to install instead wget http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/lp-827198/0/linux-image-2.6.35-30-generic_2.6.35-30.58_amd64.deb I just installed it, but I want to make sure I click on the right one when booting up, so I did this in the command line uname -a and got this Linux droopal-laptop 2.6.35-30-generic #58 SMP Tue Aug 16 15:05:36 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux, is that the same?15:59
scoundrel50aif it is, its not working16:00
scoundrel50ais it the same? Can somebody let me know, so I can get back to canonical and let them know16:03
popeyscoundrel50a: looks good16:04
scoundrel50awell, it doesnt seem to work, in GC I am still getting unresponsive pages16:05
scoundrel50aoh welll, thanks popey16:05
scoundrel50aI'll let canonical know16:05
dutchiescoundrel50a: fwiw i am seeing the same issue16:12
dutchiei might test with mainline kernel later16:12
scoundrel50aah, thank goodness for that, thanks for letting me know, I really appreciate it16:14
scoundrel50asorry, your having problems too, though16:14
ali1234does anyone know how to download ipad apps when you don't have an ipad or a mac or itunes and you just want to reverse engineer it? (lol)16:41
Azelphurali1234: what app? :D16:41
ali1234the bbc iplayer global one16:41
drussellali1234: find someone else that has an ipad or a mac and itunes ;o)16:42
ali1234actually i have a mac if that helps16:42
ali1234but no ipad16:42
brobostigoni dont think it is like android, where you can frely make and or pickup apk's.16:43
* popey looks on his mac16:46
popeyi suspect i wont be able to download it because I am UK based?16:47
ali1234anyway we got the answer we needed16:47
popeywhat was the question?16:47
ali1234does it use apple's payment api?16:48
popeyahh, does it?16:48
ali1234(it does - "top purchases" on the itunes description page are 6.99 and 49.99 which are the subscription fees)16:49
popey6.99 a mo, and 49.99 a year?16:49
shaunostarting to make an ipad look like an interesting buy =x16:50
directhexipad's for girls. touchpad!16:54
jacobwhow was oggcamp for everybody?17:03
popeyjacobw: see http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/OggCamp11BlogPosts17:16
ali1234popey: yeah i guess so... less than the license fee tho...17:34
ahayzenHi I was speaking to u guys yesterday about a HDD issue ...17:35
ahayzen@AlanBell: I have just changed my SATA cable and put the HDD into a different port and the HDD now appear in the livecd with SMART working :)17:36
ahayzenalthough it says that it has a 'Bad sector'17:36
ahayzenI can also access all the data now ... does this mean i should be able to boot normally?17:37
ali1234popey: that's euros as well of course17:38
ahayzenwould i just run a 'Check Filesystem' from Disk utility to fix the bad sectors?17:39
jacobwpopey: thanks17:42
ahayzensorry din dins ... will ask again later :) ...17:43
bernhard2Having about 5 errors in my log during bootup. help fixing these would be great.. check em out here..  http://pastebin.com/dFABgSqe18:15
tsimpsonbernhard2: cross-posting is rude, fyi18:16
ali1234bernhard2: for the first one install package linux-firmware-nonfree18:22
ali1234bernhard2: second one is normal, it just means there was no resume image, which is normal if you didn't suspend18:22
ali1234third is only an issue if you need to use pci hotplugging (you almost certainly don't)18:25
ali1234sorry that's the 4th one18:25
ali12345th is to do with motherboard temperature sensors - they changed how those all work recently, and some drivers still lag18:26
exobuzzlol @ popey18:42
exobuzzyour not going near my ironing!! rotfl18:42
ahayzenHi ... If my disk has a bad sector do i just run 'Check Filesystem' from disk utility to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.18:44
exobuzzahayzen, i tend to do a selftest with smartctl and then see where the bad block is, and then use hdparm to overwrite it at the drive level.18:45
ahayzenhow would i do this?18:46
ahayzen'Run self-test' :) ?18:46
exobuzzsmartctl -t long /dev/drive18:46
exobuzzsmartctl -a /dev/drive to see the results. then if you have a bad block marked, you can use hdparm --write-sector with it. - with care. i take no responsibility heh18:47
ahayzenhow can i work out which sda has the bad sector?18:48
