philipballewis off to the davis lug meeting!00:47
maintenance-manbe excellent!00:52
jyoShould be an interesting commute home tonight.01:17
akkOn BART?01:19
rwwfollow @sfbart on your phone. it's been keeping up to date on station closures01:21
jyoAh, much better than following the real-time search. Thanks, rww01:22
maintenance-manwhat's the deal with the government disabling cell phone service in SF?01:24
=== maintenance-man is now known as seidos
jyoBART shut down cellphone service to stall out a protest last week.01:24
seidosoh!  it was BART too01:25
seidosi didn't pick that up on the article i read01:25
rwwno, it was just BART.01:25
jyoOf course, we could have a public policy debate on the legality of this tactic.01:25
seidoswhat was the protest even supposed to be about?01:25
jyoBART police shooting at Civic Center Station a few weeks ago.01:26
seidos*just* BART, then what i read was wrong.  great.01:26
rwwI didn't know BART had cellphone "towers" on BART property. Explains how I get signal down there, I guess.01:26
akkAs somebody just said on twitter, "Dear @SFBART: you can't take away our ability to reach 911 when you also make it a habit of shooting your riders."01:26
seidosthat's a huge can of worms then.01:27
seidosi should probably try to find more information on it01:27
jyoOf course, I'm not quite sure which is more disruptive, the shooting, the planned protest, the cell disruption, or the shutting down of 3+ stations in Downtown SF.01:28
seidosthe shooting was probably the worst of it.  someone died presumably.01:29
rwwCivic and Montgomery are open now, Powell is still disembark-only01:31
rww01:13 < rww> I assume Anonymous got tired from walking between stations and started leaving.01:31
rwwor they stuck with Powell? iono.01:32
seidoshmmm, these shootings are tricky.01:38
seidosgetting drunk, and throwing bottles and knives at police...01:38
rwwaiui, they threw a bottle and brandished a knife01:38
rwwbut yeah, I think they're a lot less black-and-white than a lot of Internet people are thinking01:39
seidosthis article says a knife was thrown:  http://articles.sfgate.com/2011-07-22/bay-area/29801606_1_bart-officials-charles-blair-hill-train-car01:39
seidosInternet people don't have a clue, because they are safe behind their computer01:39
jyo"But I'm tunneling my connection through a box in SF!"01:40
seidosi don't think i'd even want to carry a gun if i were a cop01:40
seidosmaybe a squirt gun01:40
seidosbut that probably wouldn't last long01:40
jyoseidos: That's funny because there was the taser gun vs. gun gun thing in the Oscar Grant thing01:41
seidosjyo: was that a subway shooting in NY?01:41
jyoNo, even earlier BART shooting01:42
seidosoh, i thought it was in NY01:42
seidosiirc it was "wanted to go for tazer, grabbed gun instead"01:42
rwwEmbarcadero just became disembark-only01:42
jyoseidos: despite the weight discrepancy between the two01:42
seidosjyo: the firearm is probably on the right hip, easier to grab01:43
seidosif one is right handed, which is typical01:43
seidosnot sure how practical running around without a firearm is for an officer of the law with existing laws in the books01:43
seidostypos are probably a sign i should shut up now :)01:44
rwwEmbarcadero just closed completely.01:47
jyoAll right, guys, leaving the office. Thanks again for @SFBart, rww.01:56
seidoshey philipballew, wb01:58
philipballewwhats up!01:59
seidostrying to update this file of the dhammapada i have01:59
philipballewwhy are you doin that01:59
seidosi think the stuff in the dhammapada is good, and the bot i have pulls lines from it02:00
seidosand to pretend to be useful :)02:01
rwwembarcadero just opened02:17
bkerensaHow goes BART?05:01
pleia2meh, bart06:15
pleia2but I didn't miss the *whole* first inning, so I guess it was ok06:15
pleia2btw, when they say "open" on twitter, they actually mean they opened one of the entrances (which, by fate, is always the one furtherest from where you happen to be)06:16
pleia2and then they have 50 cops looking at all the passengers suspiciously06:17
philipballewJust got back from the davis lug. talk was on foss gaming and development06:51
bkerensaI love UC Davis... They know how to party07:42
philipballewbkerensa, haha. its a nice area. only an hour from where i live07:45