ahayzencause the disk utility just says the drive does18:48
exobuzzits in an array ?18:48
ahayzenno it has partitions18:48
exobuzzwe are working on the raw device. not partitions18:48
exobuzzto be honest, i wouldnt do this unless you are confident you know what you are doing18:48
ahayzenwell my HDD is formatted with ext4 :S18:48
exobuzzrun a long test on the drive with smartctl.18:49
exobuzzand read the logs - it will log errors should already have some stuff in the log if it had read errors18:50
ahayzeni have sda1, sda2, sda5 -> swap, sda6 is there a way to work out which partition has the bad sector rather than running the test on each?18:50
exobuzznote - everything i am saying assumes you have a full daily backup of your files etc18:50
exobuzz /sda - we are working on the actual drive. not logical partitions18:50
ahayzeni have my files backed up but i'm running off a livecd18:50
exobuzzyou run the test on the drive. not a partition18:50
ahayzenah ... will this delete any data or just fix the bad sectors?18:51
exobuzzno. it will read the entire disk and some other stuff18:51
exobuzzdo smartctl -a /dev/sda and paste the output somewhere18:51
* AlanBell returns home at last18:51
AlanBellhour and a bit to the reapproval meeting in #ubuntu-meeting18:51
StevenRAlanBell: anything that needs doing before then?18:52
AlanBellprobably :)18:53
exobuzzsome more ironing ? :)18:53
ahayzen0@exobuzz: here is the link ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/667580/18:53
AlanBellany improvement that can be made to the application would be great18:54
AlanBellI have just walked in the house and I am preparing a sausage sarnie and a pint of pimms18:54
exobuzzahayzen0, ok so you have a pending sector. now do smartctl -t short /dev/sda if it finds nothing do smartctl -t long /dev/sda18:54
ahayzenok ....18:55
exobuzzstrange there are no errors logged mind. we shall see after the test. this just does some read tests btw. it doesnt write anything 9apart from to smart log)18:55
ahayzen0the test has started?!? .... 'Please wait 2 minutes for test to complete.'... how do i view the results?18:56
exobuzzsmartctl -a shows everything .18:56
exobuzzAlanBell, pint of pimms? straight? :) heh18:56
AlanBellwith lemonade18:57
AlanBellend of a jug from the BBQ18:57
ahayzen0ok so run tht in ~2 mins18:57
exobuzzor whever you like to see progerss18:57
dutchieAlanBell: sounds lovely18:57
brobostigonAlanBell: 9pm it is yes?18:57
AlanBellyes, 9PM18:57
ahayzen0@exobuzz: shall i pastebin the output?18:58
exobuzzok so now, you can see the lba of a failed sector18:59
ahayzen0in disk utility after refreshing it says 'Self tests: FAILED (Read)'18:59
exobuzzyou can do "hdparm --write-sector 148493569 /dev/sda" note this will write over data on the disk.19:00
ahayzen0but just over tht sector?19:00
ahayzen0'Please supply the --yes-i-know-what-i-am-doing flag if you really want this.' <- lol19:01
exobuzzfirst of all. try this19:01
exobuzzhdparm --read-sector 148493569 /dev/sda19:01
ahayzen0'reading sector 148493569: FAILED: Input/output error'19:01
exobuzzok.. now write it with hdparm19:02
exobuzzand then try reading it again19:02
ahayzen0what is the '--yes-i-know-what-i-am-doing flag'...19:03
exobuzzyou have to add that. i didnt tell you that. thats part of the test :)19:03
exobuzzits to make sure you dont accidently run stuff that is potentially dangerous19:03
ahayzen0hmmm but it doesn't then run ...19:04
ahayzen0'sudo hdparm --write-sector 148493569 /dev/sda --yes-i-know-what-i-am-doing' just outputs the options for the cmd19:04
exobuzz/dev/sda comes last19:04
exobuzzbtw are your partitions unmounted. i didnt ask that. i assumed heh19:04
exobuzzsince you are booting from livecd19:04
ahayzen0yep :)19:05
ahayzen0're-writing sector 148493569: succeeded'19:05
ahayzen0so now test the read19:05
exobuzznow try the read again. if it works. then do the smartctl test again and wait19:05
ahayzen0'reading sector 148493569: succeeded' ... and then lots of 0000 :D19:05
ahayzen0right so now the disk is 'Healthy' ...19:06
ahayzen0hopefully now i have changed the SATA cable to one tht worked the PC will start working :)19:06
exobuzzrun the short test. then if thats good, fsck every partition19:06
ahayzen0could u just remind me of the fsck cmd19:07