bkerensaphillipballew: My cousin is a grad from there but now she is doing Grad School at New Mexico State07:51
bkerensaBoth colleges gave her full ride07:51
bkerensaphillipballew: Have you had a chance to ride the Davis doubledecker bus?07:52
frapinlapi have not read  the ubuntu code of conduct07:54
philipballewodd name08:00
philipballewbkerensa, never. you?08:01
bkerensayeah tis fun :) /me now sleeping ttyl :D08:01
MarkDudepleia2: did you see those pics yet? Pretty funny.17:42
pleia2MarkDude: yeah, they're great :)17:42
MarkDudeMy grandma said the game was extra boring- and my Sailor Moon shirt was the highlight17:42
MarkDudeI think it is not public tho17:44
sn9The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.17:44
MarkDudeor your dumbass is NOT on fb17:45
MarkDudenot like near a billion people use it or anything- its just a fad17:45
MarkDudeI can post them on google + when I get back home17:47
sn9then what is google+ ?17:47
sn9there's gotta be a fad in there somewhere17:48
* MarkDude will play the circular question, answer, then more questions game later with you sn9 :D17:48
sn9"Baseball August, 2011"17:48
bkerensaMarkDude: Have you ever been to Fanny Ann's?18:04
seidossocial "networking":  because your bandwidth is crap.18:08
bkerensaMy bandwidth will be better soon18:09
bkerensaMoving to Comcast Business Class this week :D18:09
MarkDudeNo fanny anns18:13
MarkDudeI DID get jono a shirt that said18:13
MarkDudeWankers corner country store- I hope to see him wear during concert18:13
MarkDudeThere is a place in Oregon called wankers corner18:14
bkerensaFanny ann's in Old Sac = The Win18:14
bkerensathey have a bartender who has worked there for years and he hooks up drinks18:14
bkerensaOne my 24th Birthday he bought me and five of my peeps 2 rounds of Patron Doubleshots18:14
bkerensaMy family has been going there for like 20 years though :P18:15
bkerensaI'm kinda surprised the rich bay area branch of my family has not bought the place out :P18:16
MarkDudeWell I try to avoid excremento when possible :P18:17
MarkDudeits usually possible to18:17
bkerensaMarkDude: You know Angela Alioto or of her right?18:17
bkerensaShe is an extended family member =/18:18
bkerensaso is Joseph Canciamilla who used to be CA Legislator18:18
bkerensadamn Sicilians18:18
bkerensaI dont talk to the Canciamillas or Alioto's though18:18
bkerensatoo much italian drama for me18:19
MarkDudeWell I have decided to not research family history - much past the 1950s18:19
* MarkDude is related to Ciro *the artichoke king* Terranova18:19
bkerensaWell in Martinez the Canciamillas own probably four blocks of the most expensive homes they also own a family cemetery in San Jose... idk My grandmother is a Canciamilla by birth18:20
MarkDudethats cool - that was a long time ago- when branches start heading towards more current members of *The Family* I shy away18:20
bkerensaCanciamilla and Lima's came over from Palermo, Sicily and then the Aliotos ehh :P18:20
bkerensaIn fact Joe Canciamilla was at my cousins wedding and he was telling us younger italians that in the old day when you got married the bride had to spend the night with the town boss first18:21
MarkDudeWell many people from Sicilia used to take the name of their *boss*18:22
MarkDudemuch of my family comes from the town that was called Terranova18:22
MarkDudeas well as Palermo18:23
seidosNova Secolorum or some such18:23
seidosNovus Ordo Seclorum18:24
seidoshe says after checking a $1 bill18:24
seidosThe Nova Ordo Seclorum so that there will be a Terranova18:24
seidosthe one world mafia18:27
seidoswhat up philipballew18:28
* MarkDude prefers people not use the M-word18:28
MarkDudeIt is called *The Family*18:28
MarkDudeand for the record- it is also Mr Sinatra18:29
philipballewyo seidos18:29
seidosMr Sinatra is dead18:29
MarkDudereminds me bkerensa - did you know Frank Sinatra once saved a man's life?18:29
MarkDudehe lives on18:29
MarkDudein music18:29
bkerensaMarkDude: I had no idea18:29
MarkDudeand spirit18:30
seidoswhat is "he"?18:30
MarkDudeYep, he told his bodygaurd "thats enought"18:30
bkerensaLooks like Ubuntu CA is doing reapproval today18:35
* bkerensa will have to sit in on the council meeting18:35
philipballewwhat time was that bkerensa18:35
bkerensa8pm UTC today in #ubuntu-meeting18:36
philipballewall time should be put in ca time for my convenience :)18:37
bkerensaI have no idea what time that is PDT18:38
rwwmy IRC client is in UTC. y'all doing it wrong :P18:38
* bkerensa needs to observe how this application/reapproval meetings go so he can determine when to apply for Ubuntu OR approval18:39
nhainesUbuntu membership works in that you do what you'd do as an Ubuntu member and after 6 months if you're still doing it and have plans for the future, you can typically become a member.18:40
MarkDudeWell 1st you need to donate some blood bkerensa - Canonical does not actually *explain* why this is needed- but it appears important18:40
MarkDudeThen you need to pledge allegiance to Circle of Friends logo-18:41
MarkDudethen and only then do they teach you the secret handshake :)18:41
bkerensanhaines: I'm talking about LoCo approval... I'm far past the 6 month line for personal contributions and do not plan to apply for membership for a bit18:42
MarkDudeThe details will be dispatched to you by a courier soon bkerensa18:42
bkerensaMarkDude: Indeed18:42
bkerensaMarkDude: Well its a good there are three Canonical employees in our loco :D18:42
nhainesUbuntu LoCo approval works in that you do what you'd do as an approved LoCo and after 6 months if you're still doing it and have plans for the future, you can typically become an approved LoCo and nothing changes except you can get CDs once a cycle.18:42
MarkDudeMuch nicer than Fedora's they want DNA samples, fingerprints, and a retina scan18:43
nhainesUnless you're a language-based LoCo, in which case the LoCo Council hates you and doesn't consider you a "real" LoCo and you're breaking the LoCo Directory and Launchpad.18:43
MarkDudethe retina scan is to get access to the orbital laser18:43
rwwI'm trying to think of a time when Ubuntu membership has actually been useful.18:44
nhainesrww: you get business cards.18:44
rwwThe cloak gave me access to +q silly people in #ubuntu-irc a few times, I guess there's that.18:44
bkerensanhaines: If you buy them yourself18:44
nhainesbkerensa: and did I ever!  :P18:44
rwwnhaines: If I made business cards, I wouldn't have them be walking advertisements for Ubuntu :P18:44
nhainesAlso I'm angry because there's no new branding cards and now that it's a year out that's rediculous.18:45
bkerensanhaines: I don't see any benefit to having Ubuntu business cards especially if you have business cards from your company/org18:45
rwwprobably because the new branding is ridiculous18:45
nhainesrww: the new branding is pleasant.18:45
rwwmake some business cards with it, then :318:45
nhainesrww: but I'm lazy.  :)18:45
MarkDudethe new branding is also proprietary ;)18:45
bkerensarww: +1 for not paying out of your own pocket to advertise something that makes others money :)18:46
nhainesbkerensa: I give out Ubuntu cards when I'm doing community work.18:46
rwwMarkDude: how so?18:46
MarkDudeWell the font is only partially open18:46
MarkDudeNot saying that is wrong18:46
nhainesrww: in the same way that all branding for all big distros is pretty much proprietary.18:46
bkerensanhaines: Cool... Well everyone in the metro area I live in knows what Ubuntu is... Unless they have lived under a rock for the last decade18:47
MarkDudeBranding should be protected18:47
MarkDudenhaines: is correct18:47
nhainesbkerensa: I don't give out my business cards so people know what Ubuntu is.  I do it so they know who I am and vaguely what they talked to me about.18:47
bkerensarww: The branding is all trademark18:47
nhaines(I haven't made new green personal cards lately but those were very popular.)18:47
bkerensaI hope Linus gets back from vacation soon18:49
bkerensatrying to get him to come to Ubuntu Global Jam18:49
nhainesThe Ubuntu fonts are also as open as any other open font I've seen.18:49
rwwYeah, I was gonna say. Apart from the ball being dropped on UFL being an interim license, I haven't seen criticism of ubuntu-font-family's licensing.18:50
nhainesrww: I don't think it's interim anymore.18:50
MarkDudebkerensa: tell him it will be a Gnome 3 free zone18:50
rwwnhaines: it's de facto not interim. The website still talks about how it is.18:50
rwwMarkDude: Ubuntu oneiric uses GNOME 3.18:50
bkerensabkerensa: I will tell him that almost everyone in our LoCo despises chaotic desktop enviroments like Gnome 3 and Unity18:51