exobuzznote we will have overwritten data on the disk, so its wise to restore from the backup on the partition that had the problem19:07
ahayzen0ok :)19:07
exobuzzfsck.ext4 /dev/sdaX for ext419:07
ahayzen0is there any way of actually working out wht bit of data tht was?19:07
exobuzz-f to force it19:07
exobuzzfsck.ext4 -f /dev/sdaX19:07
exobuzzthere is a way, but its slightly complicated.19:08
ahayzen0ok :(19:08
ahayzen0could u work out which partition?19:08
ahayzen0so i know if it is / or /home or swap19:08
ahayzen0'Self-tests: Completed OK' :)19:08
exobuzzthe info you need is in http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/badblockhowto.html19:08
ahayzen0ok thx19:09
exobuzzhowever just fsck the drives and you will likely find out anyway19:09
exobuzzthe partitions i mean19:09
ahayzen0running sda1 atm19:09
ahayzen0'Error reading block 146 (Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read).  Ignore error<y>? '19:10
ahayzen0do i say no?19:11
exobuzzctrl+c and do a smartctl -t long /dev/sda on the disk first19:11
exobuzzto make srue there are no more bad blocks19:11
exobuzzit can take a few hours19:11
exobuzzif you have plenty of errors, send the drive back :)19:11
ahayzen0u weren't joking ... 22:00 it will finish19:12
exobuzz(if it's in warranty)19:12
exobuzzyeh heh19:12
ahayzen0well i think it is more the SATA cable...19:12
exobuzzoh. well get that replaced right now and stop everything heh19:12
ahayzen0cause yesterday i couldn't even read the disk ... so today i tried a different SATA cable in a different port and it seems to be working a bit better19:12
ahayzen0i'm on a different SATA cable at the moment :) thts why it is able to read the disk19:13
ahayzen0in the current state wht would happen if i just ran the Ubuntu install would it then write over the bad sectors or should i wait for the test to end?19:14
exobuzzwait for the test.19:15
ahayzen0it appears one bad sector has already been found19:15
exobuzzbasically you can do as before. read it with hdparm. fails. write it (block gets remapped). retest. you may have a bunch of them. if drive is under warranty send it back. else rinse and repeat this, and maybe reinstall once its "clean".19:16
ahayzen0ok thx :)19:17
ahayzen0ok ... thank you for ur help ... i was really worried the other day because the machine couldn't get POST BIOS as it kept getting stuck at 'Detecting IDE drives' i thought tht this was the end of my disk/mobo but it appears to be the cable (yn)19:20
AlanBell10 minutes everyone19:50
AlanBellif you could all pile in to #ubuntu-meeting that would be great19:50
AlanBell5 minutes19:57
AlanBell3 even19:57
AlanBellright now, and we are first up20:02
bigcalm_lappy486Wondered why it was quiet in here20:03
bigcalm_lappy486Support in what sense?20:06
AlanBellbigcalm_lappy486: say hi in #ubuntu-meeting *right now*20:06
bigcalm_lappy486I've never attended a meeting before so have no idea how they work20:08
bigcalm_lappy486Don't want to put my foot in it20:08
=== bigcalm_lappy486 is now known as bigcalm
brobostigonAlanBell: ubuntu-cymru might be worth a mention.20:17
=== matt_ is now known as daubershome
bigcalmWas there really any worry? With the amount of work you lots put in20:22
=== AlanBell changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting 29th August 21:00 UK time #ubuntu-uk-meeting | We got our Reapproval \o/
daubershomeSorry for being late!20:23
bigcalmTime for Minecraft then :D20:24
daubershomeAlso! Well done AlanBell and others on the hard work on the application :)20:24
* AlanBell sits down with a stiff drink20:24
airurandocongrats ubuntu-uk20:24
airurandoenjoy the drink AlanBell. Well deserved!20:25
* StevenR glares at openvpn that won't start on boot20:26
bernhard1cant seem to disable sinhosun in php.. idears ?20:26
* daubershome adds that to the list of "good" things that happened this evening20:27
StevenRright. that's special of it. It's trying to start before the network is ready20:31
StevenRso it attempts to bind to the static IP that isn't there yet20:32
czajkowskipoor AlanBell you'd swear he was beaten u20:32
daubershomeczajkowski: I watched some of your talk today :) Not too bad on the talking fast thing this time20:33