* MarkDude forgot about that- wonder if Linus will say it sucks there also18:51
bkerensaI'm sure18:51
* MarkDude will just endorse Puppy Linux and say screw the rest18:51
bkerensaIf you look at polls on Unity or Gnome 3 you will see the communities are divided18:52
_-_-_memories are made of this18:52
MarkDudebkerensa: if you just LOOK18:52
bkerensaMarkDude: I thought you endorse Fedora :P Ya big fence sitter18:52
MarkDudeyou will see it also18:52
* MarkDude endorses FOSS18:53
MarkDudeMost any Linux is good in my book18:53
MarkDudeUbuntu is awesome18:53
rwwI don't think it's as big of a deal as people make out. The underlying technology is all the same. It's like saying the KDE community is split because we have a bunch of different Plasma workspaces.18:53
MarkDudeNever said otherwise18:53
MarkDudeMark S has managed to bring Linux to the masses, and made a great community while doing so18:54
rwwI'd allege that the masses have no idea what Linux and Ubuntu are :P18:55
bkerensarww: I would beg to differ18:55
bkerensarww: The masses use Linux every single day whether they realize it or not18:55
nhainesrww: bkerensa says you don't allege that.  How do you respond?18:55
rwwbkerensa: I didn't say they don't use it, I said they don't know what it is.18:55
bkerensarww: Web/Mail Servers, Linux Based Mobile Devices, Linux Power Vending Kiosks :D18:56
MarkDudehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18ZJZbrAD6o  <<< my take on Distros- with quick appearance from Bill Kendrick (TuxPaint)18:56
bkerensarww: We should crowd-source a billboard in metro areas that says "Linux is: Android, Ubuntu, Facebook etc etc etc"18:56
nhainesNobody knows what Android is.18:57
bkerensaI'm sure :)18:57
nhainesAt least people seem to know what "Droid" is but then they superscope it.  Well, it's a start.  :)18:58
akkPeople don't even know what browser they use.18:59
nhainesakk: what's a browser?18:59
sn9and no one will care about google's acquisition of motorola, either19:00
nhainessn9: what's a google?  :)19:00
rwwnhaines: a web browser19:00
nhainesI'm hoping the acquisition kills the pattent troubles.19:00
nhainesrww: is that the one with the "e" or the one with the cat?19:00
rwwnhaines: I think it's that mozerella one19:00
bkerensaDoes Ubuntu CA have any members that work at Google? :)19:01
nhainesrww: I prefer stuffed crust.19:01
pleia2bkerensa: yes, none that are currently in channel though19:01
bkerensapleia2: We have a few but they are all datacenter monkeys19:02
pleia2my fiance is a network engineer19:02
bkerensaIts not a bad gig.. I would never do it.... Too isolated of a job19:03
bkerensalimited interaction with others19:03
MarkDudeAnd a mammoth hunter I might add pleia219:03
pleia2datacenter monkey?19:03
pleia2I guess it depends on the NOC19:03
MarkDudeBest contacts at Google are Chris DiBona19:04
MarkDudeand if a dev- Michael Van Riper- aka VAN19:04
bkerensadatacenter monkey: One who spends his/her days or nights working in a datacenter19:05
bkerensaMarkDude: Or Carol Smith19:05
bkerensaMarkDude: All the Google people up here work at The Dalles DC....19:05
* bkerensa needs to go work on his Ubuntu Talk he is doing next Monday at PDX Wordpress19:07
philipballewmeeting soon in #ubuntu-meeting I see19:53
pleia2yeah, in 5 minutes, but UK is up before us :)19:55
philipballewhaha, so it might be a little later I see.19:56
philipballewwill be there. any special words I might want to say19:57
pleia2not really, you can watch the UK reapproval to see how it works19:57
philipballewyeah, ive watched a couple before, there pretty straight foreword if i remember correct19:59
philipballewbeen a while though19:59
jtatumuk first? cool20:00
pleia2btw, there was data loss when loco.ubuntu.com had to do an emergency migration recently, so everyone should make sure events they added recently are still there: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california20:07
pleia2they're trying to restore everything, but it's unclear if they'll be able to and if you need your event up now you should readd it20:07
DarkwingDuckphilipballew: I'm still looking at options... Panera was okay with a meeting... Not so cool with the bandwidth sucking we would be doing.20:09
philipballewDarkwingDuck, yeah, I should have factored in the bandwith. what kind of options do you see. also could we set up a local repo to use to save bandwith?20:11
DarkwingDuckYeah, I'm working on getting my desktop to work as a local repo20:13
DarkwingDuckI'm also looking at maybe other options for a conf room of sorts.20:14
bkerensa:) Just got off the phone with a company who is sponsor our global jam food... They asked if a sign will say food sponsored by: x company20:14
bkerensaI said yeah thats fine just no sales pitches or advertising :P20:14
DarkwingDuckI'm going to talk to the USO and Vet center downtown and see what they have open for a vet :D20:16
philipballewDarkwingDuck, I like this. that food idea is not a bad idea bkerensa. DarkwingDuck would we need any networking equipment as well you think?20:18
DarkwingDuckI can't find my second wireless router.20:19
nhainesI remember once on the US-CA list someone said he loved Ubuntu and  asked if the law firm he owned could sponsor discs, with just a little "CDs provided by" line on the label.20:19
nhainesAs I recall, another user flamed him, saying how reprehensible that would be and how he would leave the LoCo and never partcipate in events if they were sponsored by companies.20:19
nhainesThe volunteer apologized and withdrew his offer, and was never heard from again.20:19
pleia2oh, fine time for a customer call20:20
nhainesOf course, the flamer had never posted before and never posted again, never participated in meetings or events and his only contribution was to make someone feel bad for offering assistance.20:20
DarkwingDuck... What was that person thinking? How do they think conferences get paid for?20:20
DarkwingDuckSpeaking of... I need to get ahold of Garath again...20:20
bkerensaWell my thing is I guess20:22
bkerensaPeople expect food and stickers and cds at events20:22
bkerensaand all of that costs money20:22
bkerensaEconomy is bad right now and even if it wasnt people tend to be cheap20:22
philipballewDarkwingDuck, I have a extra router i can bring and probably whatever else.20:23
philipballewdesktop if need be20:23
philipballewexternal hd20:23
bkerensaWe have our venue, food, beverages, t-shirts, stickers, magazine and everything sponsored and I'm going to make like three small signs that say thanks and that is all20:23
philipballewpeople think bkerensa that cause linus is free the stuff should be to maybe?20:23
pleia2reapproval over in #ubuntu-meeting now20:24
bkerensaphillipballew: Perhaps :P20:25
nhainespleia2: tell cztab that the LoCo handles the statewide announcements and the UH leaders handle the local stuff.20:31
pleia2nhaines: thanks :)20:32
nhainespleia2: thankies.  Hope it helped.  :)20:32
nhainesHmm.. maybe I should actually do something with ubucon.org first, but maybe an UH page on that site would be useful.20:35
nhainesOf course, I could just as easily argue that it'd be better to improve (create?) existing documentation.20:35
philipballewnhaines, would a ubuntu wiki page work?20:37
pleia2woohoo, the contractor didn't shut off my power during the meeting \o/20:39
* pleia2 had tethered phone and netbook standing by :)20:39
nhaineshaha  :)20:39
pleia2we're reapproved, congrats everyone20:39
philipballewHIGH FIVE \0/20:39
DarkwingDuckOkay, now to get down and dirty with the SD stuff.20:40
nhainesphilipballew: there are already wiki pages and they are vague and inscrutable.20:40
DarkwingDuckphilipballew: I have some future ideas :D20:40
pleia2DarkwingDuck: yeah, SD has to have a jam! the holiday has pretty much killed us for planning anything up here (everyone is gone)20:41
DarkwingDuckOh yeah... We WILL have a jam if it's with burgers in my backyard. :)20:41
philipballewwould invite the jam into his 8x10 dorm room, but that might be a bad idea20:42
pleia2jono usually plans something near his place, but I haven't heard anything from him yet20:42
pleia2philipballew: lol20:42
DarkwingDuckphilipballew: You guys have a computer center there at school?20:42
pleia2are there any friendly hackerspaces near SD?20:42
pleia2we've had good luck at them, space and internets20:42
pleia2and hackerspace types tend to drop by unannounced too, so bonus attendees :)20:43
philipballewno. everything closes on weekends though. theres a 2600 there i know20:43