TheOpenSourcererHave you all seen this? http://madebyevan.com/webgl-water/ Need to use Chrome. It's really freaky...20:35
TheOpenSourcererEspecially when you turn on Gravity.20:35
czajkowskidaubershome: how slow did you go20:36
daubershomeI didn't in the end20:36
czajkowskidaubershome: when yer finsined wth mine can you mail cypher@skynet.ie20:36
daubershomeCan do :)20:37
shaunoheh, the talking fast thing must be awkward.  most people assume it means you're nervous.  here, it just means you're local20:37
daubershomeIf they deinterlace ok, Im hoping to start uploading tomorrow20:38
diplo-TheOpenSourcerer, Doesn't work in Chromium ?20:38
diplo-Your browser does not support WebGL20:38
TheOpenSourcererNo then.20:39
czajkowskishauno: yeah and I talk fast :/20:39
shaunoin the states I just told people they were listening too slow.  that doesn't work so well when you're not trying to offend people tho :/20:43
TheOpenSourcererThink I am going to have an early night. Laterz all.20:43
bigcalmGoodness it is early20:47
bigcalmTempting to not do anything more for the evening20:47
popeyAlanBell: your mail looks like arse21:06
shaunoheh.  oops.  I'd have to agree21:06
shauno(on the plus side, that's a pretty guaranteed way to get people to go and read it)21:07
* daubershome heads to bed21:10
czajkowskipopey: you have a way wiht words21:10
AlanBellpopey: it does21:13
judgeyhey guys i need some help, i have installed ubuntu server and setup a forum but as i dont have my domain yet i can not access it so need to do it via ip, i have my own server so there is no username as such. How would i get to my foums just using the IP ?21:43
Azelphurjudgey: http://i.p ?21:43
Azelphurreplace i.p with the ip of course21:43
judgeyi can get to the ip but it just loads my hosting pannel21:44
judgeynot the forums21:44
Azelphurhosting panel?21:44
judgeyyer sorry21:44
Azelphuryou installed ubuntu, you installed a hosting panel too?21:44
judgeyyep ehcp21:44
Azelphurso your ubuntu server machine is at home21:45
judgeyno server in france21:45
Azelphuroh ok21:45
Azelphura dedi?21:45
Azelphurah, making sense :D21:45
judgeyheh :) sorry my bad21:45
brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.21:45
Azelphurok and you have ehcp on there and you want to go to your website not ehcp21:45
AzelphurCan you not move ehcp to a subdirectory or something?21:46
judgeyyer if thats pos21:46
Azelphurwhat webserver are you using21:46
judgeyapche2 u mean?21:46
judgeythats the one21:46
Azelphurdid you install ehcp with apt?21:46
judgeyno from source21:47
Azelphurlooking at this ehcp thing it doesn't exactly look like something I'd want on my server :x21:47
judgeywget www.ehcp.net/ehcp_latest.tgz21:47
Azelphurwhat does it even do?21:47
judgeyits just to host domain and mysql21:48
judgeyjust easy for me to use21:48
Azelphurheh, ssh is easy too :D21:48
Azelphurjudgey: so you downloaded this tgz then what did you do with it21:48
judgeyafter untar ./install.sh21:49
* Azelphur reads install.sh to see what it does21:49
judgeyif it was just pleask or somthing how would u do it? would it not be the same ? Im a newbie so im not to clued up21:50
Azelphurcat debug.txt | sendmail bvidinli@gmail.com > /dev/null 2>&121:50
Azelphurwow, seriously why are you using this thing21:50
Azelphurwoa wtf21:50
Azelphurjudgey: uninstall this thing, seriously21:50
Azelphurps aux > debug.txt and cat debug.txt | sendmail bvidinli@gmail.com > /dev/null 2>&121:51
Azelphurin install.sh21:51
Azelphurjudgey: you know what that does?21:51
judgeyno lol21:51
Azelphurwtf it sends your syslog too21:51
judgeyits on forums :|21:51
Azelphurjudgey: it's scanning your system, looking at everything you have installed, everything that's running, system logs,21:52
Azelphurand then sending it to bvidinli@gmail.com21:52
Azelphurwtf and it's adding nginx repositories even if you use apache21:52
judgeyits on ubuntu forums i though it would be safe21:52
Azelphurmaybe time to get a Ubuntu forum mod to take it down then, that things at best a major privacy violation21:53
Azelphurcan you link the thread?21:53
judgeylet try and find it sec21:53
judgeyload of posts on the forums21:54
Azelphurbad :/21:55
Azelphurjudgey: I'd be tempted to just reinstall ubuntu server to ensure all the crap this thing has done is gone21:55