DarkwingDuckI've been getting to my the LUG down here.20:43
DarkwingDuckThey seem very supportive.20:43
philipballewmaybe kevin has a place at his work at qualcomm if need be20:44
pleia2back in philly we had most of our jams at offices, just reached out to the local LUG and someone typically would be able to offer a conference room or something on a weekend20:44
philipballewthe people at the lug there are nice20:45
DarkwingDuckIf I *had* a job I might be able to.20:45
DarkwingDuckI'm going to call the Vet center and see what options they have.20:46
pleia2for a second there I thought you meant veterinarian20:46
=== jtatum is now known as jtatum-phone
DarkwingDuckMilitary Vets.20:47
=== jtatum-phone is now known as jtatum
philipballewubuntu-doggy edition20:47
pleia2well maybe if you want to bring your cats to the ja... OH VETS20:47
nhainespleia2: if you mentioned you were working on oneiric ocelots they would run.  :)20:47
pleia2haha, fixing bugs on ocelots (fleas?)20:48
philipballewill contact the zoo and see if we can barrow the ocelot's for the day. haha20:48
pleia2"Two mauled at San Diego Ubuntu event"20:48
seidoscaught a flea the other day using a flea comb.  it liked cat food.20:49
philipballewthey had time to to get up and run, but wittness say they kept hearing them say "just one more bug fix"20:49
* seidos punches philipballew in the face20:51
seidosah, tough love20:51
seidosmy gf is a middle school teacher, she is a metaphorical cattle prod20:52
seidosthat reminds me, time to clean the bathroom20:52
philipballew:) how did that remind you?20:52
seidosshe was the one that told me to clean the bathroom ;)20:54
seidoswhile i was finishing cleaning, i couldn't help wonder what was harder, coding in perl, or cleaning20:54
seidosi think coding takes more time, not sure that i would call it "harder" though20:55
akkIt's a lot more fun than cleaning bathrooms20:56
akkthough in perl, that might be arguable :)20:56
DarkwingDuckWoah... HTC Fires back at apple.20:56
philipballewperl and its modulus are interesting20:57
philipballewonly speaks python well though20:59
seidoscool.  show me some code.20:59
philipballewim currently tryig to write a gui for a text to speach cli software.21:01
seidoshow many lines do you have so far?21:04
crashsystemsewe, perl21:04
crashsystemsIf anyone is looking for any perl dev jobs though, let me know.21:05
seidosthat would probably ruin perl for me forever21:05
crashsystemsI think learning perl would ruin perl for me.21:06
bkerensaA manager at a tech company asked his employee to attend global jam21:06
bkerensaI just heard this down the grapevine21:06
philipballewits not that many. but when it gets further along, il'll send you the stuff. i gtg. peace!!!21:06
seidosi used to think a job in development would work for me, i realize now this is just a hobby21:08
seidosi'm not sure i'll ever work in tech again tbh21:08
seidosoddly, it doesn't even bother me21:08
seidosassuming it's true, prediction of the future is a challenging endeavor21:09
crashsystemswhen/where is the mountain view meetup on thursday?21:10
seidosit's on the website, i'm sure21:10
seidoslet me see if i can find it21:10
akkUsually Red Rock.21:12
seidoscrashsystems: says 7-8pm here, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UbuntuHours21:12
crashsystemsthanks. anyone in here currently planning on going?21:12
akkI probably will, not sure yet.21:13
crashsystemsI think I may try21:13
jdeslipCongrats everyone :)21:16
seidosthis http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/fastcompany/headlines/~3/viJB33o_e5s/a-flywheel-powered-bicycle-offers-regenerative-braking-for-your-bike reminds me of when i was riding a bike in san francisco.  i think i had 10 speeds, i was borrowing it.  and this guy on a single speed bmx bike was doing just fine keeping up21:17
bkerensapleia2: I think out Ubuntu Book and Server Book is on its way23:46
pleia2bkerensa: did you receive confirmation from them?23:47
bkerensaOne of their PR people e-mailed me and cc'ed sales saying to send two books23:50
bkerensadid you use a form or contact them direct?23:51
pleia2jono's blog post said to email them directly23:53
pleia2I never heard anything23:53
pleia2I'll follow-up23:56

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