Azelphurit's doing some very dodgy, weird things that it absolutely doesn't need to be doing21:56
judgeyif there somthing eles i can use thats newbie freindly?21:56
Azelphurjudgey: what does EHCP even do?21:56
judgeyeasy host control panel21:56
judgeyor somthing21:56
Azelphuryay now I know what the acronym stands for but that doesn't answer the question21:57
judgeyliek plesk21:57
Azelphuryour aiming at reselling webspace?21:57
judgeyno just for my forums and a private tracker21:58
Azelphurright so the answer is you don't need ehcp at all21:58
judgeylol i dont know how eles todo it21:59
Azelphurfor the love of FSM, what is "it"21:59
judgeyi have tryed but allways get lost21:59
judgeylike host my forums and install apche2 mysql21:59
judgeya web server22:00
Azelphurright, ehcp doesn't do any of that though22:00
Azelphurjudgey: have you done much work, is it easy for you to just reinstall ubuntu server fresh?22:00
judgeyyer all i have done is teh install of the server and ehcp22:00
Azelphurstart off by doing that then, so we can get rid of the ehcp stuff22:01
Azelphurit looks rather dodgy :p22:01
* diplo- agrees with Azelphur 22:01
judgeyAzelphur: right this sec i dont have time, will u be about tomorrow?22:01
judgeyand do u mind helping me?22:01
judgeyi will uninstall this now tho ill do a reinstall of the os22:02
Azelphurjudgey: I may be here, if I am I'll help22:02
Azelphurif not, sudo apt-get install tasksel && sudo tasksel install lamp-server22:02
diplo-Me 222:02
Azelphurtada you have apache mysql php all setup >.>22:02
Azelphur(that's all install.sh does, only in a much more haphazard manner)22:03
Azelphur(on top of the mailing of various system information, too)22:03
judgeylol thats great Azelphur  and diplo-  ;) i wish it was that easy i allways get stuck22:03
judgeyu both uk?22:04
AzelphurI am, yes22:04
diplo-Where is the server located judgey at home ?22:04
judgeyno france OVH22:04
Azelphurjudgey: kimsufi? :)22:04
judgeyyer lol22:04
Azelphurnot a bad choice, I know a few people who host with them22:04
judgeyKimsufi 16G22:05
Azelphurjudgey: hehe, I have a slightly bigger server :)22:05
judgeyi wish i had more money22:05
Azelphurnah, http://reliablesite.net/v4/dedicated-server-detail.aspx?server=intel-core-i7-86022:05
judgeyjust money os tight22:05
AzelphurI needed the high connection quality22:05
judgeynice :)22:06
=== rose_ is now known as nucc1
judgeyi got the car MOT at 2pm so will be after that :) thanks for the heads up and i shall be back to bother u loads im sure :)22:07
diplo-As Azelphur says it's really easy to set up a basic install22:08
judgeycan not wait now lol can not belive ehcp has all that bad stuff my bad22:09
diplo-For me, I just install from repos22:10
diplo-Rarely from anywhere else, you always get security upgrades and you know from a source you can trust22:10
judgeyUbuntu Server 11.04 "Natty Narwhal" --- Ubuntu Server 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat" --- Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS "Lucid Lynx"22:11
judgeywhats the diffrence?22:11
judgeyits on my list of os i can install22:12
diplo-LTS is long term support22:12
diplo-So server gets 5 years i believe of security upgrades22:12
diplo-Where as mav and natty are i think 3 years22:12
diplo-Depends if you want latest and greatest versions of php/mysql etc22:13
diplo-Or stable security.22:13
diplo-I personally run natty as i am not worried about being overly stable22:13
diplo-Well not stable..22:13
shaunoI tend to recommend LTS for servers, unless you really want to babysit a major upgrade every 6 months.  because the other huge catch is that you can upgrade from one LTS to the next, every 2 years.  for non-LTS releases, you need to upgrade via each consecutive 6-monthly release22:13
diplo-And that's the other side :)22:14
diplo-Glad you typed that and not me22:14
judgeykool thx for heads up22:14
judgeyi have dyslexia just so u know thats why my spelling is bad so not a kiddy :)22:14
judgeyeven tho its looks liek i am22:14
judgeyby the way i type22:14
judgeyhad to google dyslexia btw ;)22:15
diplo-Typing is fine, most people online don't type that well i find.22:15
judgeyoky im off night and will cya 2mos thanks again22:23

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